Film Theory: Willy Wonka and the Golden Ticket SCAM! (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)


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  • The Game Theorists
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    For everyone saying the factory isn't in America, it actually IS American, believe it or not. The movie goes to great lengths to try and make the location ambiguous (nonsense monetary symbols, ambiguous coins, a German shoot location but everyone speaking English) but the television coverage of the Golden Ticket search we see Charlie watching always references "here in America." And in the book, he finds a "dollar" in the gutter. So signs point heavily to Wonka's being an American company.

    • De Duke
      De Duke 21 分 前

      9:34 4 violations?
      I clearly see five

    • Ariel Nir
      Ariel Nir 23 分 前

      The Game Theorists id like to see him geting fined by swedish workplace laws....

    • Master Anstie
      Master Anstie 24 分 前

      MatPat would be great at CinemaSins

    • Haruhi Suzumiya
      Haruhi Suzumiya 38 分 前

      Dark Crow I its British

    • Måple!
      Måple! 40 分 前

      Every Film Ever Every Roald Dahl is British.

  • bonnie a
    bonnie a 20 分 前

    stop...……….just stop

  • grey tea
    grey tea 20 分 前

    Anyone else craving chocolate?

  • Ethan Keen
    Ethan Keen 20 分 前

    Charlie and the chocolate factory > Willy wonka
    Put your nostalgia aside, and remember, that's what I watched as a kid, so it's better.

  • zzz
    zzz 20 分 前

    yall do know this is a children film right?

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  • NotoriousImmortal
    NotoriousImmortal 22 分 前

    Can I just put this out there for you. The book came out in 1964 and the movie came out in 1971. And if the movie suggests, the movie is set prior to its 1971 release as you can see with clothing, and even buildings and houses. But here's the problem with your theory. OSHA didn't come out until 1971, and since it is based on its 1964 novel, the factory wouldn't be getting fines since OSHA didnt exist at the time. Also, if we are gonna be going so far as to say that it's even set in the real world then why do the Oompa Loompas exist? I'm just going to say that the world is set in a fictional place where OSHA doesn't exist. So either way, the theory isn't very plausible. However I do like that you investigated it, just not enough...
    Love your content though! XD

  • Beachte NICHT mein Profilbild!!

    #41 Trends Germany🙏🏼🇩🇪

  • SegaGega 32X
    SegaGega 32X 23 分 前

    Didn't Robot Chicken make a parody about Willy Wonka's violations?

  • justine buenaobra
    justine buenaobra 23 分 前

    why r u showing willy wonka’s most of the people dont even know that BY PEOPLE I MEAN ME

  • George Smith
    George Smith 23 分 前

    Excuse me Matpat but Slugworth wanted the recipe for everlasting gobstoppers, not chocolate.
    To be more pedantic, he wanted one everlasting gobstopper to reverse engineer.
    But spoiler alert, actually it was neither.

  • Mihaiu RMP
    Mihaiu RMP 23 分 前

    Congratulations for MatPat for figuring out that the Deadpool 2 trailer was a trailer.

  • Heather Mueller
    Heather Mueller 24 分 前

    I never noticed Veruca was bleeding. I’ve seen it a million times.

  • Adventure cuties
    Adventure cuties 24 分 前

    I only watch charlie the chocolate factory..

  • bahri amirool
    bahri amirool 26 分 前

    judge matpat from gmm episode 😂😂

  • Yoona Kim
    Yoona Kim 26 分 前

    I actually laughed out loud ad 4:05 cuz out of all things mat pat could have said about the factory, it was ceiling height XDDD

  • PineapplePhone
    PineapplePhone 27 分 前

    Why do you think he doesn't let anybody in?

  • Emir Bilgili
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  • dor shushan
    dor shushan 27 分 前

    A theory for people who are fun at partys

  • Gregory Meggs
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    D chzzfxxx,bzndkf#¥.¥#.¥#.¥#+}&49}\¥#|+#.%•.¥#4@lgtlzktztlzlf4@f&¥}ro@(&;😞😰krltkf&;0z&:s£d@#•.¥

  • avid player
    avid player 28 分 前

    Osha didn't exist back then...

  • ST_owl
    ST_owl 28 分 前

    what dose nsfw actually mean

  • Dankerbooper
    Dankerbooper 28 分 前

    You realize that the chocolate river could just be for decorations...

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    Number 1 on trending

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    valerie boyd 28 分 前

    It is just a movie no big deal I like it

  • FastEd2
    FastEd2 29 分 前

    Given the size and scope of the Factory, which extends for bazillons of miles underground, I don't think Wonka's short on cash. Next theory do an estimation of his Value and see if he could afford to pay off all these fines.

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  • AJdragonslayer
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    now I want chocolate.

  • Eddie Murray
    Eddie Murray 29 分 前

    Hi mat pat can you guys play overwatch it would be realy cool even if you don't see this your videos are amazing keep up your work

  • SoftAngst
    SoftAngst 29 分 前

    Damn, matpat can sing

  • Eileen ang
    Eileen ang 29 分 前

    Hmm reference nice

  • LazarusSweet
    LazarusSweet 29 分 前

    Is this cinemasins?

  • Tom Ryan
    Tom Ryan 30 分 前

    9:32 lol i thought it said furnage

  • Andrew Adricatico
    Andrew Adricatico 30 分 前

    Just pretend it’s in China
    Life is worthless there lmao and I’ve seen it on JPclips plenty of times
    Gruesome death all the time

  • onur97able
    onur97able 30 分 前

    There goes matpat ruining our childhood as usual
    Its like this is daily routine

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    1 on trending

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    reed gomez 30 分 前

    Some really fun law names here...

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    What about the musical

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    Hurray! Bonus STRIKE

  • Lezien
    Lezien 31 分 前

    Unless I am thinking of the new movie it wasn't soap in the movie it was soda fizz

  • Jaxxx x
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    Jigsaw and WillyWonka
    Never knowing where we're going

  • Psycoidol
    Psycoidol 32 分 前

    I loved Charlie and the chocolate factory whene I was 8. I read the dutch version of the book and watched the movie on TV.

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    A Brown 32 分 前

    #1 on trending

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    #1 on Trending?! That's awesome!!! It's not often I find videos that interest me on number #1 on Trending!!! :D

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    Jesus its a movie matpat

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    #1 on trending oof noice

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    Stop trying to ruin everyone's childhood

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    Number 1 on trending =)

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    #1 on trending!! I'm so proud of you!!!!

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    #1 on trending

    good job

  • lolpop poplol
    lolpop poplol 34 分 前

    The golden ticket really is a scam because he knows the factory is going to get shut down, so he needs some money for retirement and with everyone buying chocolate bars to find the golden ticket. He's making money

  • IpodKing Carter
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    Goddammit Jews. First you start the Bolshevik Revolution, then you dominate mass media, etc. But I digress, I do enjoy Matpats videos.

  • recall gamer
    recall gamer 35 分 前

    The time period is in the great depression when these regulations were not there

  • Luke Dries
    Luke Dries 35 分 前

    Theory: the incredible s are the descendants of Elsa and the princessf from tangled

  • Ala Potato
    Ala Potato 35 分 前 +1

    Something completely unrelated

    When all of us are created unique and special then does that mean we are all normal?? 🤔🤔🤔

  • Eric Steiburg
    Eric Steiburg 35 分 前

    I always thought it was like futuramas parody of this. Where the tour group goes through i fake factory and the real factory is hidden and not part of the tour.

  • Tom Ryan
    Tom Ryan 35 分 前

    im scared

    • Felipe Aviles
      Felipe Aviles 31 分 前

      You are a pussy no one wants you fat shit

  • Yuu Yui
    Yuu Yui 35 分 前

    Willy Wonka just doesn't care

  • Last Resort
    Last Resort 36 分 前

    And I thought it was going to be about how Charlie got the golden ticket and how Wonkas employees had been stalking him with the precision of the Paperrassi! I tried every combination of spellings and did not have the will to look up paperazzi . see I used another combination there ! :-)

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    Number one on trending! Nice job mat pat keep going viral

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    Good job number 1 on trending right now

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    Yeah I know right, Willy Wonka is definitely the scariest horror movie i've ever seen. Sorry what was that? (...) THE F*CK DO YOU MEAN IT'S NOT A HORROR MOVIE!!!

  • Bio-error 1d10t: User unable to create name.

    There's a massive hole in this theory, you guys! Couldn't charlie just fix everything?

  • Piggyz 4 ever
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  • Andrew Adricatico
    Andrew Adricatico 38 分 前

    Yea this is great and all, but you act like Hershey hasn’t done way worse
    Or actually any clothing company.. or any giant shady company hmm

  • Julia Rodriguez
    Julia Rodriguez 39 分 前

    1 like = 1 OSHA violation code on willy wonka

  • Cassy Sida
    Cassy Sida 40 分 前

    I literally rewatched this movie yesterdayyyy

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    #1 on trending okaaayy MatPat I see you. Congrats Team Theorist.

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    congrats on trending!

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    FREE Tommy Robinson!

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    Lol, I was literally watching this movie a few days ago.

  • [808s] Enderking808
    [808s] Enderking808 41 分 前

    I was surfing the deep web earlier and I found something seriously f*cked up shit I found things from NSFW to 666 ways to kill children with food now I'm scared

  • Emil Khojayev
    Emil Khojayev 41 分 前

    Make a theory on the solo movie

  • Synthra Official
    Synthra Official 41 分 前

    Those poor actors...

  • Sloan Porter
    Sloan Porter 42 分 前

    Loved it. One of your best episodes. Keep it up.

  • Alice K sipes
    Alice K sipes 42 分 前

    Willy wonka is in a alt universe so we dont know if osha act had passed or not.

  • Mathass_de_cafe u.u
    Mathass_de_cafe u.u 42 分 前

    3:18 Look ! there are guard rails !

  • tokyogarden225
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  • Jinxnoodle
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    I took a 10 hour osha test last week, I’m having flashbacks

  • - Lock -
    - Lock - 42 分 前

    But if you're an international chocolate distributor, would it really matter if you got a few mulit-million fines? He could probably still get affected by them, but would it REALLY affect him THAT much? I still liked the theory tho.

  • Mickspad
    Mickspad 42 分 前

    Okay, cool, when are we getting the Tim Button version of this episode?

  • Ochinman
    Ochinman 42 分 前

    But oompa loompers are small and arn't human!

  • Aimee Machell
    Aimee Machell 43 分 前

    Childhood *KABOOM!*

    Bye bye

  • sandeman1776
    sandeman1776 43 分 前

    You've uncovered the greatest conspiracy of mankind. You're gonna end up swimming with the Swedish Fishes. Lol

  • 마블러스Marvelous

    Bro it was freakin remade i watched the movie its great XD yes go grandpaa(#Myfavistyegrandpa)

  • musikSkool
    musikSkool 44 分 前

    This OSHA stuff just makes it a more touching passing of the torch. This is the new world that we live in, we are the ones that have to follow the new rules. And we will be better for them. He was the old world, and he couldn't handle the new methods, he needed someone with the energy and flexibility to do things a new way, a better way. I don't want body parts in my chocolate, nor do I want people to have to die for me to get fat. Move out of the way gramps, and give me more guardrails!

  • The anonymous Hacker

    My childhood....

  • OneBizarreKai
    OneBizarreKai 44 分 前

    can I just say that this makes way more sense that my initial impression of the plot

  • TheCheseWzrd
    TheCheseWzrd 44 分 前

    26.1 Million..thats fucking nothing.

  • MetaHoshi
    MetaHoshi 44 分 前

    Looks like Charlie gets fuckes the most out of all the kids. Who knew. Oh wait Family Guy.

  • Mouamle Hassan
    Mouamle Hassan 44 分 前

    my favorite part is the end they should name themselves the look good feel good club hrmph

  • Amoeba for you bro
    Amoeba for you bro 45 分 前

    Who here has always been majorly creeped out by Wonka?

  • Hidden Colours
    Hidden Colours 45 分 前

    There goes my favourite childhood movie and book. Thanks a lot MatPat. I thought we friends.

  • Karel Vellet
    Karel Vellet 45 分 前

    I loved the book and the modern movie

  • DollLegendz
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    Lol! I get an add about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory The Musical! Just before a theory about this movie! XD

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    Congratulations on first on trending!!!

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    0:14 we know by the freakin title XD.