Zion Williamson VS LaMelo Ball!!! LIVEST Game Of The Year Full Highlights!


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  • MeetMeAtTheRim
    MeetMeAtTheRim  年 前 +638

    SC Supreme won over Big Baller Brand
    LaMelo had 36pts, 9asts and 6 rebs and Zion had 31 pts and 8 rebs

    • Frank Rizzo
      Frank Rizzo 26 日 前

      +Charles Wood agree

      BFORTHEV 26 日 前

      No defense are you shock i wanna know how many times lamelo missed

    • Rolando De La Rosa
      Rolando De La Rosa 27 日 前

      +Michael Lizzy unfortunately he is perfect for the NBA these days.

      ASAP YOUNG ヶ月 前

      Who won

    • paul hogans
      paul hogans 2 ヶ月 前 +3

      15 year old Melo vs 17 year old Zion

  • Elif Akkaya
    Elif Akkaya 22 時間 前

    Lol despite all the hype, watching the ball brothers play, they are the least cockiest basketball players on the court. They just play. Everyone who plays against them are the ones who get caught up in all the hype lmfao

  • Danny Noonan
    Danny Noonan 日 前

    Zion a true baller as LaMelo is a true hotdog that can’t play defense. Zion will make a great pro and LaMelo will not

  • ET McAuley
    ET McAuley 2 日 前

    LaMelo and Zion duo

  • ET McAuley
    ET McAuley 2 日 前

    Future slam dunk champ

  • Deontae Armstrong
    Deontae Armstrong 2 日 前

    wow thats what hard work comes from, I know you seen those missed dunks.

  • england are me city

    Who that no. 2 on Zion’s team?

  • Armand Mato
    Armand Mato 3 日 前 +1

    There's nothing special about LeMelo. Another scrawny kid who plays trash defense. And throws up prayer shots.

  • Taremeredzwa Chiripashi

    Zero defence ...LaMelo

  • Denny Beatty
    Denny Beatty 4 日 前

    Just happy melo cut that dam hair

  • Renzo Bustillos
    Renzo Bustillos 5 日 前

    Intelligent and wise player is more powerful than player that made dunks ONLY. 😂

  • Renzo Bustillos
    Renzo Bustillos 5 日 前

    That game was mismatch . look at Lamelo team/ team mates compare to zion team .For me Lamelo is more awesome and more athletic than zion. Those dunks of zion is Useless . Look at lamelo 3 points shooting and ball handling ,passing .that's amazing . honestly iam nut impressed with zion dunks . However Zion is more powerful because of her body. but lamelo is more intelligent and wise player .

  • Trent Herring
    Trent Herring 5 日 前

    Don't understand the hype with these Ball brothers. Don't get me wrong, they are good players, but nothing special at all.

  • Pranav lall
    Pranav lall 8 日 前

    Who won ???

  • Shan Shann
    Shan Shann 9 日 前

    this ball family looks like mongoloids

  • Christopher allen
    Christopher allen 9 日 前

    this ball boy is better but he got fruitcake wrote all over him ..now that zion look like a miss hawg farmer he gonna be a man nba head hunter!!

  • Travis Sherman
    Travis Sherman 9 日 前

    Hes a lefty

  • Erick Filho
    Erick Filho 9 日 前

    Is the new Shaq

  • Kevo and Uncle Salmon

    Yeah, but i wonder what Melo's shooting percentage was compared to Zion's though.... nobody wants to talk about that... LOL

  • r s
    r s 10 日 前

    lamelo's team looks like highschoolers, while zion's team looks like a college team

  • Rudy Roo
    Rudy Roo 10 日 前

    The refs love blowing the damn whistle non stop

  • Sherwood Baby
    Sherwood Baby 10 日 前

    Zion go b a monster In the nba

  • emmanuelmcneal mcneal

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  • Man Cheeta
    Man Cheeta 10 日 前

    9:05 he can jump to the moon. Just wow

  • Chester Pulmano
    Chester Pulmano 11 日 前 +1

    Lavar got mad lol

  • sky dyevest
    sky dyevest 11 日 前

    rabbit vs lion

  • Paul Perry
    Paul Perry 11 日 前

    10:35 this guy got squashed by zion lmao

  • ScarTownRadio TV
    ScarTownRadio TV 11 日 前

    D best 2 for nowlolololo

  • Ron Class
    Ron Class 12 日 前

    ugly unis

  • Terrance903
    Terrance903 12 日 前 +2

    Man out here doing 50 point dunks in pre game

  • Alejandro Toscano
    Alejandro Toscano 12 日 前

    I think more people showed up to this game than the amount of people in my high school

  • Dat_kid _jay
    Dat_kid _jay 12 日 前 +1

    Be honest. Zion is a better OVERALL scorer than Lamelo...

    • Dat_kid _jay
      Dat_kid _jay 12 日 前 +1

      +Eric heeks Bro u can't spell for shit....Go back to elementary school and learn *English.* Nigga U r the dumbest person I've EVER argued with. Stop talking shit and *READ* what you type b4 you send it dumbass👏👏👏. Or Should I call you Eric *Ass-Cheeks* 😂

    • Eric heeks
      Eric heeks 12 日 前

      Dam thought I sent the world dumbest fuckimg person in the world I guess I was wrong

    • Dat_kid _jay
      Dat_kid _jay 12 日 前

      +Eric heeks Nigga you can't punctuate for shii...u missing hella periods and comas kid.

    • Dat_kid _jay
      Dat_kid _jay 12 日 前

      +Eric heeks who says ''scatter brains''. GTF outta here fam.

    • Eric heeks
      Eric heeks 12 日 前

      What are you scatter brain and can't read

  • Dat_kid _jay
    Dat_kid _jay 12 日 前 +1

    when *''P2istheName''* and *''cheesaholic''* pull-up to park to play a 3v3

  • Ron Turitto
    Ron Turitto 13 日 前

    I could score on Melo, I'm 42

  • mr anonymous
    mr anonymous 14 日 前

    Lamelo ball is predictable,clumsy, and very nonchalant with the basketball with an undersized and skinny stature. He would get destroyed in college and would never even make a shot. His dad is nothing but a loudmouth crybaby and his brothers are also overrrated as hell.

  • TheBaconRob
    TheBaconRob 14 日 前

    Just loving the dude who screamed, "You idiot!"

  • L Mateo
    L Mateo 14 日 前

    Y’all be dissin lamelo like you any better lol n the jolly green giant y’all call Zion isn’t better he’s overrated jus bcuz he can dunk watch him throughout the game he ain’t doing shiii

  • Ritchy050
    Ritchy050 16 日 前

    who cares about ball, he sucks his brothers suk and his big mouth father suks

  • heyyo sayu
    heyyo sayu 17 日 前


  • King Zeroアニメ
    King Zeroアニメ 17 日 前 +1

    12:06 YOU IDIOT!

  • Saad Khurram
    Saad Khurram 17 日 前

    Anyone else notice the double dribble my lemelo at 6:46

  • Stan Belkin
    Stan Belkin 18 日 前

    Kardashian..oh..I meant Ball family is annoying

  • Jaron White
    Jaron White 19 日 前 +1

    Melo needs some leg workouts

  • Rick Danner
    Rick Danner 19 日 前

    worst camera work

  • Jiren
    Jiren 20 日 前

    The two of the 3 necessities learned in basketball going against each other.... Jump shot and athleticism... Defense was not present

  • あひる
    あひる 22 日 前


  • Joseph Botardo
    Joseph Botardo 22 日 前

    Lazy game

  • Aruna Chandrasekharan

    One kid looks like a little uzi

  • Ryan Brinks
    Ryan Brinks 22 日 前

    Looks like James Harden taught them all defense.

  • alex042687
    alex042687 22 日 前

    What a joke. Clearly no comparison of Zion Vs trash Melo. Look what Zion is doing at Duke, he is incredible. Lamelo is just a garbage chucker.

  • DreamChasing
    DreamChasing 22 日 前

    8:23 That boy can’t be tamed🔥. He making LaMelo look stupid😂.

  • McKenzie Mayer
    McKenzie Mayer 22 日 前

    why did zion literally miss all of his dunks???

  • MrJugg101
    MrJugg101 23 日 前

    You see who playing college BALL and who aint balln

  • Atle och Elias show
    Atle och Elias show 23 日 前

    Who won

    TEAM JESUS 23 日 前

    La melo is gelo boy

  • lucky C bro
    lucky C bro 23 日 前

    Melo can't play D . melos game is garbage

  • Charlie Hoover
    Charlie Hoover 23 日 前

    Grown ass men vs children

  • Logan Knudtson
    Logan Knudtson 23 日 前

    That #4 can shoot, Goddamn

  • Alexandros G
    Alexandros G 23 日 前

    LaMelo is hot garbage just like all the balls

  • Anita Beejay
    Anita Beejay 23 日 前

    0:17 lavar brother??

  • Aaron Perez
    Aaron Perez 24 日 前

    water boys

  • Golden State Resistance

    Lamelo weak as fuck

    CURRY IRVING 24 日 前

    i like them both

  • ImForSale
    ImForSale 24 日 前

    feel sorry for the kid getting yelled at by lavar around 4:00

  • James Thomson
    James Thomson 24 日 前

    BBB jerseys looks like something you find at goodwill. 😂😂😂

  • EL Kalasag
    EL Kalasag 24 日 前

    Who's LaMelo? Brother of Lonzo Ball???

  • Mark Martinez
    Mark Martinez 24 日 前

    Does the word defense mean anything to ball?

  • Joseph White
    Joseph White 24 日 前


  • Ron Tablante
    Ron Tablante 24 日 前

    LAMELO not even the best player on his team

  • Mario Carino
    Mario Carino 25 日 前

    Fuck the camera man! stupid motherfucker!!! What are you, like, fucking 10? My dog can record better than your fucking masturbating ass!!! Fucken learn how to record fucktard!!! Peace!

  • I8yomommaout
    I8yomommaout 25 日 前

    Lamelo needs a desk job.... He's trash

  • Tolga Triyana Bilen
    Tolga Triyana Bilen 25 日 前

    lamello a ball hogg

  • mr_mystiC
    mr_mystiC 25 日 前

    When melo is on defense all he does is stand there and then throw one arm in front of them halfheartedly when they get to him

  • Tony Smith
    Tony Smith 25 日 前

    Zion's arms are bigger than LaMelo's legs

  • Timothy Mims
    Timothy Mims 26 日 前

    good game

  • jgtdragon
    jgtdragon 26 日 前

    Who won the game?

  • jonald gobaton
    jonald gobaton 26 日 前

    In my opinion. Maybe old basketball will bavk bec. Of zion.
    But melo got vision on court .. Those passes and shots.
    Athletic freak zion. Hope to see him soon in the nba.

  • Fernando Ortiz
    Fernando Ortiz 26 日 前

    If I were on Zion Williamson’s team I wouldn’t be celebrating. The win was not indisputable. Despite the difference in size, lamelo’s team held their own. Zion’s team was fucking huge. Lamelo’s team took the w in my opinion. If they were all the same size. Lamelo’s team would have murdered

  • eric weirss lol
    eric weirss lol 26 日 前

    Big ballers huh lol I just see Zion wrecking shop

  • Fred Avery II
    Fred Avery II 26 日 前

    Lamelo doesn't impress me one bit.

  • Russell Yang
    Russell Yang 26 日 前

    Even Lillard is there too! Wow

  • sleepio23
    sleepio23 26 日 前

    Lamelo Ball can't even spell D. He is the worst defender I have ever seen. Useless.

  • realG.
    realG. 27 日 前

    Can’t wait to see a reamatch

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson 27 日 前

    Ball who??? NC lil homie is a man amoung boys!

  • crl2778
    crl2778 27 日 前

    Lamelo kinda looks like Beavis

  • Brad Jay
    Brad Jay 27 日 前

    Lemelo is no where Zion. Lemelo won’t even sniff the nba😂

  • Yahboiiskinny PP
    Yahboiiskinny PP 27 日 前

    The only thing he can do is dunk he garbage Lamelo way better

  • Eduardo Rodriguez
    Eduardo Rodriguez 27 日 前

    The best player team Zion #2👀

  • High Altitude Reviews

    Zion looks like a man, Lamelo looks like a little kid

  • ctsmith1388
    ctsmith1388 28 日 前

    Looks like 2% milk vs MUSCLE milk

  • Drink More Water
    Drink More Water 28 日 前

    All of these highlight guys allergic to showing the scoreboard.

  • christian anderson
    christian anderson 28 日 前

    Zion looks like a full grown ass man the ball kidd looks like an infant who skipped leg day

  • Man Amongst Wolves
    Man Amongst Wolves 29 日 前

    It's like an MJ Shaq hybrid vs. A Slender JR smith, so what's the contest?

  • Ryan Cho
    Ryan Cho 29 日 前

    Zion is a fucking beast at college rn

  • Garrett Goyen
    Garrett Goyen 29 日 前

    Zion has zero skill. He is just athletic and that is it, he even missed like half his dunks against kids that looked way shorter and less mature than him. Not to mention, he is cocky and very annoying to watch, way over hyped.

  • Shiv Patel
    Shiv Patel 29 日 前

    Who’s here after his Duke games?

  • No.13
    No.13 ヶ月 前

    Sideshow Bob needs to do some squats

  • juan twotree
    juan twotree ヶ月 前

    Zion > Entire Ball family.

  • Only the Truth
    Only the Truth ヶ月 前

    Refs are clearly agains the Big Ballers. Rigged Game.

  • John Jeff
    John Jeff ヶ月 前

    Who iis #2 for SC Supreme?