Child piano prodigy plays Carnegie Hall

  • に公開 2019/04/02
  • A six-year-old Chinese-American boy is being called a piano prodigy, after beating out thousands of applicants from around the world in a prestigious musical competition this year. Winning the prize got him to New York's famed Carnegie Hall where he was among the youngest to perform. CGTN's Karina Huber reports.

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  • Linda Cianchetti
    Linda Cianchetti 9 時間 前

    Music brings him happiness and wants to bring us happiness.

  • yw6ad
    yw6ad 15 時間 前

    for beginner, learn from here: @t

  • yw6ad
    yw6ad 15 時間 前

    for beginner, learn from here: @t

  • Classi Karl
    Classi Karl 日 前

    and i remember kousei :3

  • Peter Fitzgerald

    Child abuse at it's finest

    • Linda Cianchetti
      Linda Cianchetti 9 時間 前

      Peter Fitzgerald he loves it. Can't you see that?

  • Catherine Hazur
    Catherine Hazur 3 日 前

    Parents facilitating a child's talents and interests, when combined, an unbeatable combination. Seems like a happy child, Mom and Dad doing good. Incredible Mozart performance, that good at only 6 years old....!! Bravo!!

  • Albert Moore
    Albert Moore 4 日 前 +4

    "Hey, buddy, how do I get to Carnegie Hall?"
    "Practice, practice practice."

  • Mario Arias
    Mario Arias 4 日 前 +1

    How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice!! 😉

  • Chicago Dan
    Chicago Dan 5 日 前

    I don’t mean to troll but it looks like he’s not keeping time. He’s playing too fast.

  • Tina S
    Tina S 5 日 前

    he should try composing . He might be a good composer. I would like to listen to modern piano music by talented children.

  • Patricia Crosson
    Patricia Crosson 5 日 前


  • ya gitu deh
    ya gitu deh 6 日 前

    Not suprised bcoz he is asiannn 😁😁😁

  • EnzyPenumbra
    EnzyPenumbra 6 日 前 +1

    I disliked cause he likes mozart. This is coming from a Beethoven fan

  • Ross Stern
    Ross Stern 7 日 前

    when i grow up i wanna be a child prodigy

  • Deborah Bahena
    Deborah Bahena 7 日 前

    Wow!! What a sweet little guy.

  • Jimmy Bufferz
    Jimmy Bufferz 7 日 前

    i hope they encourage him the right way, its hard to tell with asians. (i am asian)

  • Marleise Rashford
    Marleise Rashford 8 日 前

    Wow. Super amazing. Continued success my dear little lad.

  • AnnemieM
    AnnemieM 8 日 前

    Lying misleading thumbnail is that really necessary?

  • Cammy Feng
    Cammy Feng 8 日 前

    I could play that at six though....

  • Tongbai Mason Gilmore

    William is a gifted child. Very happy boy and love life and want to share his. Happiness with others .what a proud moment to watch.a 6 yrs old perform and well self confident.

  • onlythewise1
    onlythewise1 9 日 前

    and he could throw a baseball three inches

  • Galactic Geese
    Galactic Geese 9 日 前

    When I was 22 I could lift weights and use a computer.

  • Ghostface267 Plays
    Ghostface267 Plays 9 日 前

    His favourite composers... They are only the popular composers.

  • Leo Starts to Film
    Leo Starts to Film 9 日 前

    Wow, this guy plays like Lang lang

  • the cold sunday
    the cold sunday 9 日 前

    I refuse to believe this is real

  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    Im better...

  • BEV
    BEV 10 日 前

    The kid practices 3 hours a day...he has no childhood.

    • Ariella Frühling
      Ariella Frühling 8 日 前

      I disagree with you. He looks loke a very happy child. 3 hours a day is what many kids spend watching tv or playing sports or whatever else. This boy is clearly so happy after completing a song. It's super inspiring to see!

  • Jamie K.
    Jamie K. 10 日 前

    Wow!!!! Such talent in a young child! He is awesome. Cute as a button too!!

  • utbbabe
    utbbabe 10 日 前

    and parents here in America hand their kids iPhones to keep them occupied while they are on their iPhones .and then the kids are anti social and angry and grow up to join antifa.

  • madyjules
    madyjules 10 日 前

    William is ADORABLE!!!!!
    May God bless him and his parents 😊

    PHOENIX 11 日 前

    i thought i was cool when i learnt fur elise at 7 or 8 smh

  • Tesla Trev
    Tesla Trev 11 日 前

    fantastic .... why did CGTN talk over this talented child...

  • Carel May
    Carel May 11 日 前

    When I was six... I don't remember what kind of a six year old I was. Lol who even remembers?

  • Goldenblakcon
    Goldenblakcon 12 日 前

    20k piano for a child

  • zouzousable
    zouzousable 12 日 前

    Quand j'avais 6 ans, je m'ai tué, pour ne pas jouer au piano 8hoo/jour!
    J"ai plus de 60 ans, et sans aucun regret d'avoir eu ce geste envers moi-même!

  • S Light
    S Light 13 日 前

    Past life skills remembered

  • Puttentane Same
    Puttentane Same 14 日 前 +1

    Sure…but what do his mud pies look like ? ? ?

  • DC0014
    DC0014 14 日 前

    but can he play Wonderwall?

  • Penny Private
    Penny Private 16 日 前 +2

    He is adorable. He is amazing!

  • Ai Dudu
    Ai Dudu 16 日 前

    What Chinese most need.....creativity;
    What Chinese most unnecessary need......skill for killing creativity.

  • Molly
    Molly 17 日 前

    He's adorable! If he's this good at 6 how good will he be at 40? How much better can you get?

  • Leni Santos
    Leni Santos 17 日 前

    Very good !

  • vandrossfan
    vandrossfan 17 日 前

    When i was 6, I was on 40 a day and down the pub till 11, this kid is a gifted genius.

  • Peter Stock
    Peter Stock 19 日 前

    Inane commentary takes precedence over this brilliant child's presentation. Wonderful music spoiled by crass reportage!

  • Daniel Kleinmeier
    Daniel Kleinmeier 19 日 前

    Must b the rice...

  • Craig Pennington
    Craig Pennington 19 日 前

    That is amazing. Mom & Dad believed in their kid and did not let fear rule out what is now something so precious and priceless. That little guy is unbelievably talented. God has blessed your family.

  • Bombilino trinidad
    Bombilino trinidad 20 日 前

    ce sont de vrais diablotins.

  • frere jacques
    frere jacques 21 日 前

    Sure, he plays piano real nice... but I play Left 4 Dead 2 pretty good sometimes!

  • TrashMutt Reviews
    TrashMutt Reviews 21 日 前

    Can't even run Crisis...

  • Makai Mauka
    Makai Mauka 21 日 前


  • TheReviewSpace
    TheReviewSpace 21 日 前

    A baby is playing at the hall...WOW that thumbnail lol.

  • Julie Parrish
    Julie Parrish 21 日 前

    Wow... This is a gift from God!

  • kick
    kick 21 日 前 +1

    That wasn’t a $20k piano lol

  • binthrdonthat
    binthrdonthat 22 日 前

    He is so fricken cute

  • Muskoka Mike
    Muskoka Mike 22 日 前

    Normally you say "parents driving their kids too hard" but the smile he gets when he plays, no, not this time.......he literally loves what he does.......

  • Evelyse Giusti
    Evelyse Giusti 22 日 前

    No I'm guessing they forced him to practice for hours or they would beat him. No child has that long of an attention span, poor child.

  • bengaljam
    bengaljam 22 日 前

    You doctor yet? Don't talk to me until you are Doctor!!!

  • Rhett Krovitz
    Rhett Krovitz 23 日 前 +1

    What if the kid was like, “I like soccer more than piano. Sorry mom”

  • Cfan67
    Cfan67 23 日 前

    Incredible. Hes soooooo cute.
    Kam from Class of 3000, is that you?

  • Love Hope
    Love Hope 23 日 前

    If he is that good after one to two years of lessons he is gifted and gifted people are good at ANYTHING they take on so please let him do what makes him happy. The choices are endless. Today is piano tomorrow it could be curing diseases. God please him and his family.