How Africa is Becoming China's China


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  • Ediri Tega
    Ediri Tega 23 時間 前

    African is not becoming China fuck Europe fuck China fuck all of you that think Africans are stupid and can be re colonized you sit there and think you dictate for us we are wise and more educated now I am from Nigeria a proud Nigerian no fucking European or China man can control my country you can only do business here and you can't earn respect from every one it's time you focus on yourselves and leave Africa out of your shit you are igniting an anger you can't take

  • ᄆ
     23 時間 前

    The west will fall not because of China. But because of obesity, especially America.

  • Mollo Nishikino
    Mollo Nishikino 日 前

    Just a remainder. Maybe China has the same thoughts as those European colonists, at least China left some fancy railways, freeways, domes and all other constructions. Don't even mention industry and jobs. Those Europeans took the profits and lives.

  • BradleyWelshTV
    BradleyWelshTV 日 前 +1


  • Curious Bee
    Curious Bee 日 前

    The Chinese settling in Africa, is this not setting the stage for the last world war as previously written in the Book?

  • Curious Bee
    Curious Bee 日 前

    How will the Chinese being in Africa affect the Negroes - the Tribe of Yahuda and the Tribe of Benjamin, in the Americas when it's time to leave?

  • bd huang
    bd huang 日 前

    For many years, I've found that Americans like to tell others to do this, but they can't see their own problems. People who are the most despised in life are bla bla bla. We call them women with long tongues.

  • Tanmay Kumar
    Tanmay Kumar 日 前

    i just wanted to know what Africa think of India as a country?

  • JH Jiang
    JH Jiang 日 前

    People JUST want to have a better life

    BONI KIM 日 前

    What's wrong with that?

  • Rahul Rao
    Rahul Rao 2 日 前

    African is full of resources but Africans are stupid enough to utilise so China did...Nothing wrong African are busy in killing each other

  • Vlinxxo Doggo III
    Vlinxxo Doggo III 2 日 前

    Trump gonna be like:

  • Stanley Sun
    Stanley Sun 2 日 前

    The video shows general western lie against China.

  • R FlorezD
    R FlorezD 2 日 前

    Compare China with Colonialism. LOL gtfo!

  • Bum Kim
    Bum Kim 2 日 前

    Another Chinese propaganda. How much did u get paid by chinese government?

  • 师橙
    师橙 2 日 前

    Why cannot those white apes mind their own business instead of making comments about China. Do you guys see that many kinds of videos making comments about what Western countries have done on youtube made by China? COZ we are not that bored.

  • Jun Cab
    Jun Cab 2 日 前

    chinaaaaaaaa COMMUNIST will COLONIZe the AFRICAN exploiting and extracting the resources of AFRICAN

  • Tahitian Pearl
    Tahitian Pearl 2 日 前

    Hmm, well China may be investing in Africa but that's no free lunch when it comes to the world's politics.

  • TheTraveler
    TheTraveler 2 日 前

    Great Propaganda video. What they DON'T tell you is this:
    -the IMF has enslaved the entire African continent for decades with their loans, not for construction, but for disaster relief, most of that money is channeled to the US and other western corporation whilst the AFRICAN people are left with the hefy bill ar EXHORBITANT interest rates courteous of the IMF
    - China has actually pardon Africa's loans in the past, the IMF has NO such precedents
    - The Americans and Europeans history with Africa is rooted in the pillaging and plundering of both the African continent of its resources and its people as salves
    - The US and its CIA has a history of assassination of African leaders (advertised in the media by them as dictators) whom would dare to challenge their hedgemony, any African leaders that tried to free Africa from its clutches have either been assassinated or toppled in an engineered revolution. Think Gaddfi and Mandela

  • Van Kevin
    Van Kevin 2 日 前

    So what

  • Nick R
    Nick R 2 日 前


  • nine77
    nine77 2 日 前

    Africa will rule the world. The most resilient people ever made .We are merely a minute in the day of human existence.

  • Shyne 1337
    Shyne 1337 2 日 前 +1

    By 2050 China will own Africa which is a shame.

  • robert pittman
    robert pittman 2 日 前 +1

    China will ruin them just like the west did I might not move to Africa if these countries are stupidly recolonizing themselves

  • Tan SingYee
    Tan SingYee 2 日 前

    Who wants to be colonised by western powers when there’s China ?

  • 6lackTheCreator
    6lackTheCreator 2 日 前

    China did noting wrong to Africa

  • what the hell man ___

    It is sad that people only see the bad side of Africa. You white people don't know Shit because y'all only know what you are told they tell you in schools that Africa is just dirt and starving people.sure there are starving people and illness but that ONLY HAPPENED because of you white people your ancestors saw what a beauty of a country Africa is in fact they would have been good friends with Africa if the people in Africa where WHITE but they had a different skin so they saw the worst. They colonized the country because they thought they are better. You know what else they don't teach you in school that Ethiopia was not colonized. Africa also had brave Heros there was lots of good sides not to mention the animals there. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN IN AN AFRICAN CITY? Well Guess what? In Ethiopia they have better food than you hell you should taste the cake, cultural food, the burgers. Basically they have better food than American junk diabetic food. In fact my family is Ethiopian they would LOVE to live in their country if life there wasn't so expensive. They live like kings there my grandma lives in a huge ass house(which you Americans call a mansion) with gurd dogs , a door keeper, and a maid.and don't think that my family is Rich cuz they are not but that is how EVERYONE lives there.
    So yeah 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕White people

  • Zelios P
    Zelios P 2 日 前

    Did y mentioned that greece has military bases on other countries?

  • Lemon Juice xx
    Lemon Juice xx 2 日 前

    I mean I’m Chinese and from mainland I really don’t care about politics but it’s a no brainer that the people’s republic of China would be the representative like that literally control like idunno 300 times as much land and people than the republic of China. I mean the capitalists lost the civil war so they are just salty about it😂😂

  • 孙学朝
    孙学朝 2 日 前 +1

    I want to declear that Taiwan isn't a country!!!!!!!!!

  • DarkShadowsX5
    DarkShadowsX5 3 日 前

    as long as the African people benefit who cares what china does. no harm no foul. sounds like china deserves their political support. seems like the video is trying to make it sound like a bad thing.

  • Hass moh
    Hass moh 3 日 前

    you speak by the same tongue as of the american/euro tongue.

  • Spooky Boyy
    Spooky Boyy 3 日 前

    The west has been exploiting Africa brutally since slavery started and black Americans think they have it worse when they eventually gained the right to avoid exploitation and their ancestors still work as essentially slaves to make shoes for black Americans, among other things
    If the West doesn’t treat Africa fairly then China will pick them up and maybe exploit them, but then have access to everything and all those numbers

  • YES im taco
    YES im taco 3 日 前

    This is why china is a great country

  • Sanjay Tumati
    Sanjay Tumati 3 日 前

    Around 6:30 again a shocking false-equivalence. There is no comparison between what the European powers did and what China is doing in Africa. The Europeans invaded, killed, enslaved, slaughtered and grabbed. The Chinese trade, invest, build, hire and lease. Your Sinophobia is showing mate. How can the two even be compared? It's like comparing apples and cruise missiles.

    HiXaM JOCULAR 3 日 前

    at least China came with a some kind of benefit to Africa in terms of economy ...of course the chines looking for a mutual benefit it's a win win deal even is not an equivalent transaction ...but the question here what the western countries did for all those previous decades for those countries !! the answer is bringing the poverty,illiteracy ,retardation,damage...etc, so stop crammed your noses into other's businesses ...we know that's a part of your behaviors as westerns people ...still have that look toward the Africa countries as colonies...!

  • Bipul Kumar
    Bipul Kumar 3 日 前

    What the heck? Your are explaining china presence in Africa not Machine learning. !!!

  • Chris Kayser
    Chris Kayser 3 日 前

    China is making an offer, Africa can't refuse

  • blackdragon7803
    blackdragon7803 3 日 前

    Africa will suffer more under Chinese leadership. China has long history of human rights abuses.

  • KK Fung
    KK Fung 3 日 前

    what kind of colonialism that don't steal and enslave you . stupid chinese the use money instead of gun to colonialism africa , weird. china you are making European look smart

  • Eric Bobby
    Eric Bobby 3 日 前

    This clip as many western documentaries do not give a true depiction of Africa.Yes China is investing in Africa,but a lot of work is done my Africans themselves with their resources.I have always wondered why they always choose to showcase the least developed parts of Africa and fail to showcase the urban parts.

  • k d
    k d 3 日 前

    I would take the Chinese exploiting Africa all day over you know who

  • Mel Gibson
    Mel Gibson 3 日 前

    A shit hole like Africa shouldnt get a UN vote

  • Zecory 3
    Zecory 3 3 日 前

    USA: FUCK!

  • SeeknYeShallFind
    SeeknYeShallFind 3 日 前

    Damn, so china is really finessing Africa like a pimp does a hoe. I'm starting to look at my so called people of color differently. Maybe I shouldn't call them my people.

  • 任才
    任才 3 日 前

    EZ ,china just make africa great again

  • Loritorinco
    Loritorinco 3 日 前

    they’re gonna screw over Africa somehow. I mean throughout history, everyone has done that.

  • Loritorinco
    Loritorinco 3 日 前

    Welp! WW3 is looking even harder now.

  • bachir basha
    bachir basha 3 日 前

    The most important allies in africa for china is algeria , without doubt .

  • Mohammad Mondol
    Mohammad Mondol 3 日 前

    Why are all Westerners being demonized now? Look guys every sovern nation had some form of servitude until the beginning of the 18 century. Can we all stop pointing to the "West" and blame all of the Eastern world's problems on them?

  • Maple Maples
    Maple Maples 3 日 前

    Everything has a rise and fall. China will also fall, the destruction of Tibet will never be forgiven by supreme energy in all of us. The death of 60 million chinese by the communist party will never be forgiven..that's just how life works.

  • Willie Thomas
    Willie Thomas 3 日 前


  • themarbleking
    themarbleking 3 日 前

    Europe and euro americans hate this, they want to be the only only one. They paint China and Russia as Africa’s enemy but...what was China and Russia’s role in the slave trade? Where are China’s colonies in Africa? South America? China’s style is more like India’s, open shops and businesses. And they do this without fermenting civil wars, they don’t try to replace Africa’s leaders with their own puppets as Europe and America does. If you were African who would you trust? China or those same nations that have been fucking you up the ass for 500 years?

  • er asdef
    er asdef 3 日 前

    How native‘s America become America?’

  • Nipun Abhinav
    Nipun Abhinav 4 日 前

    Western concerns for poor Asia.(none need your help though). First save your pseudo riches deep dumped in debt, homeless, drug addicts, and gunned psychopath teenagers.
    US done tremendous job in Iraq, Afghanistan....... Japan.
    Some have fantasy to create imaginary enemies, and then destroying them.
    Jurrasic Diansoures, Ultron....Iraq.

  • gaijin71
    gaijin71 4 日 前

    Just like SE Asian countries like Vietnam and Thailand quickly forgot how Japan's post-war investment vastly benefitted their infrastructure, these African countries will forget China soon enough. And BTW, this is a very good example of how the UN is THE most corrupt organization on earth.

  • Gluluman
    Gluluman 4 日 前

    I have recently visited Africa for the fifth time. First in 1993 and recently in early 2018. I get mesmerized and dazzled by the new Africa every time I visit. Without doubt and to the contrary the average African has a much higher quality of life than the average American. Despite the terrifying image we see on TV. Not certain though whether the new China relationship would be beneficial and be a curse; only time would tell.

  • Guiding Angel
    Guiding Angel 4 日 前 +1

    Chinese knows how to make life easier
    they make cheap alternatives and they keep on improving

  • Anthony Swope
    Anthony Swope 4 日 前

    To the Black African Nations remember you have a great deal of Natural resources that the Chinese want access to as well as the rest of the World, hence the reason for European Colonialism. African nations must understand that the African continent is the world's natural resource basket and work together for economic empowerment that benefits the african nations first.
    I understand taking loans but do not forget the lessons learned from 400 years of European Colonialism. I have seen videos of Chinese business owners being racist towards black african people in various countries in Africa. You can rest assured the Chinese would not allow Black African business owners into China and allow them to be racist against chinese people, No Way!.
    Do what is necessary to build your nations but be wary of the Chinese or any other foreign power talking about helping you, many European colonial powers say something very similar and how well has this turned out for the majority of the Black African people over the last 300 - 400 years??.
    I know there is a lot of corruption in Africa and I would expect much of the corruption is funded by former colonial powers to ensure cheap access to Natural resources. It is my hope and prayer that the sub-saharan nations of Africa can form some sort of African Global Commodity Exchange.
    By selling natural resources like rubber, tin, diamonds, gold, uranium, and copper to the world, via a commodity exchange, you would be able to pay back loans received for infrastructure projects from China. China and the U.S. would become reliable trading partners along with many other nations, and a coalition of African Nations could act as one of the worlds most valuable commodity markets where the African Nation benefits in fair exchange with foreign trading partners. My gut tells me that the CIA, MI-6, Moussad, and Chinese Military Intelligence will do everything they can to include backing proxy wars to keep An African Commodity exchange ran by a coalition of African nations from ever happening.
    However, despite my cynicism if an African Commodity Exchange were to be formed if managed properly much of the resources would be re-directed hopefully to the nations and help to grow their economies hopefully rapidly.

  • James Pickar
    James Pickar 4 日 前

    Wheres ur citations?

  • Good Person
    Good Person 4 日 前

    It's time for ASIAN DOMINANCE
    USA will pay for killing indeginious people of America
    They belong to mongoloid race
    White race is going to pay for genocide against mongoloid race
    Mongoloid race is superior

  • Good Person
    Good Person 4 日 前

    The humanity is unifying
    Maybe after 200 years we will have a lot of blasians
    Blasian race is beautiful by the way

  • Ohene Boateng
    Ohene Boateng 4 日 前

    so yall never show images of the cities but the villages lmao..why didnt yall show images of the villages in china but the see these are the things blacks and africans always complain about and people claim we are pulling the race card..some things are just so obvious,,or youre scared of china huh?

  • seven blue
    seven blue 4 日 前


  • badassdahn
    badassdahn 4 日 前 +1

    There are Chinese people in remote villages of Nigeria speaking the local dialect. It’s crazy how quickly china is taking over Africa. It is rightly colonisation all over again only this time no wars involved.

  • ManiaMusicChannel
    ManiaMusicChannel 4 日 前

    Not mad at China, China is doing what the US did in their good days and like any other superpower, we will need to learn Chinese soon

  • Tyquaan Staton-Fuller

    Why not just say how Africa is becoming China

  • Beautiful Liar
    Beautiful Liar 4 日 前

    Wow this is an eye opener!

  • Peter Dixon (Staff)

    I love you you are a true nerd

  • Arthur Hau
    Arthur Hau 4 日 前

    While most of the countries in the world have abandoned slavery and colonialism, Ji Na is the most barbaric and uncivilized country still adopting these inhumane practices. The only excuse it has is, since so many countries did it in the past, why can't it do it now. WTF

  • Albertus Chambugong
    Albertus Chambugong 4 日 前 +1

    Black people will become fair now 😂🤣

  • Val Speirs
    Val Speirs 4 日 前

    China has been raping Africa of its mineral resources for decades and Africa is indebted to China. It would not surprise me if America goes to war with China because China has been building up it's warfare technology along time but of course this war will not originate from a global economic crisis but the Chinese breach of the South China Sea. The Chinese use their own people to build in Africa some are Chinese convicts for labour, Engineers etc. So how are they helping Africa?

  • Thụy Nguyễn Hữu

    Real economic partnerships are not just about one country extracting resources from another, china is not real economic partnership

  • Shadow Massive
    Shadow Massive 4 日 前

    Americans and British are only good on wars for munitions and defense technology sales not building dams or railways for the country's growth.

  • Shadow Massive
    Shadow Massive 4 日 前

    After the Europeans sucked the African continent dry and made its citizens as uneducated as possible. They will criticize when China helped them.

  • Matthew Woodward
    Matthew Woodward 4 日 前

    Well its not like the west is doing anything so good on China

  • Dan Grissom
    Dan Grissom 4 日 前

    so china takes all trade money from US and dumps it in africa making it an future chinese military base

  • Maxamed Xaaji Xuseen

    China is relatively better than the West who have nothing to offer except never ending exploitation.

  • Muz'yen R
    Muz'yen R 5 日 前

    Let’s wait for new race, narrow-eyed Africans!!!

  • 1004
    1004 5 日 前

    China is investing into Africa?
    RIP rhino horns, pangolin scales, tiger penises, etc. see you on the extinction list
    Stupid quack medicine

  • rin neknekmo
    rin neknekmo 5 日 前

    forget nuclear war
    just invest in 3rd world country
    and conquer

    RDRAFF1 5 日 前 +1

    I never understood it. The media says it. I thought white people were smart and had it sowed up.
    The media gave yah the blue print. Black people are the biggest consumers! All it took was some mind control advertising and an imaginary sale and watch them come flocking in! That's the old days.
    Fast-forward to 2018 and couple the times with racial profiling! The encouragement of black on black crime, planned parent hood, the school to prison pipe line, factories in prison the government gets free labor goods and services they don't need to sub contract with outside companies to buy goods or get services, the crazy college debt most blacks incur after graduating college, the continual traps set in place to rob black people keep us poor and pretend we stupid and can't do better while yah make laws against our natural ways of living and making money, then yah create all these programs to help the non blacks who don't fuck with yah like that, they don't pay full price for yah shit cause they get hook ups and they hardly support yah, then when yah get black customers yah treat us like shit, then yah brag about killing our peaceful ancestors and mock them for welcoming yah'll and teaching wicked bitches how to survive only for yah to butcher us. Yah continue to butcher us and rip our families apart today! Yah think it's normal to think and treat others like animals.
    It's only common mathematics!
    Now when the peace black race die out! When the flavor of the world is gone. When the smart intelligent, strong black man no longer exist who will be there to solve yah problems, fight for yah, champion yah causes to the highest level of performance know to man? Who?
    Yah can train! Take pills! Add on bio technological advancements but it still won't be ass perfound or significant as if a black man or woman had the equal chance or opportunities to assist or head it's development or resolutions.
    So yah know we have a peaceful kind giving nature. Yah see many would rather die than to come together in arms and kill yah. So you took our kind living nature for granted.
    Instead of looking at the black race as the golden hen, the golden goose! Yah try mock us and ridicule us!
    Now the chinese are buying up neighbourhoods! Locking them up waiting to move in or for their kids to move in to create many more china towns. Everywhere they go! They stand united! While they buy the Waldorf Astoria the united states vets sleep in the subway or on the train! The Every enemy we faught now own real estate here and they are raising the rent on Americans!
    So hold this for your surveys, poles and census! You consumer base is either dead, locked up or in prison. Some are either in the psych ward or heading there. Many or homeless due to in equality and hate. Many are just tire and disgusted and just not gonna support luxury, trends or fads any more. We're not gonna listen to the lies any more.
    Lies and breaking of treaties mistreatment of other nations and the no one is paying attention!
    We been broke and been without nothing our whole life and existence of rulership under the white man. Say what you wish and ignor what you feel you may but karma, truth and reality will always prevail with time.
    Over time we will see if the systematic opression, killing, scorning of the black nation while you rob us and live off of the fat of our misery and sweat will pay off. Over time in a world beyond this one when every man will have to answer did he keep his brother? Only he will have to answer! Sela!
    Hope we can all change our wiched ways and live peaceful and kind like original men. But it is evident that the wicked only have interest in doing what he our she knows best and that's to be wicked!

  • master kenobi
    master kenobi 5 日 前

    Now imagine if africa is all united in one flag now thats a new superpower right there

  • Elcoky Coky
    Elcoky Coky 5 日 前

    No wonder they are killing elephants and rhinos. Fucking Chinese

  • Jia Yao (Justin) Ji

    fuck u

  • Jia Yao (Justin) Ji

    Fuck u u stop talking about my country.

  • lafemmefidele
    lafemmefidele 5 日 前 +1

    An American's opinion on the event at hand.... interesting lol

  • Daniel Haussman
    Daniel Haussman 5 日 前

    Multiculture whats wrong ?

  • Churm Rincewind
    Churm Rincewind 5 日 前 +1

    Europeans developed Africa when the Africans were stone age ( ie) one hundred years ago.

  • I'm
    I'm 5 日 前 +3

    You're a third world country and you've to choose between two options.
    1) Military bases, foreign troops, drone strikes and bombers, Western backed puppet government that sales out its resources
    2) Ports, infrastructure projects, power projects and Special Economic Zones, schools, hopistals at a transparent loan rate and financial plan (just like any other bank)


  • Lomma Norbert
    Lomma Norbert 5 日 前

    ur voice sounds western..ill assume so....but I have just realized ur education system doesn't teach you much about what happened in Africa during colonialism....Darkness came in a white color over our once peacefull continent...the devil itself was the fueling the greed of those good men....its so unfortunate that the past cant be changed...There is nothing that can be compared to colonialism

  • alejoeisabel
    alejoeisabel 5 日 前

    The US/Nato trade mostly in weapons to Africa propping its vassals states who are mostly corrupt and unpopular. China's aid is mostly with no-strings- attached aid. China seeks partners not vassals. For this reason, the Anglo/Zionist Empire cannot compete with China. China always seeks win-win diplomacy.

  • PHX GoSuns13Go
    PHX GoSuns13Go 5 日 前

    First thing is first, why does Africa have to bow to America? Anyone?

  • Lore C.
    Lore C. 5 日 前

    2:06 this is shocking.

  • 张瑞
    张瑞 5 日 前

    I think this video is biased. I can ask a lot of questions to show how biased it is. Why a country, any country should bow to America? Are they inferior in American eyes? Or, why doing business with other countries with money, of course, but not by threatening other countries is called "buying" other countries in this video?

  • 1kparmar
    1kparmar 5 日 前

    No wonder why people are becoming more right wing. You really should know that facts before you start interfering. These people are going to see all of us in danger.

  • Matt Marriott
    Matt Marriott 5 日 前

    Video is brainwash. Reality: chinese gov since 1980 are illuminati puppets.
    Same goes not only for the rest of the puppets cast in theater acts of the "war games" type with China but now for all UN recognized governments.
    Agendas of the theater series "China buys another major company in another country": divert from the real buyers (the illuminazis), which is useful also to divert hate (in thhis case fueling hate against the chinese).
    Reality check: What China supplies to the USA/EU & Co ranges from slaves to organs for transplants.
    Sects created by the big sect (the illuminazis) range from Jeovah's Witnesses and Mormons to Scientology and Falun Gong.
    Falun Gong main agenda is to supply healthy people for harvesting organs for transplants in the EU/USA & Co.

  • deadmeh
    deadmeh 5 日 前

    I like how you know jack shit about machine learning but think you know where it's best to learn it. Your such a fucking shill. Why would anyone use shilliant when they could just take a free coursera course that covers the material in greater depth by more informed people. Machine learning isn't easy and unless you going to be some hack using some garbage to make more garbage then you are going to have to grind real fucking hard and shit isn't just gonna come together nicely for you.

  • Voodoo Child
    Voodoo Child 5 日 前

    Confusing title

  • Galarus
    Galarus 6 日 前