Food In Commercials VS In Real Life !

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  • Food In Commercials VS In Real Life !
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    Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to Food In Commercials VS In Real Life !
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  • Willow Pillow
    Willow Pillow 4 ヶ月 前 +6294

    My dad used to do photography for adds and I showed him this and he confirmed that they are truuueeeee!!!!

  • DerinTurtleCatGuinea Pig
    DerinTurtleCatGuinea Pig 4 時間 前 +1

    For each like ill put A 👑 (cause azzy is A queen)

  • Angel Delgigante
    Angel Delgigante 9 時間 前

    Live a like if you what her to do all of that stuff 👧 ok down there 👇🆗

  • Jaylynn Gordon
    Jaylynn Gordon 9 時間 前

    I'm a big fan of you I'm jaylynn I love you so much azzy

  • Lancicorn Rules
    Lancicorn Rules 12 時間 前


  • GodTeam Player
    GodTeam Player 16 時間 前


  • Raffael Birchler
    Raffael Birchler 20 時間 前

    Hey is that ckiken alive it got a Nice Tann i can Not iven put that pretty of a Tann bc i just put makup on

  • Shixzu Inc.
    Shixzu Inc. 日 前

    A lot of people: **other comments**
    Me: *DEliCiOuSSsSSSSSssssSs*

  • JJ Williams
    JJ Williams 日 前

    Why dey do that

  • chase warren1
    chase warren1 日 前

    That is turkey not chicken

  • chase warren1
    chase warren1 日 前


  • Ashton Palaone
    Ashton Palaone 日 前

    I love you so much azzyland

  • carol lipp
    carol lipp 日 前

    I think I found myself a unicorn how did you get into my house 😂😂😂😂😂

  • carol lipp
    carol lipp 日 前

    I think I found myself a how did you get into my house

  • Peighton Rose
    Peighton Rose 日 前

    Azzy I really don’t care I just want to get my food

  • Alyazya Sprinkle

    Azzy:That looks sooo good
    Food: *alright let’s get the toothpicks*

  • Aborted Fetus Sauce

    Last time I checked starch ain’t harmfu
    Also honey has no genetic memory
    It’s honey *b r u h*

  • Joyfoxmusic
    Joyfoxmusic 2 日 前

    4:58 This actually looks pretty good AND YUMMY

  • Mandy Hill
    Mandy Hill 2 日 前

    I’ve always wondered why the adds for ice cream look wayyyyyyy different than the real

  • Mandy Hill
    Mandy Hill 2 日 前

    My life is a lie!!!!!!

  • Destini Hutson
    Destini Hutson 2 日 前 +1

    Real turkey looks better and the cake one is not ture

  • bloody longinus
    bloody longinus 2 日 前

    You are my best JPclips video

  • Roman Tatarin
    Roman Tatarin 2 日 前

    *I like mashed potatos and you can eat raw fish*

  • Lauren Human
    Lauren Human 3 日 前

    Yum Real Food Yay!

  • GåchåFån Jøci
    GåchåFån Jøci 3 日 前 +2

    *they lied to us so people would but their “beautiful” food*

  • Harmony Legault
    Harmony Legault 3 日 前

    You know your boyfriend did that chew and she watched all these videos NEC

  • Annabelle B
    Annabelle B 3 日 前

    A some
    Z ooper
    Z cool
    Y ou Beautiful 💚💜💙❤️🧡

  • Annabelle B
    Annabelle B 3 日 前

    Azzy = likes

  • Caitlin L
    Caitlin L 3 日 前


  • semanda Lee
    semanda Lee 3 日 前

    For some reasons when I go to McDonald's I get a burger and look at the commercial sometimes it does look like the commercial sometimes it looks hmm not that edible

  • David Lo
    David Lo 4 日 前

    I am offended I love ice cream I love mash potatoes I can’t believe that I am super offended

  • Mohamed Shamweel
    Mohamed Shamweel 4 日 前

    Those are raw chicken.Dude!!?!!

  • shahida dastgir
    shahida dastgir 4 日 前

    I love masht potatos

  • kyle farrar
    kyle farrar 4 日 前


  • GodTeam Player
    GodTeam Player 4 日 前

    Who is she exposing the hacks even do shes hot even so it XD

  • Naomi Clarke
    Naomi Clarke 4 日 前 +1

    My mouth is

  • Deep Seep
    Deep Seep 5 日 前 +1

    3:04 ...isn’t that a turkey... or is it a chicken... don’t blame me it’s 12:10 for me and I’m tired

  • Gacha _ROBLOX :3
    Gacha _ROBLOX :3 5 日 前

    0:47 not really for me

  • Monique Breaux
    Monique Breaux 5 日 前

    You say bad words your appropriate for kids I’m seven years old why am watching

  • Woo Jung
    Woo Jung 5 日 前 +2

    When I saw this I thought my life was a lie in the food city... OOF

  • Kitty Katie247
    Kitty Katie247 5 日 前

    When I get food I think my fries are perfect but they aren’t

  • L.O.L Story
    L.O.L Story 5 日 前


  • Miguel Rios
    Miguel Rios 6 日 前

    I want you to make it part of your friends you're not your bestie who you do videos make her a prank with a cake and wish her make prints to friends make it print to gloom

  • Norm Lowder
    Norm Lowder 6 日 前

    Poor chickens just killed for nothing except to be wasted in the commercial's

  • Noah Harvey
    Noah Harvey 6 日 前


  • Fawwaz Aprildo
    Fawwaz Aprildo 6 日 前

    the burger are two different bugers

  • Daiana LPS
    Daiana LPS 7 日 前 +2

    I'd rather eat something eatable even tho is not like in the comercials

  • Nooni and Amoona 2009

    I tried the Fanta one and it actually works it removes all the coloring

  • Warda Larda
    Warda Larda 7 日 前

    On the butter one the one that has palm oil on that is basically killing orangutans

  • MiLKᝨEᗅ
    MiLKᝨEᗅ 7 日 前 +1

    Video:**puts motor oil on pancakes**
    Me: **ur just wasting perfectly cooked pancakes with MOTOR OIL**

  • Asleah Potatwoah
    Asleah Potatwoah 8 日 前

    How to expose famous food brand like McDonald’s, Burger King and etc.

  • Gaile Mika
    Gaile Mika 8 日 前

    what do you love more azzy commercial or real

  • Cannibal
    Cannibal 8 日 前

    wouldn’t it just be easier to actually make these properly instead of going through all of the steps

  • audie toro
    audie toro 8 日 前

    3:12 isn't that a turkey not a chicken

  • I luv dogs Yay
    I luv dogs Yay 9 日 前

    It only matters to me if it’s edible and good tasting

  • BunnyFab47
    BunnyFab47 9 日 前

    The baby powder on the grapes is for it to be more did azzy not know that 😂😂😂

  • sandra Ramirez
    sandra Ramirez 9 日 前

    You're beautiful azzy

  • Ant Cavallo
    Ant Cavallo 10 日 前

    Your boyfriend said the same thing!

  • MAJA P
    MAJA P 10 日 前

    lol you don't know why you need baby powderllolololo and water!!