How Africa is Becoming China's China

  • に公開 2018/07/31
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    Otjivero Dam footage courtesy Drone Visions Namibia
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  • DeadEyeForMe
    DeadEyeForMe 30 分 前

    I would like to see your sources, because some of the "facts" in your video are easily disproven.

    • DeadEyeForMe
      DeadEyeForMe 26 分 前

  • yo liki
    yo liki 時間 前 +1

    China can plan for the direction of development in the coming decades, but the United States has been busy with elections and infighting. This is China's biggest advantage

  • Eric Louclair
    Eric Louclair 時間 前

    Each mile of usa rail way, there is a chinese skeleton buried there!
    Using hard labour and vampires others work is the real fascism!

  • Eric Louclair
    Eric Louclair 時間 前

    The problem can be resolved very easily!
    Stop indirect colonization and interfe of africa issues!
    And stop the massive immigrants invaders!
    No free launch! If you are lazy, you cant use african labours! Build by yourself!
    And most importantly! Hang soros and the traitors!

  • Ibraimo Hagy
    Ibraimo Hagy 4 時間 前

    Eu consigo ouvir às correntes dos colonos

  • 赵太一
    赵太一 6 時間 前 +1

    African friends,Make yourself stronger to prevent them from bullying us again,We all know what white people have done to our homeland.

  • esathegreat
    esathegreat 6 時間 前

    What about Chinese unemployment?

  • Shasta Graff
    Shasta Graff 7 時間 前

    UN had no business making any judgement here. It's our fault for letting them.

  • Lee Walker
    Lee Walker 7 時間 前 +1

    China is just copping what the West had done with colonialism, they just do it better.

  • tintin snowy
    tintin snowy 8 時間 前

    All the west has done is enslave Africa. Literally enslave Africa so now China in interested in Africa and then the world is worried. So the west can steal and china can't invest? China builds real assets for Africa and what did west do? Send GI food .

  • Mike Leonard
    Mike Leonard 9 時間 前

    At least they are buying allies and not destroying their countries.Nobody wants the despicable yanks.

  • Mike Leonard
    Mike Leonard 9 時間 前

    They will be better off with the Chinese than the despicable Yankees.

  • TechMagnet
    TechMagnet 9 時間 前

    Just found this channel, pretty amazing!

  • Franz IV
    Franz IV 10 時間 前

    Colonialism is a stupid word for that, 'cause then every country is trying to colonize others.
    Using money for influence is the most normal behaviour of states.

    A colonization is the export of own people, culture and rules. It is expanding the own state.

  • The Truth
    The Truth 13 時間 前 +1

    Same thing with MEXICO they are investing in MEXICO to build military equipment. MEXICO will produce tanks helicopters fighter JETS also China will give 10% of MILITARY equipment to MEXICO MILITARY.

  • Mulugeta Gebreziabher
    Mulugeta Gebreziabher 15 時間 前

    Africa is not China we are Africa!! China is trying to help Africa countries development the economy that’s all stop lies!.

  • tony chen
    tony chen 17 時間 前 +2

    Simple question”why don’t you(USA) do it?”

  • Dela Flowers
    Dela Flowers 17 時間 前

    Ironic Meme@ Central and Eastern Europe never had colonies unlike Western Europe.

  • 16nowhereman
    16nowhereman 18 時間 前 +1

    US conquers countries with war and China with money!!

  • F1 All Time
    F1 All Time 19 時間 前 +1

    We are allmost so far Made in China

  • 蔡英文
    蔡英文 19 時間 前 +1

    Europe is changing his color, very good!

  • John Gordon
    John Gordon 21 時間 前

    This is very emotive reporting which is not true reporting but the opinions of the reporting media who tend to criticise but have done nothing to invest in the development of the continent of Africa other than exploiting Africa's natural resources, this sounds like sour grapes to me!

  • Ezra Wilson
    Ezra Wilson 22 時間 前

    Excellent video, thanks!

  • RandomQuestion
    RandomQuestion 日 前 +1

    Africa: Buy now, cheap shares.
    Made in Africa.
    China: Pokes economy of Africa with Big Wang.
    USA: BAD CHINA *Economically bans china*
    Other western countries: Quick, throw money to Africa while America fights it out with China!
    China: I summon thee, RUSSIA!
    Russia & Middle-east: *Catches EU money in political net*
    Trump: Fuckboi Putin, no booty for you if u bad boi.
    Putin: *Nukes China*

  • Basanta Rai
    Basanta Rai 日 前

    nice propaganda !!😆😆😆

  • input365
    input365 日 前 +3

    China is taking The entire African continent one country at a time, and believe me China does not intend to leave Africa. The Constraction that China makes in Africa are of very poor quality and is fulling the continent with Chinese greed Chinese people and doing horrendous things to the population.
    The same way that China exploits and enslaves its own people ! They are doing the same things I. Africa, exactly it is called neo colonialism and when African countries can not pay they take over very important infrastructure to control, the same things that IMF had done

    • Franz IV
      Franz IV 10 時間 前

      That sounds pretty good, if it is true, that the chinese government cares about africans as much as about its own citizens. ;p

    • Carweirdo
      Carweirdo 18 時間 前

      input365 we’re being

  • Cleo_ viii
    Cleo_ viii 日 前

    You forgot to mention that they were African countries that were still colonised in 1971 which would explain why some of them voted with the US

  • Claude Yuen
    Claude Yuen 日 前

    its Africa' s turn to be rich,while the West will beg!

  • reuben vhengani
    reuben vhengani 日 前 +1

    May our country south africa be like china too. The rate of unemployment is too high and the economy is growing with less than 2 percent. Black ppl are still suffering too much in this country. We love you china.💓

    • 赵太一
      赵太一 7 時間 前 +1

      China love you too,Make yourself stronger to prevent them from bullying us again,We all know what white people have done to our homeland.

  • Mark S
    Mark S 日 前

    Damn that whore gets around

  • RL
    RL 日 前 +1

    That is good. I think Africans should migrate to China, not the US. See if China will welcome them. It is my understanding based on friends I have in China, Africans are considered as monkies - not too smart but can be taught to follow specific instructions. How sweet.

    • 皇胡昂
      皇胡昂 12 時間 前

      That is not Chinese government's view.

  • Ayak Wol
    Ayak Wol 日 前

    I hope this isn't another way to recolonize Africa again

    • S Smart
      S Smart 日 前

      China never was a colonizer nor enslaved black people in its 5000 year history. Why black people keep saying this shit?

  • duke william
    duke william 日 前

    Trains, railways bridges and ports. Their motives are to transport resources to the ports from the interior and ship them to china for manufacturing. China is a sly fox and africa is a sleeping giant. they will celebrate these so called to developments only to wake up to a new exploitative master sucking them dry. The children will pay the price. debt slaves to the chinese. Remember cecil john roads built the railway from cape to cairo to transport goods to the british empire. This is history repeating itself. we never learn. WE HAVE NO FRIENDS.

  • MetaDragon
    MetaDragon 2 日 前 +1

    “Political alliances manifest themselves here”
    Possibly the most complicated intro in the history of educational JPclips videos.

  • 台独是傻逼
    台独是傻逼 2 日 前

    不要以小人之心,度君子之腹 非洲是独立的 不受任何国家控制

  • G7 Bull
    G7 Bull 2 日 前

    They want that n word pass

  • king cerulo
    king cerulo 2 日 前

    F#@k this asshole
    Im from kenya and chinese are a menace....they never built shit .....our governments only use chinese professionals

    • S Smart
      S Smart 日 前

      Chinese transferred skills to poor low IQ Kenyan workers. China lent the loans to poor shit hole Kenya while all west banks rejected lend any money to poor shit hole Kenya. Everyone knows China is being too nice for this poor shit hole Kenya, but all low IQ black people know is to just keep complaining about everything.

  • Joselito Cabral
    Joselito Cabral 2 日 前

    so this is china's diversion of the recent US tariffs. nice move , really greedy!

  • Ed Rowlands
    Ed Rowlands 2 日 前

    If the objective of these loans and grants is to improve the living standards of the population, China is on the right track and should have the support of the communities that they are helping. Only time will tell whether they succeed.

  • Mojo Kitilly
    Mojo Kitilly 2 日 前

    Those infrastructure that China build in Africa are done by Chinese .. they don’t even employ the locals .. Africans think use your head !!! We are getting fucked in the dark ! Chinese can work in Africa free .. but Africans work in China is illegal.. WTF ? This doesn’t happen in the U.S , U.K or France ! Look at how many valuable properties have been seized by the Chinese in African countries who cannot repay the debt !! They know what their doing .. Africans open your eyes !

  • Mojo Kitilly
    Mojo Kitilly 2 日 前

    You are all about what China has done and is doing in Africa .. Mann Africans are dumb .. China is just buying our lands . Deceiving us . Killing us .. making Africa comfortable enough for themselves when they are ready to move in ... look at how many African countries are indebted to China .. China is not helping Africa from the hearth .. They playing a win win game .. I rather give my life to America, France , England than China ! I’m leaving in China ! I’m experiencing racism and all here .. Africa would regret making this mistake.. but it’s too late ..

  • man Cheung
    man Cheung 2 日 前

    Sorry but had to clear the air ... China apparently are getting money on default of loan... so what does the US do how much money does the US get ?? The difference is the Chinese are giving the true locals schools ...hospitals...roads...clean water..basically what people really need ..what does the US do?? Hell the U S still owes the UN money and who do the US turn to in order to bullie everyone to do what they want the people they owe money to!!

  • Chris Calzone
    Chris Calzone 2 日 前

    China is exploiting Africa and these dumbass Africans are only concerned with their own blind hate for the west. Africans are playing themselves.

  • 溪陈
    溪陈 2 日 前

    How the world become Americian's Ameria

  • man Cheung
    man Cheung 2 日 前

    What China has done over there is to make sure there investment goes back to the people...China are building hospitals schools and really changing life over there where as the US..only look at it as an investment to make there 5% richest ricker...look at what trump,is doing.. who’s gonna suffer the American middle class and underprivileged...who’s getting richer ?. Look at his policies even his taxes on foreign companies who’s making money who’s better off.??!!!trump will milk America for all its worth!! The Americans are great people friendliest people in the world and I will stand by that comment..but the great people,of America are being trump and all his top 5% are getting richer...but the 95% who really and always will be true America are getting poorer and poorer.. if anyone does not agree then take some time and try to look into some of mr trumps finances...look at his tariffs !! Notice mr trump has put tariffs on everything but his own businesses..hence sending more money to himself..I do hope god will bless America as from personal experience americans are all true hard working and honest

  • Raul Henaine
    Raul Henaine 2 日 前 +10

    China: Starts Growing Econimically*
    USA: (Screams in American)

    • james varte
      james varte 日 前

      Lol america doesn't give two shits about Africa. France and Britain are still the biggest influencers and investors. At least after this the French won't be so arrogant, go China.

  • EightFrancs
    EightFrancs 2 日 前 +2

    All African and Caribbean countries should be owned, governed and controlled only by African and Caribbean people with no outside interferences.
    African and Caribbean countries must arm themselves with nuclear weapons, to stave off any future attempts of invasion and colonization.
    All of the resources in African and Caribbean countries should be owned and controlled by African and Caribbean people only.
    If anyone has a problem with that.
    So be it.

  • DassKla4
    DassKla4 2 日 前

    France is the America of France

  • cDayz
    cDayz 3 日 前

    A lot of companies are going to be fkd when China's economy crashes in five years.

  • Dylan G.
    Dylan G. 3 日 前 +18

    At least China doesn't bomb a nation before helping them.

  • KingArthur8
    KingArthur8 3 日 前

    All I see here is people from the US bitching about their own country, skincolour, culture. They don’t realize however that they are ALLOWED to bitch about their own politics and leaders, unlike the Chinese and to a lesser degree the Russians. You’d be killed or imprisoned. That’s the part they don’t tell you about. So bitch on about yourselves, your ignorance is what is holding you and your peers back in living happily in your own country. And if you really don’t like where you are, and love these two political leaders so much, then why dont you move to China or Russia?

  • Iyob Yulius
    Iyob Yulius 3 日 前 +3

    Wendover: " Every country has at least some natural ressources..."
    Japan: "....."

    • RandomQuestion
      RandomQuestion 日 前 +1

      Wonder why nobody else thought of doing this before.

  • ChuckyDoll79
    ChuckyDoll79 3 日 前 +6

    China played chess agaisnt USA and China beat USA at their system. USA replied: "It's not fair because we are not winning."

  • Husnawadi Husnawadi

    Dont forget that the west have conqured and colonized the world. Never have we witnessed the fact that China opressed other states.

  • Nguyễn Nguyễn
    Nguyễn Nguyễn 3 日 前

    Most of people in Southeast Asia hate China government because china always wants to control us, that why there are many demonstrations against China act in Southeast Asia.

  • One Above All
    One Above All 3 日 前

    I think I understand why they censor the internet now.
    China is building the world into something greater.

    • One Above All
      One Above All 2 日 前

      @Vincent S207 I really hope this is all hype became I'm not feeling it. Russia Iran China who's who? Yeah we have allies but he sent an battle fleet ready to rock and roll oh hell it's past beer:30

    • Vincent S207
      Vincent S207 2 日 前

      One Above All Donald Trump is especially aggressive in all matters, it’s a republican legacy. In the case of China it’s good because they have a very aggressive stance themselves. But for dealing with the national matters it’s very bad. The population of America aren’t able to get political with a calm head nowadays. Iran has always been a thorn for the civilized world, I think, so nothing new I suppose. I’m glad that at the very least a lot of countries are reacting to the implementation of the Chinese 5g grid, this technology is being use for spying purpose, no doubt.

    • One Above All
      One Above All 2 日 前

      @Vincent S207 gotcha Hey it's not looking good for the home team Chinas pissed at our trade I'm not gonna tell you who's pulling the strings here but the guy sits behind a big desk at a white building I mean house
      Irans threating the UN to get there abomb factor back in play. Some one hit an American merchant vessels both sides r being blamed tax on trade is imposed on China. Chinas new phones have been banned in the us and they raised trade prices for us as well. Oh lordy

    • Vincent S207
      Vincent S207 2 日 前 +1

      One Above All Your English is barely understandable. It’s great that you’re learning it, it is my second language myself, but for now you should correct yourself with google or a translation site, then copy paste.

    • One Above All
      One Above All 2 日 前

      @Vincent S207 what do I mean use google translate

  • whitestones larocg
    whitestones larocg 3 日 前

    CHINA and Africa are friend from sixteen century.


    Africa becoming china china, china becoming colonial europe

  • Hamed Abdullah
    Hamed Abdullah 3 日 前

    the will accuse any country that is progressing becuz its afraid of loosing its position as a super power

  • one love smoke shop
    one love smoke shop 3 日 前 +1

    The problems is the African leaders not too shirp ,so give your country to China or western, to build your contry. Don't forget it will be owned by china or western. It is a new system how to make them selves.

  • Genus King
    Genus King 4 日 前

    Next few decades China will own Africa's industries, then there governments.

  • J. Wong
    J. Wong 4 日 前

    Africa AfrINA Affiliated to CHINA 😁😳

  • dragondescendant1
    dragondescendant1 4 日 前

    Correction to be made, PRC is represent all of China, including Taiwan province. Don't sound like a dick. Helping friends in Africa doesn't mean China own Africa, unlike the west, China is not interested to colonial other country's sovereignty.

  • JJ Sundra
    JJ Sundra 4 日 前

    I have revealed this sinister organisation recently with much proof..
    The good people of the US, the US Govt and its Presidents are also the VICTIMS.
    THEY are puppets too as these group seeks to fulfill their BELIEF SYSTEM....
    Thry have spend the last 150 years conspiring to take that which they believe is theirs ie the WORLD.
    China's MOA TZE TUNG and GANDHI knew them.
    The PRIME MINISTER OF MALAYSIA ..... DR. MAHATHIR, knows them....!

  • Yi Shen
    Yi Shen 4 日 前


  • Daniel Bonner
    Daniel Bonner 4 日 前 +13

    The USA,U.K. and colonialists mission was to keep Africans down while they plunder it’s resources for China is investing suddenly its a problem..without Africa there is no west so fcuk outa here 🤣🤣🤣

  • Stephen Johnson
    Stephen Johnson 4 日 前

    So how many African are employed in all the china project they are building African countries.
    And hiw much money and kick backs are your politician getting from china.

    • Hungry Hungry Hippo
      Hungry Hungry Hippo 4 日 前

      Don't stress ur brains over that bro. First u worry abput finding those WMDs in Iraq and your legless bastard scum US marines.

  • Alisha Khadka
    Alisha Khadka 4 日 前

    How USA is becoming Israel's Israel? ?

  • yaimavol
    yaimavol 4 日 前

    Are we talking about the same China here that utterly destroyed Tibet????

    • S Smart
      S Smart 3 日 前

      China should just treat them like America treated Iraq.

    • Hungry Hungry Hippo
      Hungry Hungry Hippo 4 日 前

      Lmao tf are u talking about

  • hunter Hunterx
    hunter Hunterx 4 日 前

    5.5mil views to 5.1mil

  • JY Assistant
    JY Assistant 5 日 前 +1

    Wendover Productions?
    More like *Bendover* Productions amirite??

  • ertracy V
    ertracy V 5 日 前


  • Martin Zhao 墨尔本玛莎拉蒂车友会

    Western countries salve Africans hundreds of years. How many Africans dead?

  • KBT19X
    KBT19X 5 日 前

    Technically, Africa is still being used as slaves 🤷‍♂️ this time a slave to China

  • Princess Fy Zairenshad

    Anyone 3019?

  • Heng Chen
    Heng Chen 5 日 前

    China a and African are friends and Brothers we will never forget African people help us got seated in UN and we r helping African to pass quickly what we went throughed before . We all bullied by western countries and we tried to stand up together and again . And China has no Record for invade and Took any countries in past5000 years even when in strong and golden time . Im Chinese Time will tell

  • Heng Chen
    Heng Chen 5 日 前

    If u want to know the truth stop ur nonsense and go to African only time will tell

  • Seven Ho
    Seven Ho 5 日 前

    For years China been helping Africa in many ways
    Giving them back their
    Rightful place in the world
    And helping them to help
    Themselves, Africans are
    No fools, they know who
    Conquered them ,plundered
    Their nations and make them slaves.are legalised
    Liers and murderers with
    The most amount of weapons of mass destructions .which the
    Amassed but do not all
    Others to own, world biggest

  • Ana nimity
    Ana nimity 5 日 前


    • Liew
      Liew 4 日 前

      Ana nimity wow you missed the joke

    • Ana nimity
      Ana nimity 5 日 前

      @Liew LMFAO LOL


      Army bases were built for themselves...NOT for Africans.

    • Liew
      Liew 5 日 前

      Ana nimity I ain’t white
      And they built army bases

    • Ana nimity
      Ana nimity 5 日 前

      @Liew 100 years and WTF did you white people build for Africa?


    • Liew
      Liew 5 日 前

      Oh so now their slaves to the yellow men

  • Hao Wu
    Hao Wu 5 日 前

    European and American need to admit that they do not understand either China or Africa. For centuries, the West developed their civilization upon the exploitation of African and American natives. When China came along, they naturally thought that China would simply repeat their own behavior towards African people. They do not comprehend how China would possibly interact with African countries on equal terms. Quid pro quo. It is natural for them to assume that China must have an ulterior motive because that is what they have been doing for centuries till this day.

    • Liew
      Liew 5 日 前

      China exploited its own people
      China split and rejoined multiple times with millions dead
      Having a bad motive is obvious
      This is a win win situation
      China gains influence over Africa and the African countries get infrastructure
      A bribe basically

  • Atlas
    Atlas 5 日 前 +2

    China: win win situation
    USA: bomb bomb situation

  • Atlas
    Atlas 5 日 前

    typical muriccan is fat why?
    because they eat other people resources

    • Atlas
      Atlas 5 日 前

      @Liew she s not spreading wars, she is doing buinsness that translates also to politics, not like eu and usa doing

    • Liew
      Liew 5 日 前

      Nordic Avan what china doing in Africa....

    • Atlas
      Atlas 5 日 前

      @Liew what muriccan doing in vinzuella?
      what they doing in persian gulf
      wars over what sweetheart?

    • Liew
      Liew 5 日 前

      Like no other country has taken another’s resources
      You took that pencil from another kid which is another resource

  • Simon Ho
    Simon Ho 5 日 前

    Well said fea hhh. People who don't help or pay lip service only should not try to talk negatively when another is willing to help. Loans may be given but help and opportunities are given to get out of poverty. Struggle to get out of debts? Proper planning can mitigate even when problems arise.Are you saying don"t try just receive money and laze? No one must work to get out of poverty. There is an opportunity-so push forward and become independent for real and not beholden to anyone

    • Liew
      Liew 5 日 前

      Help inturn for favours
      Whether intended to gain influence or not they are gaining influence

  • Ashish m nair
    Ashish m nair 6 日 前

    Something similar happened with Tibet.. Now Tibet comes under the Chinese rule

    • Ashish m nair
      Ashish m nair 4 日 前

      Hungry Hungry Hippo which country are you from?

    • Hungry Hungry Hippo
      Hungry Hungry Hippo 4 日 前

      First worry about your 21 percent beoow poverty, your 10 out of 15 most polluted cities in the world, shortage of water, caste violence, kashmir extremism, female foeticide, economic inequality, racism etc etc, then lecture other countries.

  • Wick John
    Wick John 6 日 前

    so you were comparing Chinese investment versus Western Colonism. Another brainwash idea.

  • Fu Zhixiang
    Fu Zhixiang 6 日 前

    China simply wants to make Africa great again. No more wants. With starting help, they'll handle the remains it quite well. STOP SPECULATIONS!!!

    • Liew
      Liew 5 日 前

      Fu Zhixiang well the patterns after the help sure is coincidental
      It’s a way to make countries want to support it in return for infrastructure which would be a coincidence and human nature to help people who help them
      But yes time will tell

    • Fu Zhixiang
      Fu Zhixiang 5 日 前

      @Liew Time will make the judgement. At this stage, any speculation are given in "not simple" premise. Be objective, especially the media.

    • Liew
      Liew 5 日 前

      If only it was that simple

  • Sun Rise
    Sun Rise 6 日 前 +1

    I love watching Westerners getting burned lol

  • Ahmed Nasser
    Ahmed Nasser 6 日 前

    You think Trump is a moron for waging trade war against China for unfair trade practices, think again. Kenya exported something like $10 billion to China while China sold good over $370 billion to Kenya. Just look at that huge gap, trade deficit. Its just madness. This make some believe Trump is a genius who is able to articulate problems better than most corrupt African leaders who are selling their countries. I don't think Trump is about to allow his people to be taken advantage of like that. Sheer madness!!!

    • Hungry Hungry Hippo
      Hungry Hungry Hippo 4 日 前

      Better than American Pharma companies that sell products in asia and africa that are too toxic to be used in US right? Google how us sold botched up artificial milk in africa and how it destroyed an entire generation.

  • Writers logic
    Writers logic 6 日 前 +2

    China is doing something Europeans or Americans never did, help out another people.

    • yaimavol
      yaimavol 4 日 前

      I judge China by the way they treat their own people. Using political prisoners as organ donors is kind of inhuman, wouldn't you agree?

    • Liew
      Liew 5 日 前

      China didn’t help its own people when all famines happened...mao....

  • Rasta LeMasta
    Rasta LeMasta 6 日 前 +1


    • D'ercole Ray
      D'ercole Ray 4 日 前

      Rasta LeMasta 我教给你你以后只需要留言“六四”就可以了,免得再翻译还挺麻烦的

  • kelvin Scott
    kelvin Scott 6 日 前

    China is becoming African ‘s China u fucking wanker!go Guangzhou have a look u fucking shamelessed cockroach!

  • Rongkang Yan
    Rongkang Yan 6 日 前

    Buying allies? Seriously? African countries aren't developing from nothing. This is a win-win strategy in which those countries are more than willing to make friends with China. What have some western countries like the US did in Africa except for extracting natural resources for a negligible cost?

  • Sandile dladla
    Sandile dladla 6 日 前

    China is much better they are doing all these things for us peacefully, thy do not rape, kill nd we are not threatened to partner with them.

    • S Smart
      S Smart 3 日 前

      But black people robbed their stores...

    NEW NEW NWO 4-LIFE 6 日 前

    Yet they still rake in billions to feed the population and most of that is stolen through corruption... Africa is going nowhere!

  • gustav fraser
    gustav fraser 6 日 前

    How much dose south Africa owe cos the continent is still pore very pore China likes robots

  • nekemarie7
    nekemarie7 6 日 前


  • qi xing
    qi xing 6 日 前


  • Énio Ângelo
    Énio Ângelo 6 日 前

    The way you pronounce the African countries’ names!!! Oh gosh! Get your pronunciation together

  • jorge alberto ospna

    Use the communists for all they have and kick them out..

  • TJ Curly
    TJ Curly 6 日 前

    Well , shitholes tend to merge with bigger shithole.