Game Theory: The Kindergarten Family Secret (Kindergarten 2)

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    I have SO much fun with Kindergarten and, since playing Kindergarten 2, I've wanted to do another theory on it. Today Theorists, we are diving into to one of the biggest unsolved secrets of this game - a FAMILY secret! Does our dear friend the Janitor have a secret child? One that may even be a part of our class? Pencils down, Theorists! I've got your answer!
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    Writers: Stephanie Patrick
    Editors: Tyler Mascola, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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    In the ending of kindergarten 2 the three kidnapped kids were killed as monsters but once they got covered in the goo they came back to life, so when the principal turned into a monster, and she died then got covered in the goo. Is the principal still alive?

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    Can you do fortnite chapter 2 explaining the ending for chapter 1 I still don't understand it

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    The baby looks like a USB

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    What if buggs has a buzz cut, not just gray hair, and also I guess it could be his mother, but the janitor left his baby when shortly Alfred he was born(I think), but how would he know his fathers habits when he wasn’t around.

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    Bob from kindergarten reminds me of bob from stranger things

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    is it just me or is bob in the game is bob from stranger things???

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    >Bugs has gray hair
    That's called a buzzcut, you blind idiot. That's why it also doesn't have any shape, and the outline on his sprite around his hairline is the same color as the rest of his head, and nobody else's sprite does that.

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    Buggs: My Dad will come back! He just went to the store to get some cigarettes is all!
    Janitor: Some ciggies? Heh... haven't had one of these since I was your age.
    So Buggs is really in his 70s?! Theory makes perfect sense.

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    Wait, Bugg smokes.

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    I agree but why couldn’t it be nugget or the player

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    Fortnite season 11 theory

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    Matpat : what do you mean I love Joker too much? This is just another regular video... nothing remotely reminding ANYONE of Joker... ah ah.
    Silly web user.

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    So are we just going to ignore that the janitor was speaking in the present tense about his child? He says, "It's dirty, and ugly, and I'm GIVING it away to a random person.".

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    The janitor is basically purple guy when he was a father . Nugget is golden Freddy.

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    Sure, a man in his 80s has a kid who’s kindergarten age. That doesn’t seem weird at all

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    His hair isn't grey. He just has a shaved head and when the hairs regrow a little it gets that shade of grey. Feel disappointed that you missed that.

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    This theory suggests that a 75 to early 80s guy had a child, but I still believe it 😂

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