How Africa is Becoming China's China


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  • shine bayar
    shine bayar 2 分 前

    its chinese time to rape africa ... yeah its what it is

  • Bright Sun Light
    Bright Sun Light 23 分 前

    EUROPE AND AMERICA are AFRICA of AFRICA ahahahahha right , THEY GET WHAT THEY GAVE , THEY GET IT BACK, right into their houses n faces WITH INTEREST ADDED TO IT. Now most white girls ( daughters of the x-slave masters ) z best white girls love big BLACK dick THEY GO CRAZY ABOUT IT. They even say: '' once tried black, there is no way back '' and are making more lovely interracial kids more than ever before,,,,,,,THIS IS VERY VERY NICE :-) payback time for Europe and America, for the SLAVE MASTERS this is big blow in the face ahahahahahah. This is so interesting, let's seat and watch.

  • Rohit Rai
    Rohit Rai 41 分 前

    At least it helps make the life of people better, and does not just bribe those in power

  • sTeven
    sTeven 2 時間 前

    It's a fact it's not the donation but the boosting business which is changing the Africa, same as China in the past 40 years. If you said, it's guilty even to earn a penny in business, it makes people laugh.

  • KI HO
    KI HO 3 時間 前

    not propaganda!

  • KI HO
    KI HO 3 時間 前

    How Europe treat Africa in the past? African is not stupid, If China is ripping off Africa. Let the fact speak for itself. The world needs to help each other to have a better life!

  • abdul haleem
    abdul haleem 3 時間 前

    Chines government hav no faceless'nameless 'gangsters who control the government administration as like as western world" keep it up china you are on the right track"

  • F S
    F S 3 時間 前

    I found this very interesting.

  • King Crimson
    King Crimson 4 時間 前

    Why your sound similar to RealLifeLore?

  • RunItsTheCat
    RunItsTheCat 7 時間 前

    *_Insert "China inside Ja-Booty" joke here_*

  • aloneinthecrowdtv
    aloneinthecrowdtv 8 時間 前

    Wasnt there a video from the onion like this?

  • Jason Harding
    Jason Harding 12 時間 前

    Basically, when US put money in military development, at the same time China was investing in Africa markets. And now, you are telling me u regret about those war in the Middle East?

  • HoneNi Heixiu
    HoneNi Heixiu 12 時間 前

    Most Chinese think that investing Africa is a lost cause, Waste of money. African countries have different values and culture, what works for one country doesn’t go well in others

  • Djenabou Diallo
    Djenabou Diallo 13 時間 前 +1

    "China is a sleeping giant.
    Let her sleep, for when she wakes
    She will shake the world"

  • 对风浜的东南风 DFB

    Africa is Africa, China is China, maybe you are anyone's someone

    GIHAN 16 時間 前

    And what abou the debt trap? I do not trust china,the USA or europe. I just trust RUSSIA

  • Steve Vai
    Steve Vai 20 時間 前


  • 天行健
    天行健 21 時間 前

    The same logic, why not used in the United States? Double standards are a feature of any purpose-oriented reporting. The American people and the people of the world have been deceived. The objective fact is that the lives of African people have indeed improved, and what did the United States do in Africa before investing in China?

  • Jason Yang
    Jason Yang 21 時間 前

    Did this video just say colonial?Did European build them a fuck rail road when they were in control?!

  • Dan Man
    Dan Man 22 時間 前

    China's looking for economic ties in Africa, not political.
    This video's superficial & flawed.

  • 孟海洋
    孟海洋 22 時間 前


  • John Mark
    John Mark 23 時間 前

    Europe is becoming US's US

  • Reckless& Relentless

    I don't understand why the United States wouldn't jump on the cheap labor. The United States was built on cheap labor.

  • Lauren Jamieson
    Lauren Jamieson 日 前

    China can have Africa, if it diverts attention away from Australia.

  • Matthew Barnett
    Matthew Barnett 日 前

    We get some really good mechanical engineers in Africa they can reverse-engineer the technology that's being brought into the country they'll be able to develop business and resources from within their own country without having to Outsource any of the Investments once they get the technology and place and learn how to use the technology coming in look at the world for example with light bulbs engines excetera it's about getting intelligent people and countries that are able to use technological advancements to push progress along in their countries to build them up eventually the entire world will have internet access stable farming livable shelter but it's going to take another couple hundred years to get this these things going

  • tayfan2
    tayfan2 日 前

    So China is buying allies by exploiting the poverty of African nations. Imperialism in another form. China does not get a pass because they aren't European.

  • Mike Liu
    Mike Liu 日 前

    yeah, and Europe, Asia except China, Australia, North America, South America ARE ALL America's America. HOW IRONIC FOR YOU TO TALK ABOUT CHINA

  • Lujing Fang
    Lujing Fang 日 前

    some people always judge others' mind by their own vile one

  • kingsong FY
    kingsong FY 日 前

    African should know. China is doing business, while the United States is absolutely decolonizing and supporting minority governments, and even slave trade. These white people are of bad character.They see the friendship and development between China and Africa and intend to provoke separation between them.

  • william badovinac

    Caution: NeoLib doc. "State owned" is a derogatory phrase used by predatory capitalists. Fail to mention 800 American military bases in the world. "For free" is a Wall Street joke 'steal your money later'

  • mohamed garad
    mohamed garad 日 前

    I love Chinese products. Cheap, affordable price, and quality.
    Thank you China.

  • Humble Gamer
    Humble Gamer 日 前

    Almost like a play straight out the U.S. playbook. Investing in smaller nations in return for political favor/power isn't new.

  • imran rashid
    imran rashid 日 前

    Its all about give and take in this world. With the China's investment in Africa, Africa will develop and it's people will get employment and at the same time Chinese will be able to maintain their GDP so it's a very good move by Chinese. I am from India and I support this move by the chinese. at least they are not bombing any country 😂.

  • Junxia Tang
    Junxia Tang 日 前

    Building infrastructure, regardless what the West thinks is the purpose, is good for the people of Africa. My observation is the media in the West seldom reports fairly, nor do they understand China.

    WIN FILMS 日 前

    @6:20 Last time I check colonialism involved violence, rape and murder

  • doubletrouble544

    50 cent army incoming


    While China, on one hand, sponsoring industrialization in the deprived nations, USA, on the other, is busying in supplying guns and bombs in Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen and far beyond. No wonder if the next generations would study China as the sole superpower of the world.

  • max kraus
    max kraus 日 前

    "vastly diffrent ideals"...its not about ideals, its just about influence and money...

  • Kevin Law
    Kevin Law 日 前

    Buying Africa ? How about they didn't colonize Africa and sell Africans as slaves ?

  • Angelo Zantua
    Angelo Zantua 日 前

    Nowadays, everything is made in China.

  • Philip J. Fry
    Philip J. Fry 日 前

    America's eyes got too big for its stomach and it became too greedy. Now, everyone has lost faith in the West and prefer doing business with the East. Get over it. You "empire" will be gone soon. It is only fair and just that this is happening.

  • Niko Stone
    Niko Stone 日 前

    Don t forget it s business. China now think like USA 50 yrs ago.

  • Hasaka GIA
    Hasaka GIA 日 前


  • hugo anthony
    hugo anthony 日 前

    China censures internet, censures speach, 1989 Tiananmen Square massacred 1000s of students protesting democracy, china only allows religious leadera approved by the state, china invaded tibet and murdered 1000s of budhist the Dali Lama fled to india, MOAS CULTURAL REVOLUTION 2MILLION PEOPLE LOST THERE LIVES MILLIONS MORE SENT TO FORCED RE EDUCATION!! china has violated more rules of the WTO than any other nation, chinas tech is all stolen Intellectual property. All chinas fortune 500 comanys are state owned enterprises, The list goes on! All of You people who "love china" are fucking idiots!中國譴責互聯網,譴責講話,1989年天安門廣場屠殺了1000名抗議民主的學生,中國祇允許國家批准的宗教法律,中國入侵西藏,謀殺了1000多名乞丐,大理喇嘛逃往印度,MOAS文化革命2百萬人失去了生命數百萬人更加強迫教育!中國違反了世界貿易組織的更多規則,其他國家,中國科技都是被盜的知識產權。所有中國財富500強公司都是國有企業,名單還在繼續!所有“愛中國”的人都是他媽的白痴!

  • WiFi
    WiFi 日 前

    China bouta drain Africa for ALL their resources and start killing those folks

  • özge özçelik
    özge özçelik 日 前

    machine learning's underpinning everything

  • özge özçelik
    özge özçelik 日 前

    most middle east countries will be Chinese protectorates

  • FW
    FW 日 前

    People saying China colonizing other countries have no idea what colonization truly is. Colonization is killing, robbing, dictating other countries, like the British and Western countries, did to China hundreds of years ago during the opium war. It's starting wars and dropping bombs in other countries(and you know who did what in recent decades). So looking for historical evidence, which are the countries who actually do this? China? Never! Look at the art collection in the British Museum or Metropolitan museum. The history speaks for the truth. Don't be fooled by the media. Just because you see a lot of Chinese presence doesn't mean it's colonization. That's just mutually beneficial business. China has a history of building the great wall, indicating its determination of protecting its own people and not invading other countries.

  • Jinpeng Chen
    Jinpeng Chen 日 前

    ...Africa no longer bow to U.S. Why would African bow to the U.S in the first place?

  • Clash of Kings The West

    Why everyone are soo much worried about China? Seems their butts are hurting, CHINA is rebuilding countries. And America is destroying countries. That's difference, Indian and western jealous dogs are worried, because they are loosers . India got toilet issue and 80%poor population they should worry about themselves. Except talking crap about others , long live China, respect from PAK, 🇵🇰🇨🇳

  • Gordon Jack
    Gordon Jack 日 前

    hey!!! you forget Cambodia!!

  • 王迪杰
    王迪杰 日 前


  • rajib lochan dikshit

    China shouldn't go in the way as west exploited asia & africa earlier..Being new superpower China & India should have good relations and stabilize world peace.
    Never try to be evil as west..The evil you fought against..Progress lies in development not war.

  • lin sam
    lin sam 日 前


  • killerthunder15
    killerthunder15 2 日 前

    south america will be africas africa

  • Deborah Burton
    Deborah Burton 2 日 前

    I personally think that if we had a Republican in office around the time that Africa was calling out for America to come in and take over back in around the 90s we could have rebuilt Africa and also made a lot of money in the process but no we had President Clinton in the White House. It feels so good having a Republican again as President. Love Trump.

  • Ray Martin
    Ray Martin 2 日 前

    Let's hope China never discovers how to make quality products ; that would kill the west.

    • Pancakes611
      Pancakes611 日 前

      Ray Martin China uses recycled garbage from the west and resells it to you

  • Samuel Ma
    Samuel Ma 2 日 前

    I strongly recommend that you should make one episode elaborating how the US becomes an invader. F....

  • Cringy 7-Year-Old
    Cringy 7-Year-Old 2 日 前 +1

    Air-I-tray-ia instead of e-reat-re-ia lol

  • Allan Lamb
    Allan Lamb 2 日 前

    I love the people bemoaning Africa's turn to China, yet what would you expect? While the US was invading, bombing other countries, and being unilateral. China was investing, building, loaning money, and forging partnerships. What's more China sees the value in Africa and in developing it as both a trading partner and a future market for its products as opposed to how the US and Europe have viewed Africa for decades now.

  • Rθηιη
    Rθηιη 2 日 前

    Its a win win
    Africans get better life and china gets more money

  • Kyle Rush
    Kyle Rush 2 日 前

    I have 0 issues with this! I think its great that Africa has a means of generating GDP. Because MAN do they need it. Go China!!

  • Steve
    Steve 2 日 前

    The Africans should be careful of the Chinese loan sharks. If you don't pay on time they throw red paint on your building.

  • Andile Mqushulu
    Andile Mqushulu 2 日 前

    South Africa

  • Kaiyuan Zhang
    Kaiyuan Zhang 2 日 前



    9:05 USA

  • jay boog
    jay boog 2 日 前

    Hey all I’m asking China is give Africa a chance to prove it self don’t act like these white people give back to the country

  • Vitunjonne
    Vitunjonne 2 日 前

    gotta love how these brainwashed chinese actually think they know something... lol

  • The Aryans VIDEOS
    The Aryans VIDEOS 2 日 前 +1

    Why so serious??🤓🤓

  • The Aryans VIDEOS
    The Aryans VIDEOS 2 日 前 +4

    Middle east is bad, Afghanistanis are bad, Chinese are bad, Vietnamis are bad, Indians are bad,Iranians are bad, Africans are bad, north Korea is bad, I mean whole world are bad except western countries 😕😕😂😂do what we want otherswise you all are uncivilised, you all are bad peoples lol 😂😂but truth is we have ancient civilisation that you don't hv 🧐🧐

  • IamHKer
    IamHKer 2 日 前

    Don't trust Chinese, all are liers.

  • stock lee
    stock lee 2 日 前


  • naruto1993max
    naruto1993max 2 日 前

    Niggas stay where you are!!! Rapers

  • ykialy
    ykialy 2 日 前

    US is the source of evil and chaos. Trump is the most stupid leader on the earth.

  • asianthor
    asianthor 2 日 前 +2

    Funny how USA and it's citizens criticize China for lending money, building infrastructure, and other projects to African countries for some sort of return to China, but yet they forget the USA does worst. The USA has a history of going to countries who have tremendous poverty and promises food and some financial aid to those governments and in return those countries must allow the USA to build military bases in those dirt poor countries. Yes, the USA also doesn't do things out of kindness.

  • BestAverageGaming
    BestAverageGaming 2 日 前 +4

    Remember to take your African made Chinese Type 95 when heading into the comment section. It's a warzone of propaganda and bots.

  • Jan Abellana
    Jan Abellana 3 日 前

    All these white washed non white people its sad. The jealous, rapists, colonizer, slaving, stealing. and disgusting white west media and government always puts these ideas into people of color to make us go against each other.

    • Jan Abellana
      Jan Abellana 3 日 前

      Im only talking about the white western media and government.

  • jxnccwx jxnccwx
    jxnccwx jxnccwx 3 日 前

    How about US stop bombing other countries and use the money of producing bombs to invest Africa? After all, bombs are expensive and when they are used to bomb some bad men, they also kill a number of innocent people.

  • Iam mechanic
    Iam mechanic 3 日 前

    Love from India ♥️

  • mudd&shoee
    mudd&shoee 3 日 前

    This comment section is a mess.

  • Tyler leo
    Tyler leo 3 日 前

    How South America becoming American 's America

  • 李忠达
    李忠达 3 日 前

    If you can't get something, you'll say it's not good.

  • Jacob Serrano
    Jacob Serrano 3 日 前

    *How China is becoming China’s China*

  • subscribe To T-series
    subscribe To T-series 3 日 前 +1

    I use Chinese gadgets

  • M Down
    M Down 3 日 前

    America & especially Canada have been trying to help African Nations for years this charade that China is doing seems good but it's not without cause.

  • kiy shi
    kiy shi 3 日 前

    american are STUPID monkeys thy only want moneys without spending thy want you all animals to RUN hunt each other like cat and mouse game. Money is to create SCAM and theory of SLAVES monkey u.s dollar hatch funding with oil bullshit SLAVERY. It mean your all monkeys are Slaves .U.S is not democracy at all China is not democracy to u.s more dangerous than the China,

  • John Phantom
    John Phantom 3 日 前

    Chinese think they can jus Buy the World omg Vanity Jesus is coming Back China Repent or ells Judgement will be on your Nation has well just look what's happening to Amerikkka right now....the Amerikkan Empire Is Slowly Falling apart China God Sees How Your Communist Government is Killing Gods Children you Are no Better then Amerikkka....and even Russia Shouldn't Become the new Amerikka Because they will Also Fall Apart

  • lee兔
    lee兔 3 日 前

    I don't know why China shifting her large amount of capital to another potential place and market aka Africa and investing, loaning money in Africa which such decision is made solely based on market movements is consider as a threat to the world ?
    And getting only one foreign military base is considered as a warning to whole world
    While USA with hundred of foreign military bases and the world strongest military power with a fleet size 3 times the total number of other countries of the world.
    Is never consider as a threat to the world ?

  • 王政忠
    王政忠 3 日 前


  • Sherwin Cuaresma
    Sherwin Cuaresma 3 日 前 +1

    This is what i call helping
    Unlike what the white people doing

  • Lap Lander
    Lap Lander 3 日 前

    hahah west is pissed because it wont get their claws on africas resources
    next china should make military bases in south-america and cuba

    • JewTube
      JewTube 2 日 前

      cuba base would just poke the eagle. china needs to do this slow and steady, so the eagle won't feel threaten

  • Leland Matt
    Leland Matt 3 日 前

    The train from philly to boston has more stops then the other train comparing them is stupid

    IDY DINGO 3 日 前

    we are bored in usa rule...they dumb and racist

    IDY DINGO 3 日 前

    western only play shit all the time..

  • Julius Brom
    Julius Brom 3 日 前 +1

    All those people here in the comments saying stuff like "Europe is becoming Africa's Africa" are so misinformed. We have caused those migrant streams when Europeans decided to take every natural resource that these countries have, exploit their people's and install corrupt politicians who will listen to the demands of our multinationals.
    Just understand that by taking everything from one country you will get people leaving that country looking for a better life. Understand that by disrupting economies, politics and livelyhoods for hundreds of years in the name of short term financial gain, we have destroyed a whole continent and left their peoples traumatized by war and genocide and without any resources to begin new lives. It is only normal that they then come to our borders seeking nothing but peace.

  • Jason Statham
    Jason Statham 3 日 前

    FUCK THE USA !!!

  • Love & Live
    Love & Live 3 日 前

    Sad thing now China Genocide Ethnic Kyrgyz, Ethnic Kazakh and Uygurs. They are citizens of China was born in China. Still they are taking them to the Prison. There kids, women's old mans. Why they doing this????

  • T-sew
    T-sew 3 日 前

    Like for PM Abiy of Ethiopia.

  • Operator
    Operator 3 日 前 +1

    Africans should mass migrate to China instead of the West..

    • JewTube
      JewTube 2 日 前

      chinese investment will mean they may not need to migrate at all. this is good.

  • Sezi Mik
    Sezi Mik 3 日 前 +1

    it's still better than selling weapons to other countries and creating chaos in south America and the middle east.