Cecil The Lion’s Death: What Really Happened Is Revealed In New Book 'Lion Hearted' | TODAY


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  • Pawel Kosinski
    Pawel Kosinski 10 日 前

    such a SJW crap no one cares about starving children, its easy to judge from cozy home with full belly

  • Minh Thu
    Minh Thu 14 日 前

    You know, yes Trophy hunting is wrong. But what about poaching? Let's say we put a stop killing all of these beautiful animals. But that doesn't stop the black market in fact poaching would increase. If you compare to the amount of trophy hunting that they have done compare to poaching. Poaching is ten times more. I don't like Trophy hunting I think it's horrible but compare this to poaching...Poaching makes more money compared to Trophy hunting.

  • Cynthia Denniston
    Cynthia Denniston 25 日 前 +4

    So nothing is going to be done to the dentist guy after the poor lion Cecil suffered that's so wrong

  • Sunshine Hornick
    Sunshine Hornick 27 日 前 +4

    That jerk dentist should be ashamed of himself..that poor lion suffered greatly before he died..trophy hunting is DISGUSTING and should be illegal everywhere

    • Pawel Kosinski
      Pawel Kosinski 10 日 前

      so I hope you and your pals will provide for poor Africans

  • Jill Beckert
    Jill Beckert 27 日 前 +4

    "Sometimes it doesn't have to be against the law to be wrong" well said.