This plane could cross the Atlantic in 3.5 hours. Why did it fail?

  • に公開 2016/07/19
  • The Concorde gave us supersonic transport. But why did this supersonic plane fail? The answer is complicated.
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  • Bartek Pełka
    Bartek Pełka 15 時間 前

    Because DC-10 exists.
    That's why.

  • Cadillac Kingdom
    Cadillac Kingdom 18 時間 前

    The problem with Concorde, is that it was far too small. It needed to have a 300 passenger capacity, so a much wider and a much longer fuselage was needed. I am sure that now in 2018, we would have the technology to build engines that could perform as well as the old Rolls Royce Olympus engines, but use only 60% of the fuel, and be much quieter.
    It seems that manufacturers are showing off the 787 dream liner, etc but what they are showing us is a plane that looks like a pre Concorde aircraft, and they expect us all to say WOW. sorry that will not cut it, we need a super Concorde now, with 300+ passengers, to fly at Mach 2, be reliable and efficient. it can be done, but no one will come up with the cash.

  • Ken Clark
    Ken Clark 18 時間 前

    This plane was way ahead of its time. Should still be flying

    ACE OF SPADES 19 時間 前

    ISupersonic flight was no safe and after the accident that killed over a hundred passangers, people stopped flying with concorde

  • Adi
    Adi 19 時間 前

    I feel like in the future, they're gonna offer a choice between a normal commercial plane and a supersonic commercial plane and the supersonic plane is gonna be more expensive. They would just turn it into a marketing strategy and keep the normal ones well after supersonic air travel had been established.

  • Ben Collins
    Ben Collins 20 時間 前

    I support any airline, as long as they are eco friendly / don't destroy the ozone....

  • Piccadilly
    Piccadilly 20 時間 前


  • tectorama
    tectorama 22 時間 前

    It was 60's technology, and uneconomical to operate. Production costs were written off by the government, so effectively they didn't
    cost BA anything to purchase.

  • Evan Heit
    Evan Heit 23 時間 前


  • 7thSmurf
    7thSmurf 日 前

    NOT ALL VOX videos are total GARBAGE:. this one was good..

  • Daniel Wise
    Daniel Wise 日 前

    Hate to say it, but I fly regularly and there is no curvature just a straight horizon... There are Pilot testimonies... This is more programming...

  • Dora Garza
    Dora Garza 日 前

    Its a gorgeous plane 💯%

  • Chips O'Toole
    Chips O'Toole 日 前

    From the evidence presented, it seems highly likely that deficiencies were apparent due to proboscis flaccidity. Otherwise known as a Drooping Snoot.

  • Jeremy Marsh
    Jeremy Marsh 日 前

    I have witnessed fighter jets flying by at mach 2. They fly right by and almost disappear from the horizon before the earth shaking sound comes.

  • Joe Ceonnia
    Joe Ceonnia 日 前

    this plane did not fail it just got old and was retired and they just didn't build any more I'm sure there's a good reason I just can't think of any reason why they wouldn't build anymore, except maybe the cost didn't justify the means

  • Niall Dillon
    Niall Dillon 日 前 +1

    Has it not taken the titanic 106 years and counting to cross the Atlantic? 🤔

  • GooglR Ratings
    GooglR Ratings 日 前

    Airbus is the Alpha airliner manufacturer now.

  • Boxhawk
    Boxhawk 日 前

    Its not rocket science. Cutting off three hours of flight time was not worth thousands of dollars in the cost of a ticket. Case closed.

  • LumberTycoon
    LumberTycoon 日 前

    Can it cross the *PaCIFic Ocean* ?

  • Milwaukee Brewers

    Droop the snoot, so the snoot was drooped.... is this what inspired kanye?
    [Verse: Kanye West]
    Poopy-di scoop
    Whoopity-scoop, whoop-poop
    Poop-diddy, whoop-scoop
    Poop, poop
    Whoop-diddy-scoop, poop

  • Alex Hutchinson
    Alex Hutchinson 日 前

    Because a piece of a Boeing fell off and got picked up by Concorde's wheels on take-off and it got sent through the wing skins and into the fuel tanks.

  • MH
    MH 日 前 +2

    Concorde was the most successful Jet passenger plane to cruise at twice the speed of sound and in its 27 years of service, performing this task routinely , that achievement will not be repeated in our life time. For British Airways , it was by far , the safest Aircraft on record and the word "successful' is a more appropriate , in technical terms..........

  • Batman batman
    Batman batman 日 前

    Just found out that the jets dont use fuel they run on compressed air. I think they stopped this plane because people were waking up to this fact as well as this plane was flying high and it would be easy to see that there is no curve to the earth. The earth is flat and they knew many researchers into the flat earth would be flying this plane to prove this to the world. (PS they can inject some fuel into the so called combustion rear part of the engine to give the impression that fuel was used..) they are craft people. ask yourself where did they put all that fuel they say the plane was using. remember they pump air into the wings to cool it down after they take it from the bleed out valve inside the motors ..? thats why there are tanks in the wings...

  • DUCKSQUADWatchvlogs

    Avenger Aircrafts

  • Belkis Abreu
    Belkis Abreu 日 前

    In 2003 I flew the Concorde. The price was slashed to $5000, less than half. It was an unforgettable experience.

  • Davideo Jockey
    Davideo Jockey 日 前

    God damn even the language of Greece is aerodynamic......

  • Andrew_koala
    Andrew_koala 日 前

    You know when you are flying at twice the speed of sound when the flight attendant slaps your face before you manage to get a word out.

  • Jayclem84
    Jayclem84 日 前

    4:30 flat earth association cringed

  • Cicco96 h
    Cicco96 h 日 前


  • timothy evans
    timothy evans 日 前

    I used to watch it fly over my flat in Mexico City. In the 80s. Stopped me every time.

  • Average Unic0rn
    Average Unic0rn 日 前

    *it features a droop snoot*
    *the snoot drooped*

  • R.G. Kooper
    R.G. Kooper 日 前

    About 7:21 - the stewadess spits on the man on the right side who just raised his hand. Actually I guess it's a reflection of a window, but it really looks like, don't it? :D

  • Richard Andre
    Richard Andre 日 前

    BOOM Tinkle Tinkle!!

  • Harold McBroom
    Harold McBroom 日 前

    *This plane could cross the Atlantic in 3.5 hours. Why did it fail?* know sometimes I walk out of the house, forget my car keys, maybe they forgot their keys to the plane? Or gas, ...sometimes when your busy staring at the dashes in the center of the road, you lose track of how much gas is in your car, could happen to a plane? Albeit, running out of gas in a car is probably less painful than running out of gas in a airplane!_

  • Degsie1975
    Degsie1975 日 前

    The biggest reason for the end of supersonic transport was the sonic booms. It was not down to Americans being bitter that they didn't event it. They dropped their larger rival designs because they realised they wouldn't be able to fly supersonic over land. Living in North Devon when growing up, we used to hear the sonic booms if it didn't slow down in time coming up the Bristol channel. It is a shame Concorde has gone though.

  • Jake Bake
    Jake Bake 日 前

    Cause it's called a " Rich man deathtrap, for the elite " that's what the titanic did for the federal reserve it killed a lot of important people on that ship our good Rich understands this

  • Bobbie Franks
    Bobbie Franks 日 前

    To me this stopped due to flat earth conspiracys

  • Bárður Kruse
    Bárður Kruse 日 前

    He looked a bit cramped, especially for Sting????? WTF

  • Fortnite Gameplays

    Why the wheels still out

  • Angela S.
    Angela S. 日 前 +1

    $11K ticket prices, further destruction of an already damaged ozone layer, structural damage to buildings b/c of sonic boom noise I understand why the Concorde is grounded. Well-made video, thanks! 👍🏽

  • Bunchy The Budgeteer

    My grandfather was one of the draughtsmen on Concorde's design team. I remember us all standing on the beach on her 2003 farewell flypast. Grandad had tears in his eyes. Rest in peace to the best grandad in the world. 😍

    • Quran Now
      Quran Now 日 前

      Ask God forgiveness for him

  • Jayden Marvel
    Jayden Marvel 日 前 +1

    And no one ran further tests to exact a successful future Concorde

  • Daniel Steger's Twin

    it was too slow


    What's the rush? That"s why

  • Anti Troll
    Anti Troll 日 前


  • Em ma
    Em ma 日 前

    us non-Americans don't need Grammarly, we have brains and education, we have schools, where you learn to spell LOL

  • Chad Simmons
    Chad Simmons 日 前

    $12,000 dollars for ONE ticket?

  • Brian j Nunez
    Brian j Nunez 日 前

    Who is saying weirdness

  • Brian j Nunez
    Brian j Nunez 日 前

    You may not be able to see the Earth's curve if your a druid

  • Brian j Nunez
    Brian j Nunez 日 前

    The donut making plane is gonna do it next fall

  • Brian j Nunez
    Brian j Nunez 日 前

    Easily one of the ugliest planes that cut fast farts

  • Brian j Nunez
    Brian j Nunez 日 前

    No idea but if it wasn't for jamacans we could have kept it longer

  • richard l
    richard l 日 前

    1 word fuel

  • I Drink Bleach
    I Drink Bleach 日 前

    *DrOoP sNoOt.*

  • Dennis Hastings
    Dennis Hastings 日 前

    It put out a hell of a lot of pollution.

  • EvilMadness
    EvilMadness 2 日 前 +1

    We should still have a faster then sound supersonic plane. It's non-scene not to have a plane that can be quick and go fast today in our modern era. If they had wanted to upgrade that plane they could of. I don't think it failed, I think the people running it where lazy and cheap.

  • B J
    B J 2 日 前

    Time is the only luxury

  • Krastio Belev
    Krastio Belev 2 日 前

    It did have a Soviet knock-off, TU-144, 2 built. That did fail too

  • Shaquil Leith
    Shaquil Leith 2 日 前

    I think they should redesign it to modern standards and put it bk on service

  • ElectronicGigabyte
    ElectronicGigabyte 2 日 前

    Ever since 2001 flight travel has become very uncomfortable in my opinion. I feel like I am going into a prison and I am a criminal with all the highly intrusive security measures. The Transportation Security Administration needs to be kicked out of airports. Let private security that cares about manners and passenger comfort take over American airports again. I avoid flying now because of the way passengers are treated which is quite terrible in my opinion.

  • Lowgaen Schmidt
    Lowgaen Schmidt 2 日 前

    "There's nothing funny about Droop Snoots"

  • Robert Mcgee
    Robert Mcgee 2 日 前

    Flying used to be fun.

  • OettingerCroat
    OettingerCroat 2 日 前

    Miracle of engineering. What a bunch of BS. A CRUCIAL part of engineering is that something be cost-effective. The Concorde was a very-fast-moving piece of crap, similar to a Tesla. Revolutionary product, horribly bad and yes UNSUSTAINABLE company.

  • OettingerCroat
    OettingerCroat 2 日 前

    Let me guess. It failed because there weren't enough progressive feminist environmentalists in government to say "ENOUGH!" on behalf of the Anglo-French working class. They weren't willing to keep wasting taxpayers money. Which of course makes you a racist sexist bigoted homophobe.

  • General Geometrix
    General Geometrix 2 日 前

    Change the title you numbskull. You're probably American, hate any other nation that achieves something your own cannot.

    GARY GRAY 2 日 前

    It didn't fail? A bit of metal on the runway punctured a tyre? Which flew into bits and pierced a fuel tank? The first and only incident in god knows how many decades? But not through any failure of the concord itself? Concord was a success. Period! Bring back leisurely airship travel, I say :)

  • Ian Turner
    Ian Turner 2 日 前

    It didn't fail. It was just to expensive to run.

  • c o
    c o 2 日 前

    To expensive

  • Cataclysmic Touch
    Cataclysmic Touch 2 日 前

    R.I.P Concord !

  • Grizzly
    Grizzly 2 日 前

    Why did it fail? 11,500$ per seat ticket price LOL. Who besides the very rich can afford that

  • Beagle
    Beagle 2 日 前

    I will say that Sir Richard Branson, Should have been able to have a go at making concorde a success , even if he could not ,he would have given it his best shot...Why was he not allowed?

  • Beagle
    Beagle 2 日 前

    Having read the Actual report, to the cause of what happened, the real reason ( as with certain issues ) there is a time limit in which the truth can be released. You will not be surprised when you know.

  • Depcom
    Depcom 2 日 前

    Too bad. That was a beautiful plane.

  • Marble Soda
    Marble Soda 2 日 前


  • vec
    vec 2 日 前

    The answer starts at 5:12

  • MrcabooseVG
    MrcabooseVG 2 日 前

    Concorde didn't fail, it just became too expensive to maintain

  • Emperor Palpatine
    Emperor Palpatine 2 日 前

    I tried the Concorde and did not see any curvature.

  • SteSandy Balls
    SteSandy Balls 2 日 前

    Who cares. Speed isn't everything. The faster you go the quicker you crash. If it was still made France would use it as Blackmail against BREXIT like Airbus has over the past few months. The French are anti-British.

  • Gionator 23
    Gionator 23 2 日 前


  • mj 2017
    mj 2017 2 日 前

    I got a great little treasure at a county auction, 4 new sterling silver liquor bottle tags in certified Concord boxes. Paid $20 for all. Going sell value is $210. :)
    Hanging onto them.

  • Trevor Iu
    Trevor Iu 2 日 前

    I was not even alive during the 27 years of service

  • mococaboy17
    mococaboy17 2 日 前

    lets bring the concorde back

  • Francis Crombe
    Francis Crombe 2 日 前 +59

    Because they didn’t thank the plane driver

  • Steven Barnes
    Steven Barnes 2 日 前

    This is a idea that came out to early tec wise. now it would be a a lot different

  • SGT Norgan
    SGT Norgan 2 日 前

    Because America didn't make it

  • Hop The Border Productions

    This is a joke but Mandella effect? LOL Why haven't we heard of this?

  • Jay
    Jay 2 日 前

    Too fast vs not enough people overall travelling. This Plane would essentially become a Monopoly due to it's efficiency. Another example of technology held back for long term gain of that almighty dollar.

  • Bättre Sverige. Finare Sverige

    The Concorde failed because it was Franch English plan.
    I bet if it was German made it would still alive until today.
    I trust German Machines.

    • Andrew_koala
      Andrew_koala 日 前

      We should have trusted the German war machine in the 1940s
      ...It would have eliminated the Zionist parasite banksters that charge interest on financial transactions and operate by passing off instruments of credit as money.... That is fraud.
      Real money is DINAR & DIRAM (translation : Gold and Silver)
      U.S. Presodents and other world leaders who desired to operate with debt free 'Real" money were assasinated or destroyed by war .
      .funded by the lying criminal Zionist bankers....and their government puppets

  • Nasse
    Nasse 2 日 前

    The real reason was because they started playing Stings music on all flights non-stop.

  • Aegon Targaryen
    Aegon Targaryen 2 日 前

    I wanna see the earth’s curve 😭

  • Edward Denney
    Edward Denney 3 日 前

    There is a concord in Manchester
    Collection i like concord

  • Scott Applewaite
    Scott Applewaite 3 日 前


  • oakdaddy
    oakdaddy 3 日 前

    Tickets were over $2000

  • Dj Dose
    Dj Dose 3 日 前

    Its because it crashed and killed a lot of people!

  • Tago
    Tago 3 日 前


  • Dok No See
    Dok No See 3 日 前

    did it? I didn't know it failed. it was used for years. even Phil Collins took it to play both Live Aids in UK and US 'no. problem was maintenance (too expensive) and sound (too loud).

    FRANK INTANK 3 日 前 +2


    • Skid Marks
      Skid Marks 3 日 前

      It's true i was just on one.

  • James Matthew
    James Matthew 3 日 前

    TL;DR: it failed because it was a government project. There was no market demand for a supersonic plane.

  • Marie Stapleton
    Marie Stapleton 3 日 前

    And by the way, we would have developed it as a much bigger aircraft by now, We have massive aircraft brainpower in the UK.
    We had over 300 aircraft manufactures, in the not too distant past.
    check U.K. V bomber wings.

    • Marie Stapleton
      Marie Stapleton 3 日 前

      & oil price, & Boeing and seat capacity

    • George Davis
      George Davis 3 日 前 +1

      The costs to maintain it were what killed it, unfortunately.

  • Marie Stapleton
    Marie Stapleton 3 日 前

    the tyres and fuel cells should have been made from Aramid, the Paris crash was caused by a bolt from the aircraft that had used the same runway previously.
    Was a very sad day and we have mourned Concord's loss, knowing that she could and should have been saved, it would have had even better R.R. engines by now.
    John U.K.