Why China is building islands in the South China Sea

  • に公開 2017/02/17
  • China claims they aren't military bases, but their actions say otherwise.
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    China is building islands in the South China sea and its causing disputes among the other nations in the region; Malaysia, the Philippines, Brunei, Vietnam, and Indonesia. The US has many allies in the region and uses its massive Navy to patrol international waters, keeping shipping lanes open for trade
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  • Jay C notes
    Jay C notes 7 時間 前

    All I know is the US has NO reason to be out there at all. China knows what it's doing and I'll be taking mandarin lessons in my upcoming semester. Huítóu jiàn

  • Jim Sia
    Jim Sia 10 時間 前


  • Jim Sia
    Jim Sia 10 時間 前

    its military base and tourism nothing wrong

  • Arnulfo Marquez
    Arnulfo Marquez 16 時間 前

    Let the Chinese be. Now imagine the Chinese manuevere off the California coast near Catalina Island and states that is merely patrolling the seas.

  • Gold Silver
    Gold Silver 17 時間 前

    Well done, China. I'm Taiwanese.

  • sylar
    sylar 17 時間 前

    Go China!

  • Mary Vlaire Tagaban

    it is saddening to hear that my country is being bullied, but GOD is watching

  • Kagura Bae
    Kagura Bae 日 前

    US and Philippines are no longer allied

  • Kagura Bae
    Kagura Bae 日 前

    They don't just eat dogs and cats all the other they also steal country's territory 😠😑😑

    TRU MAN 日 前

    Why in 5 to 10 years? Go now!

    TRU MAN 日 前

    Well if it's in south China sea then its China's.

  • Randolph Victor Constantine

    And the US sat by and just watched until they finished...

  • jamesblunt006
    jamesblunt006 2 日 前

    Just build a wall! Mexico will pay for it!

  • The playboy King398
    The playboy King398 2 日 前 +1

    China better stop they don’t want no beef the US can beat them any time any place lad sea or air

  • ベアGwenchii
    ベアGwenchii 2 日 前

    Just in: Sadly the claims of our territory that undergoes in the IC to defend Philippines' part in the Spratly Island was sold to China. I really don't know what's the motive of our demon President's intent. Maybe he sold it for his good. I am personally disappointed. And recently he joked about taking on drugs, like srsly? 20,000 people and some innocent lives were taken because of war on drugs and now his intent was to lend from china to overtake an corruption that can never be resolute by our own government and that he will never pay back...

  • showcase
    showcase 2 日 前

    vox is a white concern ... off course the whites have a bias against anything not white. shameless.

  • showcase
    showcase 3 日 前

    way to go china ... we stand by you

  • weichiang89
    weichiang89 3 日 前

    The Pihippines basically gave up hope for any claim it has with its weak leader with false promises while his people especially his local fishermen suffer from.

  • R M
    R M 4 日 前

    China is greedy. #notochina

  • 太宰琪
    太宰琪 4 日 前


  • Boni
    Boni 4 日 前

    Make the spratly islands INDEPENDENCE UN


    Lol China many Philippine fishermen will hungry on closer island china

  • kalm dwn
    kalm dwn 4 日 前

    gotta b better than a Nam-Raq-Stan war

  • Lamb Chop
    Lamb Chop 5 日 前

    Let's just hope that it doesn't start WW3.

  • n0rstar[duracollins]

    Jokes on them, the rate at which the oceans are rising their manmade islands will be useless in 10~ years or less

  • Hafnium S.
    Hafnium S. 5 日 前

    5:38 I think there's a mistake, shouldn't December be after November ?

  • Roger Syversen
    Roger Syversen 5 日 前

    yey, ww3. please elon, take us to mars

  • Aliex Simth
    Aliex Simth 5 日 前 +1

    Coz they are not domi heads.

  • Jason Yang
    Jason Yang 5 日 前

    July 2016 international court,don't even take me there. A law suit that doesn't even include the defendant. Just a drama class of US Japan and Philipen.
    It is like some thief took ur phone and his friends are standing beside him saying“oh yeh,it is fuking Johnny ‘s phone”
    Just stop hiding the real detail Vox,people can just go look up online

  • Albertx1229
    Albertx1229 6 日 前

    Nice video to explain the story, but apparently, there is one thing wrong in this video. Taiwan is an independent country and not a part of the monster China. Could you please correct that?

  • Ember DemiGod
    Ember DemiGod 6 日 前

    Long ago, the four nations Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, China lived together in harmony. Then everything changed when the Chinese Nation attacked. Only the Avatar UN/US,
    master of all maritime laws, could stop them. But when the world needed them most, they keep quiet. A hundred years passed, Aliens discovered that earth is toxic,
    an air poisonous gas named nuke radiation.

  • Randel jay de Chavez

    why americans always interfere to the asian problems???

  • Oatgrains
    Oatgrains 6 日 前

    Leave china alone!

    They just want more oil before the US takes it.

  • Tom F.
    Tom F. 6 日 前

    ALLLLLL those free energy/ over unity brilliant minded inventors that have been hushed, silenced, killed, threatened, we deserve our free energies. THEY'RE OURS! IT RIGHTFULLY BELONGS TO US!!

  • Change Me
    Change Me 6 日 前

    You should have look at Singapore lol

  • StGfRoMyT
    StGfRoMyT 6 日 前

    Soon the China will go extinct for their actions like that is no their own

  • ThirdPartyEJ XD
    ThirdPartyEJ XD 7 日 前 +1

    It’s The Philippine sea, and the others.

  • ThirdPartyEJ XD
    ThirdPartyEJ XD 7 日 前

    It’s called Philippine sea, used to be, when they took the damned place

  • Xenojie
    Xenojie 7 日 前 +1

    People from those countries are commenting here..

  • serge chronocross
    serge chronocross 7 日 前

    China stupid and ridiculous mind. Land of mongoloids.

  • Joery Elisan
    Joery Elisan 7 日 前

    ang sulosiyon diyan girehin ng amireca ang china at lumpuhin ang economiya ng china lahat na negosyate pauwiin sa kanila para hindi na sila lumakas pa dapat na chino sa buong mundo pabalikin sa kanilang bansa para hindi na sila pakainin ng ibang bansa kasi hindi sila ng paparami sa kanilang bansa kundi sa ibat ibang bansa para magpalakas para pagdating araw sasakopin nanila ang ibat ibang bansa kontrolin nila

  • Hona Wikeepa
    Hona Wikeepa 7 日 前

    No Island left to steal like Diego Garcia.

  • Renee Ng
    Renee Ng 7 日 前 +2

    Im sad for the reef ecosystem... where have the corals gone?

  • Darren Gabriel King
    Darren Gabriel King 7 日 前 +1

    No fishermen and has been stealing fish from the fishermen and when they comeback they don’t have anything anymore

  • Darren Gabriel King

    And has been trespassing the fisher men in like in harbour shour

  • Darren Gabriel King

    China has been taking over the Philippines there’s a place there called China town

    • Lamb Chop
      Lamb Chop 5 日 前

      There's a China Town in nearly every country.

  • Pradel James
    Pradel James 7 日 前 +3

    China is greedy

  • Aasim Khan
    Aasim Khan 8 日 前

    Comment section hacked by thousands of Chinamen

  • Made Surata
    Made Surata 8 日 前 +1

    That is why indonesia changed it's name "laut natuna"

  • Dayi Wang
    Dayi Wang 8 日 前 +2

    No one like to share

  • Stealth8O77
    Stealth8O77 8 日 前

    US can just shoot 6 missiles there right now and no more islands lol

  • MonkeyD waterlaw
    MonkeyD waterlaw 8 日 前

    And don‘t forget how many islands the US claimed for themselves
    Like Hawaii
    And for those people who say, this happened before the UN- law resolution than I have to say
    The same with China
    In 1945 they claimed the Islands for themselves

  • MonkeyD waterlaw
    MonkeyD waterlaw 8 日 前

    First of all, the islands belongs to China, there are contracts which will confirm it, you only have to google
    Moreover, the only reason China wants those islands is because of the US
    The US wants to build observation post on it(officially those would be Japanese or Vietnamese observation post, but we all know who controls them) so they can see everything what China is doing, which new inventions they build on their battleships, even how many ships they have and how well equipped they are.

  • babyletstube
    babyletstube 8 日 前

    Beside building islands, Chinese navy force pretends to be fishemen and use their boats to ram and sink many Vietnamese fisher-boats to scare off Vietnamese fishermen. During several skimishes in the 80s, Chinese navy even used spears to stab all the floating and helpless Vietnamese sailors from sunken boats.

  • Hia Pom
    Hia Pom 8 日 前

    It's kind of hard to fight someone who you pay billions in profits and interest payments on an ongoing basis.

  • MrTorque777
    MrTorque777 8 日 前

    Top 3 Evils of Planet Earth by ranking:
    3. U.A.E
    2. USA
    1. China

  • sun shine
    sun shine 9 日 前

    Only strength is everything, why can the United States be the world's police to point fingers at all? Because the United States has a year of military spending of up to 6000+ billion dollars. Wake up, the world is speaking on strength

  • goblin Tutong
    goblin Tutong 9 日 前 +1

    stupid Chinese! that belongs to the Philippines, that's West Philippine sea.

  • Fenrir π
    Fenrir π 9 日 前

    Soon China will have a bigger problems with terrorism. And China will become test subject for bioweapon.

  • Stephen Curry
    Stephen Curry 9 日 前

    They want build road bridge connected to China because they are over populated

  • Shijie Wang
    Shijie Wang 9 日 前

    US helping Philipine. Is Philipine being US colony again?

  • DarkFeeder
    DarkFeeder 9 日 前

    You mean West Philippine sea?

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  • Leon Hu
    Leon Hu 9 日 前

    Hawaii US, same thing

  • darek4488
    darek4488 9 日 前

    So the only reason they claim these water as theirs is because of the line on some map they drew earlier? This is really stupid. What's next? We will make claims based on what someone achieved in Civilisation 6?

  • 王钢
    王钢 9 日 前

    China used to be a powerful country. When we first recorded and managed these islands, the surrounding countries were still in the primitive stage, without the concept of sea power, which lasted until the beginning of the 20th century. These islands don't mean that you have them just because close to you

  • 绍兴周氏Fuhan
    绍兴周氏Fuhan 9 日 前

    Those islands belongs to China , stolen by the nearby monkeys. Now we will,take it back

  • ★SkillZ★⑲
    ★SkillZ★⑲ 9 日 前 +21

    *To bad Sea Level is rising, soon those Islands will be flooded and useless.*

    • Andrian Rizky M
      Andrian Rizky M 21 時間 前

      Wow, finally see a postive impact from global warming.

    • asdf
      asdf 4 日 前

      A lot of The Netherlands is under water and they are doing just fine.

    • C-
      C- 5 日 前 +1

      Just add 5cm of soil every 10years and you are ok .

  • William Tan
    William Tan 9 日 前

    So what...nobody around can fvck with China right now, just like what US did in the Middle East around 1990s....

  • Law Yoyo
    Law Yoyo 9 日 前

    I think China is building these islands as strategic bases to counteract possible American attacks? As you know, the west has attacked and occupied China not long ago so I think it is a good move just in case the west tries to loot China again. I am no military expert but this is just my experience from playing chess. As much as I know from my elementary history class, China has not set its eyes on Japan, Philippines, Singapore, etc.. in its 5000 years history. It would be hard pressed to say it is now planning to take anything away from these smaller nations. I for one will disagree that China should act like a bully. I believe any Chinese person, let alone a nation, would put themselves so low to be an international bully. 90% of Chinese more or less were taught strict moral codes from young.

  • Error Eliminator
    Error Eliminator 10 日 前

    One word: TAIWAN... you're welcome... :-)

  • please
    please 10 日 前

    yo that’s crazy China making islands they on a whole other level

  • Adam Brafford
    Adam Brafford 10 日 前

    Vox sucks but I'm curious on this topic
    Edit: the US is not the one lone super power, other countries are super powers as well.

  • Frank
    Frank 10 日 前

    My best friend frim China told me 20 years ago. We can't be trusted he told me. We will always find a way to cheat no matter what it is. Reminds me of the Russians

  • Mark Walton
    Mark Walton 10 日 前

    China should of been pushed off these islands years ago, back to their 200 mile boundary.

  • Allan Desmond
    Allan Desmond 10 日 前

    Socialist are a vile an rather sick group of people..

  • Emilio Xiaotiti
    Emilio Xiaotiti 10 日 前

    The little white boy reading sounds like a crossdressing, std and hiv infested honkey!

  • Otaku Weeaboo
    Otaku Weeaboo 10 日 前

    The Chinese are also claiming islands that are in other countries territory like Panatag Shoal in the Philippines

  • Alaskan Crusader
    Alaskan Crusader 10 日 前

    Just like the South China sea, every time a video is made on this subject everyone is scrambling to assert their beliefs

  • Just Playing
    Just Playing 10 日 前

    The USA tries to control the whole world by threat of force. Although the USA mostly ignores the UN or actually dismisses it (especially Chump), it takes it upon itself to "police" international waters in the South China Sea. No one gave the USA any right to "police" these international waters. Once a bully always a bully. I wonder how the USA would react if China took it upon itself to "police" international waters in the Gulf of Mexico (and yes there are some).

  • DK Suarez
    DK Suarez 10 日 前

    Its not South China Sea... its West Philippine Sea.

  • ik
    ik 10 日 前

    But China already controlled it before

  • Todd Volpe
    Todd Volpe 10 日 前 +1

    This is not complicated.
    They are not islands, they are big barges. They boats. They are ships, and should be treated as such.

  • ElvLeg
    ElvLeg 10 日 前

    Hey America, mind your own f.....business, clean up your own backyard and leave the world alone! Who nominated you the world's police?

  • Tomm Ed
    Tomm Ed 10 日 前

    Global warming is a good solution. Warm the planet, melt the ice and those islands will be drowned

  • lida kang
    lida kang 11 日 前


  • Atsumori Hiruzen
    Atsumori Hiruzen 11 日 前

    China VS The World... I'm Just gonna leave it here.

  • hazmat 2
    hazmat 2 11 日 前

    Wtf now china is making islands that is made from china?

  • Kill Zom Truy Kích
    Kill Zom Truy Kích 11 日 前

    *East Vietnam Sea*
    You are wrong

  • Mapanget Ako
    Mapanget Ako 11 日 前

    Its should.be ASEAN sea

  • Obese Melon
    Obese Melon 11 日 前

    Really Vox, Steve bannon as a source?!?!

  • Bhand praan
    Bhand praan 11 日 前

    I tell you people will rebel the next world war ............ It's ☮️ throughout universe

  • Neceros
    Neceros 11 日 前

    That's gotta be really reckless.

  • Tony Phương
    Tony Phương 11 日 前

    I want to say that Taiwan 🇹🇼 is its own country. And the spraty islands is Vietnam’s. They teach us that at school.

    B.D.V RIDES 12 日 前

    Taking philippines territory also means they should accept those supernatural disasters,
    Remember a tacloban disaster,
    That kills alot of people,
    Imaging those small islands being erased by a disaster🤔🤔.
    Just sayin 😂👍🏻

  • demaldenian elchapo
    demaldenian elchapo 12 日 前

    I hate Chinese military not civillian

    KINGSTON Mata 12 日 前 +6

    They are going to own new zealand in 2020 and the cookislands is already owned by Chinese since the beginning of this year😢
    I'm cookisland/Maori an that's sad what China is doing.

  • Uason Liao
    Uason Liao 12 日 前

    常凯申几乎唯一对中国做了点贡献的地方 怎么可能丢 其他国家爱说兔子流氓就流氓吧 划线的时候那里有个p的国家

  • Alaric
    Alaric 12 日 前

    china’s border is by far the most ridiculous.