TOXIC KID starts CRYING when being RAIDED - Rust

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    Remastered and censored for JPclips. My brother gets trapped in an emotional crying kid trap base in Rust. Can he escape break his way out or will he have to negotiate his way out
    Skip to 10:05 for when it really hits you right in the "feels" man
    SebbyK CREDIT -ビデオ.html - he has that channel and will start some Fortnite / Rust soon!!
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  • Niccaman
    Niccaman  5 ヶ月 前 +401

    I just released my 2nd ever Rust video - COME CHECK IT OUT -ビデオ.html

    • kris helfferich
      kris helfferich 6 日 前

      Im 50 btw..played ALOT of games

    • kris helfferich
      kris helfferich 6 日 前

      This is a cool video...but I dont see the point of the game.

    • allan pheonix
      allan pheonix 9 日 前

      wtfish do you meant game are not healthy? I meant game is neutral, like food must be play in goldilock amount

    • Bolle!!
      Bolle!! 13 日 前

      Svensk eller dansk god video bro

    • Serafino Neroni
      Serafino Neroni 18 日 前 +1

      Bro you're danish?

  • cool fan van
    cool fan van 28 分 前

    Fuck your brother


    Ok i will always steal a loot

  • Cigars_420 Ig
    Cigars_420 Ig 3 時間 前

    I hate Most games but I’m about to get this one just to do this

  • Evolved Austin
    Evolved Austin 4 時間 前

    I'm not a gamer. Just ran into this video. I laughed the whole time. Brother is savage lol.

  • Dikembe Tan
    Dikembe Tan 4 時間 前

    Kids dont ever play rust

  • Viper Design
    Viper Design 5 時間 前

    nice vid

  • William Nender Mokoginta

    I like your advised on the end. hahahaha

  • Mister Ix
    Mister Ix 7 時間 前

    why didint he just kill him with a spear or something

  • FrogoSensei
    FrogoSensei 9 時間 前

    Im laughing my ballz off

  • Orestis Georgatos
    Orestis Georgatos 15 時間 前

    Thanks for having this vid this got me into rust couple of months back

  • Mylife Ana
    Mylife Ana 15 時間 前

    You monster dats just e going kid en you raiding him im gone in subscibe you en de rest

  • lorik sadriu
    lorik sadriu 16 時間 前

    en dansker lol

  • Riaz Velasco
    Riaz Velasco 18 時間 前

    Make the little s**t suffer!

  • Ahmet Limited
    Ahmet Limited 19 時間 前

    Güzel konuştun sonra reis

  • Hendrik Heunemann
    Hendrik Heunemann 19 時間 前

    Flieger faust means plane fist

  • QxZ MaS
    QxZ MaS 20 時間 前

    I watch your brothers video all the time

  • Dr. King Schultz
    Dr. King Schultz 21 時間 前

    Love it.

  • 33kaus holokaust

    He speaks like a south african kid. Like a Boer or something

  • saitama one punch man

    im getting some HEAVY SOT vibes with people who crying their ass out for stealing stuff in a game about stealing

  • Omar Leo
    Omar Leo 日 前

    i hate this guy

  • Aang Dknight
    Aang Dknight 日 前

    Moral : _"always get the loots."_
    I'm down with it.


    Am I savage one? Don’t play this game, but in ark I want to cage him and c4 last of his base.
    And rather play fist fight than boring rock, paper, scissor.


    Poor kid


    Me at the start of the vid
    Me:Ok there is a reason for this
    Later in the vid

    • Random Moura
      Random Moura 日 前

      there is no such thing

  • Ma tt
    Ma tt 日 前

    this is pure gold! lol

  • The Detonator
    The Detonator 日 前

    It's a fucking survival game that kid can't HANDLE THE TRUTH that don't fucking play... S. I. M. P. L. E

  • shadowz6704
    shadowz6704 日 前

    Fuuuuck no, I'm not feeling bad lol. He dealt with that like a legend. That kid is gonna be salty about that for who knows how long. He broke him like he broke his base. A flawless victory.

  • sinflux1
    sinflux1 日 前

    Good learning experience for the kid! Don't be overconfident

  • Landon Jbaker
    Landon Jbaker 2 日 前

    You fucking bitch

  • The positive russian potato

    I love it. It's part of the game

  • Viggo Johansson
    Viggo Johansson 2 日 前

    Are you danish?

  • Tomas Prevendar
    Tomas Prevendar 2 日 前

    why tf would i play a fing game like this for? .... only for some trolls like him to just steel it bc he "just wants it?" , there is no fun in playing it on one or the other side , go and lvl up in some ranked competetive game and then you can call yourself a good player , to go and troll kids that are playing this in multy , for hours with a friend for just fun or just colleting and bulding stuff , and go to steal from them just ..because... is just lame...
    but yeah they can play singleplayer or closed server as i am so i dont have to deal with assholes like this, am not child and i dont have time for resets like this... i would trully quit the game alltogether to play , and go to another, not worth it to play the same shit all over again...

    • Tomas Prevendar
      Tomas Prevendar 日 前

      @Random Moura
      @Random Moura well let me put it this way.....

      yeah great job for an adult playing a game to "outsmart" a child i fuck you over style, and then make a video about it and post it on youtube for profit... YOU REALLY DONT SEE THE FUCKED UP PART IN THIS?
      jesus , public like this, in this era? ANYTIME this can roll over that child, ANYBODY will find out who is this kid or someone recognizes him just with luck it can turn this kid life to a shithole with all the cyberbulling now or/and in school etc, you really think anybody have the right to public this like this? ist called digital inprint , its like photo of someone, if you dont have consent its fucked up , now its ok, but if there would be damages on mental health or other i would sue your ass as a parent to the hell...
      But maybe if something like that happen to your child and then we will see what will you be telling...

    • Random Moura
      Random Moura 2 日 前

      you really should learn what "troll" means

      and yep, the same way he was looted, that kid looted other players too, that's simply what happens at that game

  • Do you have the lämps Bröther

    When he ran back saying whyyyy and he killed him I pissed myself lol

  • Chishi 1243#
    Chishi 1243# 3 日 前

    Hahahaha... Sorry kid.. You gotta learn the ways of life.

  • dan k
    dan k 3 日 前

    Why play a game where you raid people and cry when you get raided don't feel sorry for him he needs to grow up and stop being a bitch if everyone cried when they got raided and people gave stuff back game would die

  • Arthur Regelin
    Arthur Regelin 3 日 前 +1

    Way you and your brother are danish!!!!
    I say that cause I m danish too

  • ToUgH LoVe
    ToUgH LoVe 3 日 前

    I laughed so hard when on top of all his pain the kid gets devoured by a fucking wolf. Worst day ever 😂🤣😂

  • Trace Pillar
    Trace Pillar 3 日 前

    Life is a bitch kid.

  • U.S KLEIN Gamming
    U.S KLEIN Gamming 3 日 前

    Dang he was kind of mean but it not for me to judge

  • Adam MeyH
    Adam MeyH 3 日 前 +1

    kid should understand the basic rule of rust."survival of the fittest"

  • U.S KLEIN Gamming
    U.S KLEIN Gamming 3 日 前

    I prolly would have honored the deal

  • Edward Church
    Edward Church 3 日 前

    as the saying goes keep your friends close and your enemies closer

  • #1Sebastian #1
    #1Sebastian #1 3 日 前

    LOL Nicca Are you danish

  • nick jay
    nick jay 3 日 前 +2

    he probably cries to get out of everything tbh

  • iCCorruption
    iCCorruption 4 日 前

    My introduction to rust. Thank you.

  • Sharon Stephanie
    Sharon Stephanie 4 日 前

    The crying is music to my ears

  • Ron Balch
    Ron Balch 4 日 前

    Lmao - this is possibly the best vid I've watched in a month! Kid talking mad shit and a couple of minutes later literally crying.

  • Grimey Beast
    Grimey Beast 4 日 前

    The moral of the story is you need to quit playing this game before it fucks you up permanently.

  • D DaBadseed
    D DaBadseed 4 日 前

    Hahahahahaha cockyness never prospers!

  • jason pham
    jason pham 4 日 前

    this was film on a 5x server...

  • Luke Milot
    Luke Milot 5 日 前

    In the future this kids going to own a one of those bullet proof Teslas

  • Valentin Narcisse
    Valentin Narcisse 5 日 前

    i would have gave him his loot back... especially after he start crying.. i remind me time i robbed a younger kid than me when i was a kid. Bad karma not worth it.

    • Random Moura
      Random Moura 4 日 前

      sure, because obviously a game is related to real life

  • SkyArmor
    SkyArmor 5 日 前

    You start with nothing
    2 seconds later:you get a rock and a spear

  • SkyArmor
    SkyArmor 5 日 前

    Well he isn’t salty

  • Lainx Genesis
    Lainx Genesis 5 日 前

    That's a game bro so it's a well done :) fuck those kids

  • Tana Corporon
    Tana Corporon 5 日 前

    Awww, this is sad.... but funny....but sad...and I definitely don't condone this kind of trolling...but it's so f'ing funny, but no, no, not's not right - but omg, SO SO funny! lol!

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 5 日 前

    I felt conflicted at the start but after watching the lead up to it i feel he deserved it.
    Good life lesson for the little turd.

  • Kelunkhun Nring
    Kelunkhun Nring 5 日 前

    Wat is this game I seriously didn't know it ...can anyone tell me what is the name of this game ???

  • Jonathan Yu
    Jonathan Yu 5 日 前

    This video is the reason why I watch Rust