YoungBoy Never Broke Again Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex


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  • Big Baller Trav
    Big Baller Trav 4 時間 前

    How sounds like he is high AF

  • Brennan Carney
    Brennan Carney 5 時間 前

    He looks like he killed someone and is scared that he will find out

  • NFL Youngboy
    NFL Youngboy 6 時間 前

    My favorite rapper. The best rapper out there to me. NBA Youngboy is the next Boosie.

  • yeet
    yeet 8 時間 前

    someone brush this boy hair

  • S Johnson
    S Johnson 9 時間 前

    4:23 just depressed inside

  • Samuel Grosser
    Samuel Grosser 12 時間 前

    I used to have those Tim’s that kid had idk if they are the exact same ones I couldn’t tell but mine were red with camo

  • Lige Nyodu
    Lige Nyodu 15 時間 前 +1

    Looks like a kid nagging about being bored!!! Not hating tho.

  • max kerry
    max kerry 15 時間 前 +2

    he isn't being himself, putting up a fake front, pretending he is someone he isn't

  • Jessica Harris
    Jessica Harris 17 時間 前

    give me a thumbs up if y'all think that NBA youngboy hit his girlfriend

  • wilfrid fred
    wilfrid fred 18 時間 前

    That boy is..strange

  • double D Eddy 66

    Aye I heard there is a new rapper 14 year old check him out BMS red smoke

  • chris_ drippin
    chris_ drippin 日 前

    idk i feel like they way he speaks to him is kinda patronizing

  • ProdigyBen
    ProdigyBen 日 前 +1

    Bro I don’t understand any word ur saying:

    Like if you agree

  • critic for the uploader

    Wasting money, invest in a education!

  • Dale Bashford
    Dale Bashford 日 前

    This guys autistic

  • GreatShinzo
    GreatShinzo 日 前

    Dumbass talk like retard...what the fuck.

  • beckz.ッ
    beckz.ッ 2 日 前 +1

    cleann outro

  • Alisha Bella
    Alisha Bella 2 日 前

    Can't carry a conversation to save his life. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Diontra Ragland
    Diontra Ragland 2 日 前

    I like the interview he humble asf

  • Diontra Ragland
    Diontra Ragland 2 日 前

    People be hating for no reason at all

  • xxjobex xx
    xxjobex xx 2 日 前

    Is is a fan of Kevin gates

  • Kimba Chapman
    Kimba Chapman 2 日 前

    Why is he holding all the cash in his hands like he is five going to the store

  • Pressure
    Pressure 2 日 前

    All smokes and mirrors lol

  • Jalen Jacur
    Jalen Jacur 2 日 前

    Bruh this nigga lookin down when he talking he need to make eye contact

  • Asma Muhammad
    Asma Muhammad 2 日 前 +1

    NBA is not perfect but he is humble Cas of where he comes from grandmother struggles dat makes him a humble soul god bless u nba

  • Franca Omo
    Franca Omo 2 日 前

    3,000 for shoes , we need to do better

  • Karmander 1216
    Karmander 1216 3 日 前

    Size 8 ......ill stop there

  • willie mitchell
    willie mitchell 3 日 前


  • phejae
    phejae 3 日 前

    he so fine

  • Joshua White
    Joshua White 3 日 前 +1

    What if his dog 🐕 shitted on camera 😂

  • Kenzie World
    Kenzie World 3 日 前

    NBA young boy is so hot

  • Mathieù Sëlbinîc

    The fan could’ve bought any shoe, smh he went for the black cements, i would have got those OvO 12s

  • Caleb Ngendo
    Caleb Ngendo 3 日 前

    when you relise NBA young boy and young boy never broke again are the same nigga

  • Eli Marcel
    Eli Marcel 3 日 前

    youngboy a goat

  • Fortnite_ben
    Fortnite_ben 3 日 前 +1

    “So your totals gonna be,3,820 dollars”

  • Yks Malik
    Yks Malik 3 日 前

    QUANDO rondo episode!

  • Rayhan Ali
    Rayhan Ali 3 日 前

    He's like me. Very thoughtful and heart broke about his past life and experiences that's why he don't put the effort in to impress anyone.

  • Ms J 504
    Ms J 504 3 日 前

    Cringe worthy

  • Montega Bucks
    Montega Bucks 4 日 前

    this nigga Kno he a fan of Kevin gates.he got the man tattoo on him😂

  • Dillon Shanks
    Dillon Shanks 4 日 前 +1

    Everyone sayin why black cements , there well nice and a classic

  • Fogzz
    Fogzz 4 日 前

    *Me:* Wanna buy sneakers?
    *NBA:* shen jsnekl dkejw kansie
    *Me:* Ok...

  • johnny sand toe
    johnny sand toe 4 日 前

    Thought this nigga wasn’t going outside today

  • uncle drew
    uncle drew 4 日 前

    Youngboy definitely only sticks to himself

  • SkrtandPlay
    SkrtandPlay 4 日 前

    Lmao felt like a MTV skit at the end with Mr Logan

  • Gym's World
    Gym's World 4 日 前

    5:30 When she gave that price.....I wish I had that much money fr.

  • PrincessJessi8888
    PrincessJessi8888 4 日 前

    the fan was hella stagedddddddddddd

  • Jack Thomas
    Jack Thomas 4 日 前

    Is this guy high?

  • Max Robinson
    Max Robinson 4 日 前

    Is he retarded?

  • ultimatemiguel
    ultimatemiguel 4 日 前 +1

    NBA Herpes boi

    YUNGLILTRE * 4 日 前

    Damn I’m 12 in a 9

  • Big Nasty 300
    Big Nasty 300 5 日 前

    I wish I had that much money to spend

  • Brother Zion
    Brother Zion 5 日 前

    NBA has a heart of gold..

  • BlackBeanerZey
    BlackBeanerZey 5 日 前

    that white kid pissed me off, out of ALL of those shoes he got the black cements😪💩💩

  • Sphamandla Thusini
    Sphamandla Thusini 5 日 前 +1

    Lean took it place here😁😁

  • TheRealJmo
    TheRealJmo 5 日 前

    How tf do I have bigger feet than nba😂

    SHARK GANG 5 日 前

    Youngboy look tired asf 😂😂


    I'm in newyork


    Hey NDA youngboy

  • Cowboysfucking Suck

    Nigga can’t even talk 😂😂😂

  • Chris Wavvy
    Chris Wavvy 5 日 前

    Youngboy is so annoying

  • Chase Tollison
    Chase Tollison 5 日 前

    Fucking retard.

  • K'riyah Cockerham
    K'riyah Cockerham 5 日 前

    NBA young boy from Louisiana baton rouge

  • Rico Freako
    Rico Freako 6 日 前

    wtf is he on

    KVLENE V 6 日 前

    He acts so annoyed or high af I can't tell

  • Kay Reacts
    Kay Reacts 6 日 前

    He stand like he's about to start moonwalking

  • Vanessa pitts
    Vanessa pitts 6 日 前

    is it me or does nba youngboy sound just like quavo

  • Mr Brooks
    Mr Brooks 6 日 前

    Young boy giving out herp again

  • Caroline Dube
    Caroline Dube 6 日 前

    5:42 seems like a commercial like wtf 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Caroline Dube
    Caroline Dube 6 日 前

    bruuh he 18 and got 4 kids he cant even fucking drink yet wtf. But atleast he care for his kids and is there thats better than most

  • Life as Niya
    Life as Niya 6 日 前

    Speak UP😭😂❤❤❤

  • Supreme Lord
    Supreme Lord 6 日 前

    Bro can get any pair of shoes and gets those 💀

  • Life as Niya
    Life as Niya 6 日 前

    Outta all the shoes he got them bogus a- nvm 😂

  • Life as Niya
    Life as Niya 6 日 前

    He sounding so shy😭💙💙

  • It's not ya boi
    It's not ya boi 7 日 前

    Worst raper alive

  • Teodoro Guzman
    Teodoro Guzman 7 日 前

    *beeathes* "NO"

  • Mr Piggy
    Mr Piggy 7 日 前 +1

    Why his feet so damn small😂

  • Dilene Thelusme
    Dilene Thelusme 7 日 前

    I hope the shoes ain't got herpes

  • Omari Bolton
    Omari Bolton 7 日 前 +1

    When you think about it; he too young to even be having kids.. he 17, if his kids like 4 and 5 or something, he had them around 11 - 13? Aye that's not good. Shit he prolly do got herpes. On the mouth too from yall dick sucking fans who boutta blow up replies with "DON'T BE TALKING ABOUT BIG DADDY YOUNG!"

  • Meme Overlord
    Meme Overlord 7 日 前

    hey is cute

  • Alasia Lee
    Alasia Lee 7 日 前

    i like how he thought bout his kids

  • Diana Reyna
    Diana Reyna 7 日 前

    Do lil pump

  • Will Argueta
    Will Argueta 8 日 前 +1

    Hello young boy irá 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Amberly Pettway
    Amberly Pettway 8 日 前

    I bet he was hard to talk to all his answers was no idk yea

  • Rossy Bobby
    Rossy Bobby 8 日 前

    Why Youngboy always so awkward when hes being interviewed

  • Jay 213
    Jay 213 8 日 前

    Respect to youngboy Nba. The dude was literally happy NBA bought him those shoes for him. The dude looked truly grateful to receive those free shoes. Shout out from South Central LA

  • AliBomaye RITJ
    AliBomaye RITJ 9 日 前

    Every time I see or hear NBA Youngboy I think of NBA by Joe Budden

  • NoPop
    NoPop 9 日 前

    bruh i barely understand what he’s saying

  • Nijah Morris
    Nijah Morris 9 日 前 +1

    38 baby 💜

  • Purge RFZ
    Purge RFZ 9 日 前

    I only fw Jordans

  • Emmanuel Owusu
    Emmanuel Owusu 9 日 前

    It got a guuuuuun!

  • GFRESH Taylor
    GFRESH Taylor 9 日 前

    Shit. Aint bout hype. It's not BC3
    They a classic and one my favs and the Katrina. 3s r 🔥🔥

  • lugia Gia
    lugia Gia 9 日 前

    cashier ig?

  • Hamza Hussain
    Hamza Hussain 9 日 前

    Imagine if young boy wrote the title
    Yung boi broke never agen shops complex shoe

  • Jamie Harding
    Jamie Harding 9 日 前

    Need a translator

  • Avyon Young
    Avyon Young 10 日 前

    3:28 was funny af

  • OG Timmo
    OG Timmo 10 日 前

    Damn he 8in I’m 7.5in and I’m in 6th grade

  • joseph welch
    joseph welch 10 日 前

    Broke in

  • JD Quibael
    JD Quibael 10 日 前

    X is only one left not featured in sneaker shopping but that will never happen 😢😭#LLJ

  • miLanWF
    miLanWF 10 日 前

    respect that the fan chose black cements, he also couldve made youngboy pay 23k for the eminem jordan 4's