Zion Williamson can live up to the LeBron hype - Stephen A. | First Take


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  • TheBlerd
    TheBlerd 11 時間 前

    He’ll be kinda draymond like Ben is

  • Work Ethics
    Work Ethics 15 時間 前

    “With the first pick in the draft... The Cleveland Cavaliers pick.......”

  • Passta Bone
    Passta Bone 19 時間 前

    El bj the blonn

  • Passta Bone
    Passta Bone 19 時間 前

    Lyndon Johnson just bounces off

  • Passta Bone
    Passta Bone 19 時間 前

    Coach k
    At the Olympics
    Great idea

  • Matze LeckMich
    Matze LeckMich 日 前

    The same fucker said Luca was trash lmao

  • Paula Curry
    Paula Curry 2 日 前

    Keep up the hard work Zion everybody got their eye on you for the 2019 draft

  • MAC
    MAC 2 日 前 +1

    How can you hype him up this much if you believe he’s not even the best player on his team....?

  • jaylen patterson
    jaylen patterson 2 日 前

    1:25 max tried not to laugh

  • Christian Aliano
    Christian Aliano 3 日 前

    Hey Molly..I'm rich...how much would I have to pay you (per show) to mediate and not try to debate? Because that's your job title

  • kolipa tsikoli
    kolipa tsikoli 3 日 前

    i want him to be drafted by cavs and win a championship over lebron ;Ρ

  • pyramid architect
    pyramid architect 3 日 前

    Barret is the more versatile player but that doesn't mean he's a better player lol I don't see why these idiots can't decipher this simple concept, I mean LeBron James is more versatile than the goat 🐐 but the Goat is the better basketball player.

  • jai burns
    jai burns 3 日 前


  • Roberto Dela Cruz
    Roberto Dela Cruz 3 日 前

    the next Shawn Kemp

  • Blyden Kalay
    Blyden Kalay 3 日 前

    That last stat took my breath away 😵

  • jair bair
    jair bair 4 日 前

    nobody stands in front of people coming down the court anymore

  • David duFresne
    David duFresne 4 日 前

    If he's claiming to be 6'7 then he's almost definitely 6'6 at best. Barkley had amazing hops as well when he was young, and I wasn't there with him obviously, but I believe he was a hard worker at least until very late in his career. You don't lose that much weight and keep it off being lazy. He had Bob Knight cut him from the USA team then he gets drafted by the 76ers who had Moses Malone and Julius Erving to mentor him. So I think he had great desire and had some good early mentors which this kid may or may not have. If this kid has any mentors, I would advise him to only do the spectacular slam when his team needs a lift. Trying to show off that vertical every time will take a toll, whether it be now or 14 years from now. I lost my thread- him getting just to Barkley's status in the game would be a very difficult achievement and I would start there if I were him. Barkley had a great career, he just lacked championships.

  • Glorious_Dominator16

    Zion "Black Rhino" Williamson

  • John Ocasio
    John Ocasio 5 日 前

    He has more dunks than missed shot 🤕🤕🤕

  • Jordan Davis
    Jordan Davis 5 日 前

    Home girl needs chill with the conversation adlibs

  • Carlos Gomes
    Carlos Gomes 5 日 前

    Can SAS hairline live up to the pressure?

  • dahnley cabreros
    dahnley cabreros 6 日 前

    zion’s muscles cant match the ball breaking defense of draymond

  • Ryan Hopkins
    Ryan Hopkins 6 日 前

    He’s kinda like a more athletic Steven Adams

  • Daniel Bush
    Daniel Bush 6 日 前

    He has reached Lebron hype.

  • Darren Curtis
    Darren Curtis 6 日 前

    He will!!new improve Shawn Kemp mix with lebron Hybrid!!lol😏👀

  • Jr Woodson
    Jr Woodson 6 日 前

    Molly be quite please this is not about you

  • Dee Jay
    Dee Jay 6 日 前

    Why they seem hella annoyed With A. Smith they 😒 😕like nigga you LOUD 😂😂😂😂

  • Elbert Silas
    Elbert Silas 7 日 前

    I see teams tanking and it’s not January. Zion is the next big thing.

  • Sam Dee
    Sam Dee 7 日 前

    Stephen A is big joke

  • Predrag Nikolic
    Predrag Nikolic 7 日 前

    brutha... oh the irony in that racism...

  • Killa Django
    Killa Django 7 日 前

    Hes d nx Blake Griffin, hes nowhere close 2 Lebron at all!! Blake is a yanimal so he'll b great if healthy! at best...💪🏾💯💯🔥🔥🔥

  • anthony byrd
    anthony byrd 7 日 前

    Zion reminds me of a young Shawn Kemp...that's jus me!

  • Ian Broyles
    Ian Broyles 8 日 前


  • Marcellus Sims
    Marcellus Sims 8 日 前

    He's gonna have to shoot it in the NBA tho,then we'll see, good luck to ya Zion!

  • Shadow The Human
    Shadow The Human 8 日 前

    Watch him be a bust. Hope not. Another era of basketball about to end Lebron,wade, Duncan, Garnett, Carmelo etc, them boys getting old/are old. Where's the next big guy? Not just an Rookie of the year, who can come in and be good right off the bat. He can improve in just a year or two?

  • Rize Iron
    Rize Iron 8 日 前 +1

    Can molly stop talking when someone is talking... jeez

  • Tariq Lamorell
    Tariq Lamorell 8 日 前

    I go put my money on zion

  • James Hill
    James Hill 8 日 前

    No he can't!!! Why!!??? Lebron didn't go to college! He was already next level! That's the reason Lebron hold records in NBA because he had a four to three year head start on everybody else except for Kevin Garnett and a few!!

  • nanotech2080
    nanotech2080 9 日 前

    Stephen you great and all, but why the hell do you have to scream all the time...? Get a volume knob.

  • Isaac Rivera
    Isaac Rivera 9 日 前

    Get off his dick Lebron would have the same stats if he played college ball

  • elisha chisom
    elisha chisom 9 日 前

    More dunks than missed shots I’m just gonna turn my phone off now and wait for the draft

  • Jason Pittmon
    Jason Pittmon 10 日 前

    Stephen A is so dramatic lol lol!

  • joshua Stanaway
    joshua Stanaway 10 日 前

    Also, why do American TV sport reporters act like nutcases, like how they carry on, waiting so they can talk like Bundy at court, defending there incredibly small opinions, in the sum of all.

  • joshua Stanaway
    joshua Stanaway 10 日 前

    LeBron can pass, on a skilled point guard level, amongst the other great stuff he does. I'm a Boston fan, and hope and think we'll get him. But LeBron is LeBron, same way Micheal was Micheal and Larry was Larry. Zion will be Zion. But he won't be LeBron.

  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith 10 日 前

    He's the best NBA prospect since Lebron.

  • Jurka Ivan
    Jurka Ivan 10 日 前

    Stephan A: This broathaaagrrhhr... My god

  • Quasimoto
    Quasimoto 10 日 前

    Steven A sounded like he was getting sexually aroused talking about Zion

  • Joey Sparks
    Joey Sparks 10 日 前

    6'7 285lbs? The way he moves down the court? Bro he is a monster...

  • Vayne Helsing
    Vayne Helsing 10 日 前

    That boy just another Shannon Brown lmao

  • Kevin Thomas
    Kevin Thomas 11 日 前

    Hell no, Lebron was doing this in the NBA his first year and don’t forget Zion has the best coach in college basketball

  • Kris Curtis
    Kris Curtis 11 日 前

    Zion be looking like the modern day, skilled Wes Unseld with speed

  • Kris Curtis
    Kris Curtis 11 日 前

    Devin Booker out, no point guard moves....sounds like the Suns like Zion #tankathon

  • Mark Reams
    Mark Reams 12 日 前

    He needs at least a medium range J!

  • syotiiiiiiiii
    syotiiiiiiiii 14 日 前


  • Nas Nas
    Nas Nas 15 日 前

    Couldn't say it no better Steve A. He like a shawn kemp, Charles Barkley on steroids 😂🤣😂he's a freshman 😂I'm dead, that boi gon run the lead in a few

  • Dwayne springer
    Dwayne springer 15 日 前

    He's better than LeBron James...

  • Jae'Len Biddings
    Jae'Len Biddings 15 日 前

    Oh yea and he got a coach that's better then most NBA coaches come on y'all we know basketball

  • Jae'Len Biddings
    Jae'Len Biddings 15 日 前

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 y'all niggas got a lot of faith in a Duke freshman that's playing weak teams 🙅🏽‍♂️

  • John B
    John B 15 日 前

    I muted this video and still heard Steve screaming. Bro, they're sitting right next to you. Lower the decibel level. Oh, First Take, try something a little more original then repeating debates. jpclips.net/video/dcPd4fWSGBs/ビデオ.html

  • Richard Burdine
    Richard Burdine 15 日 前

    He's a beast💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

  • rugssean
    rugssean 16 日 前

    Steven is just shading LeBron..

  • Nelson Kim
    Nelson Kim 16 日 前

    Clickbait titles - part of the business but don’t be stupid. Nowhere near the hype of Lebron. And do you think lebron would ever be even close to the second player on his own team? Hell no.

  • ginganinga1010
    ginganinga1010 16 日 前 +1

    Stephen A got me dying this season

  • will
    will 16 日 前

    At NO point was Zion averaging 82% from the field Steven, get your facts straight.

  • Bill Latibay
    Bill Latibay 16 日 前

    If this kid grows another inch or two its game over. And needs a right hand finish too.

  • Raghuveer Dubagunta
    Raghuveer Dubagunta 18 日 前

    Girth...wtf 🤣🤣?!!

  • Lonzo Ball
    Lonzo Ball 18 日 前

    Fuck Zion and his bloated belly. Too much hype.

  • John Wayne
    John Wayne 18 日 前 +1

    He probably could live up to to hype if Stephen A. Smith didn’t think so.............Stephen A Smith is a walking bad look machine😂

  • 89granville
    89granville 19 日 前

    When will they replace that lady? She always sits there looking like she needs to take a dump. Is she capable of cracking even a fake smile?

  • IsaiahNesbit
    IsaiahNesbit 19 日 前

    Tree trunks😭

  • Shuaidong Zhu
    Shuaidong Zhu 19 日 前 +1


  • Amet Hyst
    Amet Hyst 19 日 前

    Zion has the skillset...he's strong, etc etc etc. But all this sounds like a long shot. Lots of players we've seen through the years that were fantastic in college, but couldn't do anything in the NBA. I am with Max on this one... Zion will put butts in seats, but... hardly anything more than that. Yet.

  • Devin DeCicco
    Devin DeCicco 19 日 前

    Stephen A loves Zion's girth

  • Tyler
    Tyler 20 日 前

    if you think that MJ and LeBron are top 5 best, then you should not be speaking on basketball.

  • Edgar Canchola
    Edgar Canchola 20 日 前

    Zion is gonna tear his ACL in his first season in the NBA

  • Ricardo Urena
    Ricardo Urena 20 日 前

    And cleveland gonna have em

  • swbuckmaster
    swbuckmaster 20 日 前

    mass, girth, power! Thats what she said

  • Rafa U
    Rafa U 20 日 前

    Aight now he’s getting out of hand. People said lebron wasn’t going to live up to the lebron hype so riddle me how Stephen A came to this conclusion...

  • The legend 27
    The legend 27 20 日 前

    He said that Jordan better then Lebron😂😂😂😂

  • P B
    P B 21 日 前

    I wish you could put stock in players. Lebron would have made me millions. This Zion might just be

  • Rahim Komara
    Rahim Komara 21 日 前

    That kid is good

  • thefi5th86
    thefi5th86 21 日 前

    The draft lottery is so rigged, everyone already knows hes going to cleveland

  • Taj2Nice Gaming
    Taj2Nice Gaming 21 日 前


  • TheBonerJamz03
    TheBonerJamz03 21 日 前

    "ITS GIRTH!" - stephen a smith

  • CedMo 76000
    CedMo 76000 21 日 前

    The Molly ad libs!!!!😩 PLEASE stop.

  • CTKahuna
    CTKahuna 21 日 前

    "the agilities and abilities"

  • bobby moore
    bobby moore 21 日 前

    zion has a 40 inch vert not 48

  • Joe Krle
    Joe Krle 22 日 前

    Stephen “i know every brother” A. Smith

  • Antimous
    Antimous 22 日 前

    If he can shoot threes and do jump shots and fadeaways like LeBron he can be something very big when he arrives in the NBA.

  • 420protoman
    420protoman 22 日 前

    i feel like he will do better after he moves on from Duke...and into the NBA if you watch the gonzaga game... they didn't even fucking give him the ball in the last minute... he could have won the game for duke... bad coaching. LEbron would have had the ball... that shit was whack.. RJ is good but he got blocked hard in the paint. Zion would have dunked over all 3 those boys... Zion is a machine

  • ShaKuan BornMaster
    ShaKuan BornMaster 22 日 前

    Hes gonna score easy in the NBA with all girlie no touch rules and free walkathons to the basket. Half the NBA would still be in the D league if they allowed cats to be physical. And as much as LeBron cry now? Smh. With no touch these cats still cry. A regular foul is a technical. Alot of these cats are called great now becauae of the era only. The word great is just a word now. Everyone is great...the media brainwash. So with that no defense shit...he makes waves immediately in the NBA.

  • Ianna Riles
    Ianna Riles 22 日 前

    His Brock Lesnar body ass💯💯‼️

  • Z Fiasco
    Z Fiasco 22 日 前

    this guy will be a bust injuries will derail his NBA career just going with my gut

  • Aaron Mcclure
    Aaron Mcclure 22 日 前

    Kid is gonna be special no doubt, but almost impossible for anyone to be on LeBron's level because LeBron never gets hurt, everyone else does. People overlook LeBron has been reliable physically in a unbelievable way

  • Ahh My Leg!
    Ahh My Leg! 23 日 前

    I wonder what it feels like getting an edge up halfway up your head.

  • B Krispy
    B Krispy 23 日 前

    Zion to OKC with westbrook...Make it happen🔥

  • Darnell Robison
    Darnell Robison 23 日 前

    We have to see once he get to the pros college don't mean shit

  • 1,000,000 subscribers without any videos challenge

    y’all forgotten how hyped up lonzo was

  • M. Bison
    M. Bison 23 日 前

    His mass his girth, his power to penetrate... lol

  • avio toni
    avio toni 23 日 前

    Comparing a college player to an already HOF Lebron. They did the same thing to KD withh Ingram. Very disrespectful