Honest Trailers - Avengers: Infinity War


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  • Screen Junkies
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    Pitch us some Honest Names for the heroes we didn't fit into the starring section!

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    • Iron Soup
      Iron Soup 時間 前

      Michael's Jackson Sparkly Glove as the Infinity Gauntlet.

    • Joshua Perez
      Joshua Perez 時間 前

      Screen Junkies "hawk house arrest"

    • Joshua Perez
      Joshua Perez 時間 前

      captain see you in the next movie

    • Joshua Perez
      Joshua Perez 時間 前

      "too tiny,too luney to fit in this all together movie (antman/wasp)

    • Joshua Perez
      Joshua Perez 時間 前

      Screen Junkies Hawkeye should of been in the movie

  • karim azeddine
    karim azeddine 40 分 前

    I died at the dustice league part

  • Russian Waffles
    Russian Waffles 41 分 前 +1

    And also they’ve already announced Dr. Strange 2. So he’s not staying dead.

  • gold plays moded games

    I love this dude he so funny 😄😆😂😋

  • Alexander Lehigh
    Alexander Lehigh 45 分 前 +1

    The lesson is, if you've got enough ambition to accomplish something, you'll turn a different color as a reward.

  • McHaven07
    McHaven07 45 分 前

    can't believe you didn't mention how badass thor was! come on! dafuq!

  • Spynix
    Spynix 46 分 前

    Top trending boyyz

  • wealthy dak
    wealthy dak 49 分 前


  • gold plays moded games

    Look at that movie that so much movie

  • Polina Sutyrina
    Polina Sutyrina 49 分 前

    4:37 ALAN

  • vasco1s
    vasco1s 51 分 前

    Please say: I am really Deadpool!

  • Sanjay Bhat
    Sanjay Bhat 54 分 前

    Honest trailer of the Meg movie!!

  • vasco1s
    vasco1s 55 分 前

    Honest Trailer For Deadpool 2 Please!

  • Dylan Duperron
    Dylan Duperron 55 分 前

    Also missing Hawkeye

  • Gameyapa
    Gameyapa 56 分 前

    Please shoutout me

  • Joe4
    Joe4 58 分 前

    Please say: "He'll be OK. He blows up all the time."

  • Deviant Replicant
    Deviant Replicant 58 分 前

    Haha soft roast like The Last Jedi... afraid to upset all the Marvel fan girls are we?

  • foosheezoo
    foosheezoo 59 分 前

    Do Shazam ⚡️

  • Joe4
    Joe4 59 分 前

    Please say: "You know, my crimes against humanity just completely slipped my mind."

  • Joe4
    Joe4 59 分 前

    Please say: "I have just insulted the macaroni and cheese recipe of a whale! What part of that is not evil?"

  • Joe4
    Joe4 時間 前

    Please say: "How has your day been progressing?"

  • Joe4
    Joe4 時間 前

    Please say: "When there's no cops around, anything's legal!"

  • Ariana jordan
    Ariana jordan 時間 前

    Hawkeye...’s name

  • Tony Ynot
    Tony Ynot 時間 前

    *I got 20 of the Superman comic books that's in the black sleeve, wonder what they're worth hmm*

  • The Driver
    The Driver 時間 前 +1

    That breaking bad joke was amazing

  • TheBigRedFireBreathingRubberDucky

    Please say,” mr stark I don’t feel so good”

  • Joshua Perez
    Joshua Perez 時間 前

    say I'm stone cold Steve thanos!!!!!!

  • Koalamonkey
    Koalamonkey 時間 前


  • Joshua Perez
    Joshua Perez 時間 前

    omg you had me rolling with the Alan dust!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Chuck Connex
    Chuck Connex 時間 前

    There’s a safe reason why the Netflix heroes didn’t show up.
    Who’s ready for Daredevil Season 3

  • Grapefruit Pineapple

    Why didn't Thanos use his power to double the amount of food in the Universe? Wouldn't that have been easier?

  • Garret Schinkel
    Garret Schinkel 時間 前

    What does the so much movie thing mean?

  • Olivia Shero
    Olivia Shero 時間 前

    Why aren't you savage anymore?

  • Free Thinker
    Free Thinker 時間 前

    Oh please do Time Bandits (1981)

  • Pao Cortez
    Pao Cortez 時間 前

    I was expecting to laugh but yeah, that never happened... Plus, no mention of Doctor Strange? Seriously??

  • D hutcherson
    D hutcherson 時間 前

    @screen junkies do the great gatsby.

  • 10000 Subs No Videos?

    I came for the sexy thumbnail

  • Ángel Chicas
    Ángel Chicas 時間 前

    Anyone else watching this in 2027?

  • moussaoui moatez
    moussaoui moatez 時間 前 +1

    5:00 everyone joins the battle

  • Dom Grégoire
    Dom Grégoire 時間 前

    I think they are just going to come back in the next one, like someone takes the guntlet and revive them or something

  • Mr Lawson
    Mr Lawson 時間 前

    ok..the "my gamora" got me...lol

  • Billy b
    Billy b 時間 前

    And i helped

  • Poems by the Pound
    Poems by the Pound 時間 前

    Only ashes and blood will remain

  • SteventheThorn
    SteventheThorn 時間 前

    So good

  • EnderFive5
    EnderFive5 時間 前


  • Jack Muise
    Jack Muise 時間 前

    0:03 nah this rated s for snap

  • Sleepii
    Sleepii 時間 前 +3

    I wish they add Kratos into this movie

  • Stephanie Harvey
    Stephanie Harvey 時間 前

    Wasn’t that good watched it twice it just had too many people. I keep up with marvel too and it was just kind of everywhere

  • Damar
    Damar 時間 前

    Please Say: Nananabooboo!

  • Master Chief
    Master Chief 時間 前

    Introducing Thanos aka *One Hel oF a Jaw LiNe*

  • Jordan Gate
    Jordan Gate 時間 前

    Best honest trailer yet!!!!!!

  • Rock Is rock
    Rock Is rock 時間 前

    I’ll take the infinity Gauntlet comic from u 😂

  • DarkCeleste11
    DarkCeleste11 時間 前

    Would have been so better if some of the dusted Heroes were the ones whose contracts are up... Instead of the ones who have sequels coming out

  • hemanth sunny
    hemanth sunny 時間 前

    Lol😂😂😂 Dustice league

  • Little Blue
    Little Blue 時間 前

    4:39 I don’t remember that velociraptor in the movie 😆

  • Alex Swan
    Alex Swan 時間 前

    Literaly didn't mention black widow ONCE

  • mynamejovan
    mynamejovan 時間 前 +1

    I made one video on my channel and I’m proud

  • Esie Kecil
    Esie Kecil 時間 前

    greates movie,,i like that

  • YoshiCake Studios
    YoshiCake Studios 時間 前

    Can you do an honest trailer for the Rocky movies?

  • ACkinman
    ACkinman 時間 前

    Did Thanos snap their views?

  • Josh Z
    Josh Z 時間 前

    This was pretty weak. I think I laughed once, disappointing.

  • Sigmund Salazar
    Sigmund Salazar 時間 前

    The dustice league

  • Mike Pawling
    Mike Pawling 時間 前

    The Dustice league killed me😂

  • Sith Lord
    Sith Lord 時間 前

    Who thought this was a stand-alone movie?!

  • Wacky Half Baked Biscuits

    This movie was pretty cool man!! I wasn't sure if sticking a bunch of super hero's was a good idea in one movie, but this one is actually awsome!! I enjoyed your vid man!!!

  • Ismail Pio
    Ismail Pio 時間 前

    beards of no nation lol

  • Augusto Chiarello
    Augusto Chiarello 時間 前


  • ttenor12
    ttenor12 時間 前

    "Do do do do do do do do do do
    Mah mah mah my Gamora!"

  • The Reel with Greenhill

    How many voices can honest trailer guy do?!

  • Cuzjudd
    Cuzjudd 時間 前

    Portal Kombat amazing

  • EliteRetribution
    EliteRetribution 時間 前

    Jesus Christ, Marie! They’re minerals!

  • John Iturra
    John Iturra 時間 前

    In your best Paul McCartney voice, please say: "Say, say, saaay"

  • Sam Ahn
    Sam Ahn 時間 前

    Who else got the "he was a one eyed blonde thor flying purple people beater" reference?

  • Hilal H Muhammed
    Hilal H Muhammed 時間 前

    Loki - slightly more dead than the last two times :D:D

  • Xkarox
    Xkarox 時間 前

    No.1 Trending in Canada wooohhh!!

  • Unicorn Dragon
    Unicorn Dragon 時間 前

    that scarlet witch one was amamzing

  • Haydeen 64
    Haydeen 64 時間 前

    She lost her accent to go undercover so she couldn’t be recognized

  • CountryBoy1437
    CountryBoy1437 2 時間 前


  • stawbearmilk
    stawbearmilk 2 時間 前

    6:03 thats actually a pretty good impression

  • pritam kumar
    pritam kumar 2 時間 前

    They forgot black widow

  • QueenDeeForever
    QueenDeeForever 2 時間 前

    its lit.

  • v2009ish
    v2009ish 2 時間 前

    please sing a michael jackson song in your voice with music.

  • 111battlefront
    111battlefront 2 時間 前

    This was so unamusing..

  • Quinten Peters
    Quinten Peters 2 時間 前

    Was that Chris at the end?

  • Hamza Khairi
    Hamza Khairi 2 時間 前

    Guardians of the Galaxy got old after 1 movie

  • Grexx Skullz
    Grexx Skullz 2 時間 前

    Do Deadpool 2!!!!!

  • Wholesome Lad
    Wholesome Lad 2 時間 前 +1

    Finally beat Dude perfect

  • Endo Roboto
    Endo Roboto 2 時間 前


  • knightofvictory
    knightofvictory 2 時間 前

    The dustuce league. Hahahhaha like the justice league

  • Sebastian Nebre
    Sebastian Nebre 2 時間 前

    say “I don’t feel so good Mr. Stark”

  • n64ra
    n64ra 2 時間 前

    Is this the second “ Alan” HT?

  • Zervace
    Zervace 2 時間 前

    ANT MAN AND THE WASP!!!!!!!!

  • IAmOreo
    IAmOreo 2 時間 前

    (Job bot enters) Good job human, that’s very *MOVIE*

  • Waxican
    Waxican 2 時間 前

    4:38 Why is Blue there?

  • Daniel Paterson
    Daniel Paterson 2 時間 前

    Why is there a Jurassic Park velociraptor in the background? (4:38)

  • Sage 109
    Sage 109 2 時間 前

    Raptor: I don’t feel so well

  • Jacob Confere
    Jacob Confere 2 時間 前

    Please say, "Life is not about butt-hole pleasures."

  • Damien Darhk
    Damien Darhk 2 時間 前

    Do Teen Titans Go to the Movies now

  • EssentialDrummer
    EssentialDrummer 2 時間 前

    true all of it

  • Hetrogames
    Hetrogames 2 時間 前 +1

    It Was A One Eyed One Horned Purple Flying People Eater