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  • Bill Shum
    Bill Shum 7 日 前 +1

    Left 4 Dead RE Edition

  • mindsoulbody
    mindsoulbody 9 日 前

    Just a cash grab. Wait till Nemesis comes out. This is just to hit or miss the gamers (fans or "youtubers who stream for money"). This is for cashcom to just postpone the hunger, sort of (?), until the real stuff comes out.

    • Jt SmoothN
      Jt SmoothN 9 日 前 +1

      Well your not really taking a stance wth your argument by saying it's just a hit or miss title when effectively every game is either a hit or miss thts a given your allowing yourself to backtrack if the game is good or say I told u so if the game sucks tht being said if this just like Res. Outbreak or Capcom's Left 4 Dead version of Res. then it's a pretty interesting appetizer(or cashgrab) before the maincourse

  • Rapha The Kid
    Rapha The Kid 10 日 前

    Would this game be just like RE: Outbreak File 1/2? Because i gotta say, i REALLY loved that spin-off. (I own the original File 2 for PS2) Think it also would be marvelous if Capcom could port these 2 (or make a 3rd) for PS4 to enjoy a Online Co-op that i couldn't experience it back then. If i had so much fun co-opong with CPUs, imagine how much i could with other ppl?
    Best spin-off so far and one of my FAVORITES Resident Evils ever.

  • cesar leon
    cesar leon 11 日 前

    but... but... but... resistance is futile.

  • Mr Mad Mothy
    Mr Mad Mothy 12 日 前 +3

    Wesker, dat you?