These 3 People Went To Mexico For Weight-Loss Surgery And Now They Regret It | Megyn Kelly TODAY


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  • Safia Khan
    Safia Khan 時間 前

    Why not eat less you would save money. Stupid impatient people.

  • marycarmen eyllen arana llanes

    Es su culpa, porque
    Why they went to Tijuana they could have gone to CDMX?
    Just saying...

  • sony k
    sony k 日 前

    A quicker fix...what's wrong with exercise, eating properly...I work with a few ppl who have taken the surgery route - they've had some complications too - It's difficult to have sympathy for those who take this route. As Meghan Kelly said traveling to Mexico - they HAD to know what they signed up for.

  • saint r
    saint r 日 前

    these people were tricked by the advertizing and fake reviews... i would never suggest anyone go to a border town!!!!!!!! a surgeon does a blood test to review if your able to have surgery.... if your a smoker.. not a good idea to have surgery

  • Lena Pena
    Lena Pena 2 日 前

    How can some people become so big ? It cant just be the amount of food but maby hormones? In my family we all are overeaters but dont become fat.

  • Juillet Buisson
    Juillet Buisson 3 日 前

    Bad cosmetic surgeries are practiced EVREYWHERE not just in one specific place. You need to go get informed and go to the right ppl and, plus IF YOU CAN'T AFFORD IT, EXERCISE AND EAT HEALTHY YOU IDIOTS!!!

  • Sporkpug
    Sporkpug 3 日 前

    *sigh* the people in the comments saying they didn’t need the surgery and that they did this to themselves do have a point but eating healthy, exercise, portion control, etc. are difficult changes to make. Most times these surgeries do go well when you have a good, QUALIFIED, trusted surgeon perform it and you follow ALL of the aftercare instructions. This is an unfortunate and sad case because these people can’t afford a surgery that can be very important for health reasons. I feel this surgery should be covered by insurance if it is necessary for a persons health. This is just my opinion though.


    Dang in that case stay fat scary

  • Jean Vignes
    Jean Vignes 4 日 前

    I had my surgery (roux-en-y gastric bypass) ten months ago. With my pre-op diet plus post-op loss I'm down 145-lbs. from my starting weight. I'm down from 140 units of insulin per day to 7 units. I'm off two of my previous medications. Blood pressure - normal. Cholesterol - normal. All my nutrition levels (iron, calcium, etc.) - normal. All my blood work is in the normal range except for my BMI and blood glucose, but those are almost normal and dropping every week. I feel 100% better most of the time. I can cross my legs for the first time in twenty years. I used to have terrible leg pain and it's completely gone. I had the surgery here in the USA at a Bariatric Center of Excellence and my doctors, nutritionists, therapists, etc. have been amazing. I had good insurance which covered the surgery after a six-month diet/exercise program to prove that I was ready to be compliant. It can be an amazing, powerful, healing experience. I have one complication: a hernia in my umbilicus area, but I'd had surgery in that area before (twenty years ago) and I'm not in pain and I don't have to have surgery on that unless I want to. Don't let bad experiences in Mexico keep you from seeking high-quality care here in the USA. Miracles can happen, if you do the work.

  • allkindsamusicchick

    The business of being overweight is an extremely complex issue! I am about 50 pounds overweight as I type. It's killing me, yet I am eating a cookie and a candy bar as I watch this video. Luckily, we can at times, learn through others. I have known for quite a while that I would never go through any type of surgery to lose weight...but I'm also not 1-200 pounds overweight, 50 is quite enough to drag around, make clothes fit, get to work and function, do my errands and chores, etc. Weight can accumulate is several ways for some of us, though, not on folks that do not gain weight anyway. There are those individuals that will eat and drink to kingdom come and will also reveal when pressed, that they cannot gain any weight, even when they have tried. The rest of us may have a pre-disposition for easily gaining and maintaining that 'dreaded' poundage! Genes play a factor, thyroid functioning does, sleep, stress and cortisol levels play a factor. Certain medications such as Lisinopril, has been known to cause weight gain. Injuries and sedentary life-styles are a factor, as is food consumption. The only way I was ever able to lose a nominal amount of weight, was with strict adherence to a food plan which ruled out all of the usual culprits. Not easy to do at first without group support. For me, it was OA. I sure wish I had more time to participate and go to meetings etc, but lately am on a 7 day work week, poke me in the eye! I know these surgeries are soooooooo potentially dangerous, won't even consider it, yet, others, may be so desperate. I understand their plight!!! People, please be safe!!! As for myself....I will have one last candy bar, a few chips, then 'TOMORROW'......I'll embark on a new and healthier eating plan! Wish me luck!!!

    • allkindsamusicchick
      allkindsamusicchick 日 前

      "Not being active has NOTHING to do with being overweight. Skinny people can also be inactive." Got that! Been there, done that! At one time, had lost a boat-load on controlled, very low carb food plan, no flour, no sugar, no alcohol. Did not have to exercise. I have added work-out regimens from time to time. I've always known that exercise per say, cannot make you thin, unless of course, you eat little and exercise maniacally. Controlling the food, took everything I had and then some. Thank goodness for the support group that led the way and encouraged me to prevail. happens. I also know that clear liquid fasting for a week, will peel off 10 pounds. Have experienced that also! A profound BATTLE in my life! I eat 2-3 times per day, non traditional hours. I also snack whenever the feeling strikes. I drink any and all beverages, including water variations. I sleep little and work a lot. My work is far from sedentary, gawd help!

    • keto cycler
      keto cycler 2 日 前

      I would ask you instead of doing all that stuff, how many times a day do you eat? Do you drink soda or sweetened beverages between meals? Not being active has NOTHING to do with being overweight. Skinny people can also be inactive. There is a simpler way and you don't even have to change anything you are eating.

  • Marilyn Sutton
    Marilyn Sutton 4 日 前

    sounds like the abortion clinics here in the US, nobody ever tells u the risks or future complications

  • Trish Kidwell
    Trish Kidwell 5 日 前

    Really rude comments here. Shame on you.

  • kary ann Fontaine
    kary ann Fontaine 6 日 前

    In America we pay very high prices for insurance which pays for next to nothing. People will continue to look to other countries for the health care and medicine they need. I need eye surgery and it will be an additional $3,000.00 per eye for the best surgery.

  • Renee Tuminello
    Renee Tuminello 7 日 前

    I had bypass weight-loss surgery in 1995 here in the USA and have never had any complications at all. My son who weighed 365 lbs had the sleeve surgery in Mexico in Sept 2017. He is now down to 200 pounds and has never had any problems whatsoever. However, I have had friends who have had the lap band surgery in the USA and they have had problems. Make sure you do your due diligence before you let anyone perform any kind of surgery on you.

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 7 日 前

    I’m sorry but come on what did you expect going to Mexico??

  • Alys S
    Alys S 7 日 前

    That's why these surgeries should be much cheaper in our own countries so we have safer options. The surgeons charge way to much so people go to these dodgy surgeons so they can afford it and now look at the consequences. It's ridiculous that in this age of medical marvels we can't even afford it in our own land. It's all very well if your rich but if your not rich then naturally your going to seek out affordable options. Something should be done so these people can access easily in their own country.

  • Cheers Goodtimes
    Cheers Goodtimes 7 日 前

    AND theses surgeries are NOT a permanent fix. Most re stretch out their stomachs. Most fail!

  • cindy lopez
    cindy lopez 9 日 前

    Do your homework i dont care where you go s.. hapens anywhere

    PHILLIP LE BOA 9 日 前 +1


  • Lorena Suarez
    Lorena Suarez 10 日 前

    This was plain STUPID

  • laura g
    laura g 10 日 前

    Mexico of all places.. i wouldnt dare

  • crystal filipkowski
    crystal filipkowski 10 日 前

    soo sick of mexico getting a bad name ,bad drs are everywhere !!

  • dw Zhang
    dw Zhang 11 日 前

    que pendejos jaja

    BEEMER 12 日 前

    Dude, try putting in the work to actually eat healthier & work out. I don't understand why people take the easy way out & get surgery. The accomplishment is unbelievably rewarding. You don't get fat overnight so you won't lose the weight overnight either.

  • Pippy Reese
    Pippy Reese 12 日 前

    I was going to watch this but when I clicked it megan kelly showed up in the title, so.. thumbs down, comment this, now exit terrible video.. sad because I was going to be interested in this

  • The Cat Ate My Shoe
    The Cat Ate My Shoe 12 日 前

    I think the reason why insurance will not cover some weight loss surgeries is because the high failure rate. People seem to think that all you need is the surgery and they don't change their lifestyle. They don't exercise, they don't change what they eat and after a while, the weight comes back. Some people even have a second gastric bypass! I had weight loss surgery almost 11.5 years ago here in the States. I lost almost 200 pounds and I've kept it off. I started eating right and I am now a competitive cyclist. I have to keep my weight in check! This surgery is not a magic bullet or a cure. It's more of a jump start.

  • Goddessofmydestiny
    Goddessofmydestiny 12 日 前

    🤔🤔🤔. Surgery in Mexico? Stupid move.

  • o0Avalon0o
    o0Avalon0o 13 日 前 +1

    There has to be accountability with power: If someone comes to you for help and you have the power to accidentally destroy them, it is your responsibility to ensure you do not.

  • Latisha Lobban
    Latisha Lobban 13 日 前

    These people weren’t even grossly overweight. They could’ve easily changed their eating habits and exercised to lose weight.

  • Del M
    Del M 13 日 前

    Sad to say but there are deadly risks associated with weight loss surgery even in the good ole USA. As a gastric bypass patient myself, there were many potential health risks never revealed to me prior to surgery. I was never told that we could potentially lose all our teeth. I went from a lifetiime of a perfect set of smiling teeth to watching them disintegrate and crumble out of my mouth. I find that other countries have posted information on negative side effects from this surgery but here in the U.S. it is highly hidden.

  • Yeti
    Yeti 14 日 前

    Of course they couldn't get insurance to cover it
    They weren't really big enough
    This is extreme surgery for extreme cases
    I'm talking like, 400 maybe 500 pounds
    They deserve everything that get for thinking that this is some kind of easy way to lose a little bit of weight
    This is permanent

  • Елена
    Елена 14 日 前

    That moment when in your country you need to work about 1 year to earn those 4700$. No money-no problem. No medical issues: got sick- just died. Welcome to Russia!:))))

  • Alexa NCh
    Alexa NCh 15 日 前

    So sad to see a tv program with such a biased viewpoint, and so little research done. There are some of the best cosmetic surgeons in Mexico, who complete their long years of school and regulalry invest in attending cosmetic surgery conventions around the world to be up to date on the most innovative and safe techniques for these procedures. With any type of surgery, in any part of the world, it is important to do extensive research on the doctor and hospital performing this. They SHOULD have a licence, degree and extensive proof of correct practice. Ofcourse, the problem happens when the doctors that do complete all of these requirements, are still too expensive for these patients. And they then decide to go risk more with the uncertified, sketchy "doctors" who offer it for a third of the price. As for my experiences, my worst has been here in California, but I don't go on saying that all of California, or the U.S. for that matter, is unsafe and that you should not have surgery here, because of the malpractice of one doctor. Point being: do your research. Not everything influential people say is fact.

  • Katie Mayflower
    Katie Mayflower 17 日 前

    My mom had full exploratory surgery at the Mayo Clinic with the removal of a tumor. The post op was the worst care ever and they sent her home with a huge hematoma and a leaking incision in her small intestine. She almost died and did die one year later... There are lots and lots of humans out there and a lot of them are sick and just the sheer number of surgeries statistically states that there will be many issues and failed procedures. Taking on a surgery that is unnecessary is just adding to your troubles. There are risks in everything. BTW, my mother had dental surgery in Mexico and it was great care..

  • for real
    for real 19 日 前

    I do not believe for a minute that Jessica "went to med school"!

  • Jaime Ramirez
    Jaime Ramirez 19 日 前

    Pues hay excelentes médicos en Mexico, pero no puedes brincarle al primero que te ofrece una oferta, hay que checarlos, muy lamentable lo que les paso!!

  • Amanda Bhedwar
    Amanda Bhedwar 19 日 前

    Jessica is high as a kite & itching her arms.

  • Tanisha Smith
    Tanisha Smith 21 日 前

    American get Jessica some help

  • Lynette Scribner
    Lynette Scribner 21 日 前

    Who botched this woman's (Megan Kelly) nose? It looks like they did it out of a trunk if a car.

  • Marquita Caudill
    Marquita Caudill 21 日 前

    If it's that cheap then don't even bother going for it cause there's something going on. Plus they didn't finish the job or they did it half way cause they wanted more money. And they new they didn't have it so the Dr. took advage of all 3 of them.

  • nomthandazo mbokazi
    nomthandazo mbokazi 24 日 前

    Stomach acid into you heart and lung form a leak lol how? 2. Who sends a person home the same day after repairing a lacerated spleen. Mxm alot of things don't even make sense here

  • judy valencia
    judy valencia 24 日 前 +1

    I'm a retired nurse and I use to work with a nurse that was very thin. I always assumed that she was just like that, but then she told me she had had the lap band surgery, but she had it here in the states, not in Mexico. Well it doesn't matter where yu have it you still need to follow certain lifestyle changes. Well she wanted to still keep losing weight, even though she was already skinny. Instead of eating healthy, she would skip meals and hardly eat anything. She was always sick and would miss work. Well I went to work one day and was told she had died, because she had gone into cardiac arrest and they couldn't bring her back. Even though she was very skinny, she always saw herself as fat. You can't fix that with surgery. I wish her mental needs had been addressed along with her weight needs.

  • Melissa K
    Melissa K 24 日 前

    There is a ton of these surgeries that are successful there as well

  • S Castillo
    S Castillo 24 日 前

    But you wanted cheap.

    REDLINE P.R.A 25 日 前

    Mmy mother got tummy tuck right here in stockton ca .asian doctor she almost died after he sent her home she ended up in icu in ucd medical center. If my mom died he was threw i made that clear to him.

  • Zonia Castillo
    Zonia Castillo 26 日 前

    You need to research a lot not all the centers are the same,i don't have regrets,its a tool the rest is on you.

  • dburchett22
    dburchett22 26 日 前

    I watched a lifetime movie about cosmetic surgery in Mexico yesterday. It's called borderline murders. No thanks. I see tube reversal in Mexico is big too because it's cheaper. Again. No thanks. Exercise and healthy eating would have taken care of this. 250 to 300 is absolutely manageable to lose without doing something so drastic. Tiawana? Really? You only have to look at hotel and resort issues to know you don't want to use their hospitals and surgery centers. Omg

  • OCSJC :.
    OCSJC :. 27 日 前

    Shes still on the right

  • adamtyleraz
    adamtyleraz 27 日 前

    Jessica should try cutting gluten

  • R Johnson
    R Johnson 27 日 前

    Weight loss surgery has a high mortality rate... something that is covered up. It's an industry in any country. I looked in to it as well, and my insurance was all set to cover it. I couldn't do it knowing the risks, even in the US.

  • Heather Williams
    Heather Williams 27 日 前

    Common sense should tell you not to get surgery done in Mexico though...I don't feel bad for these people

  • Ms. Nunna Yabizness
    Ms. Nunna Yabizness 27 日 前

    "They're supposed to be registered doctors at the HOTEL we were staying at...."

  • why you mad
    why you mad 28 日 前

    The guys are still fat I'm sorry...

  • Amy Burr
    Amy Burr 28 日 前

    Shoulda gone down to Ecuador or Chile

  • Jennifer Hodge
    Jennifer Hodge 28 日 前

    Its really bad that Americans have to go to Mexico to get cheap surgeries and risk their lives. When all the illegals come here and get free medical care. Unbelievable.

    • Dörte Kühler- Otuekpo
      Dörte Kühler- Otuekpo 26 日 前

      How can get an illigal person get free medical care? In Germany it is not possible accept they use a card from sombody who is legal here. And what has this to do with the stupidness of people who look for cheap treatment in another country?

  • NorCal55 X
    NorCal55 X 28 日 前

    sad story

  • Bmore Queen
    Bmore Queen 28 日 前

    I have never been a fan of weight loss surgery. I thought about it for many years. I was big all through my years up until I turn 21. I remember weighing 200 lb in Middle School, and at 21 I weigh 280 lb. I'm only 5 3 so that was a lot of weight on a little body... I did hours and hours of research and figured out how the body works and why we gain weight, maintain weight and lose weight... took me roughly 5 years but I was able to lose 140 pounds from 280. I've kept it off ever since. It only takes some legitimate research on your own instead of these quack doctors pushing these BS diets. Diets are set up to fail based on the way our bodies. My biggest complaint is you can't lose 140 lb and not have excess skin, that's at least another 20 pounds worth of skin that I carry around. But that's going to cost several thousand dollars to get removed. I'm already living paycheck to paycheck. Maybe one day

  • Luis Hernandez
    Luis Hernandez 28 日 前

    Okay. ....not defending Mexican medicines n i feel bad for these guys.....but about 17 yrs ago i went around asking how much for a fat sucking procedure in tijuana. ...most places were about 3 to 5 k dollars at the time....but i found this guy who would do it for about i did it n never had any problems. ..

  • Elizabeth Nobody
    Elizabeth Nobody 29 日 前

    I was 425😄 I did it the old fashion way. Cut back on food, stop eating what I grew up eating to being 200 before I was ten. No pork, ham soul food. never been to a gym. College student on my own and not on assistance no.😂. Just do my own at home workouts and now 260. Food is how I self medicated for my depression and social anxiety. But oh well. I want to be 190. I'm not doing this for anyone but me.

  • Fancy A Holte
    Fancy A Holte 29 日 前

    I had major surgery in Tijuana Sept 16 2012 It was advertised as The Complete Mexican Makeover. 5yr later I need reconstructive surgery. It cost me a total 13K . and then they billed me for additional $300. I have all info in a file. I asked for my medical records and refused me.

  • Leia
    Leia ヶ月 前

    "It's cheaper...but there's a reason for that" -- yeah, it's called the exchange rate.

  • Mke Mll
    Mke Mll ヶ月 前

    They should've gone Dr. Now

  • pdxmomx3
    pdxmomx3 ヶ月 前

    I had weight loss surgery in the US 21 years ago at the age of 19, and I’ve kept the weight off through 4 pregnancies. DO IT IN THE US BY A REPUTABLE BARIATRIC SURGEON... the risks are NOT worth it!!!!!

  • gabe 25
    gabe 25 ヶ月 前

    I don't know where Megyn Kelly got her information that some insurance companies will pay for cosmetic procedures, as they absolutely will not. They are the ones who came up with the term "cosmetic procedure" in the first place, so they could justify not covering it. The only thing I've heard of that comes close is that some insurances - very few - will now pay for breast reconstruction after a mastectomy.

  • Brian Sanderson
    Brian Sanderson ヶ月 前

    Health care in u s only going to get worse keep voting republican America blame your self you people won't change nothing

  • Vee&Xavier always
    Vee&Xavier always ヶ月 前 +1

    stop blaming other ppl u knew the RISK

  • Maria Rodriguez
    Maria Rodriguez ヶ月 前 +1

    These kinds of problems happen everywhere including the US. I experienced someone I love recently get this operation done by professional doctors (including my brother) and she is doing amazingly well. Mexico has great doctors. Do your research. This is a misleading report.

  • Ally Ali
    Ally Ali ヶ月 前

    This is horrible I want to change my life for the better not to end up dead, or with extreme issues that are life threatening . They should be shutdown. 😤The stories are scary. I am soooo sorry. This is unacceptable. I hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else. 😔

  • A Adams
    A Adams ヶ月 前

    I would probably get a tummy tuck from a reputable and good American surgeon. But I prefer to save my money for my future because you never know what's going to happen. I may have much more important matters to deal with in the future than being somewhat overwheight.
    Besides, I feel like I would gain it all back until I have really dealt with all the important issues that make me overeat. I feel like I have emotional reasons for this that really need to be adressed.

  • Amanda Whitley
    Amanda Whitley ヶ月 前

    The like to dislike ratio is real. I don't think I'll ever see Megyn in a positive light. I respect her hard work. However, I feel like she is a traitor.

  • lady bug
    lady bug ヶ月 前

    I worked many years for weight loss surg in the USA and I am here to tell you I have seen some very scary results I would never have the surg done so it is just not in Mexico

  • Jr S
    Jr S ヶ月 前

    It don't matter where you are, Mexico (of all places) or the US. Folks, the only way to lose weight is diet and exercise. It may take a year or a few months, but at least you wont have to go through this nightmare.

  • elsiitaaa
    elsiitaaa ヶ月 前

    So they expected to get surgery and miraculously loose weight and stay healthy? No people you have to take care of your body. If that woman had been bleeding from her spleen for two weeks she wouldn't be there telling her story.

  • Gari Stackhouse
    Gari Stackhouse ヶ月 前

    I had VSG in MexiCali 2009. It was wonderful!!! Flying home 3000 miles coach sucked, first class would have helped the flight home. I became dehydrated few weeks after coming back to US, a friend, a trauma surgeon ( I'm a nurse) he asked if he could "study me" of course I agreed. And my surgeon did a fabulous job and my scans were shared with our medical facility jyst to show what type of quality work you can get in Mexico. Almost 10 years and I'm great. Zero complications. The hospital I was in puts most of the places I've been here to shame. It was a palace, my resort was spectacular. I did it solo, no husband, no friend, no mum. I was the only one in the group alone, coming out of the anaesthesia I was disoriented, (I've always had a difficult time with anesthesia btw) my surgeon sat with me for already three hours and held my hands. The down side was the post op support. I wish I would have had a local bariatric center that would have welcomed me- just for three group meetings. Im smart and handled it. Best decision I ever made about my health. And a far as the "East way out" it's NOT. Nothing about becoming obese, being depressed and having that horrible relationship with food is easy. They only thing I'd have done differently is moved away, and started a new life and never told anyone. Good luck to all

  • CarrieJaniece
    CarrieJaniece ヶ月 前

    Wait... did they say 251 and 281 pounds?! That wont be covered by insurance because it's not life threatening fatness. You go to the gym and get a trainer 😂😂 this is just 1. People being lazy and 2 people not looking wisely

  • Tinker Bell
    Tinker Bell ヶ月 前

    Irony: Americans are going to Mexico for affordable but dangerous surgery; Mexicans cross the border illegally for excellent and free healthcare, and thus why Americans can't afford it...

  • annamal pete
    annamal pete ヶ月 前 +1

    Stupid people. Fat pigs die for bacon 🥓

  • brenda mills
    brenda mills ヶ月 前

    insurance does pay if it's a medical condition, not an overeating , inactivity issue......

  • Rosa a Rodriguez
    Rosa a Rodriguez ヶ月 前

    How come is cosmetic? It is health! What’s wrong with the government? You need educated ( free education) and healthy citizens!

  • morgan harris
    morgan harris ヶ月 前

    She sure does like to make little snide comments that really don't need to be said doesn't she?

  • Ad Hc
    Ad Hc ヶ月 前 +1

    Everyone wants a quick, magic fix for their obesity and don't seem to understand this is major, life-changing surgery. They want this rather than cutting calories and getting exercise but it comes with a price. A young guy 285 pounds could lose that himself, but I guess it was too much work.

  • bmv p.
    bmv p. ヶ月 前

    this show issss garbage !

  • Mez Zem
    Mez Zem ヶ月 前

    Do your research in finding a good md

  • Mez Zem
    Mez Zem ヶ月 前 +1

    Idiots!!! Cheap is as cheap does. Any surgery is risky

  • Dragmebuffy SMK
    Dragmebuffy SMK ヶ月 前

    Megyn Kelly doesn’t seem to be very compassionate :/

  • Princess
    Princess ヶ月 前

    Its a shame health insurance will hardly pay for anything so ppl have to take these measures..

  • Joanna A
    Joanna A ヶ月 前

    Why didn't they fix her hair for tv? Jeez

  • Nomilk
    Nomilk ヶ月 前

    Wow!!. Scary stuff!!.

  • Dianattz
    Dianattz ヶ月 前 +1

    Not even us Mexicans will have surgery in Tijuana. Come on people do your research! It's not about Mexico, it's about good or bad surgeons and those are everywhere in the world, the same for really good ones.

  • Luna Ajdinovic
    Luna Ajdinovic ヶ月 前

    This people just want easy money

  • Luna Ajdinovic
    Luna Ajdinovic ヶ月 前

    Jesica look like she is addicted to pain pills

  • amber gilyard
    amber gilyard ヶ月 前 +1

    I’ll go to Mexico and get weight loss surgery. I mean she looks good. People talking bad about Mexico is racist and let along this is Donald Trump era. Go eat a sneaker 😂 It’s amazing how y’all have so much hate for Mexicans but when someone like Rey Mysterio shows up y’all would cheer him on. Hypocrites. Don’t try to turn away from the real problem in this country. HEALTH CARE IS TOO HIGH! HEALTH CARE IS A RIGHT!

    • Master J
      Master J ヶ月 前

      I just threw up a little

  • Iworkwithnitwits
    Iworkwithnitwits ヶ月 前

    Why would anyone go to Mexico for surgery?

  • Jooeffoh
    Jooeffoh ヶ月 前

    How about people take responsibility for their own health? You don't wake up one morning and you magically put on 100+ pounds. You stuffed your f-ing face for months/years and then are too lazy to put the effort into losing it again, so go for an operation?

  • Stephanie Mann
    Stephanie Mann ヶ月 前

    My word Jessica looks so ill .. she must be in a great deal of pain & on strong medication ...I feel sorry for her 🙏🏾

  • Rose A.h.
    Rose A.h. ヶ月 前 +1

    Also Mexico has so many American white doctors who come to 3rd world Becouse of how easy it is to open a business and take money away.

  • Rose A.h.
    Rose A.h. ヶ月 前

    My family is from Mexico and even we know not to go to any 3rd world to get plastic surgery. The science is not what it is in America and some uk that's why it's extremely cheaper.

  • Metsasusi
    Metsasusi ヶ月 前

    Build that wall!

  • Jesusistheonlysavior
    Jesusistheonlysavior ヶ月 前 +1

    It’s Not fair to put all the Mexican surgeons in the same basket as bad. A lot of the famous good surgeons are Mexicans.

  • dale maki
    dale maki ヶ月 前

    It's not worth trying to save a few bucks