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    There are way too many great hacks I wanna share with you today!
    Ever tried to walk on grass in high heels? I did and it was awful! Until I came up with a genius glue gun cap solution! You should definitely give it a try?
    It's summer already and if you're still not ready for it, it's high time to upgrade your painting skills! Grab your makeup bag, I'll show you what to do!
    You know that time when you've just painted your nails and then you can barely touch your cup or door handle and can't take your clothes off, 'cause you're afraid to spoil your amazing new manicure? But in the end you somehow still mess it up accidentally! Have you ever come across this nasty problem?
    Then I've got simply wonderful solution. All you have to do is pour some cold water and add ice cubes in it, then rest your fingers there for one minute only! Now your nails are completely safe!
    You'll also find out effective way to remove blackheads and make edible lip balm!
    There's so much great stuff, stay tuned and don't miss out on anything! ;)

    Also in this video I wanna share with you one of my favorite lazy exercises for a flat belly. It's called 'vacuum' exercise! Here's how you do it: lay down on your back, breath out, draw in your stomach for 20-30 seconds. Repeat this simple routine 5 times every day and you'll see noticeable results after first two weeks! ;)
    Greasy hair problem is pretty common as well. Here's how to deal with it.
    Recipe for BRUNETTES:
    corn starch + cocoa powder + essential oil
    Recipe for BLONDES:
    corn starch + baking soda + essential oil
    Apply this powder on the hair roots and simply brush your hair afterwards.
    0:50 NO MORE messy manicure
    1:55 Summer abs
    6:05 One product makeup
    8:08 No place to put lashes?
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    Which lifehack from this video do you like more than other? Do you have your beauty secrets to be on top always?

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    Put chocolate on your face to make fake freckles:

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