Why China is building islands in the South China Sea

  • に公開 2017/02/17
  • China claims they aren't military bases, but their actions say otherwise.
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    China is building islands in the South China sea and its causing disputes among the other nations in the region; Malaysia, the Philippines, Brunei, Vietnam, and Indonesia. The US has many allies in the region and uses its massive Navy to patrol international waters, keeping shipping lanes open for trade
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  • tb1234621
    tb1234621 2 時間 前

    Trust me the USA is not worried about china or at that any country. Will leave it at that. So china you got issues with us... let's get it started will see who wins...dont talk about it china be about it.

  • Piet Lanser
    Piet Lanser 6 時間 前

    China ideologue is sneaky communist business ,evil to the mack.

  • joejoejoejoejoejoej
    joejoejoejoejoejoej 8 時間 前

    Very informative
    Thank you 😊 🙏🏻

  • _ Leslie
    _ Leslie 11 時間 前

    1. In the South China Sea arbitration case, the judges who are invited are all their own. It is equivalent to playing football and being a referee. Is this a fair decision?
    2. The Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague does not have impartiality.
    3. There are dozens of cases in the arbitration of the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague. What is the implementation rate? The answer is: 0.

  • _ Leslie
    _ Leslie 11 時間 前

    The Philippines, Vietnam, and Malaysia have built many islands before China. Where was the condemnation? I know that some people say that they are just for medical treatment, fishing, etc., fart, so why put the warships on hold?
    China later learned that they built the island, then condemned it, and the right to speak was always in the West.

  • _ Leslie
    _ Leslie 11 時間 前

    I understand you (but disagree) about the people of the ASEAN countries. After all, no country will reject territory and oil;
    For people in non-ASEAN countries, you either don’t understand what happened, or some people just take the opportunity to find Chinese troubles ethically, boring.

  • _ Leslie
    _ Leslie 11 時間 前

    There are usually two ways to resolve territorial disputes:
    First: If the boundaries are divided according to history, the Chinese Qin Dynasty began to manage the seas and islands near Hainan, and found the Xisha Islands in the Eastern Han Dynasty and incorporated into the territory. The Three Kingdoms, the Sui Dynasty, the Song Dynasty, the Yuan Dynasty, the Ming and Qing Dynasties, each dynasty Constantly discovering new islands and carrying out jurisdictions, these have documents and cultural relics records, and some have established monuments on the islands to declare sovereignty. As early as the international discussion on the division of sea areas, China has long declared the sovereignty of the South China Sea Islands and Jurisdiction, China also signed a series of agreements with ASEAN on the South China Sea issue in the 20th century. ASEAN also agreed to the nine-segment line division (because the oil and other resources were discovered later, ASEAN destroyed the contract), so the South China Sea is China.
    Second: If you divide the boundaries by force, um...

    • _ Leslie
      _ Leslie 11 時間 前

      I understand you (but disagree) about the people of the ASEAN countries. After all, no country will reject territory and oil;
      For people in non-ASEAN countries, you either don’t understand what happened, or some people just take the opportunity to find Chinese troubles ethically, boring.

  • Juana Seok
    Juana Seok 12 時間 前

    It's okay. Global warming is coming. Everything will be flooded once again.
    People, before we all fight for SEA, we should SEE the real world-threatening problems and deal with it.

  • Wang Bo
    Wang Bo 14 時間 前

    basically, it's called Go.
    Besides, 9 dash lines (or 11) was claimed by Republic of China during WW2, and at that time, US and China were allies.

    • _ Leslie
      _ Leslie 11 時間 前

      In the face of oil, promise is bullshit

  • Tran Khoikhoi
    Tran Khoikhoi 日 前

    This sea is international line , Việt nam call the East Sea , face and most of Việt nam have been stand up in history 1600 including eating, sleeping, breadth , home , ... China of kings did not make this . When 1974 China robbed a little.. Growing

  • LumberTycoon
    LumberTycoon 日 前

    Philippines got that area yeeears ago like the year the Spaniards captured it

  • JImmy Yang
    JImmy Yang 日 前

    There’s no right or wrong. Biggest arm wins. UK- Falkland Islands, US-America Samoa, Hawaii and Midway. It’s not about how close they are to the islands.


    Wanna build a base in moon...give China the entire world!!...never satisfied..always claiming territories that are not theirs..

  • Cao Zhan
    Cao Zhan 日 前

    Lol. With all Asian countries upgrading their naval defense, US military presence should be banned there.

  • Louis Schenkeir
    Louis Schenkeir 日 前

    Why doesn't China just buy it? You know they can afford it, they got all our money.

  • jazffer clasen
    jazffer clasen 日 前

    President du30 will never make war with china.. Its a massacre!
    Making friends with china is the best thing to do...😅😅😅

    • _ Leslie
      _ Leslie 11 時間 前

      President du30 is a smart person. He tried to improve relations with China and set aside territorial issues. Therefore, the Philippines has obtained a lot of Chinese investment and orders.

  • allan fike
    allan fike 日 前

    What about the pollution and damage to the eco-systems around these reefs? Any of the China lovers mention that ?

  • 林哲豪
    林哲豪 日 前

    Informative video, thx. And there is one thing to clarify that Taiwan, the small island on the west-south of China, is an independant sovrign to Mainland China.

  • fragrantlilys X
    fragrantlilys X 日 前

    Malcolm Fraser agreed with #SamDastyari on #SouthChinaSea
    In 2016 an Australian Labor Party Senator gave a speech shamelessly sucking up to the strategic interests of a foreign country, which went against Australia’s clear national interests. It wasn’t Sam Dastyari.
    The Senator was Stephen CONROY, whose 16 June speech to the National Press Club slammed China’s claims in the South China Sea and threatened that, if elected, a Labor government would take the USA’s lead and conduct provocative naval exercises in that region. In case there was any doubt that Conroy was shamelessly genuflecting to the Obama administration, he repeated his belligerent threats the following month in Washington, while attending the Australian-American Leadership Dialogue.
    The day after Conroy addressed the National Press Club, fellow ALP Senator Sam Dastyari told Chinese language media at Parliament House that “The Chinese integrity of its borders is a matter for China.”
    Reportedly, Dastyari made the remarks to salvage a $400,000 donation to the ALP. While it is clearly wrong to make policies in exchange for money, don’t kid yourself: both major parties do it all the time. They are whores to large financial donors, and cheap ones at that. (Conroy would say he wasn’t speaking on that issue in exchange for money, but he’s since leveraged his political contacts into a job as chief Australian lobbyist for the world’s biggest on-line gaming companies.)
    The important question is: which Senator spoke for Australia’s national interest?

  • fragrantlilys X
    fragrantlilys X 日 前

    China does NOT want you to SEE ... Those that have eyes and ears, hear what the Holy Spirit says.
    Robots Take Over Luggage Duties at Sheraton Los Angeles San Gabriel [Aethon TUG] jpclips.net/video/bsXRfZPo3Mw/ビデオ.html

  • fragrantlilys X
    fragrantlilys X 日 前

    The Rise of Nihilism & destruction through greed
    "In politics nihilism manifested as Marxism, communism, socialism and produced the LABOUR parties in Europe and the commonwealth and DEMOCRATS in America. In fact AMERICA since 1933 has become a CENTRAL HIVE for a FANATICAL new breed of nihilists, ZEALOT nihilists that will stop at nothing to MAINTAIN POWER for its own sake AT ALL COSTS.
    In religion through the writings of Friedrich Nietzsche and the self-serving and ARROGANT confidence of the “INTELLIGENTSIA” within the universities and institutes all founded on the concept of the death of God, we see the RISE of Science as a pseudo-religion (STEM). In culture nihilism produced the post-Modernist movement whereby DISCIPLINES, RIGOR, HISTORY and TRADITIONS were swept aside for perspective, deconstruction, reinterpretation and wholesale editing and plagiarism.
    In economics nihilism led to consumerism, mass marketing, COLLECTIVE conformity and now the terminal welfare state." UCADIA blog #pactumDeSingularisCaelum

  • Youtuber MC
    Youtuber MC 日 前 +2

    China draws line in water

  • Jonathan James
    Jonathan James 2 日 前

    Because of global warming won't these islands be underwater in the future ? Or do the Chinese know something that Al Gore doesn't ...

  • John Harbin
    John Harbin 2 日 前

    They are building islands because they are greedy little bastards and want to rule the world just like Germany, Japan, Russia and all Muslim religion countries.

  • Anouvath Luanglath
    Anouvath Luanglath 2 日 前


  • cambozip
    cambozip 2 日 前

    give it back to god, and we should not exist in this world because some crazy people don't see its own faults and blaming
    others. unscrupulous nations expanded their boundary by their guns. Good on you!! One day god will take it back and
    send them back to where they came from.

  • brian houle
    brian houle 2 日 前

    China is doing this for importation and exportation of thier goods and services to other countries . They don't need the U.S. anymore and will beat Trump at his own game !! Watch it's coming ....

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt 2 日 前

    Just like Japan in WW2 They are getting ready for war. Why else would you build military bases. If not they would build fisheries or lighthouses claiming China seas.

    • _ Leslie
      _ Leslie 11 時間 前

      China needs weapons to protect territories and seas, as well as fishermen. Before that, people were always thrown into the field.

  • Bow Lampar
    Bow Lampar 2 日 前 +1

    For logistical reason while its navy trying to militarized South China Sea harassing neighboring small countries.

  • johai9
    johai9 2 日 前

    when USA hear the word oil, they are instantly involved

  • kumropotashify
    kumropotashify 2 日 前

    China, or more precisely Communist Party of China's mindset towards the rest of the world is almost exclusively shaped by the Opium Wars and their aftermath. They view the entire Western world through the prism of early 20th century imperialism. Everything and anything that European or "white" people did a century ago has to be avenged in totality. "Reconciliation" is a word that simply does not exist in a Chinese dictionary.

    • _ Leslie
      _ Leslie 11 時間 前

      nope,China does not need to retaliate against anyone, they are only defending their territory.

  • Andi Dwi Prasetyo
    Andi Dwi Prasetyo 2 日 前

    I am Indonesian.
    I don't understand why this wide country such as China keep wants a land? How can it claim a teritory coz their ancestor ever get it? OMG
    This China is growing so arrogantly. ASEAN should stop using made in China products.

  • Gray Marine
    Gray Marine 2 日 前

    lmao duterte wat u doin

  • kharkhov
    kharkhov 2 日 前

    China wants a defended pathway to Australia to take it's food and mineral resources. China is no friend of any other country.

  • RAFAEL Yasmany
    RAFAEL Yasmany 3 日 前

    So just bring the third ww

    • _ Leslie
      _ Leslie 11 時間 前

      China hates war, but it is not afraid of war. China is only defending its territory. It is always violated.

  • RAFAEL Yasmany
    RAFAEL Yasmany 3 日 前

    At least they have a litle of respect to Mexico

  • Alex piterson
    Alex piterson 3 日 前

    the West is basically American Slaves. they think what America want them to think, to read, to watch, to know.

  • Dok No See
    Dok No See 3 日 前

    when the leader of China was defeated by the communist they fled to an island (Taiwan). Now they need another for the ruling leader to flee to, it's a cycle. Humans are stubborn and seems to not learn from mistakes 'no.

  • Bruce Ross
    Bruce Ross 3 日 前

    this is about oil ... nothing else .. China are going to grab it all ..no share for the five nations . Duerteze said " it was going to be a massacre.."

  • Hallands Menved
    Hallands Menved 3 日 前

    Let's see now, could it be China is looking to expand its nautical borders, hmm? More fish, more oil, more naval bases? Nah, China wouldn't do that, they're so respectful to international conventions of all sorts. No, they're probably just sandboxing to keep employment rates high? Puzzling, right? Enigmatic, even! Let speculate for hours on end about this conundrum, shall we?

  • Haris
    Haris 3 日 前

    Indonesia, Brunei, Philippines and Malaysia should make a union and defend it. Although, oil will become less and less relevant in the coming years

  • Slavik Alexandrovna

    But what the hack USA is doing miles and miles from their land, they just put their nose everywhere where’s included oil, gas and war

  • 陈社民
    陈社民 3 日 前


  • Ted Grenolds
    Ted Grenolds 3 日 前

    Long before the British imperialists named it the China sea, it was called the Champa Sea or Sea of Champa, after the ancient civilization of mariners in what is today South Vietnam. Please see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Champa. There was an ancient city state called Vijaya in the kingdom of Champa. Champa dominated the sea between Vietnam, Borneo and the Philippines (indeed, what is today called the China Sea), so much so that the middle islands of the Philippines called the Visaya islands, come from the Champa word Vijaya. Oxford University books on Asian and Southeast Asian history furthermore state that China was pre-occupied with the Silk Road and not the waters to the south.

  • RKA
    RKA 3 日 前 +1

    AMERICANS ARE CHINESE! SEE the treatment of Tibetans by the Chinese government and Natives by the US government!! BROTHERHOOD!! Isn't IT??

  • RKA
    RKA 3 日 前 +2

    As a human being, I applaud that millions of Chinese were lifted out of poverty! BUT XI Is About to ROLL BACK That Progress!! IF He Was SMART, he would have made Win Win Deals With All Neighboring States without Any need To Build Islands & militarize them!!

  • Polly
    Polly 3 日 前

    China is richer than USA that's why they are building a lot of infrastructures. All America can do is complain. Idiots.

  • Bingku Xyavong
    Bingku Xyavong 4 日 前

    People just need to stop being so hypocritically bias. Vietnam and Philippine been claiming island and even built island over in the South China Sea way! Before China did and then you have the U.S screaming and accusing of China of doing the same thing as its neighbors! And the U.S is ignoring the claims of Philippine and Vietnam, but not China!

  • 櫻井ピーター
    櫻井ピーター 4 日 前

    Japan used to be the world`s 2nd largest economic power after the U.S. All consumer electric/electronics products and home appliances used in the U.S. were made in Japan...symbol of high quality and durability. When the American consumers chose to buy the Chinese products...symbol of low price but low quality, China became the stronger manufacturing society than Japan, and became the world`s 2nd largest economic power pushing Japan down to the 3rd. During Obama administration, China believed Obama was stupid and was confident it could surpass the U.S. by 2025. Now, China`s strong ambition is to conquer the world and has taken military aggression. China has more military satellites in the space than the U.S. While Obama did not do anything about the defense of the U.S., the U.S. is completely exposed to the threat of China. That`s why President Trump is advocating "Space Force". The only way to stop the Chinese aggression is that the U.S. and Japan should unite more closely and most importantly, Japan should be allowed to develop the nuclear weapons. Many U.S. and Japanese scientists say Japan can produce the nuclear weapon within a week. There are nuclear power stations throughout Japan now. Japan is ready to help the U.S.

  • DJ Tan
    DJ Tan 4 日 前

    Look Whiteys, don't get involved in an Asia thing. Be happy with your disproportionately large spoils of plunder and conquest from a time long ago when there wasn't such a thing as International Law, ffs.

  • DarkK ToucH
    DarkK ToucH 4 日 前

    So China can't do what the US is doing?

  • 景熠
    景熠 4 日 前

    越南和菲律宾建的岛远比中国建的多!这才是事实! 然而西方媒体,政府对此视而不见

  • 向我開炮
    向我開炮 4 日 前

    The sovereignty of the south China sea in China not only now, but long before there is a boundary drawn, even if China says the south China sea is China's, but it said the story to develop at the same time, we hope that the peaceful coexistence and its neighboring countries, and puts forward the negotiation mechanism, I only hope that don't riding by the hegemony countries like the United States, and this is our the disputed region of China and southeast Asian countries, the United States didn't have anything to do with you, a rogue state always trouble creating confusion everywhere, really shameless.

  • Iwarri Smith
    Iwarri Smith 4 日 前

    strategic move by china ate all that land up after japan loss, cant do nothing really now they have nukes unless we hit them with an EMP or sumn

  • hai!!! Karate!!
    hai!!! Karate!! 4 日 前

    Its west ph sea not south china sea

  • hai!!! Karate!!
    hai!!! Karate!! 4 日 前

    Scarborough shoal is not china's territories. Scarborough shoal is philippines territory but chinese built man made islands.
    Filipino here.

  • Khoi Le
    Khoi Le 4 日 前 +1

    Stupid china

  • Adam Apple
    Adam Apple 5 日 前

    wow, China is greedy.

  • Imtitemsu Imsong
    Imtitemsu Imsong 5 日 前

    Some one should stop this greedy Chinese before the world war 3 occurs

  • Jiayuan Chen
    Jiayuan Chen 5 日 前 +1

    To keep out the damn Americans and Vietnam from using our claimed area of the sea

  • deidara dead
    deidara dead 5 日 前

    I wish to strike south China sea a big tsunami, to bring back territory of mother earth

  • Arturo_2600
    Arturo_2600 5 日 前

    I'm guessing those 10% of fisheries are gone now that they killed off all of those reefs?

  • Robert Artemyak
    Robert Artemyak 5 日 前

    The US Should Do Something

  • Georgi Geogiev
    Georgi Geogiev 5 日 前

    Why China is building islands in the South China Sea?
    Easy answer: Because you have North Korea near by.

  • 黃振達
    黃振達 6 日 前 +1

    1.Most of the islands belongs to China until the Japanese took them during ww2.
    2.Then the Philippines & the Vietnamese took them during the Chinese civil war.

  • Xingchen Wang
    Xingchen Wang 6 日 前 +1

    Q: Why China is building islands in the South China Sea?
    A: To keep noisy American wanna be peace keepers away from Chinese shore line

  • Max Nuccio
    Max Nuccio 6 日 前

    Good reporting! I will say I think it is VERY Important to remember that we are talking about China’s Government and Military taking these actions. When we say China is doing this and China is doing that we tend to demonize the whole population. Now surely some people in China are in support of these actions, but also as surely not Everyone is supportive, and then there may be a percent which is going to feel out of Patriotism or due to Programming from Propaganda that this is right for the Chinese Government to do these things and that it’s should be wholly supportive. (Important note: Every Country’s Government and Media feeds it it’s own form of Propaganda, this is not a personal attack on China’s) Also Important, Too many innocent people get caught in the crossfire when the Powers that be take actions that are Unwise. It is of course the duty of other Nations to support the smaller States when wrong is being done. Remember Ethiopia and the Unjust actions taken by the Italian Military. Do not forget the Words of His Imperial Majesty “It is us today. It will be you tomorrow.” The attack on Ethiopia and Haile Selassie’s call for support from the League of Nations (now UN) and their lack of support (England and Europe Govening bodies in particular) preceded their own suffering by Hitler’s Bombings. We need to quickly take appropriate actions of a Righteous nature and prevent the growth of a similar problem. We MUST Learn from History!

    XXX LAOQING 6 日 前

    There is a reason that area´s name is "SOUTH CHINA SEA!!!"

  • HighNoon
    HighNoon 6 日 前

    I wonder if China knows this scripture....
    Matthew 7:24-27 KJV
    [24] Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock: [25] And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock. [26] And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand: [27] And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it.

  • anakin924
    anakin924 6 日 前

    number 1 sa pambubully sa aming mga pinoy!!darating din ang karma sa inyo!!!

  • Jefrey Esmiro
    Jefrey Esmiro 6 日 前

    MANILA, Philippines - Two years after the Philippines won against China at The Hague, President Rodrigo Duterte refuses to wield this historic ruling, leaving superpowers to enforce it through naval activities while ordinary Filipinos keep the fire burning.
    It came to a point that the US, Australia, and Japan had to issue a statement reminding the Philippines to abide by the very ruling it won. "Imagine the pain of having to read that kind of a statement," former solicitor general Florin Hilbay recounted.
    For Acting Chief Justice Antonio Carpio, the Duterte administration's reluctance to enforce the Hague ruling is "inexplicable." He also questioned how the Philippines "incomprehensibly decided to befriend at all costs the very state that is grabbing" its waters.
    This is the backdrop against which the Philippines on July 12, marks the second anniversary of the Hague ruling that invalidated China's expansive claim over the South China Sea.
    Part of these waters - called the West Philippine Sea - belongs to the Philippines, but Foreign Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano insists that the West Philippine Sea remains disputed.
    The Duterte administration refuses to enforce the ruling in exchange for economic benefits from Beijing, even as the Chinese continue to take the catch of Filipino fishermen, destroy corals and giant clams, and claim to allow Filipinos to fish "out of goodwill."
    "The President has refused to take immediate steps to enforce an award that, by any conceivable yardstick, is immensely in the national interest of the Philippines," Carpio said

  • Jefrey Esmiro
    Jefrey Esmiro 6 日 前

    West Philippine Sea belong to The Philippines.

    BRITK11AN A R A K L 6 日 前 +1

    There was no Israel, then a whole load Europeans moved to Palestine, Diego garcia? Bigot is the word

  • Albertus Chambugong
    Albertus Chambugong 6 日 前 +2

    What r u 🇺🇸 Americans jealous 🙄😂✌️👍

  • Insert Name
    Insert Name 6 日 前 +1

    China needs freedom now.
    _-United States_

  • DeepCupsChan119
    DeepCupsChan119 6 日 前

    Their gonna get typhoon in South China Sea every year

  • Raphael Insigne
    Raphael Insigne 6 日 前

    *West Philippine Sea

  • True Indian Patriot TIP

    China has every right to defend its own borders. Why is the West getting salty over this?

  • pagar besi
    pagar besi 6 日 前 +1

    go away USA , u are only adding tensions in our backyard, yr presence is not wanted as yr policy no longer in line with our interest/sorveignity.
    Oh, before you shout at some country not following the Intnl law, in this case UNCLOS, u shud make sure U are a signatory n rectified country of the law too!!.

  • Tree Climber
    Tree Climber 7 日 前

    I'd like to see the Chinese try to build a military base on KONG ISLAND...

  • Steve Olivera
    Steve Olivera 7 日 前

    China contributes alot of pollution and now they were creating artificial lands and destroying marine biodiversity,. China is the real cancer to earth and we should stop them.

  • Rafael Camilo
    Rafael Camilo 7 日 前 +2

    Big fish will swallow small fish any discussion will be unheard.

  • Howard 666
    Howard 666 7 日 前 +1

    America sure likes to get involved in other countries business.

  • Hae Kim
    Hae Kim 7 日 前

    Have to dig the sands to change the flows of sea water to move on...

    ADOLF HITLER 7 日 前

    Because they plan an ATTACK in philliphines what is the point for building air base and naval port surley they planned to atack Philippines
    Ima kid and I'ma 11yrs old grade 5 in philliphines I'ma
    Strategic man in war
    I almost know German tactics

      ADOLF HITLER 3 日 前

      They won't protect us

      ADOLF HITLER 3 日 前

      So CHINA supplying us an MADE IN CHINA fake things like phone and all

    • DJ Tan
      DJ Tan 4 日 前

      ADOLF HITLER; Look kid. We absolutely don't plan to invade yr shithole country. But we're trying to save u guys from moronic American culture.

  • junlie manulat
    junlie manulat 8 日 前

    China is the the most greed country in the world as like it's citizens who support this actions of there corrupt goverment

  • bb89670
    bb89670 8 日 前

    China were never seafarers. They didn't claim it until recently. They found out about the oil and resources in recent years only, decided to claim it's their territories, sovereignty after building fake islands.

    SOLEMAN81 8 日 前

    The South China sea mermaids are going to start making Native title claims get ready.

  • Salnsd
    Salnsd 8 日 前

    The bottom line is that the USA wants to get their hands on some of that oil and natural gas, The USA couldn't give two shits about the Philippines etc , THEY WANT THE DAMN OIL

  • aaron yin
    aaron yin 8 日 前

    how do US know so much about everything?

  • Pex Man
    Pex Man 8 日 前

    I can see now We Filipinos buying new Military Hardwares from other countries little by little..We dont have any chances against Chinese Military BUT we cannot be defeated easily...Not only us but other countries will joining us ...

  • Full Videos HD
    Full Videos HD 8 日 前

    Anyone reading the comments hate China ?
    Reply and like if you hate China.

  • YC D
    YC D 8 日 前

    What can the American people get, in addition to hatred, what seems to be war?

  • YC D
    YC D 8 日 前

    Chinese is right.safe.Peace for the world.

  • Mitch Stevens
    Mitch Stevens 8 日 前

    I don't trust the Chinese.

  • Lake Vapour
    Lake Vapour 8 日 前


  • rosco michael
    rosco michael 8 日 前

    Smart. Impressive

  • Genalyn Labayog
    Genalyn Labayog 8 日 前

    China is greedy

  • Afdal Badarudin
    Afdal Badarudin 8 日 前

    EEZ is not a sovereign territory... A sovereign state has sovereign rights over the zone.

  • Nguyen Minh Chau
    Nguyen Minh Chau 9 日 前

    kill all dog chineses