Everything Wrong With Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

  • に公開 2019/04/23
  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse came out of nowhere, kicked all our asses with awesomeness, and probably set off a wave of experimental animated superhero films. Still has sins (though not as many as most films).
    Thursday: Airplane sins.
    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • Abby Maddox
    Abby Maddox 8 分 前

    Watch #WynonnaEarp

  • adrian.mp4
    adrian.mp4 時間 前

    too bad so sad wins has a better rating it’s good

  • Ferdo 5ifty
    Ferdo 5ifty 3 時間 前

    These are mostly minor things

  • L M
    L M 3 時間 前

    Spider sense has always been judged by destiny, ask madam web

  • d C' IG
    d C' IG 5 時間 前

    End credits scene deserves 20 sins off man. C'mon

  • BlueMageDanny
    BlueMageDanny 6 時間 前 +2

    5:16 "This movie is funny. That's a sin."
    but why

  • LAVLEZ !
    LAVLEZ ! 10 時間 前

    LOL Not too many sins here I guess they're running out of sins

  • Luke Burchell
    Luke Burchell 10 時間 前

    A lot of these aren’t really even sins

  • Elora Reilly
    Elora Reilly 11 時間 前

    A lot of these are just him not realizing that it's a comedy. Like, it's just another batcave. That's the joke of it. and John mulaney's character doesn't fit in and feels out of place, that's on purpose.

  • STE Jambo
    STE Jambo 14 時間 前

    Can we take a moment to appreciate how much of a badass Aunt May was in this movie?

  • plasma pea
    plasma pea 14 時間 前 +1

    Character: Talks for 5 secs
    Cinema sins: ToO LoNg

  • Snows
    Snows 15 時間 前

    5:15 can't they just remove the ssd

  • Paul Kalibbala
    Paul Kalibbala 15 時間 前

    4:00 not surprised, that part was funny even if you watch multiple times

  • The Shpee
    The Shpee 17 時間 前

    Too many reboots and I dislike the whole series

  • madwelch
    madwelch 17 時間 前

    I love that he said about Michael Jackson

  • Zahíra Sol
    Zahíra Sol 18 時間 前

    Ik multiple people who use multiple PC screens for junk at 3am and it's not bitcoin... just multitasking

  • Cameron Joe
    Cameron Joe 20 時間 前

    It should be a sin to sin this movie

  • Just Me
    Just Me 21 時間 前

    Yay less sins than every video he made

  • Just Me
    Just Me 21 時間 前

    So can somebody explain how gwen got to this earth before everything went all vortexy in NYC

  • N3S R3
    N3S R3 日 前

    We all know why his hands were sticky 💦

  • TBO Anubis
    TBO Anubis 日 前

    When the critic nearly rolls over in laughter you know this movie was good. Lol

  • The Gaming Brit
    The Gaming Brit 日 前 +1

    *Breathing Cliché*

  • Seenesid
    Seenesid 日 前

    Wait peni eats gym and chips at the same time wtfrigde

  • Agent Smith
    Agent Smith 日 前

    cinemasins pointing out obvious shit on the screen

  • Repidough
    Repidough 日 前

    You have went to low with this

  • DoYouWant ToSeeAMagicTrick

    Only 85 sins?!Jeebus, this movie is good...

  • Ddrew2525Ddrew
    Ddrew2525Ddrew 日 前

    1 word


  • Irene Wolf
    Irene Wolf 日 前

    excuse you that is NOT cannibalism it has been confirmed that in the spider-pig universe, they eat human meat.

  • scrubby sponge
    scrubby sponge 日 前

    10:43 not necessarily, he was a spider, 2ho got bitten by a pig.

  • Calum Stewart
    Calum Stewart 日 前

    should have taken 100 sins off for the entire movie

    Edit: Just scroll down and realise that @great theme edits did basically the same comment as me, I just didn't want people thinking that I copied him

  • Amateur Programmer
    Amateur Programmer 2 日 前

    Also you forgot to take a sin off for "Thanks, New York..."

  • Amateur Programmer
    Amateur Programmer 2 日 前 +1

    2:11 HEY.
    I do that exact thing every day, and I'm not the only one

  • big chungus
    big chungus 2 日 前

    Movie:does cliché

  • SyrupCookie YT
    SyrupCookie YT 2 日 前

    *now you have taken it too far, buddy*

  • mariotiago castro
    mariotiago castro 2 日 前

    Why salty?...

  • Anime world
    Anime world 2 日 前

    everything wrong with me: I clicked on this video

  • ButterThanYou 78
    ButterThanYou 78 2 日 前


  • Midnight Darkwolf
    Midnight Darkwolf 2 日 前

    no thoughts on the post credit scene 10 sins for you.

  • Gavin Brenchley
    Gavin Brenchley 2 日 前

    One for the logos and one for the credits

  • Killer123
    Killer123 2 日 前

    cinema wins: 200 wins
    cinema sins: 85 sins

    still a win

  • Sartaj Dhaliwal
    Sartaj Dhaliwal 2 日 前

    "That's a *them* sin"
    *Sins the movie*

  • Sean Canning
    Sean Canning 2 日 前

    No one else thing this movie is overrated?

  • Lynell Newson
    Lynell Newson 2 日 前

    I could be wrong, but I thought I noticed that Miles, his “dad”, and mom all had different last names. What gives?!?!

  • Sexy Potato
    Sexy Potato 2 日 前

    also, theres this one thing that annoys me SO MUCH in this movie.
    miles met gwen stacy BEFORE SPIDERMAN WAS IN THE GIANT FRIKIN PORTAL BEAM THING. How did she get there?!!!??

  • 7mood Playz
    7mood Playz 2 日 前 +4

    Cinemasins: Sins Spiderman: Into The Spider Verse
    Me: Wait, that's illegal

  • Kermit The Frog
    Kermit The Frog 2 日 前

    *4:02** I'M DYING 😂!*

  • The Skull Child 2
    The Skull Child 2 2 日 前

    Also does the collider work like a portal? Because I always liked to think they just died from going back through, ignoring the last scene of course

  • King Coy
    King Coy 3 日 前

    Movie deserved like -100 sins


    Wtf I got a Oreo Spiderman homecoming ad

  • Haku0705
    Haku0705 3 日 前

    The way the animation is done feels so bad. Like, the art is great, the story may have been great, but the fact that it's so jerky makes me nauseous. ): Which makes me sad.

  • Mike Hadley
    Mike Hadley 3 日 前

    I appreciate this channel man lol

  • TBX12 Frλnku
    TBX12 Frλnku 3 日 前 +1

    Cinema Sins: *Makes any video*

  • YuckyCrab
    YuckyCrab 3 日 前

    Ok lets train him *Kicks his ass*

  • ramona flowers

    4:20 isn't there a storyline where spideys radioactive splooge kills mary jane?

  • LorddProductions
    LorddProductions 3 日 前

    1:59 *HeY*

  • Dlastkatipunero
    Dlastkatipunero 3 日 前

    Yup overrated by marvel weebs but still a good movie to watch over captain marvel

  • MitchTvd SU
    MitchTvd SU 3 日 前

    4:02 Definitely the most maniacal laugh Jeremy has ever had.

  • Truevioletsareblue
    Truevioletsareblue 3 日 前

    I can add two sins one for Peni looking and reminding me of D.va from Overwatch and the dad cop looking like the dad cop from Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

  • Audrey Cat
    Audrey Cat 3 日 前

    Yes as an NYCer I love me some meats to eat

  • Lucas
    Lucas 3 日 前 +1

    How are you going to sin a movie for being to fast, then take a sin off for the momentum

  • Darth124
    Darth124 4 日 前


  • Kaylan Arthur
    Kaylan Arthur 4 日 前

    This idiot makes comments on how spider-man looks fit when his costume is on but has a beer gut when he isn't wearing it. Which just proves he hasn't watch the damn movie, they show you in a scene that his "beer gut" or whatever just magically disappears when he puts on his costume almost like his costume is actually a (habit) apposed to material you can put on like clothes.

    • Kaylan Arthur
      Kaylan Arthur 3 日 前

      @Mike Hadley nah just pointing out the uselessness of "sins" and by extension this channel, any none butthurt idiot could see that.

    • Mike Hadley
      Mike Hadley 3 日 前

      This idiot gets in his feelings over a nitpick from a movie on a channel known for nitpicking lmao

  • basic action studios

    We’ve got a city to burn

  • dovakiin wb
    dovakiin wb 4 日 前

    Long live the King from the lion King when Miles drops peter in the collidor

  • J.London
    J.London 4 日 前

    Fuck off this movie was great

  • l9503
    l9503 4 日 前 +3

    Wait a minute you added a sin for it being funny? That doesn’t make much sense.

  • NOTaSaltyPerson Yt
    NOTaSaltyPerson Yt 4 日 前

    Also why didn’t Gwen “glitch” or freak out when she was in the school?

  • Agent86th
    Agent86th 4 日 前

    I think like only 10 of these were legit

  • Alexander Powers
    Alexander Powers 4 日 前

    BONUS SIN: jpclips.net/video/zz0vkGCvLsM/ビデオ.html
    How can Spider-Man wink when that is JUST A MASK???? He could wink under the mask but nobody would see it.

  • Sn1per Pr0
    Sn1per Pr0 4 日 前

    7:10 u mean bitch

  • Past me
    Past me 4 日 前

    I mean I understand that cinemasins is supposed to be satire and make jokes about being nit picky, but some of these are confusing, some of the things here he says he enjoys yet adds a sin anyways, how does the removing a sin thing work then?
    Also occasionally he does say his opinion on certain areas that make it seem like those sins are more for his personal view and opinion, which is fine, everyone’s entitled to their opinion.
    Even with the whole satire thing, he also sins certain scenes that are also satire, so I’m not sure how that works either.
    I’m just confused on how I should look at it, like when I should take his sins as jokey nitpicking and when I should take them as serious personal criticisms, as well as how the subtracting a sin counter works because sometimes when he says something he likes it’s not quite clear if he’s gonna sin or un sin it, except for when he just laughs that’s an obvious removal of a sin.
    Don’t get me wrong I love Cinemasins, it’s just that over the years the videos seem a bit more.........ehh....confused of what they want to do and or be.
    I’m not saying this to personally attack anyone or anything, I just wanted to get this off my chest, and hopefully I don’t hurt anyone by saying this.

  • Noel
    Noel 4 日 前

    Should’ve take a sin off for the fresh ass Jordan 1’s he wore

  • Canal para idiotas
    Canal para idiotas 4 日 前

    Wait... WHAT?

  • Hyper legend
    Hyper legend 4 日 前

    Spider man talks*

  • Dylan Sewell
    Dylan Sewell 4 日 前

    I literally have the same set up in my office that Miles' roommate has.

  • Kaxology
    Kaxology 4 日 前 +1

    Oh hey, the comments is full of people who think cinemasins don't just nitpick for comedy. This channel has been around for 5-6 years and you guys still don't understand that.

  • C for Cat
    C for Cat 4 日 前

    5:58 idk how ppl missed this but in Gwen's exposition dump, she says she got shot into last week, so she actually had a week to enroll in Visions somehow before Miles got there :P

  • lProN00bl
    lProN00bl 5 日 前

    How is night on bald mountain not at least an honorable mention?

  • TheIceGuy10
    TheIceGuy10 5 日 前

    You forgot “discount Evangelion” for Peni

  • Colin Chan ET
    Colin Chan ET 5 日 前


  • Kenny The Reaper
    Kenny The Reaper 5 日 前

    Who else loves his laugh 😂😂😂😂

  • DKraft Gamming
    DKraft Gamming 5 日 前

    This movie was actual trash XD I know literally almost everyone who watched Came in there pants but fuck it was bad XD and the sad thing is at least 85% of everyone who watched this video doesn't know why.

  • Neal McCracken
    Neal McCracken 5 日 前

    The Red Ex mail truck scene, that was possibly a reference to Red X from teen titans ( teen titans go should go to the dump because the ruin the original series)

  • The E. B
    The E. B 5 日 前

    That does happen. His radioactive juices kill MJ.

  • Randybnubz
    Randybnubz 5 日 前

    CinemaSins has now become the enemy of the people...

  • BlueWolfPlays
    BlueWolfPlays 5 日 前

    next channel VIDEO GAME SINS

  • Sp//dr
    Sp//dr 5 日 前 +11

    You knew you had practically nothing to sin.

  • Jack Whitebird
    Jack Whitebird 5 日 前

    Every thing wrong with cinemasins

  • Battle Smasher
    Battle Smasher 5 日 前

    No narration

  • Manuel Amaya
    Manuel Amaya 6 日 前

    You miss in the what you danger scene second before mile start swinging, the wall is right front of him and it look like mile start swinging through the wall like wtf

  • Agent Gotham
    Agent Gotham 6 日 前 +1


  • Unknown User
    Unknown User 6 日 前

    They sinned the origin story narration. They do realize what clever humor, writing, and making fun of yourself is. It was really funny and only made the movie better. They showed they understood Spider-Man. Why would you sin that?

  • Jonathan Dozier
    Jonathan Dozier 6 日 前

    Shut up and watch the movie

  • The_Mega_Gamer
    The_Mega_Gamer 6 日 前

    I love tombstone

  • HydroDragonN
    HydroDragonN 6 日 前

    The reason they don’t put “in less than _____” in the title anymore is because they’re making sure to stretch videos past 10, or even 20 minutes

    Not that it’s a problem or that they just started it now, but rather it’s just a thing I noticed.

  • Tythos Delta
    Tythos Delta 6 日 前

    How you doin?

  • rhondandbryon
    rhondandbryon 6 日 前

    Hahahahahahahah the stair scene

  • SomeAznGuy
    SomeAznGuy 6 日 前

    The asian kid roommate needs three computers because he is studying and playing videogames with his 4000 iq 😂

  • Tumult
    Tumult 6 日 前

    Man I wish this movie had been just half an hour longer, just to see more Character interaction between the Spiders. They were all kinda just there, then weren't there.

  • Minecraft7 Dude2
    Minecraft7 Dude2 6 日 前

    Why need the text. Think we are deaf. Plus 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 sins