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    There are way too many great hacks I wanna share with you today!
    Ever tried to walk on grass in high heels? I did and it was awful! Until I came up with a genius glue gun cap solution! You should definitely give it a try?
    It's summer already and if you're still not ready for it, it's high time to upgrade your painting skills! Grab your makeup bag, I'll show you what to do!
    You know that time when you've just painted your nails and then you can barely touch your cup or door handle and can't take your clothes off, 'cause you're afraid to spoil your amazing new manicure? But in the end you somehow still mess it up accidentally! Have you ever come across this nasty problem?
    Then I've got simply wonderful solution. All you have to do is pour some cold water and add ice cubes in it, then rest your fingers there for one minute only! Now your nails are completely safe!
    You'll also find out effective way to remove blackheads and make edible lip balm!
    There's so much great stuff, stay tuned and don't miss out on anything! ;)

    Also in this video I wanna share with you one of my favorite lazy exercises for a flat belly. It's called 'vacuum' exercise! Here's how you do it: lay down on your back, breath out, draw in your stomach for 20-30 seconds. Repeat this simple routine 5 times every day and you'll see noticeable results after first two weeks! ;)
    Greasy hair problem is pretty common as well. Here's how to deal with it.
    Recipe for BRUNETTES:
    corn starch + cocoa powder + essential oil
    Recipe for BLONDES:
    corn starch + baking soda + essential oil
    Apply this powder on the hair roots and simply brush your hair afterwards.
    0:50 NO MORE messy manicure
    1:55 Summer abs
    6:05 One product makeup
    8:08 No place to put lashes?
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  • 5-Minute Crafts
    5-Minute Crafts  6 ヶ月 前 +1368

    Which lifehack from this video do you like more than other? Do you have your beauty secrets to be on top always?

    • Wade L
      Wade L 6 時間 前

      5-Minute Crafts females are aloud to have body hair. “Ewwwww, disgusting leg and arm hair” “What luscious and beautiful head of hair” -Same person

    • ItsYaBoiTrey
      ItsYaBoiTrey 日 前

      5-Minute Crafts 0:10 music???

    • Madelene Redulla
      Madelene Redulla 日 前

      +Giannhs Stella ffb

    • Morgan Myers
      Morgan Myers 4 日 前


    • Meredith Meisner
      Meredith Meisner 4 日 前

      +Даная BG Bg mkw

  • Nicolite Copernicus
    Nicolite Copernicus 5 時間 前

    i just came here for the blackheads removal

  • SeRv Frank
    SeRv Frank 5 時間 前

    Arwnt those ilegal

  • SeRv Frank
    SeRv Frank 5 時間 前

    8:10 arent thosr illegal

  • Shamin Resandu
    Shamin Resandu 11 時間 前

    What was the recipe for treating black heads

  • Lilsa Grace
    Lilsa Grace 13 時間 前

    Don’t ever put baking soda on your teeth. It’s REALLY bad for them x

  • Rebecca Rosci
    Rebecca Rosci 15 時間 前

    questo video mi eccita a tal punto che mi sono infilata l'armadio della intro nell'ano.

  • Shakeel Sake
    Shakeel Sake 16 時間 前


  • Natsu Dragneel
    Natsu Dragneel 21 時間 前

    Most of these are horrible

  • Luna Volva Forest Witch
    Luna Volva Forest Witch 22 時間 前


  • Alex Monir
    Alex Monir 22 時間 前

    Very nice

  • Alex Monir
    Alex Monir 22 時間 前


  • Kristy Schirmer
    Kristy Schirmer 23 時間 前

    The tin foil made me cringe cuz when I was younger I had cavity fillings and the foil was painful if you bit it where the filings were. I can't explain the feeling but it's not pleasant.

  • AmazonPawan
    AmazonPawan 日 前

    good trick for beauty

  • Rue Ingram
    Rue Ingram 日 前

    @ 2:55 did you even try sis? did you even try?

  • J Sch
    J Sch 日 前

    Verschil tussen water pik PW 660 en PW 662

  • Imma Hana
    Imma Hana 日 前

    I have a question....what is that u mix to make a sticky face mask?

  • Hannah Hybrid
    Hannah Hybrid 日 前 +2

    God. Do NOT put any random essential oils on your hair or skin, some of them are not for that or are far too strong and can cause chemical burns at the worst

  • Prashant waiba Entertainment

    plz watch my video also

  • Cookie Cookie
    Cookie Cookie 日 前

    I wasted my time to go shopping to watch this lame BISH doing stuff that probably wouldn’t work

  • Jade Le Mottee
    Jade Le Mottee 日 前 +2

    1:46 don't do this! The foil can rip your mouth apart. I'm twelve and even I know this

  • Elita kuynavi
    Elita kuynavi 2 日 前


  • Dionne Edwards
    Dionne Edwards 2 日 前

    Watching her put tinfoil in her mouth made me extremely uncomfortable....

  • Santosh Kandpal
    Santosh Kandpal 2 日 前

    My opinion as a boy she is teaching how to cheat a man....

  • Daisy Queen
    Daisy Queen 2 日 前

    Probably the stuff doesn't even work

  • Giselle Lopez
    Giselle Lopez 2 日 前

    I can tell she used cheese or something that’s yellow to colour her teeth

  • sarah garcia
    sarah garcia 2 日 前

    I don't think these will work

  • NightHawk
    NightHawk 3 日 前

    The amount of fakeness in this video is unbelievable.

  • The Equilibrium Entertainment

    The aluminum hurt my teeth.

  • Ben's Life
    Ben's Life 3 日 前

    Where’s the time stamp for the thumbnail?

  • actionertt5u
    actionertt5u 3 日 前 +1

    Don’t abuse your health, health is the most important in your life.

  • a girl and her piano
    a girl and her piano 3 日 前 +1

    uhhhhh stop using the same hacks you are really lazy!

  • Magical galaxy rabbit
    Magical galaxy rabbit 3 日 前 +1

    04:47 No not natural

  • Michelle Doll
    Michelle Doll 3 日 前 +2

    Instead of glue for the charcoal mask, you can use egg white. It dries the same, pulling out the gunk from your skin. Elmer's-type glue is pretty safe; kids eat it every day (kids are gross). It is made from cow hooves & horns and horse hooves , boiled up and combined with other stuff to make it smooth yet sticky. [Animal proteins can all be used this way; milk, skins, hooves, horns, eggs, etc. Gelatin is made by boiling up hooves and horns, too (including Jello brand). If you don't want to eat it (I don't), read labels. Marshmallows and Yoplait are two surprising places gelatin is found. ]
    As for the pencils on the eyelids- if they are your own pencils, and they are new or have been kept put up away from dirt, etc, they are probably safe if they are labeled non-toxic. The biggest issue I see is if they have sparkles. Many substances used in art supplies to create sparkles are very bad if they get in the eyes, so avoid that. Some of these "hacks" have been around since my grandmothers' time. They called them "beauty tips", and natural products were all they used, as petrochemicals hadn't been developed for use in cosmetics when they were young (early 20th century). With the exception of toxic metals, I think using natural stuff is healthier and will make your skin looks better in the long run. (People used to use lead as part of their face cream. Don't ask.)
    Anyway, thank for the videos. I enjoy the 5-minute Crafts immensely.

  • Freya Norse
    Freya Norse 3 日 前

    I see ppl on here complaining about ur hacks. For one thing, putting cornstarch in ur hair is pretty much a cheaper version of dry shampoo. If u have fibromialgia or u Jus dont have time, u may not b able to get in a shower to fix ur greasy hair. That's y dry shampoo sells so well. This is jus a cheaper version. Ppl have been using baby powder for this for centuries. Also, no colored pencils r not dangerous to put on ur eyes. Ppl don't use lead in pencils anymore. Graphite is 100% safe.

  • Freya Norse
    Freya Norse 3 日 前

    My grandma taught me the lipstick hack. Sometimes lipstick is all u have W u. N it works

  • Freya Norse
    Freya Norse 3 日 前

    What was it that u used W the glue in the face mask. U didn't label it

  • OOF oof
    OOF oof 3 日 前 +1


  • Maria Agnes Quinn
    Maria Agnes Quinn 3 日 前

    Two different coloured eyes!!! Me too!!!

  • Aya
    Aya 3 日 前 +3

    Guys you do know that color pencils are not eye safe right?? Especially color red due to it's manufacturing ingredients?? I'd advise anyone against doing that to your eyes!

  • SilverStar Songs
    SilverStar Songs 3 日 前

    Very helpful. Thank you!

  • pineapple_rainbow
    pineapple_rainbow 3 日 前 +1

    *i love how they say “natural freckles” when in the clip before they literally painted on their freckles with henna*

  • Sthu
    Sthu 4 日 前

    The music in the background is cringing me out, but alr

  • Cumorah
    Cumorah 4 日 前

    DON'T USE STORE-BOUGHT MENDI CONES!! They are made with chemicals that can really hurt you including a hair dye chemical that is actually banned in the U.K. for being hazardous! Look on Instagram; there are so many henna artists all over the world that sell henna hand-made with natural ingredients that still produce a great stain without all the chemicals. Google henna burns or reactions to see what the chemicals do to your skin

  • Benita Mussolini
    Benita Mussolini 4 日 前

    Im NOT going to waste a Heineken.

  • kwibuw
    kwibuw 4 日 前 +5

    Please tell me I´m not the only girl who doesn´t care about those beautythings..

  • Olivia McCallum
    Olivia McCallum 4 日 前

    So if you have braces I wouldn’t recommend doing the teeth one where you put tinfoil on your teeth. It hurts☹️

  • Konrad195
    Konrad195 4 日 前

    1:48 it works? Because I want to try and Im afraid about it

  • MarMar Wolf
    MarMar Wolf 4 日 前

    does anybody else notice that one of the girls has two different color eyes? I think its contacts

  • Bronzed
    Bronzed 4 日 前

    6:40 BRUH

  • SamE
    SamE 4 日 前 +4

    It looked like they said to use (made in China style, looked like) pencil crayons on the rim of your eyes?! Really?? Does that not seem like an extremely dangerous, toxic and likely blinding idea?? How many lawsuits will this generate, I'd love to know? (Maybe their next video will be 10 ways to invite a class action lawsuit upon yourself/your company)!
    ...Looks neat though...

  • Littlewolfgamer 87
    Littlewolfgamer 87 4 日 前

    Cc cccccccc

  • iiRxileyii
    iiRxileyii 4 日 前

    You will see purple
    Lol u thought

  • xoKiarnaHxo TikTok
    xoKiarnaHxo TikTok 4 日 前

    Also why would you put cocoa powder in your hair!? Just wash it

  • xoKiarnaHxo TikTok
    xoKiarnaHxo TikTok 4 日 前

    I hate all of these...

  • Jack H
    Jack H 4 日 前 +1

    yeah.... if any1 thinks about doing that to their skin as in the thumbnail..... please dont.

  • Joey Lozano
    Joey Lozano 4 日 前 +1

    Here a little life hack...if you dont shave your legs before a date youre less likely to not take your clothes off! :) That girl wanted the D...just saying haha

  • Joey Lozano
    Joey Lozano 4 日 前 +4

    Just a tip...its never a good idea to use glue for your face... Even if it's non toxic.

  • anna blue
    anna blue 5 日 前

    Stop putting glue on your face 😭😭😭😭

  • The Comment Master
    The Comment Master 5 日 前 +6

    I ship 5 minute crafts with troom troom..

    Don't ask.

    • Molly Mallow
      Molly Mallow 2 日 前 +1

      The Comment Master 5 minute troom trooms

    SIGNING ASMR GIRL _15 5 日 前 +3

    1:37 or you can be a good person and take care of your teeth

  • Vincent Ngo 1417
    Vincent Ngo 1417 5 日 前


  • GamergirlHayley B
    GamergirlHayley B 5 日 前

    U save my life

  • S Franken
    S Franken 5 日 前

    @1:55. Hilarious 6-pack. I liked the rote-free thinking & it was shown perfectly, the result being surprise, laughter, & appreciation. Thanks. Six-pack caused me to unlist this hack video from my "Avoid" private list & reclassify it as "Humor". I don't characterize it as 1° DIY, but of importance bc it has a creative sight stimulator effect & bonus of laughter as oil. Looses mental rigidity when wanting to fun free-think bc an idea could become a solution w/o knowing needs it might turn out to fit.

  • snowy oak
    snowy oak 5 日 前

    1:20 or just brush your teath its not that hard

  • Classic Desirae
    Classic Desirae 5 日 前

    1:23 - she has two different colored eyes

  • Johnny Moyer's Snake Juice Diet Fasting Challenge

    Fasting works!! My name says it all!! My channel says it all!

  • Ammara Sharif
    Ammara Sharif 5 日 前

    What is non toxic glue?????

  • Justine Carbonneau
    Justine Carbonneau 5 日 前 +5

    7:15 the mixing is sooo fake

  • Chiara Montero
    Chiara Montero 6 日 前

    Ew the high heel one is dumb

  • Arianna C
    Arianna C 6 日 前

    2:25 y’all need to get beat up for creating fake abs

  • Derick
    Derick 6 日 前


  • 맛있는거파헤치기

    nice good video*.*

  • Kay H
    Kay H 6 日 前

    It would be so nice to actually know exactly what is being mixed together... Is it so hard to add a text with the info?

  • TeamWork Music
    TeamWork Music 6 日 前


  • Mr. Watching
    Mr. Watching 6 日 前 +2

    omg... this is the WORST FAKE ever.

  • fitriyah apriliyani

    very good for myspirit

  • simplydes4
    simplydes4 6 日 前 +6

    I cannot believe I sat through that entire video, it was like a trainwreck, I was morbidly intrigued.

  • Sanane Lan
    Sanane Lan 6 日 前

    Oh my gosh what did I just watch there.... At least the 1st chick is hot

  • Denise Bryant
    Denise Bryant 6 日 前

    "This risks the appearance of infection on the brain??" Wth is that supposed to mean???

  • Sherilyn Jane Clinton

    what Is that ...it seems the person has no hair grown but it just hang around

  • F Artemis
    F Artemis 7 日 前

    cosmetics aren't exactly great for the skin if you use too much of it or leave it on your skin for too long. but at least they are made for the skin. using pva glue on your skin may be atemporary fix to removing black heads but good luck with your skin a few years down the road. have you checked if colour pencils are ok to use for such sensitive areas so close to the eyes? besides the potential harm it could do to the skin, what happens if it gets into your eyes?

    PG GURU 7 日 前

    bih face smells like all jimmy's

  • gbfromsea
    gbfromsea 7 日 前

    Does that girl really have two different colored eyes? Looks kinda cool.

  • Sam Nimue
    Sam Nimue 7 日 前

    thank you very much

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  • • ipurplebts •
    • ipurplebts • 7 日 前

    Is it just me, or did 5:46 look like a mans leg? Proof: when she put shaving cream on it, the hair would’ve shown up.

  • janeapatricio jane
    janeapatricio jane 8 日 前


  • janeapatricio jane
    janeapatricio jane 8 日 前 +1

    A moça tem a cor dos olhos diferentes. ...legal, que vio da moinha😍😍😍

  • Kayla Escudero
    Kayla Escudero 8 日 前

    🖕🏼why do I have this emoji sorry

  • Kayla Escudero
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  • Kayla Escudero
    Kayla Escudero 8 日 前


  • S6brapoiss_Tupsu
    S6brapoiss_Tupsu 8 日 前

    28 BEAUTY TRICKS FOR WOMEN* please fix the title

  • Jace Zavala
    Jace Zavala 8 日 前

    Your video camera doesn't count as a spotter

  • Jacque Huggins
    Jacque Huggins 8 日 前

    I’m actually ashamed i just watched this.

  • Chloe Campbell
    Chloe Campbell 8 日 前

    Wait. So does the toothbrush one work?

  • Chelsea J
    Chelsea J 8 日 前 +1

    1.55-2.05 was me

  • A TaeGi shipper UwU

    **sees thumbnail** so I can lose my pimples by simply scraping a toothbrush on them? Okay!!! **hours later** MOM I HAVE A RASH ON MY NOSE 5 MIN-
    Mom- shut your friking mouth up you fail at everything reme-
    K bye

  • Fool Juh
    Fool Juh 9 日 前 +3

    I bit down on a mouth full of aluminum foil and my head exploded.