Disney's Aladdin Official Trailer - In Theaters May 24!

  • に公開 2019/03/12
  • A thrilling and vibrant live-action adaptation of Disney’s animated classic, “Aladdin” is the exciting tale of the charming street rat Aladdin, the courageous and self-determined Princess Jasmine and the Genie who may be the key to their future. Directed by Guy Ritchie, who brings his singular flair for fast-paced, visceral action to the fictitious port city of Agrabah, “Aladdin” is written by John August and Ritchie based on Disney’s “Aladdin.” The film stars Will Smith as the Genie; Mena Massoud as Aladdin; Naomi Scott as Jasmine; Marwan Kenzari as Jafar; Navid Negahban as the Sultan; Nasim Pedrad as Dalia and Billy Magnussen as Prince Anders.

    “Aladdin” is produced by Dan Lin, p.g.a., and Jonathan Eirich, p.g.a., with Kevin De La Noy and Marc Platt serving as executive producers. Eight-time Academy Award®-winning composer Alan Menken provides the score, which includes new recordings of the original songs written by Menken and Oscar®-winning lyricists Howard Ashman and Tim Rice and includes two new songs written by Menken and lyrics by Oscar and Tony Award®-winning songwriters Benj Pasek and Justin Paul.

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  • Victor Ibarra
    Victor Ibarra 6 分 前 +1

    Victor Ibarra as Aladdin
    Jaclyn Carr as Princess Jasmine
    Spider-Man/Peter Parker as The Magic Carpet

  • Melanie Meegan
    Melanie Meegan 26 分 前

    *beauty and the beast has left the chat*

  • MsKoki57
    MsKoki57 29 分 前

    Loved it.. Went in with my girl, wishing Disney don't spoil my childhood joy and wish was granted. Naomi Scott is like younger Catherine Zeta Jones

  • N.Srinivasa Rao
    N.Srinivasa Rao 31 分 前

    Wonderful. Visual treat.

  • Hey Hi
    Hey Hi 32 分 前

    This movie was amazing. Will Smith did a lot better than I thought he would. The scenes were beautiful and the whole movie in general was just wow. I highly recommend it.

  • Marcos Pedroza
    Marcos Pedroza 39 分 前

    this is the best movie

  • Taajwar Pope
    Taajwar Pope 45 分 前

    Aladdin was nostalgic, epic, and phenomenal. I saw it at marianna cinemas, today.💎💎💎💎😊😊😊😊👏👏👏👏👏👏🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • Kanchan Singh
    Kanchan Singh 54 分 前

    Hardcore bollywood shit

  • Maheshma rai
    Maheshma rai 55 分 前 +1

    or yahan aladin ke naam pe hag diya hai sony ne

  • Hunkasaurus Panta
    Hunkasaurus Panta 時間 前

    Please don't go by other's opinions....This movie is just like the animated version.....and u won't be disappointed

  • Dalal
    Dalal 時間 前

    I thought Aladdin was set in Arabia, still confused why there are many Indian aspects to it like the clothings, the buildings and the elephants. I really hoped the directors would put more emphasis on the Arab culture rather than mixing it with the Indian one. However, i am excited to see this movie, it seems like it has high potentials.

  • Farhana Jefry
    Farhana Jefry 時間 前

    I just watched this movie last night and IT IS BY FAR THE BEST LIVE ACTION DISNEY MOVIE EVER!!!!

  • Taehyung V
    Taehyung V 時間 前

    just watched this last night..and it was amazing❤️❤️disney never really dissapoints❤️❤️

  • Mica Laguinlin
    Mica Laguinlin 時間 前


  • Liễu nhi 2710
    Liễu nhi 2710 時間 前

    Phim siêu hay nhé các bạn . Diễn viên siêu đẹp

  • Emerald
    Emerald 時間 前

    This was a good movie!

  • Khan Ahmed
    Khan Ahmed 時間 前

    movie is awesome love it

  • Dinesh Bellamkonda
    Dinesh Bellamkonda 時間 前 +1

    Awesome movie ...I enjoyed a lot

  • Yuanliang Meng
    Yuanliang Meng 時間 前 +1

    According to the original work, Aladdin is in China.

  • Frank Fisher
    Frank Fisher 時間 前

    On 525 19 me and my wife went watch this movie it was awesome especially when you're eatables go watch it

  • sofi taboada
    sofi taboada 2 時間 前 +1

    The "Yo SeEn My PaLaCe?" Dude is so underrated

  • Khor Khye Wei
    Khor Khye Wei 2 時間 前 +1

    Too bad sora didnt came to beat jafar's ass

  • alehandra yunita
    alehandra yunita 2 時間 前 +1

    10/10 i wanna watch it twice

  • AlexLolBye
    AlexLolBye 2 時間 前



  • Sky Phoenix Chua
    Sky Phoenix Chua 2 時間 前 +1

    I watched this already. They changed a few scenes but it was still as amazing

  • Siti Nurshovah
    Siti Nurshovah 2 時間 前

    Bolehkah saya mengajak keponakan saya yang berumur 4 tahun untuk menonton ini? 😁

  • Sonu Kumar
    Sonu Kumar 2 時間 前

    hero face bundle alahadin

  • 28230812 SS
    28230812 SS 2 時間 前 +1

    Perfect casting and definitely my fav disney live actiob

  • Ryan clr
    Ryan clr 3 時間 前

    _Im having goosebumps_

  • Sugani Suganthan
    Sugani Suganthan 3 時間 前 +1

    This was by far the best Disney live action I've seen, loved it. The soundtrack, amazing cast and stunning cinematography was so unexpected and definitely worth the watch. I honestly thought this wouldn't do the original justice, but it did and had added twists! Loved Jasmine's empowering character and the movie was both magical and hilarious. Had goosebumps from the beginning to the end -go and watch it! :)

  • RavenclawWarlock Pie
    RavenclawWarlock Pie 3 時間 前

    Still pissed that she isn’t Arabic or at least middle eastern.

  • Big FbGt
    Big FbGt 3 時間 前 +1

    Is alladin come from Wadiya?

  • A MN
    A MN 3 時間 前

    Robbie rotten would of been a better Jaffa than this dude

  • Athena Queen
    Athena Queen 3 時間 前 +1

    Nice movie!! I watched it last night

  • Daniyal haider
    Daniyal haider 3 時間 前

    Isse acha..... Pakistani actress hai aik jo bilkul jasmine ki tarha lagti cartoon wali usko le lety 😂

  • Analyn Adarayan
    Analyn Adarayan 4 時間 前

    Very nice.

  • Rosy Zamora
    Rosy Zamora 4 時間 前

    This movie or John wick chapters 3

  • Just Random
    Just Random 4 時間 前 +1


  • kiera nastasya
    kiera nastasya 4 時間 前

    abuuuu i miss u

  • Georgia Dawg
    Georgia Dawg 4 時間 前

    This movie sucked so bad . The acting sucked will Smith ruined the genie bad decision this wasn’t suppose to be a try comedy 🤦🏼‍♂️ the girl couldn’t act worth a damn very disappointing the cave of wonders mouth didn’t move 🤣🤣 lord please don’t make another

    • Georgia Dawg
      Georgia Dawg 時間 前

      April M; or you just don’t know what a good movie is

    • April M;
      April M; 2 時間 前

      +Georgia Dawg yeah but your opinion sucks

    • Georgia Dawg
      Georgia Dawg 4 時間 前

      Everyone has own opinions..

    • MS 1997
      MS 1997 4 時間 前 +1

      Majority of people disagree.. this movie is actually really really good. Prince Ali was so good and amazing...

  • xXOfficialgamergirlX x
    xXOfficialgamergirlX x 5 時間 前

    I’m going to go watch it in a half an hour!!!

  • Felipe Rico
    Felipe Rico 5 時間 前 +1

    It was hilariously "Jams" live-action Aladdin film I had ever seen. It's very danky, funny acting, Will Smith is hilariously CG over the top cringy, and it felt like a cheesy fest based on the popular Disney film with the 90's animated series.
    Sorry guys and to Disney fans who adored every boring live-action versions that they invested, ...was Arabian epic dank adventure. 🙃

  • Nanda Pratama
    Nanda Pratama 5 時間 前

    where can i find the "a whole new world" song like in this trailer version?
    in the movie is more like an indian song tune, not really like it

    • Truth
      Truth 時間 前

      Download it from old Alladin (1992) movie in English & in hindi version Sonu Nigam sung it. Search on youtube "A whole new world" from Alladin 1992 English/hindi

  • Paige Rowley
    Paige Rowley 5 時間 前

    I watched adventures of aladdin and was really disapointed in it didnt have the monkey or flying carpet and i thought that was the new aladin movie to find out today that this one is the actual one this one looks amazing and cannot wait to watch

  • A girl's Life with Mishhaa Mahwish


  • Arsvale
    Arsvale 5 時間 前

    Arabian Night

  • khadija. Fattahi.79
    khadija. Fattahi.79 5 時間 前 +1

    Some scenes similar with Tangled...😄😄

  • Eric Hammond
    Eric Hammond 5 時間 前

    I can't wait for Aladdin

  • moutedesann
    moutedesann 5 時間 前

    Before watching the movie, i had doubts. BUT when I watched it, Damn! My fave Disney live action movie by far! ❤️ Magical, nostalgic and the 2 main characters' (Meena and Naomi) CHEMISTRY. IZZZ OOZZING 😍❤️

  • Shelea Jefferson
    Shelea Jefferson 5 時間 前

    I give this movie a 10 through 100%

  • Sarah Gloria
    Sarah Gloria 5 時間 前

    is there somewhere i can watch it online??

    • Jonathon Fyck
      Jonathon Fyck 5 時間 前

      Watch it here w0.0123movieshub.sc/movie/aladdin-2019-3f05/watching/?ep=1

  • Peyton Sacapano
    Peyton Sacapano 5 時間 前

    Just watched his movie and man Aladdin is one good looking guy 😍😍😍

  • 10k subs with under 10 vids challenge

    "I'm a genie in a bottle you gotta rub me the right way" and then I'll be *Will* ing to come out

  • Μαρία Παπατζανάκη

    It is worth seeing is very good movie

  • xoxo layya
    xoxo layya 5 時間 前 +1


  • rebel guy
    rebel guy 6 時間 前

    Wow man . Childhood memories ... cant wait to see it with modern cgi tecnology .

    NICHOLSONS atPLAY 6 時間 前

    btw Aladdin was amazing more Bollywood then middle east and a few things here and there like jafar or ''sexy'' jafar was the wrong choice and the castle was an odd set up other then that it was freaken awesome Alladin Movie

  • diana prado
    diana prado 6 時間 前

    For those thinking that it won’t be as good as the original, trust me it’s so good!!! The cast is amazing! And so many scenes give you goosebumps, I walked out of the theater wanting to see it again

  • rohini ag
    rohini ag 6 時間 前

    Music should hve been made by T series

  • Curry Russell
    Curry Russell 7 時間 前

    Total garbage... Ruined Aladdin

  • Haya Ahmad
    Haya Ahmad 7 時間 前 +1

    *The really went from Robin* fucking *Williams To this* -_-

  • Bishal Nath
    Bishal Nath 7 時間 前

    it would have been tara sutaria.she is 😍

    BANAT ARI 7 時間 前

    ~Aladdin2019~ filme available * t.co/o3hFw1R7EO?moalkendor-4k

    It's very funny with a little bit of drama. Felt like true story even though fantsay good comedy humor and action
    as well as story line. has a mixture of funny,fun,crazy,cool moments.

  • Monkey D Sparrow
    Monkey D Sparrow 7 時間 前

    Too many songs ruined the movie a little bit. I can't enjoy it when you interrupt the movie every two minutes for a song. But still a good movie though.

  • gnana prakash
    gnana prakash 7 時間 前

    I watched it and ABSOLUTELY loved it. I would watch it again if possible. As soon as the ARABIAN NIGHTS song starts, I got excited. Such a sucker for that vibe, HAHA. Will, Naomi and Mena were great. Instead of matching Robin Williams, Will did his own thing which was great. Beautiful new song addition "SPEECHLESS" was emotional. Don't listen to haters. Go and see it without any preconceived notion. You will ENJOY it.

  • Imi Bee
    Imi Bee 7 時間 前

    "Yes Jams! Yam Jams! Date Jams.....delicious...ex...exotic jams?"
    "In my 10 000 years I've never been so embarrassed."

  • Labot.234
    Labot.234 7 時間 前

    ok, just watched the movie.. thoughts on the characters similarity (to the classic '92 Aladdin):
    I can accept the genie with will smith, kinda reminds me of fresh prince of bel air :D
    Princess jasmine?gorgeous!
    Aladdin? hmm... not too sure.. Mena Massoud has a very odd smiling, not quite resemble the Aladdin from the classic Aladdin movie.. but still ok
    Jafar?? this one, im very disappointed.. Marwan Kenzari? he's not even close to Jafar.. He looks like any common guy forced to looks like a super evil villain.. And he looks too young for that role.. I'd say Ben Kingsley would've been an excellent choice

    But overall, 7.5/10 from me.. nice movie adaptation!

    • gnana prakash
      gnana prakash 7 時間 前

      Then again Ben is 75 and she is 26.

    • gnana prakash
      gnana prakash 7 時間 前

      Ben Kingsley - That exactly was my thought too lol. Especially for that nose.

    TYLER MOOR 7 時間 前


  • Girija Giri
    Girija Giri 7 時間 前

    Alladin famous known truth fantasy.many thought this is the concept from Arabia .But there is no proper proof .Arabian knights stories with great wisdom.truth is truth .truth is for sharing truth.As per indian wisdom this is about kundalini.yoga means union .one with universal soul.genie is the Maya illusion of nature.tempteations are natural locks of soul.freedom is selfless Ness .the journey of inner wisdom.microcosm in macrocosm.many adopted Asian wisdom as many stories.writer is the bramha means who creates this illusion like universal brain.a man who will earn dream by sleeping.art what will make us wake from dream of illusion.great work Disney . congratulations to everyone.

  • Lisas Flavours
    Lisas Flavours 7 時間 前

    For tasty recipes watch lisas flavours

  • Julia Eskola
    Julia Eskola 7 時間 前 +3

    I watched this movie today and it was


  • Abhilash Siddegowda
    Abhilash Siddegowda 7 時間 前 +1

    Amazing movie.. Music and making especially in 3D looks great.. Feeling like watching it again

  • Luna G.
    Luna G. 8 時間 前

    Can we say auto tuned singing. I don't get this. If these movies are suppose to be live action, why does it feel like 90 percent is CGI

  • Dipesh Soni
    Dipesh Soni 8 時間 前

    Reminded me prince of persia but but here is genie

  • g. p
    g. p 8 時間 前 +1

    I just watched the movie it is 👌👌👌 omg actually you need to watch it

  • Reshmita Kutti
    Reshmita Kutti 8 時間 前

    Just watched the movie !!!it was so worth it 👌the actors ,singers , musicians,dancers ,makeup artists ,directors, script writers , people responsible for the props ,and everyone else has done a great job ! Hats off to the OUTSTANDING performance that they've given us 👏👏👏

  • Akshay palazhi
    Akshay palazhi 8 時間 前

    Guys എന്താ നിങ്ങളുടെ അഭിപ്രായം

  • Sachin Suryawanshi
    Sachin Suryawanshi 8 時間 前

    I loved Vidya Balan's role...So bautiful👌😍

  • Jesse and Laura Stapleton

    Everyone keeps saying that they think this isn’t gonna be that good of a movie and I’m just like “Are you guys watching the same trailer as me?”

  • Vansh Sharma
    Vansh Sharma 8 時間 前

    Nic movie

  • aku dia
    aku dia 9 時間 前

    0:53 aaaaahhh. Thats hot

  • Shah Jahan
    Shah Jahan 9 時間 前

    Nice movie

  • Raja Venkatesh
    Raja Venkatesh 9 時間 前

    Love u venky sir from Telugu cinima industry....

  • Raja Venkatesh
    Raja Venkatesh 9 時間 前 +1

    We r from India, particularly in Telugu industry love u venky sir, venky sir voice dubbing to jeenie in Telugu language...

  • Nadia Pinto
    Nadia Pinto 9 時間 前

    I already saw it, it's very good!

  • Khusnul Marom
    Khusnul Marom 9 時間 前

    Just watched the movie, Bali, Indonesia...

  • Raaz Rz
    Raaz Rz 9 時間 前 +1

    Watching after movie see the trailer plz like

  • Dondon H
    Dondon H 9 時間 前

    watched it yesterday, love it, though, it was focused more to the genie, i guess will smith demanded for a more exposure and billing.

  • annanya swathi
    annanya swathi 9 時間 前

    Today we saw the movie.. Its fantabulous. Loved it.. Fantasy, adventorous ,dance , song, love, comedy , acting all are fantastic. Loved it.

  • dOiOb
    dOiOb 9 時間 前 +1

    I’m so excited for this! Aladdin is one of my fave Disney movies! We need a tangled and Mulan live action tho.

  • Obed Franco
    Obed Franco 9 時間 前

    Aladdin es peor

  • Sagar R
    Sagar R 9 時間 前

    90's Kids.
    Yeah he is our hero Aladdin.

  • Ethan Jones
    Ethan Jones 9 時間 前

    This movie is awesome

  • Títí & Nia
    Títí & Nia 9 時間 前

    I have to see this 😃😃😃

  • Birday
    Birday 9 時間 前 +3

    I came for 'the whole new world' song, and came back with a literal whole new world. This is one of the best movie I've ever watched for real, 10/10

  • Mary. A
    Mary. A 9 時間 前

    Remi malek should of been Aladdin 😞

  • n Guitges
    n Guitges 9 時間 前 +1

    Who else immediately watch the trailer again after watching the movie lmao

  • Jemima Khan
    Jemima Khan 9 時間 前 +2

    just watched this movie. I *love* it!
    hit *LIKE* if you’ve watched it to? 👇🏼

  • auva islami
    auva islami 10 時間 前

    amazing bagdah in 800 ago

  • Sumina Shrestha
    Sumina Shrestha 10 時間 前

    The best so different than any other .. it was really a whole new world in the movie..😍😍