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  • Musical Theater Lover
    Musical Theater Lover 2 時間 前 +1

    Ryland: “Do you think I’m using you?”
    Shane: “No!”
    Everyone Else: “.....”
    Me: “Welp.. he is!”
    (Just kidding) 😂

  • money bunny
    money bunny 日 前


  • sheikha Haji
    sheikha Haji 2 日 前

    John is part of this damn Sam which is Rebecca so search up Rebecca zamolo andthe JPclips search and you'll find

  • Brooke Nicole
    Brooke Nicole 3 日 前

    I love Garrett

  • Rin Wrld
    Rin Wrld 5 日 前

    When he made the face @ 5:34 😂😂👌

  • katsuhira nctzen
    katsuhira nctzen 5 日 前


  • Gachaplayer3546 Gamora

    Me for James Charles:r

  • Christelle A
    Christelle A 7 日 前

    Its been 2years and i've watched all other youtubers do lie detector test with the same guy but i always go back to this because its THE MOST ENTERTAINING ONE. Idk if its just i rlly love these two or

  • Julianne Rotchford
    Julianne Rotchford 8 日 前

    awwwwwwwwww shane i love him so much

  • Marcia Vickers
    Marcia Vickers 9 日 前

    When Shane smiles, I laugh

  • Aisling Mckenna
    Aisling Mckenna 9 日 前 +1

    Garret is the third wheel in the back seat

  • Lucky Lynx
    Lucky Lynx 9 日 前 +3

    Garret’s mind: I just won’t talk at all and I won’t be involved in this!
    Later: do you wish you were with Garret instead of me
    Garret: shoot

  • Evee Cake :3
    Evee Cake :3 10 日 前 +3

    Like me

  • Vickie Fucarile
    Vickie Fucarile 10 日 前

    Who is that awkward third wheel in the backseat

  • 김조슬린
    김조슬린 11 日 前

    They should do a Part 2!!

  • sophie the alien
    sophie the alien 12 日 前 +1

    Garret is the awkward 3rd wheel in the backseat. edit: he literally said it right after I wrote this comment

  • als
    als 12 日 前

    ‘Kidding PETA’ Aww so cute

  • Destiny Pasterin
    Destiny Pasterin 12 日 前

    Don't hate yourself, Shane, your awesome

  • Simone Roberts
    Simone Roberts 13 日 前

    Poor John

  • peachy sariant
    peachy sariant 13 日 前

    Garret is me when I see ships become canon or you know food ;)

  • Carrie Maring
    Carrie Maring 14 日 前

    I could tell ryland wasn't using shane i don't know why people have to be so jealous they have to start stupid rumors like that and i bet a majority of the people saying it are the people that are single or couples that wish they could be shane and ryland. Shane and Ryland make a great couple they are so cute together #justmyopinion

  • Cora Jones
    Cora Jones 15 日 前

    Shane it's ok to hate your self

  • wolf theories
    wolf theories 15 日 前 +1

    I feel like I relate to Shane

    • wolf theories
      wolf theories 15 日 前

      @Majin Vegeta wow

    • Majin Vegeta
      Majin Vegeta 15 日 前

      wolf theories I’ve been saying that for three hours your the first that replied

    • wolf theories
      wolf theories 15 日 前

      @Majin Vegeta happy Thanksgiving to you to

    • Majin Vegeta
      Majin Vegeta 15 日 前

      wolf theories happy thanksgiving

  • Gayle Kennedy
    Gayle Kennedy 15 日 前


  • Dee Coburn
    Dee Coburn 15 日 前 +9

    Hi: *Asking porn questions*
    John: *Why did I choose this job...*

  • lior the lion
    lior the lion 16 日 前

    Homemade. Homemade strait couple with pride.🤣🤣

  • honeyblues
    honeyblues 16 日 前

    Legit I’m Garrett in the back seat... man I hate being the third wheel LOL

  • Ally Buchanan
    Ally Buchanan 17 日 前

    Shane: i lie about alot of thingds
    Ryland: when we met you said we never lie
    Shane: that was a lie

  • ?¿RØSË ?¿
    ?¿RØSË ?¿ 17 日 前

    Ryland: do you acually hate yourself :shane: no. :guy: says hes lying :me : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Clarity Base
    Clarity Base 18 日 前 +3

    I’m the awkward third wheel in the back seat

  • K :/
    K :/ 18 日 前

    There aren't as accurate as they say they are😂

  • morgan gray
    morgan gray 18 日 前 +1

    I remember watching this video like it was yesterday

  • Madison Callaway
    Madison Callaway 19 日 前

    i LOOOOVE porn

  • foxy_gamergod_david davidthepepe

    so i think they make a cute couple but i dont trust ryland that much but i do alot i just have a sence

  • Emily Smith
    Emily Smith 20 日 前 +8

    John is actual goals
    1 like = 1 heart for john

  • NakedAndLaughing
    NakedAndLaughing 21 日 前

    Shane really has a nasty potty mouth...

  • Sirius Black
    Sirius Black 21 日 前 +2

    5:58, all three of there faces crack me up, especially Gerrets 😂

    EDIT: Garrett not Gerret 😂

  • cutie rena
    cutie rena 21 日 前

    Shane *licks Ryland’s hand*
    Ryland after camera turns off * Bathes in hand sanitizer*

  • Satxrn
    Satxrn 22 日 前 +12

    "I'm just trying to ignore this pu$$y talk.." -john 2017

  • BulawGirls Bulaw
    BulawGirls Bulaw 23 日 前

    6:08 its me and you and you and me and us, and your friend steve do do do do do do steve.

  • Laya Richardson
    Laya Richardson 23 日 前

    Shane’s face when the lie detector said Shane hated himself

  • marielle plays gacha
    marielle plays gacha 23 日 前 +1

    I was just about to comment " Garrett is the third wheel" (sorry for maybe spelling it wrong)

  • Sarai Rogers
    Sarai Rogers 23 日 前


  • the gaming dime
    the gaming dime 24 日 前

    Ryland still sucks! N im not talking about dicks either

  • 109egg839
    109egg839 24 日 前 +1

    John is like..nah

  • Couch Potato
    Couch Potato 24 日 前

    I'm hooked up to a corpse

  • Weaponized Pinata
    Weaponized Pinata 25 日 前

    okay shanes usually funny, but in this one he is like super, super funny in this one hahaha

  • Jayden Morales
    Jayden Morales 25 日 前

    How do men have kids

  • Teddy bear
    Teddy bear 26 日 前 +1

    Shane should have said, “but you are my food”

  • joonie moonchild
    joonie moonchild 26 日 前

    John...We feel you😂😂😂

  • Hollye Teague
    Hollye Teague 27 日 前

    ME!!!! i'm the third weal

  • SmolDisneyPotato UwU

    Poor poor Jhon

  • Ross
    Ross 27 日 前

    homemade straight couple who cry

  • Mia y Uriel y Diego Hernandez

    OMG Shane wants to have kids with him ekkkkkk!!!! 🤩

  • Mark Shadows
    Mark Shadows ヶ月 前

    I totally want to be garrets breakfast burrito

  • Sam Stark
    Sam Stark ヶ月 前 +1

    6:08 I'm 2 years late but I will say it. I'm literally Garrett on the backseat hahahaha

  • Bianey Boo
    Bianey Boo ヶ月 前

    “I am constantly thirsty.”
    “ •V • “

  • K
    K ヶ月 前

    How does he not see he’s fucking using him aaaghhh

  • K
    K ヶ月 前

    He is kinda sexy

  • Lyndsey N
    Lyndsey N ヶ月 前

    you sure have a problem with Garrett always around. lol