[Apink - %%(Eung Eung)] Comeback Stage | M COUNTDOWN 190110 EP.601

  • に公開 2019/01/10
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    - KPOP Chart Show M COUNTDOWN | EP.601
    - Apink - %%(Eung Eung)
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    [Kor Ver.]
    청순 카리스마 '에이핑크'
    핑수니들 예뻐? 응응! 사랑스러워? 응응!! '%%(응응)' 무대!
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  • soojin and joy i love u
    soojin and joy i love u 18 時間 前


  • lowelyn bocatija
    lowelyn bocatija 18 時間 前

    Huhuhu apink are into sexy concept now.. Huhu really love themm... Mah heart mah soulsss!!!!! 💟💟💟😍😍😍

  • remremi Remrem
    remremi Remrem 19 時間 前

    I love uuu apinkk I love eung eung song I like namjoo

  • seasafira
    seasafira 19 時間 前 +1

    I love this comeback

    TAU ASDFGHJKL 20 時間 前


    WINUTHA CHNL 21 時間 前


  • Amela Mesinovic
    Amela Mesinovic 23 時間 前

    Guys imagine Namjoo just did THAT like omg LOOK AT MY QUEEN THRIVING

  • Alle Samonte
    Alle Samonte 23 時間 前

    Rongieee. How come you always kills me? ❤

  • Emanuelle Ramona2
    Emanuelle Ramona2 23 時間 前 +1


  • Ms. Gin-Gin
    Ms. Gin-Gin 23 時間 前 +1

    I love this song, its a hit ! wooooo! love u guys

  • Sa Mi
    Sa Mi 日 前

    I'm Eungi's fan like I stan this group first for her but can u tell me why CHORONG (IDK I WROTE IT TRUE OR NOT NEW FAN GUYS) IS SO BEAUTIFUL????!! I MEAN THEY R SUPER BEAUTIFUL!!! IT'S NOT NORMAL I SWEAR TO LORD😭✋

  • AinEXOL Mizzcool

    Why naeun looks always different from the last time I saw her...I wonder how many jobs she got done on her face 😂

  • OfficialSusanKpop

    Hola!! Amo Apink y tengo un dance cover de esta cancion , apreciaria si alguien peude verlo

  • OfficialSusanKpop

    Hi there !! I LOVE APINK and I have a dance cover of this song and I appreciate if someone can watch it

  • Ariadna Devries
    Ariadna Devries 日 前 +1

    I really like this cb

  • ChefMK
    ChefMK 日 前 +1

    hayoung is soo hot..she's got more and more of that womanly feel

  • Meungji -
    Meungji - 日 前

    Nextweek Apink×Gfriends

  • Nilda Mapalo
    Nilda Mapalo 日 前 +1

    2nd win wahhhhh

  • vtrxnega
    vtrxnega 日 前


  • Rafael Paiva
    Rafael Paiva 日 前 +1

    Namjoo is so beautiful

  • angela kim
    angela kim 日 前 +2


  • Jenny Par
    Jenny Par 日 前

    is it just me or naeun seems really stiff with her dance moves? the others look natural and smooth, but she seems to stay out to me as stiff.

  • xxcassielf armycircle

    Im not a fan but I love all their songs that theyve performed on music shows. Been watching their performace since years ago. Sometimes I cringe at cutie songs but Apink songs are those that will get better once you kept listening to it. Their cuteness is so natural 😍

    • PandaPoop
      PandaPoop 日 前

      xxcassielf armycircle .. sounds like you ARE a fan! 😉😆👍🏼

  • Ketty Jjang
    Ketty Jjang 日 前 +1

    Naeun looks so thin. 😕

  • Ketty Jjang
    Ketty Jjang 日 前 +1

    Eunji 💕

  • Dorothy Dohina
    Dorothy Dohina 日 前 +2

    8 years and counting!🤗

  • Fuwa Aika Young
    Fuwa Aika Young 日 前 +2

    They look stunning and remarkable here. Apink is truly one of the kpop frmale group with strong appeal.

  • Fuwa Aika Young
    Fuwa Aika Young 日 前 +5

    They look stunning and remarkable here. Apink is truly one of the kpop frmale group with strong appeal.

  • 에라ph
    에라ph 日 前 +1

    One million views already

  • siam fitparyoon
    siam fitparyoon 日 前 +1

    Yesterday i hope come here again if apink win on m countdown😂😂
    Congrats apink 2 win👏👏👏👏❤

  • Chai Carrot
    Chai Carrot 日 前 +3

    Namjoo is a goddess

  • こちゃ。
    こちゃ。 日 前 +1


  • Autumn가을
    Autumn가을 日 前 +2

    Hayoungggg 😆😆

  • Prince Charming
    Prince Charming 日 前

    naeun....my wife

  • Apink I'm so sick stream

    Kim Namjoo

  • Apink I'm so sick stream

    Yoon Bomi

  • Apink I'm so sick stream

    Park Chorong

  • Apink I'm so sick stream


  • Corgi Rin
    Corgi Rin 日 前 +3

    The best stage🐶💖🐼

  • stuck onew
    stuck onew 日 前 +1

    who is the girl with a silver ombre hair? she's gorgeous 😍😍

  • Apink eung eung stream

    Eung eung 2nd winn🔜

  • Gio Jose
    Gio Jose 日 前


    KING FA 日 前

    This song is very weak

  • Stanning Everyone
    Stanning Everyone 日 前 +1

    let's do a live voting by sms at 6pm KST if you have anough credit 😊

  • Eunji the Main Vocal

    2nd win please

  • lau samuel
    lau samuel 日 前

    apink fighting

  • lau samuel
    lau samuel 日 前

    str!@m mv and their performance on official channel

  • lau samuel
    lau samuel 日 前

    EungEung2ndWin today pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lau samuel
    lau samuel 日 前

    str!@ming this video too

  • lau samuel
    lau samuel 日 前 +1

    their live is not joke!!!!!!!!!
    pls stan apink

  • lau samuel
    lau samuel 日 前


  • jeivi mapalo
    jeivi mapalo 日 前

    Str3@m str3@m pandassss

  • Giar Hermawan
    Giar Hermawan 日 前 +1


  • luqman hakim
    luqman hakim 日 前 +1

    Please str3eammmm this video guys

  • Huang若
    Huang若 日 前 +1

    0:36 Eunji killed me !!!!!!!♥

  • luqman hakim
    luqman hakim 日 前 +1

    Stre3@am this video guys, its important for apink to win in mcountdown today

  • pink panda
    pink panda 日 前

    Keep stre@mingggg panda

  • Linh Nguyễn
    Linh Nguyễn 日 前 +2

    *Remember to watch them win the 2nd trophy 🏆*

  • kevin kim
    kevin kim 日 前

    ㅇㅇ ㅇㅇ 좋다 ㅇㅇ

  • Nes Roya
    Nes Roya 日 前

    How they can beautiful and pretty also cute at the same time!! And who dare saying they can't be sexy?

  • pink panda
    pink panda 日 前


  • Harma G
    Harma G 日 前


  • #Apink_PERCENT PandaID

    Why every part of this song really addictive!! 😍😍

  • Abigail Campos
    Abigail Campos 2 日 前

    VAMOS POR EL 2do WIN!!!

  • Abigail Campos
    Abigail Campos 2 日 前


  • Gardo Castillo
    Gardo Castillo 2 日 前

    I just read on ig that they are #18 in bailboard world... I think the reason is they are trending in some countries. Lets keep it trending in our country for our girls

    • Gardo Castillo
      Gardo Castillo 2 日 前

      +SugarPebbles28 really? 😱 😱 😱 WOW!!! Our girls are amazing!!! Pandas are equally amazing... Lets go for #1

    • SugarPebbles28
      SugarPebbles28 2 日 前


  • Taerîa Kiuzz
    Taerîa Kiuzz 2 日 前 +1

    Chorong y Bomi son tan hermosas 😍💗💗💗💗💗

  • lina lina
    lina lina 2 日 前


  • Marissa Chin
    Marissa Chin 2 日 前 +1

    everything about this stage is soo perfect, love their styling and especially eunji's dress!! its so pretty and im glad cause sometimes eunji is not put in the most flattering outfits compared to the other girls

  • Adam Takeru
    Adam Takeru 2 日 前 +1

    naeun's style kinda remind me of Jessica Jung.. am i the only one?

  • Fitriani Mahpujah
    Fitriani Mahpujah 2 日 前

    1.6M is coming

  • 김도우
    김도우 2 日 前

    베트남 ㅅㅅ

  • İdle MiyeonSoyeon
    İdle MiyeonSoyeon 2 日 前

    Eung eung 2nd win coming sooon!!!!

  • J HF
    J HF 2 日 前 +1

    Can someone please tell me who is the girl in the pink hair?? She is so cute ❤️❤️

    • J HF
      J HF 日 前

      Kevin GV thank you ❤️❤️

    • Kevin GV
      Kevin GV 2 日 前

      She is Park Chorong, the leader :)

  • Wie Ningsih
    Wie Ningsih 2 日 前

    Itu like Apink

  • Khunnie Bae
    Khunnie Bae 2 日 前 +2

    Hayoung’s body is really body goal for me

  • Kim Sana
    Kim Sana 2 日 前

    Is it just me or naeun looks a bit like jennie here

  • Jenny Mangte
    Jenny Mangte 2 日 前 +6

    Love you apink they never disappoint of thier come back!! My bias is bomi 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘

  • Berna D
    Berna D 2 日 前


  • Mm Uu
    Mm Uu 2 日 前

    still 1.5M

  • Linh Nguyễn
    Linh Nguyễn 2 日 前 +3

    *mass streaming panda*

  • SugarPebbles28
    SugarPebbles28 2 日 前 +12

    we have a good chance to win this trophy tomorrow because our biggest competitor is Chungha who has much higher digitals (worth 45% here), but we have much higher MV vi3ws, MCountdown clip vi3ws, physical album sales & prevotes~and Apink will be performing tomorrow so we have a fair chance at winning this !!! let's go 2nd win~

  • sayang apink
    sayang apink 2 日 前 +1

    HERE THE TUTORIAL twitter.com/ApinkVotes/status/1083501863545249793?s=19

  • siam fitparyoon
    siam fitparyoon 2 日 前 +3

    I hope tomorrow i come here again for thk.2nd win 😅

  • Meungji -
    Meungji - 2 日 前 +3

    🙏🙏 hoping for 2nd win..tomorrow

  • Meungji -
    Meungji - 2 日 前 +5

    Lets stream this hard also for tomorrow...dont forget also to str3am 1thek...EUng-Eung Mv.

  • parkbomi mylove
    parkbomi mylove 2 日 前 +4

    Keep streaming this video for tomorrow stage pandas!aiming for 2ndwin

  • Jessel Lumayag
    Jessel Lumayag 2 日 前 +2

    naeunie 😍😍 Pleasee I'm dying by your beauty😍🤗

  • MandyX x
    MandyX x 2 日 前 +19

    they entered billboard charts with this song..
    is there anyone more proud than me

  • Nandra Kim
    Nandra Kim 2 日 前 +4

    who are all these 1,2 people who dislike this Video. Wake up ! Apink are todely talented and pretty, you people should appreciate them More . ♥️♥️

  • Naeun Taemin
    Naeun Taemin 2 日 前 +4

    Apink against who tomorrow at Mcountdown ?
    Hoping for a 2nd win 😍🙏🏻

  • Naeun Taemin
    Naeun Taemin 2 日 前 +7

    I’m crying they get their first win today 😍😍😭😭

  • reply2me like
    reply2me like 2 日 前 +1

    Hope for Eung Eung's 2nd win here at Mcountdown tomorrow.. let's s3m this cb stage, it will be counted also plus the MV.

  • Ku Azzatul Amira Ku Muhamad

    I always see Bomi's hair like woman in egypt ancient time😆 maybe i'm reading too much webcomic

  • Ella loves Apink
    Ella loves Apink 2 日 前 +2

    Hoping for Apink #EUNGEUNG2NDWIN tomorrow on Mcountdown and first win on MC since 2015 🏆🏆

  • a
    a 2 日 前

    yall help me who's the one in full white

  • Linh Nguyễn
    Linh Nguyễn 2 日 前 +2

    *1.6M before Mcd tomorrow, can we?*

  • Areum Park
    Areum Park 2 日 前


  • Muhammad Aidil
    Muhammad Aidil 2 日 前