Why China is building islands in the South China Sea


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  • urdbest
    urdbest 18 時間 前 +1

    China must defend themselves
    against constant threat from US aggression and defend her sovereignty. US is
    the biggest terrorist in the world using propaganda to disguise its imperialism
    and its evilness.

  • Wally Wally
    Wally Wally 20 時間 前

    China lost control over its population its starving this is beginning of the end for them , militarily will make it worse, world powers will exc

  • MinionStudios
    MinionStudios 23 時間 前

    This is like the cuban missile crisis all over again

  • 樂高藏
    樂高藏 日 前

    Shikoku island was ignored 1:35

  • T.C.G.
    T.C.G. 日 前

    Soo WORLD WAR 3 is arriving?

  • simon chen
    simon chen 日 前

    Good job

  • kumar s
    kumar s 2 日 前

    *China is worst &greedy country like america*

  • El de la Barba
    El de la Barba 2 日 前

    Americans are the number one terrorist in the world

  • Aditya Choudhary
    Aditya Choudhary 2 日 前

    Thanks for the quality and quantity of the information. Its of great help

  • paul mitchell
    paul mitchell 2 日 前

    English law states that possession is 9/10 ths of the law.China now in fact owns these islands.Like it or not.

  • paul mitchell
    paul mitchell 2 日 前

    Chinese historical claims to this sea are as fallacious as Zionist claims that made Palestine into Israel.

  • Nestoras Zogopoulos

    Excellent video

  • Junbert Ligayo
    Junbert Ligayo 2 日 前


  • Daniel Mulipola
    Daniel Mulipola 2 日 前

    Xi is actuaully pac man in disguise. he is eating everything the world must be the ghost and eat him Xi=pac man NATO=Ghosts

  • AV Gaming
    AV Gaming 3 日 前

    West Philippine sea*

  • swukelz
    swukelz 3 日 前

    The US is like a mom, she basically does some random things to make the house tidy and if you make changes to this she’ll get agitated

  • Cody Maddox
    Cody Maddox 3 日 前

    I think a helpful illustration would have been to show the locations of US military bases or US allies in the region.
    Currently we have bases in or are allied with:
    South Korea
    Phillipines (although duterte has been cutting ties)
    Guam (only a few hours from the Korean peninsula)
    Thailand (guaranteed naval port for surface ships and submarines)
    Diego Garcia (Indian ocean)
    And Hawaii
    There's no question that the American military reigns supreme in the Pacific with several carrier battle groups and countless attack and ballistic nuclear subs lying in wait. I think China's attempt to garner sea power and secure their trade routes is only a natural progression from their development and rise to the world stage. We have them completely surrounded, out matched, and out gunned. Although I wish that China would abandon its authoritarian nature and attempt to cooperate with the rest of the world, I see it as the only natural choice given the circumstances. I just hope that it doesn't come to open warfare during my career.

  • Nasrullah Anas
    Nasrullah Anas 3 日 前

    We need Uncle Sam presence over South China Sea. Dear Trump please do help us here in SE Asia region!

  • Jason N
    Jason N 3 日 前

    Damn so many Chinese people are so selfish people. All they want is more and more!

  • Sgt.Morra
    Sgt.Morra 3 日 前

    China builds Island
    Also China: Is most responsible for clima Change
    =Small Islands get floaded
    Trump: Didint Expect that but ok

  • mofo sz
    mofo sz 4 日 前

    It's north natuna sea, not south china sea !!!

  • Aaron Hong
    Aaron Hong 4 日 前


  • Benjamin Tereapii
    Benjamin Tereapii 4 日 前

    I got to say I have to agree with u with these islands!!! They are doing the same thing in the SOUTH PACIFIC with money though and its hurting the government and the people so the millions they give and the longer they take to pay it back the more power and money they r getting

  • Phantom Cat
    Phantom Cat 4 日 前

    china is an idiot?

  • Saturn314x
    Saturn314x 4 日 前

    Philippines: ...
    Vietnam: ...
    Malaysia: ...
    China: Hippity Hoppity 你的土地现在是我的财产

  • desiree shine
    desiree shine 4 日 前

    China is danger country... they want asian under their colonial

  • Isak Samuelsson
    Isak Samuelsson 4 日 前

    "If humans come from apes, why are there still apes?" is like saying,
    "If children come from adults, why are there still adults?"

  • Yuukijosh Garcia
    Yuukijosh Garcia 4 日 前

    F*** china

  • Johm Martin
    Johm Martin 4 日 前

    Because there nasty bullying twats just like America Israel and Saudi...

  • Alan Zhang
    Alan Zhang 5 日 前

    Well, it calls South China Sea, so it belongs China!

  • VM Cương
    VM Cương 5 日 前

    it belongs to Vietnam

  • Jiahao Zhao
    Jiahao Zhao 5 日 前

    The US military base surrounds China, but you do not allow China to respond to you, in Japan, in Korea and in Philippine all have your military base , I am a Chinese,my English is bad,but I only see you all fully hostile😒😒

  • Abhinav Tripathi
    Abhinav Tripathi 5 日 前

    China is on a dangerous path, it's not gonna take them to a good situation. History has taught all bullying a good lesson. China will have its lesson too, they should learn it before they are made to suffer by global action.

  • 陳璿頎
    陳璿頎 5 日 前 +9

    Taiwan does not belongs to China, we’re an independent and democracy country. Please don’t draw us in a same color with “Red”, We Are Not Communism.

    • Xiaogo Geng
      Xiaogo Geng 日 前

      i throught taiwan belong to republic of china ,isn't it?

    • --
      -- 日 前

      Your situation is very complex.

  • Gotthard Leng
    Gotthard Leng 5 日 前

    US Navy came thousands of miles to 'defend' somewhere by citing treaties they themselves did not approve. How DEFENSIVE.

  • Eric Neri
    Eric Neri 6 日 前

    I’m Filipino we’re doomed though I do live in California

  • Dalen Wang
    Dalen Wang 6 日 前 +1

    i'm Chinese, but this is utterly ridiculous. disrespecting territory of other countries WHILE being part of the U.N. security council.
    i can't believe you've done this

    • Zero Hour
      Zero Hour 4 日 前

      because the bad jews have controlled china and they want their companies to work in useless projects using people money

  • J Sands
    J Sands 6 日 前

    I don't blame China for talking control of their backyard

  • Marcelino Barcial
    Marcelino Barcial 6 日 前

    All allies prepare to war Against terrorism Conceited bullying china stupid country the greedy and tresspassing country.

  • Gary
    Gary 6 日 前

    NOT. Chinese Communist Party propaganda is in full force trying to take what is not theirs. The South China Sea is an international waterway. Period.

  • 921 gaming
    921 gaming 6 日 前 +1

    China isn't even close to the see😂😂😂🖕

  • Justin Patrick Lopez

    Spratly Islands and Scarborough Shoal are already part of Philippines before China claims it. Here are some of evidences:
    ( jpclips.net/p/plmfjxpuc21dl0jlzic_mily7z6nemt8lu )

    Here are some evidences in history that show China's southern territory is Hainan Island only. ( jpclips.net/video/wziyzpra2wu/ビデオ.html )

  • Max Hinkle
    Max Hinkle 6 日 前

    We need to group up with our allies. The more of the globe stands together the less merit China will have to impose some of its more unreasonable wills. The people of the planet need to group up and exert our will upon our governments to unify our interests. One in particular our Human Rights.

    LONDON 6 日 前

    Why US interfere in every country?who the hell.is jesus give permission to US.?

  • Michael Frazier
    Michael Frazier 7 日 前

    They are just Big targets think about it!

  • l s
    l s 7 日 前

    when ancient Chinese travel on the NCS , those islands only have monkeys & savages.

  • Russell Parratt
    Russell Parratt 7 日 前 +1

    It's all the fault of the USA. They should have let Japan deal properly with China in the 1930's, and none of this would have happened. Manchuria and Tibet would still be independent. The Pacific War would not have happened. The communist takeover of China and North Korea would not have happened. After the European WW2, and a big move away from the 1930's style geo-political mindsets, Asian countries would have moved towards eventual independence without the need for major war as a catalyst. And, these islands would still be coral reefs.

  • Rohit Shinde
    Rohit Shinde 7 日 前

    US should go to war with China. Other countries like Japan, India Australia and easy Asian countries should join US. Except Pakistan, no one will take China's side. This is the reason why US is superpower and China is not and will never will be.

  • Diandra Jameson
    Diandra Jameson 7 日 前

    Trump is building racist walls and China building whole islands. Lol.

  • Hans Glück
    Hans Glück 7 日 前

    That's pretty smart, what they do.

  • r4P
    r4P 7 日 前 +2

    South Philippine Sea, not China sea

    • Hanif barrar
      Hanif barrar 7 日 前


  • bin chen
    bin chen 7 日 前


  • Mark Jann Arcilla
    Mark Jann Arcilla 8 日 前 +2

    I like to called west Phillipine sea

  • ghostface killah
    ghostface killah 8 日 前

    Nobody has a problem with China building islands. It's the whole point of them telling everyone to keep out of the WHOLE area

    KUNG STAN 8 日 前 +1

    This map is wrong, why Taiwan is red??

    • Kaelan Zhang
      Kaelan Zhang 5 日 前

      Cuz Taiwan does not exist.

    • 祺徽 冯
      祺徽 冯 8 日 前

      It talks about the claims from "China". Both mainland and Taiwan claim that "China" owns the 9 dash lines. I don't see any reason why these two parts can't merge together here.

  • Weiss Lin
    Weiss Lin 8 日 前 +1

    There is one mistake in this clip. Taiwan does NOT belong to China. We have our own military, territory, currency, government, and people. Taiwan is definitely a country.

    • Plapla
      Plapla 4 日 前

      祺徽 冯 六四天安門, 文化大革命

    • Hanif barrar
      Hanif barrar 7 日 前

      They can choose themselves if they see Taiwan as a country. Everyone doesn’t share your opinion

    • Weiss Lin
      Weiss Lin 8 日 前

      +祺徽 冯 The word "Taiwan" has been printed in our passport since 2003. For our constitution, yes, we are on the way to revise it since it's a BS due to the content related to China.

    • 祺徽 冯
      祺徽 冯 8 日 前

      Take a look at your passport.
      you guys should have balls to modify your Constitution, if you want to be Taiwan ;)

  • Scott
    Scott 9 日 前

    One major point that the video omitted was how China has kept the other competing claims from unifying. China has kept the other countries from forming an alliance that could stand up to them if they could all agree to work together.

  • Knowledge Is Key
    Knowledge Is Key 9 日 前

    Dont sink my battleship 4:45

  • bud 1
    bud 1 9 日 前

    will prove difficult to maintain above rising sea level


    Hey fix this video right now! The Taiwan 🇹🇼 deserve freedom from the China oppressors
    Please change the Taiwan to blue

    • Hanif barrar
      Hanif barrar 7 日 前

      They can think whatever they want. Everyone doesn’t share your opinion.

  • zt
    zt 9 日 前

    Come on, face the fact, a big nation like China would not give the Hague court a damn. International laws are for the conflicts between small weak nations, it would never work for the superpowers. USA would do the exact same thing if it was in China's position. China as a growing superpower is just doing what a superpower does, protecting its backyard by any means. So you want international law to stop China? I mean, you guys are just too naive, aren't you?

  • Thuong Le
    Thuong Le 9 日 前 +2

    Do not mix up communist China with real China. Chinese communists use China to build a criminal global empire that is completely different from real empire of China in the past. Commies hate culture, religion, nationalism... of which China was a perfect objective to destroy. And they did just that through 5 bloody socialist campaigns. The last one killed more than 50 millions people and headed to starving the whole nation, so they swing from Marxist socialist criminal system to the opposite criminal system, Marxist capitalism (do not pretend you do not know what it is, read Karl Marx’s "Das Kapital" to understand it or go to China or Vietnam see it for yourself) which is a global economical whorehouse which enslaves one billion Chinese, using foreigner’s corporations money, to profit foreigners and the red bourgeoisie (the slavers). Why do Chinese commies love foreign corporations that much? No, commies only use their money and China resourses to destroy the world economy and to steal money so they can arm themselves to the teeth, and their ultimate goal is to destroy the USA. They use dirt cheap labors and destructive environment to steal the USA industry, to destroy the USA economy, to make the USA weak so that they can attack the USA in 2020. I am very eagerly waiting for them to attack. The main point is this: Chinese commies use China too kill you, DO NOT GET FOOLED BY CHINESE COMMUNISTS BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.

  • James Ma
    James Ma 9 日 前 +13

    Based on a report video from Vox media, this video narrator shouldn't include personal opinions in his reports. Saying things like "confusing border" and "imprecise line" just shows how biased reporters are.

    • Mark Pagtama
      Mark Pagtama 5 日 前 +1

      Its an expedition route. Of course its an imprecise line. If were basing territories on histotical claims then china is a mongolian province

    • Al Lex
      Al Lex 5 日 前

      how would you describe it? really? come upe witth a better idea and we can talk about it

  • Kyan J
    Kyan J 10 日 前

    No matter what, that area has nothing to do with US.

  • Mel L
    Mel L 10 日 前

    It's a heinous thing - China stealing the Philippines' soil in Zambales to be used for shoal reclamation!! The Philippine gov must do something about it. China does not only steal the soil, but also claim the Scarborough Shoal which is not theirs. It's an international crime they are committing, but no one is doing something about it.

  • Caesar Li
    Caesar Li 10 日 前

    Chinese gov. is out of control. other countries need to realize how bad it is. Trust me I was born there I know. They would do anything to expand their power. I love my people and my heritage but I dont have to like the Chinese government. The scary part is that the media is not completely false there (like north Korea) but more like extremely biased. so most of my people live in this slightly distorted world view and remain extremely loyal to the "country" (one trick they love to do is tightly link the concept of "country" to the "communist party", so per their propaganda to betray them is to betray our people). this way they made all my people sheep (now you know why there are often angry Chinese comments on JPclips). took me a long time to get out of this subtle brainwash shadow after I came to the US. US media is not perfect (we have extreme left and right media sources), yes, but the beauty of it is you hear opinions from both sides. If you read all sources of news you can somehow recover the truth, let alone that there are also plenty of impartial news like the Wall Street Journal you can read. In Chinese media you hear different voices but they're all gravitationally pulled towards the same thing, interest of the party.

  • kiwiterran1
    kiwiterran1 10 日 前


  • Joshua Li
    Joshua Li 10 日 前

    What a biased video, you are literally condoning theft from neighbouring countries

  • Adlin Ling
    Adlin Ling 10 日 前

    That's scary.

  • ram bura
    ram bura 10 日 前 +1

    Good china

  • Four Letters
    Four Letters 11 日 前 +1

    in 2019 the illuminati owns everyone and everything . the illuminati is making these islands - wake up

  • sarcasmo57
    sarcasmo57 11 日 前

    It will be an interesting century.

  • peace
    peace 11 日 前

    whats the problems we have bases all over the world on the border of russia and china wither they like it or not and they are not in anywhere close to our border.. do not understand ..

  • Sparky Blaze
    Sparky Blaze 11 日 前

    It's West Philippines Sea, that's ours!

    • Hanif barrar
      Hanif barrar 7 日 前


  • manu villada
    manu villada 11 日 前 +142

    China is greedy and dangerous. Almost as greedy and dangerous as the US.

    • emi FATIKHATIN
      emi FATIKHATIN 日 前

      Yee Ah Fong slanted eye Ching

    • --
      -- 日 前

      Greed rap duel... US versus CHINA..... go!

    • Bendy Jackson
      Bendy Jackson 2 日 前

      even china and usa cant defeat vietnam

    • Zero Hour
      Zero Hour 4 日 前 +1

      because the bad jews have controlled china and they want their companies to work in useless projects using people money

  • Snizz
    Snizz 11 日 前

    USA making miliatry bases all around the world , k its cool we dont even know about half of them. CHINA MAKING ISLANDS = OOOH NOOOO WE HAAAVE TO STOOOP THEEEM, you are morons really. Now we are gonna have next war cause USA wont let them rule their own countries, American military presence in many countries is/were also a disrespectful rape on international laws and does anyone care? Enjoy en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_war_crimes

    • Asami Noblesse
      Asami Noblesse 10 日 前

      Oh, Shut up. "rule their own country" what China is doing here is violating the laws and creating border dispute by claiming other countries region. The region full with natural resources for their own gain.

  • 林FTP
    林FTP 12 日 前


  • Raphonzel Lejano
    Raphonzel Lejano 12 日 前

    Why China is building islands in South China Sea? WW3??? Comments are welcome. Ideas, opinions and thoughts are good, just be respectful. Thanks. 2019 still watching and ....waiting :P

    • Asami Noblesse
      Asami Noblesse 10 日 前

      As they said in the video. China is building Islands for proclaiming more of South China Sea, which is full of resources and a trade way for many nations. If China gets its claws all over the Sea then the economy of all these nations will drastically change and of course US will want to protect its Allies in Asia, so it'd enter into a War with China. And of course, Trump is very unpredictable and has already done a Trade issue with China.

  • Maria ღ
    Maria ღ 12 日 前

    Of course America gets involved, they can never shut up and wants to get attention all the time

  • shnawdude03
    shnawdude03 12 日 前

    Bannon was a navel officer? "Barff"!!

  • shnawdude03
    shnawdude03 12 日 前

    Tactically genius.

  • Stuart Dawson
    Stuart Dawson 12 日 前

    Why is Taiwan a part of China on your map?

  • she kagawa
    she kagawa 12 日 前 +1

    The world should pay attention to what China is doing

  • 黄晓斌
    黄晓斌 12 日 前


  • kelelala
    kelelala 12 日 前

    Asian countries involved: No you can not claim territories by building islands...
    China: YES I CAN
    USA: You'd better not...
    China: Islands built, military force deployed, case closed.

  • 走狗三民
    走狗三民 12 日 前

    So what does this have to do with the United States

    • Asami Noblesse
      Asami Noblesse 10 日 前

      China is challenging US for the super power position.

  • Philip Alonzo
    Philip Alonzo 12 日 前

    The guy narrating sounds like flightchopps is it him?

  • 김서경
    김서경 13 日 前

    The name of the sea on the right of Korea is East Sea, not Japan Sea.

  • X Watson
    X Watson 13 日 前 +11

    Build the island, and make Mexico pay for it.

  • James Matthew Balolong

    China probably copied those islands😂😂

  • James Matthew Balolong
    James Matthew Balolong 13 日 前 +2

    Its west Philippine sea! Why do u call it south China Sea?

  • Cʟօառ PʀᎥռƈɛ Ꭷʄ CʀᎥʍɛ

    VOX's kikė agenda at its finest.

  • 羅令巨
    羅令巨 14 日 前

    Remember:Taiwan is not any part of China. Redraw the map color

    • Hanif barrar
      Hanif barrar 7 日 前

      羅令巨 you have your own military, currency and government. That’s great, but I don’t care one single bit. There’s no rule book saying what something needs to be a country. There are only opinions

    • 羅令巨
      羅令巨 7 日 前

      +Hanif barrar We have our own government, our currency, our troop. We are not admitted as a country because the rule of selfishness in the world.

    • 羅令巨
      羅令巨 7 日 前

      +Hanif barrar I do not know where you from. But I will shame on you.

    • Hanif barrar
      Hanif barrar 7 日 前

      They can think that Taiwan is part of China if they want to. Everyone doesn’t share your opinion

  • Captive Exile
    Captive Exile 14 日 前

    All of this represents just one more "crack" in Trump's Wall. Others are "Hormuz", Taiwan, Hong Kong , Israel/Syrian friction, Venezuela, Ukraine, Brexit + others. What would Trump do of several of those cracks suddenly opened and "boiled over" SIMULTANEOUSLY. Would his cheeks start to turn RED, as the U.S. is becoming "overstretched" (and unable to borrow more cash for WW3)?

  • 24xv555
    24xv555 14 日 前 +1

    Japan & SEA countries need to step up their marine game.

  • diana rose
    diana rose 14 日 前

    Δινω δημοσιο διεθνες λαλαλαλαλαλα

  • Ghost
    Ghost 14 日 前 +1

    The us should not go to war on China it would cost alot. And China will become the richest country in the world soon. 1,386 Billion live in china if every person pays 100$ a month to the goverment it would stack up to 138600000000 every month in 1 year 5.0589e+13 it is this number 10 years google translate says Infinity. Well we did our best

  • Steven Loh
    Steven Loh 14 日 前

    what's wrong when china is building or strengthening their own defence base in their own place? Whats the issue? nosey bullies of the US

  • Mr GVCCI
    Mr GVCCI 15 日 前

    Chinese is in everywhere now, beware...

  • abqduke
    abqduke 16 日 前

    Read Su Bin-Garratts case in early 2014 and you will see the similarity in the on-going​ Meng-Schellenberg case. That's China's diplomacy.