Zion Williamson VS LaMelo Ball!!! LIVEST Game Of The Year Full Highlights!


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  • MeetMeAtTheRim
    MeetMeAtTheRim  年 前 +799

    SC Supreme won over Big Baller Brand
    LaMelo had 36pts, 9asts and 6 rebs and Zion had 31 pts and 8 rebs

    • Er4m Celikel
      Er4m Celikel 18 日 前

      Zion had 22 asists and 12 steals

    • charles hall
      charles hall ヶ月 前

      +lee Roy V Zion can definitely shoot he's well-rounded in just about every aspect obviously as you see he can take it to the rim strong in a thousand different ways, he blocks a lot of shots he plays hard d. And he most definitely can shoe but he's not set up you don't see him hanging out around the perimeter to hit threes he's always around the paint. He might not be the best out there in any one category but he's definitely the most well-rounded. Maybe even take that back cuz he might be the best at taking it to the rim his ball-handling is phenomenal he's definitely going to make it to the next level I have no doubt about that I don't know if he's even going to go to college am I pluck them straight from high school like LeBron who knows

    • Dan Li
      Dan Li ヶ月 前

      Ball family really is a joke... Zion didn't play on his regular base, he just "play" i guess... They are not same level for sure

    • Frank Rizzo
      Frank Rizzo 3 ヶ月 前

      +Charles Wood agree

      BFORTHEV 3 ヶ月 前

      No defense are you shock i wanna know how many times lamelo missed

  • prince_of_golf prince_of_golf

    Lamelo need to give it up. But Hell King Zion!!! King 👑

  • John Collins
    John Collins 5 時間 前

    laMelo is a stick

  • Ali Ramos Tv
    Ali Ramos Tv 7 時間 前

    lamelo who?

  • vincent williams
    vincent williams 21 時間 前

    Who saw lamelo scratching his bottom but played it off? Lol

  • Kyle Super
    Kyle Super 日 前 +4

    Dudes shoes really don’t help him ever...

  • K&J Survival
    K&J Survival 日 前 +1

    Did anyone else here a bunch of random whistles?

  • Fade Edits
    Fade Edits 日 前

    rip zion's knee lol

  • Mr. Information
    Mr. Information 日 前

    Why Lamelo Ball's name in this title

  • Rykerclxps
    Rykerclxps 日 前


  • J Hood
    J Hood 日 前

    That is one ugly ass haircut

  • andrew Lopes
    andrew Lopes 日 前

    Respect the game ! Tuck your shirt in kid

  • andrew Lopes
    andrew Lopes 日 前

    I Didnt know lavar had a skinny bald headed twin

  • Carlos Daniels
    Carlos Daniels 2 日 前

    This shits crazy

  • Green7Wood Triangle

    Hate it when people intentionally foul Zion before he dunks

  • Steven Nayef
    Steven Nayef 2 日 前

    The difference between Zion and the Ball Bag brothers is that Zion has true talent and let’s his game do the talking .

  • A A
    A A 2 日 前

    Impressive coaching job by Lavar Ball. Can't believe his skinny little team managed to lose within 10 points.

  • raffy bontuyan
    raffy bontuyan 2 日 前

    I really hate that arrogant lamelo ball and Newman dickheads

  • Harley Mathieu
    Harley Mathieu 2 日 前

    Zion will smoke the whole Bal family

  • Antonio Kim
    Antonio Kim 3 日 前

    Everyone came to see Zion not LaMelo

  • Jesus Ortiz
    Jesus Ortiz 5 日 前

    BBB shoes are ugly look like Payless

  • John Johns
    John Johns 5 日 前 +1

    1:34 corny AF!!!!

  • edward John
    edward John 5 日 前

    Ball is good but he's too light in the ass to deal with Williamson who looks like a man amongst boys...

  • Anima iOS
    Anima iOS 5 日 前

    (11:28) that kid in the background, “u have a instagram” lul

    DGTV CYPHER 6 日 前

    The ball family booty except for lonzo

  • Eddie Martinez
    Eddie Martinez 6 日 前

    that's a fucking man

  • gaming challeng
    gaming challeng 6 日 前

    Zion good then lemelo ball

  • David Sorto
    David Sorto 6 日 前

    Who won?

  • Czarcasm
    Czarcasm 7 日 前

    Crowd sounds like on wii sports when u dunk it

  • Zig Field
    Zig Field 7 日 前

    Zion should have dunked his head in the toilet after. Swirly

  • Bill A
    Bill A 7 日 前

    who is at 0:44

  • Ken Ko
    Ken Ko 8 日 前

    Can’t believe fools in china don’t know him, they spend 24/7 watching the nba but don’t know who he is🤷‍♂️

  • Jeremy James
    Jeremy James 9 日 前

    Lamelo might be the dumbest name ever given.

  • Christian Marlon Cortazar

    Ball is nothing ...go Zion go...go...!!!

  • DDTV
    DDTV 9 日 前

    Senior melo would’ve won this

  • Bruce Jarrell
    Bruce Jarrell 11 日 前

    Apparently he is still going through puberty I guess if u shoot every time your bound to score right. Play ball much!!!

  • Awards Steaming
    Awards Steaming 11 日 前

    Them dunkssss thoooooo

    WINDYSTAIRS 11 日 前

    lavar's team is on hunger strike

  • Justin Bee
    Justin Bee 12 日 前

    So... Who won the game?

  • tunnonen
    tunnonen 14 日 前

    из всего этого я вижу только что у голубых по щитом вообще свкозняк гуляет. так себе уровень баскета конечно. это ребята какого возраста?

  • Weavo
    Weavo 14 日 前 +3

    Who peep Oprah side at 8:08

    • Weavo
      Weavo 14 日 前

      Jaquez Lyles facts 😭😂

    • Jaquez Lyles
      Jaquez Lyles 14 日 前 +1

      Weavo it’s crazy how we watching this old ass vid in 2019

  • Bruce Jarrell
    Bruce Jarrell 15 日 前 +5

    No comparison between the two. Zion NBA. Mello good high school player. Dropping the mic

    • Vinny Simonetti
      Vinny Simonetti 6 日 前

      +dave Mancini if ya friends saw this comment they'd all look at u different

    • Vinny Simonetti
      Vinny Simonetti 6 日 前

      +dave Mancini u gay asf

    • dave Mancini
      dave Mancini 6 日 前

      +Vinny Simonetti call me what you like mark my words he will never make it to the NBA if he's lucky he might go pro over in Europe. So you keep wasting your time watching and rooting for him maybe the whole Ball family will tea bag you !!! One after another they will dip they're balls in and out of your mouth !!! Make sure you get pics to show your family !! Oh yeah don't forget to wear your helmet !!!

    • Vinny Simonetti
      Vinny Simonetti 6 日 前

      +dave Mancini i never compared him to zion but u said he isn't going to the nba. it's still early so who knows but hes a top 2 prospect at his position so the fact that you're rooting against him just makes u sound like a hater.

    • dave Mancini
      dave Mancini 6 日 前

      +Vinny Simonetti I wish ?? There's no comparison between the 2. Zion has an NBA body already !!! Lamello has nothing !!! Look at Lonzo he's not doing anything he's either hurt or he just isn't good enough the speed in the NBA is eating him alive !! With all the GM 's in the league watching Lonzo do nothing who do you think would take Lamello ?? C'mon man use your head !!! Don't be so naive !!!

  • Bruce Jarrell
    Bruce Jarrell 15 日 前

    Lavar Ball what about mello being the first pick. Ha ha ha. Have fun in Phoenix

  • B Jacks The Caucasian Sensation

    That ref ass type chunky

  • Not YahFella
    Not YahFella 16 日 前

    Facts: Zion is overrated because of his dunks💩

  • J. A.
    J. A. 16 日 前

    Spoiler Alert: LaMelo is really a female.

  • Jaylen Odili
    Jaylen Odili 16 日 前 +1

    Zion is sliping and messing up dunks so sad but he did make alot of points

  • Chris M
    Chris M 19 日 前


  • Ezekiel Reed
    Ezekiel Reed 20 日 前

    Lol did I just see DC the don

  • GodHatesGlobalists
    GodHatesGlobalists 20 日 前

    Lamelo really needs to work on those ball handling skills. His 3 point shot is sweet, his passing is passing is solid, but he’s sloppier with the bAll than Allan Iverson.

  • Steven Hogan
    Steven Hogan 20 日 前

    Lamelo a fucking bum

  • Cdd Jones
    Cdd Jones 20 日 前

    That facial expression at 6:26 nearly killed me lol. He was Dad Mad.

  • Cam TEG
    Cam TEG 20 日 前

    Comment which MVP. Because I say Zion Williamson.

  • Cam TEG
    Cam TEG 20 日 前

    0:28 my favorite player Damian Lillard

  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi 22 日 前

    How many fowls need to be called

  • Kyrie Irving
    Kyrie Irving 22 日 前

    Did I just see my boy Dame

  • I love my socialist donkey teeth

    cant wait till all the ball kids end up in basketball hell, small market teams that suck with no end in sight. Cavs Memphis Phoenix sounds about right. And dont worry the times coming where lonzo gets shipped out of LA.

  • zantos o2t3a
    zantos o2t3a 23 日 前 +1

    Lamelo vs zion gonns be lit in the nba

    • Johnny Batista
      Johnny Batista 20 時間 前

      zantos o2t3a that’s if Melo ever Makes it lol

  • majed elali
    majed elali 23 日 前

    All I know is I keep hearing whistles going off and play never stopping. Wtf is going on 🤨

  • Julio Vargas
    Julio Vargas 24 日 前

    All the kids are good players. Zion himself is a good player but dirty player. Just study the way he plays

  • Ps4 Gaming
    Ps4 Gaming 24 日 前

    Crowds overreacts to zion dunks lol at the start

  • Karyme Angel
    Karyme Angel 26 日 前

    They hella foul

  • Braydan Braswell
    Braydan Braswell 26 日 前

    Why does lavar need to yell at lamelos teammates when lamelo is 3x lazier

  • Amanda Giannini
    Amanda Giannini 27 日 前

    Bro my man put meet me at the rim as his JPclips user... then he records a video 1v1ing his freind and he gets dunked on ....

  • Maria Franco
    Maria Franco 27 日 前

    Lavar sucks

  • Jasd Hase
    Jasd Hase 27 日 前

    They had hella NBA playera

  • Trey way Gangbaby
    Trey way Gangbaby 28 日 前


    ASAP GOD ヶ月 前 +3

    Recent Melo would’ve gave them a better match...

  • issa malc
    issa malc ヶ月 前

    I’m sorry melo is wack

  • Patrick Chen
    Patrick Chen ヶ月 前

    8:07 am I the only person who noticed his shoe fell off.

    • TheCab2345
      TheCab2345 8 日 前

      No I'm pretty sure every single person who watched this video noticed that

  • Kevin
    Kevin ヶ月 前 +1

    Peep ophra in the beginning 😂

  • HypedJoker Supreme
    HypedJoker Supreme ヶ月 前

    Lamelo trash

  • J Hud Hudson
    J Hud Hudson ヶ月 前

    Love to see the kids enjoying themselves. I take my hat off to Last Ball. He raised his kids right

    FAKE TOY PEOPLE ヶ月 前 +187

    Who here after that bum ass game with melo and Newman

    • Terrance Ford
      Terrance Ford 22 日 前

      I am ur 100th like

      So can u pin my comment

    • LazerRazorKill
      LazerRazorKill 25 日 前 +1

      Ddot Vincent what people do for views

    • Momo
      Momo 27 日 前

      Aye on God 😂😂😂

    • Ddot Vincent
      Ddot Vincent ヶ月 前 +3

      They made it seem like Julian and Melo was crazier than this game smh

    • Anoxxyy _
      Anoxxyy _ ヶ月 前 +1

      So accurate how you knoww😂😂😂🤨

  • Jaden Baker
    Jaden Baker ヶ月 前

    Oprahside probably had a heart attack after that game 😂😂

  • Yazan Abdulhalim
    Yazan Abdulhalim ヶ月 前

    Number 4 has a great jumper

  • lucky C bro
    lucky C bro ヶ月 前

    Melo's game is garbage

  • Oscar Jang
    Oscar Jang ヶ月 前

    Lamelo suck,Lavar fucking noises

  • 3hree6ixty
    3hree6ixty ヶ月 前

    I call hacks on Zion

  • Malakai Reid
    Malakai Reid ヶ月 前

    Lol I'm surprised lamelo had more points the zion

  • alejandro
    alejandro ヶ月 前

    Raise the hoop up a foot or so and none of these fools would have any game,theey lack fundamentals,laugh if you want,but it's true.none can shoot or play defense or pass it's all dunking by manbaby negroes who mature faster than other races.which gives them an enormous advantage.

  • consistency man
    consistency man ヶ月 前

    Loada hype about nothing zions whack I've seen players younger and smaller who are better.

  • gande man
    gande man ヶ月 前

    Zion tries to dunk the ball and plays with aggression where ball plays with chill and full mindset

  • Mark Yamanaka
    Mark Yamanaka ヶ月 前

    I can’t handle that damn whistle

  • Roby97
    Roby97 ヶ月 前

    zw too fat

  • Hexosan17 Gaming
    Hexosan17 Gaming ヶ月 前

    I don't care if I had the talent that either Zion or Melo posses, I could not live like that. Having to deal with people's heckling like that 24/7 has to be frustrating.

  • Dad vs son
    Dad vs son ヶ月 前

    Melo with that sick defense hahahaha

  • Chicken Turds
    Chicken Turds ヶ月 前

    I wanna see Zion vs lavar. That would be the greatest 1v1 if all time.

  • Tahir HAFEEZ
    Tahir HAFEEZ ヶ月 前

    JELLY 8:25
    THEN ANKLES 10:15
    JELLY 10:28

  • Crazy Comments
    Crazy Comments ヶ月 前

    A. Guy with the sunglasses on seems like a really cool dude
    B. Love the defensive effort after a turnover

  • Just a random fan
    Just a random fan ヶ月 前 +1

    Ahh u idiot! 12:06 lol

  • Rafal Klak
    Rafal Klak ヶ月 前

    Ball family =poor basketball but best promotion😃

  • Hudson Marquis
    Hudson Marquis ヶ月 前

    12:07 you idiot

  • Matthew Madison
    Matthew Madison ヶ月 前

    Ball needs to hit the gym looking like a bent back paperclip

  • Animal Person#1
    Animal Person#1 ヶ月 前

    At 9:53 it’s a travel

  • Gaming with MK
    Gaming with MK ヶ月 前

    That donkey abusing his power

  • Sameen_ 4
    Sameen_ 4 ヶ月 前

    At first I thought lavar was a bald Asian dude

  • CJ Pagano
    CJ Pagano ヶ月 前

    Every single video I watch about lamelo he plays trash

  • Frema Quashie
    Frema Quashie ヶ月 前

    Curry v Lebron 2.0

  • Nick
    Nick ヶ月 前

    Lonzo looking scared watching Zion 😂