PS5 Release Date, New Controller & Hardware Details Surface

  • に公開 2019/10/08
  • Sony has revealed new official details about PlayStation 5, much to our surprise. Let's break it down!
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  • True Story
    True Story 11 時間 前

    They need to bring socom back

  • Untold Brande
    Untold Brande 11 時間 前

    Backwards compatible with only PS4 or all PlayStation games

  • Meraki_DM _YT
    Meraki_DM _YT 12 時間 前

    This is random but who freaks out when they see a fruit fly in there room

  • Syhy Ronica
    Syhy Ronica 12 時間 前

    november 2020? or november 2019?

  • Beary Barrington
    Beary Barrington 12 時間 前

    I am hoping for a remastered version of Metal Gear Solid.

  • deangelo taylor
    deangelo taylor 13 時間 前

    i would pay about $30 for the pos 5.

  • Heart Breakers Garage
    Heart Breakers Garage 13 時間 前

    Backwards compatibility all the way to PS1 games and plays all regional coding.

  • Tyrone Kelly
    Tyrone Kelly 14 時間 前

    It's the same damn system people

  • alyas qasim
    alyas qasim 14 時間 前

    Which is the best Xbox 2 or PS5
    Like for PS5 or comment for Xbox

  • Jiggity Jake
    Jiggity Jake 15 時間 前

    I would be happy with more game titles for the ps4. I don't want a ps5.

  • Shijin Mukundhan
    Shijin Mukundhan 15 時間 前

    Caution :- Controller will control you

    10CENT GAMING 15 時間 前

    time to buy ps3

  • ItsBRUH.69
    ItsBRUH.69 15 時間 前

    Fucking hate this how should I afford ps5 everyone will buy ps5 now imma be alone 😔😞😑

  • Legend 5823123
    Legend 5823123 16 時間 前 +1

    *who else waiting 4 years to get the ps5*

  • Ginormus Soldier
    Ginormus Soldier 16 時間 前

    Me:Cant Wait!!!!
    My Wallet:Yes But Actually No

  • Jesmus
    Jesmus 16 時間 前

    I heard big things about ps4 just before it came out and was complete shit and I sold it.
    Let's see if the history repeats itself.

  • Peroroncino
    Peroroncino 17 時間 前

    Sony knows how to count and that's all they need to win over other companies

  • Naraj 85
    Naraj 85 17 時間 前

    I hope that not the real game

  • Dave Mackie
    Dave Mackie 17 時間 前

    the ** main ** thing ,any controller ( p or x ) ..should be updating is the L3 & R3 ,sticks ,both companies need to fix this ,it has been a real pain for years .But , will either firm make them better ,highly doubtful ,they both want hi turnover ,so they can grab our $$$`s .Agree or disagree ?

  • Kakacarrot Cake
    Kakacarrot Cake 17 時間 前

    People that complain about the PS4 sounding like an airplane still live with their parents and have quiet time at 9 pm.

  • Raul Alvarez Jr.
    Raul Alvarez Jr. 18 時間 前

    Revamped VR Ninja Gaiden... Maybe??

  • jackuboy 154
    jackuboy 154 18 時間 前

    God of war

  • Lucas G
    Lucas G 18 時間 前

    Why PlayStation 5

  • Detenatron 360.
    Detenatron 360. 19 時間 前


  • Naz MU
    Naz MU 20 時間 前

    i want it to be release with gta6

  • Micheal Serrano
    Micheal Serrano 20 時間 前

    Better graphics and faster loading time

  • not a youtube channel
    not a youtube channel 20 時間 前 +1

    Will it play battletoads???

  • Adam Kelly
    Adam Kelly 20 時間 前

    I want to play PS4, PS3 and maybe PS1 games on that beauty.

  • Misaha I مساحة
    Misaha I مساحة 21 時間 前


  • Thunder Hashira
    Thunder Hashira 22 時間 前

    Gta 6 & Ps5 is gonna come out at the same time holyshit!!

  • Leon Kennedy
    Leon Kennedy 22 時間 前

    Is it just me or like do you just feel comfortable on the ps4

  • Alexandros Saiu
    Alexandros Saiu 22 時間 前

    and pretty please, with a cherry on top, get rid of that fan/heatsink problem

  • ed barradas
    ed barradas 22 時間 前

    What about backwards compatibility though.. is that even going to be a thing?

  • Zakary Gearlds
    Zakary Gearlds 23 時間 前

    Cross platform play with xbox on all games

  • 早 上 好 Guerilla Gorilla

    Dear Santa.

  • Beast in the east

    Maybe just maybe there doing a collab with rockstar to make gta 6

  • Kumar Bharat
    Kumar Bharat 日 前

    I was looking for wireless charging for controllers

  • Dogmation Plays
    Dogmation Plays 日 前


  • elvis camilo
    elvis camilo 日 前

    They need to bring Dej Jam Fight for NYC. On the PS5

  • D4rk_Matter 420
    D4rk_Matter 420 日 前

    I don’t want the ps5 to look like that

  • Methembe Bger
    Methembe Bger 日 前 +1

    Fuuuck im about to get a ps4 now 😑

  • Jeremiah Henderson

    Im such a sony fan I sold my xbox one 2 days after buying it full price!

  • Carson McGinley
    Carson McGinley 日 前

    What would the price be. My family isn't very supportive over video games so I have to buy my console with all my money so if anyone has any insight on that please tell me especially @gameranx

    • macroevolve
      macroevolve 23 時間 前

      400-500 dollars. Not bad considering you pay that much for a smart phone.

  • emeka o
    emeka o 日 前

    Playstation should at least upgrade a console for handheld games like PSP. Handheld games are better

  • Jacob
    Jacob 日 前 +1

    so can I play my ps3 games on my ps5?

  • Daniel Ugalde
    Daniel Ugalde 日 前

    My Apex account better transfer over

  • JasonLen
    JasonLen 日 前

    Sould be a ps not a v

  • Lukas Schreiber
    Lukas Schreiber 日 前

    I just bough my ps4 😭

  • Nzube Okey-iwobi
    Nzube Okey-iwobi 日 前 +1

    Who here remembers PS -1 when Jesus played mortal combat with his disciples. I remember those days 😌😌

  • P_U_F_F_E_R
    P_U_F_F_E_R 日 前

    Let me change my damn username, how about that for a change?

  • Geno Gonzales
    Geno Gonzales 日 前

    Not true doesn't come out Intel next year

  • Sean S
    Sean S 日 前

    no ps3 games, me no buy.

  • Denice Campa
    Denice Campa 日 前

    When playstaion 5? I’m already to play destiny 3 on playstaion 5???❤️🤔😪❤️

  • Bruce Morris
    Bruce Morris 日 前

    why not just switch to the PC at this point?

  • Mithaq EL Nemo
    Mithaq EL Nemo 日 前

    Hey! So your telling me the controller has the vibrator system : my balls will finally get a massage

  • Tech 9
    Tech 9 日 前

    Can’t wait

  • Keith Douglas
    Keith Douglas 日 前

    And my pc will still beat it.

  • First Last
    First Last 日 前

    Build a pc.

  • timmy boettger
    timmy boettger 日 前

    if they remaster Jack and Dexter I'm ditching Xbox and going back to Play Station

  • Ronald B
    Ronald B 日 前

    Crazy Taxi