The New iPhone Part 2: iPhone 11

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  • narekoh
    narekoh 日 前 +1

    And i still got it lmaoo

  • John Andrew
    John Andrew 日 前

    You're right!

  • Kou Lor
    Kou Lor 日 前

    How bout this fucking iPhone 11 let us play JPclips when the screen is closed

  • Noobis
    Noobis 日 前

    Buy a Samsung galaxy s10
    Trust me you'll like it

    If you still want imessage and shit, get an ipad

  • rox rox
    rox rox 日 前

    Whahahahahahaa i cant 😂😂 cured my depression for real

  • 1vanWasHere
    1vanWasHere 日 前

    IPhone 69 xx UWU edition

  • Stanislav Vdovicenco

    a truth for squerels iphoners.

  • Alexander Hamilton
    Alexander Hamilton 2 日 前

    1:24 is when the teacher asks me a question in math =/

  • M Detlef
    M Detlef 2 日 前

    RACIST PIG DOG!!! Wearing BLONDE hair!!!!!!

  • Poop Brain
    Poop Brain 2 日 前

    the only thing iphone 11 is missing are eight legs 🕷

  • Shrawanti Shukla
    Shrawanti Shukla 2 日 前

    A JPclipsr named Ashish chanchlani is copying your content on a large scale

  • Kevin Juncal
    Kevin Juncal 3 日 前

    Te amo

  • kmoorethegoat
    kmoorethegoat 3 日 前


  • Isaac agada
    Isaac agada 3 日 前

    Lmao this guy is too good

  • Curr3nt1yAFK
    Curr3nt1yAFK 3 日 前 +1

    Guys I hear the iPhone 12 has a camera too

  • GG ghostking
    GG ghostking 3 日 前

    I have an note 9 i aint never switching im woke son

  • Kameron Hamilton
    Kameron Hamilton 3 日 前

    Wow those glasses make his eyes look extra gelatinous

  • Peace Tranquility
    Peace Tranquility 3 日 前

    What's new with this one? 🤣 The way he said it

  • Paka14
    Paka14 3 日 前

    My friend once said that every person in Griffy's videos is Griffy himself. Damn, he's silly as hell. Then how would he change his hair to blonde? Dumb bitch.

  • lllllllllllll
    lllllllllllll 3 日 前

    What’s a retina display?

  • Curly hair Huncho
    Curly hair Huncho 3 日 前

    0:24 *•* Your right... he’s absolutely right. New is overrated. 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Ex Ample
    Ex Ample 4 日 前

    So do I call it the iCamera or the iPhone 11?

  • Slush Puppy
    Slush Puppy 4 日 前

    2 weeks? THATS A LATE RELEASE???😂😂

  • The Dragon Legault
    The Dragon Legault 4 日 前

    So accurate

  • Taj Overton
    Taj Overton 4 日 前

    Whats an iphone?

  • Mind Yours
    Mind Yours 4 日 前

    That ending killed me. "2 weeks?! That's a Late Release!" Lol

  • D Sizzle
    D Sizzle 4 日 前

    “With a camera” 😂

  • Kloncey
    Kloncey 4 日 前

    He should've said "I-shirt" and "I-tip" instead of T-shirt and Q-tip

  • B-doe - ThatsHowitBdoe

    “That’s a LATE release” 😅😂😂

  • Shigella Syphilis
    Shigella Syphilis 4 日 前

    Griffy:Iphone 12 will be release next 2 weeks
    Audience: 2 weeks is too long
    This got me HAHAHA

  • Someguy
    Someguy 4 日 前

    Where's that one android guy?

  • Eco Blitz
    Eco Blitz 4 日 前

    Just saying... apple’s new chip is the fastest cpu and gpu. Great vid tho

    • Mailbox
      Mailbox 4 日 前

      That's great
      Their phones still suck though

  • Cahya Jakasatwika
    Cahya Jakasatwika 4 日 前

    0:22 is the funniest

  • Vemis
    Vemis 4 日 前


  • Islander Brand
    Islander Brand 4 日 前

    Where is the yelling part at ?

  • Bobe Sansom
    Bobe Sansom 4 日 前

    Its a Iphone 11 with a camera 😂😂😂

  • Ed Ar
    Ed Ar 4 日 前

    “What’s a Retina Displa-“
    “I DON’T FUCKING KNOW 🤷🏻‍♂️” 😂

  • Ad Mrvlls
    Ad Mrvlls 4 日 前

    "Its an Iphone with a camera, we dont do new. What is that even mean?"
    "He's right, he's absolutely right"

  • Ayee Jay
    Ayee Jay 5 日 前

    iPhone 50 finna be a box with a charger in it 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Dimple_doll
    Dimple_doll 5 日 前 +1

    bruh, i stg. WHAT ABOUT WHEN IM 20 YEARS OLD. IPHONES FINNA BE LIKE 3000 DOLLARS THE FUCK. 😗The price goes up so much more every phone and these doofus's want to make 2 in about less than a year or two, smfh.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 5 日 前

    Am I the only one who thought he was cosplaying as Yosuke Hanamura?

  • Trae Jenkins
    Trae Jenkins 5 日 前

    “The best is yet to come”
    Like when you see it

  • Bridgette Levi
    Bridgette Levi 5 日 前


  • Iss Me
    Iss Me 5 日 前

  • Eder Cruz
    Eder Cruz 5 日 前

    "Two weeks!? that's a late release!" hahahha

  •  5 日 前


  • Ungster_22
    Ungster_22 5 日 前

    i wrote this comment on an 𝒾𝒫𝒽𝑜𝓃𝑒 𝒳ℛ 𝓌𝒾𝓉𝒽 𝒶 𝒸𝒶𝓂𝑒𝓇𝒶

  • gRiM
    gRiM 5 日 前

    Been the same phone since the 6

  • Jasmine K
    Jasmine K 5 日 前

    Apple needs to chill out new phones coming out too fast smh I’m still stuck with my 7

  • Pvt. Yusuflad
    Pvt. Yusuflad 5 日 前

    So know one is gonna know about my comment in part 1?

  • Mixed Features
    Mixed Features 5 日 前


  • Arnav Mandal
    Arnav Mandal 5 日 前 +1

    Apples still better

  • jack bim
    jack bim 5 日 前

    2 weeks is late release

  • jack bim
    jack bim 5 日 前

    I don’t fucking know 😂

  • Matthew Fetalino
    Matthew Fetalino 5 日 前

    this should be on facebook😂

  • Tobibik Svobo
    Tobibik Svobo 5 日 前

    Awesome like always 😍😂

  • Sauc E
    Sauc E 5 日 前

    I like all of ur videos except this one, so predictable and unoriginal

    • Mailbox
      Mailbox 4 日 前

      Did you not see the *PART 2* in the title?

  • Doyahn Stewart-Risby

    Griffy on point with these iPhone vids 😂😂😂

  • Namuli
    Namuli 5 日 前

    I’ll take 5 plus the t shirt and qtip