YoungBoy Never Broke Again Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex


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    CHAPO BIHH 4 時間 前 +1

    He hates spending money when he don't want to #normal

  • My lovely life
    My lovely life 5 時間 前

    lhh he do not wanna do this interview...he like stop questioning me

  • Trevor Butterfield
    Trevor Butterfield 6 時間 前


  • Araceli Carrizales
    Araceli Carrizales 6 時間 前

    do lilpump

  • Khalil Johnson
    Khalil Johnson 7 時間 前

    He is dead inside

  • Gurvir Atwal
    Gurvir Atwal 7 時間 前

    King of basic niggas

  • J Shepin
    J Shepin 7 時間 前

    this guy is on drugs

  • Jonathan Vargas
    Jonathan Vargas 7 時間 前

    He always sayin "I don't know". He sound retarded😂😂😂

  • Foreign Kerri
    Foreign Kerri 8 時間 前

    Damn he only like 18 with four kids

  • ___Unicorn. Marr____
    ___Unicorn. Marr____ 11 時間 前

    Do ace hood

  • Kamari Echols
    Kamari Echols 11 時間 前

    With all that money he can buy a lot of shoes for his kids and for him

  • Mix God
    Mix God 12 時間 前

    Please get Lil Baby Next

  • Trashy Supreme
    Trashy Supreme 12 時間 前

    How do he know what he saying? Sound retarded

  • Jesse Fisher
    Jesse Fisher 13 時間 前

    This was the first person to bring on the show ,his boring as hell

  • James Morris
    James Morris 13 時間 前

    нє ∂σит ѕσυи∂ ℓιкє тнαт ωнєи нє вє яαρριиg

  • Aneka Cooper
    Aneka Cooper 18 時間 前


  • Carl Lott
    Carl Lott 18 時間 前


  • Pinsqueezebic 1
    Pinsqueezebic 1 18 時間 前

    That’s cool he helped out that fan tho.

  • Pinsqueezebic 1
    Pinsqueezebic 1 18 時間 前

    Jackets are made to wear atleast one per winter ,and if you bought a good quality jackets like a 500 northface jacket it should last for awhile.

  • Pinsqueezebic 1
    Pinsqueezebic 1 18 時間 前

    Dumb as fuck buying that many shoes for little kids,rich or money people are ridiculous

  • T Baby
    T Baby 19 時間 前

    That's a cool young nigga.

  • queen klaire
    queen klaire 19 時間 前

    he’s so sweet😩❤️.

  • luis
    luis 日 前

    So we ain’t talking bout how he a sz 8

  • Hattie Hankins
    Hattie Hankins 日 前

    If I ain't tripping bruh said he neva had Jordans till he got rich but then grab da Jordans and said I got these when I was six

  • Ea5t51D3LM StrOP Bity PIRU D.M.B

    Damn when NBA start Bangn da B? I'm from Dat boot too 318 we Bang but damn it seem like niggas go to Cali n kum back Bloods. 5/50 ass shit I Neva known Baton rouge or new Orleans to bang but but we do up here in the 318 part. But I fuck with all my Louisiana rappers n dats on Blood we the got the best.

  • Supreme Amir
    Supreme Amir 日 前

    he got small ahh feet that’s tuff

  • Supreme Amir
    Supreme Amir 日 前

    Nigga a character lmao

  • Andre Booker
    Andre Booker 日 前 +1

    Dude at the end tho 😂 lol y'all should of atleast chose a better actor

  • Tayon Cox
    Tayon Cox 日 前 +1

    I learned a lot of more information about YoungBoy from watching this vid!!!

  • Tayon Cox
    Tayon Cox 日 前 +1

    Money ain't nothin to my bro YoungBoy!!!

  • Leonardo_ _Escalante

    Bring ybn nahmir to this show

  • Jonesy Jones
    Jonesy Jones 日 前

    Size 8 dang

  • Raheem CREAM
    Raheem CREAM 日 前

    Theres a lot of things u van sense from people but this nigga is a demon 😂

  • phillyspecial 80

    Lame ass tat

  • two idiots
    two idiots 日 前

    Everyone look up to chief keef i swear.

  • Ezequiel  Ramirez

    Dude look like he wanted to be in the mall and not in there😂😂

  • tipper Of 598
    tipper Of 598 日 前

    38 baby

  • Adrian Nuñez
    Adrian Nuñez 日 前 +1

    4:56 What up slime *walks off

  • Y.S.I Productions
    Y.S.I Productions 日 前 +1


  • sauiy
    sauiy 日 前

    cringe lord

  • nbayoungboy 38baby

    He just whisper no

  • paulsss69
    paulsss69 日 前

    How can some one so retarded can make so much money. Twisted world

  • Kyle P
    Kyle P 日 前

    Nba keep doing your thing bro . cant wait to meet you when i get on 😈

    • Ghh Gggg
      Ghh Gggg 日 前

      Kyle P god got you bruh , just keep right with him bro ♥️☝🏿

  • themcbobgorge
    themcbobgorge 日 前

    this dude is something else

  • Luis Calhau
    Luis Calhau 日 前

    Can’t understand shit what this dude saying lmaoooo

  • drae whitey
    drae whitey 日 前

    That nigga name Logan Paul?

  • Slut Tlus
    Slut Tlus 日 前


  • Luis Torres
    Luis Torres 日 前

    do xxxtentacion

  • Luis Torres
    Luis Torres 日 前 +1

    do xxxtentacion

  • Brayden Young
    Brayden Young 日 前

    This dude’s interview sucked

  • Ashley Olivera
    Ashley Olivera 日 前

    Youngboy gonna buy shoes like he ain't hype I would be hype to buy me some Jordan's like f do money I'll spend all day shh

  • ChilliWilli
    ChilliWilli 日 前

    Well, at least he could pay

  • Mike Gold
    Mike Gold 日 前

    This what happens when u give a monkey a banana, I been pretty well off from my successful life, and I never never flash money, show off, but I’ll ball all these rappers on anything they will be broke 10 times over

  • jon doe
    jon doe 日 前

    I can’t wate till dat day win I can jus buy a random person a par of jsss 😒

  • Nigel Farage
    Nigel Farage 日 前 +1

    monkey 🐒🦍🐵

  • Asapvirgo
    Asapvirgo 日 前

    NBA sounds gay af 😂😂😂

  • C&G Bros
    C&G Bros 日 前

    4 kids at 18, Boi crazy

  • Meliyahcuteness C

    White dude Betta watch out youngboy had that smile when he tilt his head and when he have that smile that means he ready to kill somebody

  • Meliyahcuteness C

    White dude need to watch out young boy got that smile on his face

  • Mike XXX
    Mike XXX 日 前 +1

    this young fella is mentally challenged and I aint dissing

  • Zaddy. Jonner
    Zaddy. Jonner 日 前 +1

    He seems really anti social

  • Marvin Tookes III

    Good job buying sneakers 👟

  • Vickyv143
    Vickyv143 日 前

    Why would he pick the cements lmaoooo

  • HotGlitter41
    HotGlitter41 日 前


  • nicola morris
    nicola morris 日 前

    who's is this?

  • spiffyygee
    spiffyygee 日 前

    Awkward video , he clearly didn’t wanna be there. Plus the interviewer was asking obvious ass questions smh 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Dustin James
    Dustin James 日 前

    I love NBA young boy songs i like no smoke really much it is my favorite song

  • toucan
    toucan 日 前

    money is a hard thing to get he just wastes it like its nothing .

  • DeVanté Swing
    DeVanté Swing 2 日 前 +13

    5:26 youngboys plan

  • Teresita Leon
    Teresita Leon 2 日 前

    Sorry but YoungBoy has the prettiest eyes 😻

  • chonda
    chonda 2 日 前


  • chonda
    chonda 2 日 前


  • M.F. G.
    M.F. G. 2 日 前

  • Jalen Kinney
    Jalen Kinney 2 日 前

    Thats im nigga

  • Supergirl Love
    Supergirl Love 2 日 前

    Woahhh as soon as I Hurd 3000 I was like huh?????😱😱🤗

  • Danisha Taylor
    Danisha Taylor 2 日 前

    Young boy your eyes is so cute

  • Herzon Salinas
    Herzon Salinas 2 日 前

    Bruh they got to get lil pump on this show bruh plz like if u agree

  • Ame Eve
    Ame Eve 2 日 前

    i dont like him

  • Joaquin Jr Borges
    Joaquin Jr Borges 2 日 前 +3

    At first I missed that Joe was reppin the Levi 4s!!!!!

  • Adrian Reyes
    Adrian Reyes 2 日 前

    Bring lil pump

  • El Neva
    El Neva 2 日 前

    He copped some real cold ones there jheeeze ❄️❄️💸🌊

  • Verbie Walker
    Verbie Walker 2 日 前

    main his cool

  • Shamira B
    Shamira B 2 日 前

    No lie nba got some nice ass eyes for a hood nigga 😂💯

  • Pickle Rick
    Pickle Rick 2 日 前

    This mother fucker talk like he got shit in his mouth
    How talentless pieces of shit get paid for being talentless

  • Jordan Thomas
    Jordan Thomas 2 日 前 +2

    He was very very high or it’s a clone

  • Jeffy JrRr
    Jeffy JrRr 2 日 前

    I have the cement 3s that Logan got

  • hiphopctc
    hiphopctc 2 日 前

    this fool is wearing his levis js

  • You Mad Tho
    You Mad Tho 2 日 前

    Lol I love how everyone forgot that he beat the fuck out of a woman and kidnapped her

  • 1400 Rebonna
    1400 Rebonna 2 日 前

    Joe can’t dress

    DJFrmDaEAST 2 日 前

    This boy wild lol

  • Durk TrIbE
    Durk TrIbE 2 日 前

    He didn’t even enjoy tht😭✌🏾

  • Grind Hard
    Grind Hard 2 日 前

    He nicknamed his son Draco lol. Calling cps

  • AvrG.Misfit
    AvrG.Misfit 2 日 前

    Wait he has 4 kids??

  • XSavage BeastX
    XSavage BeastX 2 日 前 +1

    Do 6ix9ine

  • sea doggo
    sea doggo 2 日 前

    bruh I really need subtitles for these mumble rappers.

  • Alyssa Williamson
    Alyssa Williamson 2 日 前

    im dead!!! 4:24

  • George  Hernandez
    George Hernandez 2 日 前

    Weird ass fool

  • Diamond Smith
    Diamond Smith 2 日 前


  • James Kolawole
    James Kolawole 2 日 前

    Is he out?

  • asmr slime
    asmr slime 2 日 前

    I love his actcent