Megyn Kelly Roundtable Has The Royal Family Mishandled Wedding PR? | Megyn Kelly TODAY

  • に公開 2018/05/17
  • Megyn Kelly TODAY welcomes Amy Holmes of PBS’ “In Principle,” fashion expert Melissa Garcia and, from Windsor, NBC’s Keir Simmons for a roundtable discussion of the latest royal wedding news, including the drama surrounding Meghan Markle’s father, which may have caught the royal family off-balance. “Royals: They’re just like us!” Homes comments.
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    Megyn Kelly Roundtable Has The Royal Family Mishandled Wedding PR? | Megyn Kelly TODAY

コメント数 • 88

  • Helena Elen
    Helena Elen 14 日 前

    Fake pregnancy

  • Les Barker
    Les Barker 2 ヶ月 前

    He did not want the help

  • Patricia Nixon
    Patricia Nixon 4 ヶ月 前

    Amy Holmes I just lost some respect for you Megan is worth 5 million dollars so no she didn't just have some pennies laying around to pay for a $130,000 dress the woman is a multi-millionaire in her own right I would expect if anybody on that panel knew that it would have been you and you would have stood up and said does she is taking care of her business.

  • Era butler
    Era butler 10 ヶ月 前


  • Sherri Thorne
    Sherri Thorne 10 ヶ月 前 +1

    Do these people do their homework? He refused the help! KP issued a statement to leave him alone!!

  • John Cowley
    John Cowley 11 ヶ月 前

    Don't they have rich American's? And those three embittered women what a load of ......

  • hal
    hal 11 ヶ月 前 +1

    Interesting that her mother managed to conduct herself with quiet grace through all of the days leading up to the wedding. She only got to England (for the first) two days before the wedding. So, he couldn't just be quiet and do what needed to be done...he needed a coach?

  • San J
    San J 年 前 +1

    MYOB. Unfortunate that Megyn Kelly/Today show had to sink to such petty gossip.

  • ShellsBells
    ShellsBells 年 前 +1

    I can’t believe that crown wearing wanna-be referred to he home of Meghan’s father as a “hovel” How nasty. She should be fired.

  • Ethereal Purplelight

    Her father, wanted the spot light to be on Meghan, but he should of stepped up to the plate, and been there for his daughter. But in the end, it played out the best for Meghan, because he did not "know" how to act in public. We need this to be a success, in the world stage. We need a success between America, and the British Connection. We can not spend all the time, "spinning" negative, and expect to have a world of stability. The Americans need to understand their role in the world, and promote, Peace, Understanding, and Kindness. (Not war, guns, arguments, and upheaval). We are no longer in a world, that can take in more, I hope that "Today" will understand, what is needed, "Today", better communication, BETTER SUPPORT.

  • Dwightinho56
    Dwightinho56 年 前 +3

    Think it worked out for the best without her father. It would have become a circus around him after what was revealed.

  • Patricia Rowe
    Patricia Rowe 年 前 +2

    This is nothing but killer gossip to injure. This is their wedding day. Could not the world give them at least 1day.
    Honestly if I were the Royal family I would strickly penalize those on tv who cannot shut their twisted mouths to spew out rediculous innuendos on how to deal with anothers personal family issues. The media is way out of line.
    These people get paid thousands to cover a story and they end up taking away precious privacy rights from the very people who invited them in. If they cannot keep to the event and boundaries than cut them off of coverage. Society is one crude cesspool of babbling, gossiping idiots.

  • Tia Miles
    Tia Miles 年 前

    Meghan has money, she could had helped her father. Ph well, wishing them the best.

  • Sue Perkins
    Sue Perkins 年 前 +3

    Maybe you should use the word “allegedly” when spewing out the costs of the wedding dress etc. or are you the accountant? I think this interview was very condescending from all the participants!

  • Doreen Reid
    Doreen Reid 年 前

    Why wasn’t Princess Diana’s brother not asked to walk Megan down the aisle?

  • jo phoenix
    jo phoenix 年 前 +4

    Maghan has money and he doesn't live in a box, i have no pity for her father he has let his daughter down, as to money Meghan has plenty of money and could and should have seen to this very important detail!!! Meghan has money what are you saying?? she is far ,far from homeless this is nothing but smear crap on Meghan she is a successful women and can afford to buy her dress Megyn Kelly has shown what a mean jealous person she is

  • Mark Gable
    Mark Gable 年 前

    The father would have been taken care of by the royal family anyway, just because his daughter is now a member of the Royal family. My guess is he would be made an Earl afforded a heraldic family coat of arms befitting his new status, also a country home and royal protection.

  • Oscar Ford
    Oscar Ford 年 前 +1

    What a bunch of twits this panel is.

  • Thistledove
    Thistledove 年 前 +1

    They did not mishandle anything. She sadly is related to the Markle family. There is no way to handle that bunch.

    • MsWhoEverWhatEver
      MsWhoEverWhatEver 年 前 +1

      Thistledove exactly look up Poor White Trash in the dictionary and there is a picture of the Markles there.

  • Ashley Stringfield

    Megyn is really gaining her 'talk show footing' throughout this royal wedding season

    • Meta M
      Meta M 年 前

      In fact, I only watch her now.

  • Evelynwashere 1
    Evelynwashere 1 年 前 +8

    Well the women on this show are a disgrace. I expected Megyn to be hateful but Amy is worse!! She is so catty and jealous!

  • Nicky L
    Nicky L 年 前 +2

    She won’t pay anywhere near retail for her dress, with the kudos for the designer they might even do cost or less.

  • Tambra Monique Smith

    The reason why Meghan Markle is marrying Prince Harry is because he owe money to her.

  • SDub
    SDub 年 前 +9

    Why is Meghan Kelly trying to act frugal with regards to the royal wedding dress? She's the highest paid NBC anchor. Please stop trying to act like you're "just like us". And I still remember all your racist rants on Fox. #whiteSanta

  • David Barnett
    David Barnett 年 前 +3

    For those who crowed about the Trumps not being invited, please note that the Obama's and the current Prime Minister of the UK, Teresa May, were also NOT invited. I can see not inviting the Trumps and Obama's, but the Prime Minister basically runs the UK and has the power, whilst the royal family is absolutely nothing and has no power. It is the Parliament that funds the royal family, so slighting Teresa May is not a very good start.

    • TheYasmineFlower
      TheYasmineFlower 年 前 +2

      It's not exactly a slight, though, when no politicians are invited. Besides, it's "just" the spare to the heir of the Prince of Wales, so it's not technically necessary to have politicians there.
      I find it rather good that they decided against politicians. It's very neutral, and maybe takes the edge off the media circus a bit, for them.

  • B
    B 年 前 +8

    Meghan's dad was trying to make a quick buck selling images to the media after not seeing her for years. Meghan's sister bad mouthed her all over TV whilst promoting her 'Princess Pushy' book, dyed her hair brown and started using the Markle surname again. I mean, clearly that one is a sandwich short of a picnic. Then, her brother pens a letter to her future husband telling him not to marry Meghan. Considering all that, i've really got no idea why Meghan wouldn't invite her family.

    • Rebecca Cole
      Rebecca Cole 年 前 +1

      BB I wish the media would stoo giving those carbuncles pustules of putrescent ooze attention

  • Brazilian-Lady
    Brazilian-Lady 年 前

    10 Things Meghan Markle Won't Be Able To Do After She Marries Prince Harry __ビデオ.html _

  • Roxberrie
    Roxberrie 年 前 +12

    NBC needs to remove Megyn Kelly she's a vile woman.

    • Roxberrie
      Roxberrie 年 前 +4

      Jozeph ‘Latino100’ Reyes She's not spouting her divisive rhetoric on NBC. But, in her FOX days she was a swine.

    • Jozeph Latino Reyes
      Jozeph Latino Reyes 年 前 +1

      Roxberrie - why? I think she’s a straight-shooter and people don’t like to hear the truth. Plus she’s crazy hot so no!

  • anders damin
    anders damin 年 前 +4

    Amy Holmes clearly doesn't know the definition of the word 'hovel'.

  • anders damin
    anders damin 年 前 +7

    Prince Harry and Meghan have the same nose.

    • ShellsBells
      ShellsBells 年 前

      anders damin she’s a very white mixed girl. Very white.

    • Meta M
      Meta M 年 前 +2

      Haaha... I said that on my facebook lol

  • Joshua Fazeli
    Joshua Fazeli 年 前 +4

    Basic harpies drinking pumpkin spice lattes

  • Joanne Devine
    Joanne Devine 年 前 +11

    Clearly Megan's chosen her family. It's not her family of origin.

    • Jill Morrow
      Jill Morrow 年 前 +1

      Joanne Devine she has her Mother.

  • Ashley sama
    Ashley sama 年 前 +19

    Shame, shame on Meghan and Harry both who should have long ago made the time and met up with her father and prepared him first hand about how life was going to change for her elderly, isolated and introvert father. Imagine if Meghan is stressed out by 2 half siblings that she does not have to deal with, but her father is not isolated from those 2 twits who must have pestered him into his heart attack about their wedding invites.
    Shame on the Queen attacking this elderly man who does not the years, money and not equipped to deal with this madness.
    Meghan's father could even be suffering from dementia due to the isolation that he lives. Diana was killed by the press and now what is happening to her father.

  • Stephanie Jade
    Stephanie Jade 年 前 +4

    He doesn't live in a hovel in Mexico, that was plain rude: exactly why he partnered w/ paparazzi to dispel these bad attitudes he felt were looking back on Meghan. Shame on you. In hindsight, her father realized it was a bad idea too: TMZ already reported it was nothing even close to $100,00) -- do your homework ladies and check your sources!
    The only right thing you all are saying is that the palace out to have been able to foresee this better. Who knows, maybe they tried, but Megahan told them not to bother that everything would be fine. No one knows except them.

  • Felicia Hill
    Felicia Hill 年 前 +13

    The Royal family can't be blamed for a blabber mouth, half sister and brother!

  • The guy that shot drake The guy that shot drake

    Her dad said if it ain’t no money 💰 in it for me my heart ❤️ ain’t into it

  • radio2014
    radio2014 年 前 +14

    Believe it or not, I was actually enjoying Today's coverage of the Royal Wedding, until this appeared. Is NBC now trying to compete with the gossip Celeb news sites? This 'discussion' would have fitted perfectly on TMZ!
    Which is where that PBS presenter might consider working, after describing Mr Markel's home as a "hovel in Mexico". Unfortunately I am already familiar with Keir Simmons (NBC correspondent) quality of work, when he worked in the UK. The best bit however, must be Megyn Kelly saying she changed her mind about Mr Markel after reading an editorial by... Piers Morgan!!!! Guess those Fox News tendencies are hard to shake off.

  • Eileen
    Eileen 年 前 +18

    Amy Holmes referred to Mr. Markle's home as a "hovel in Mexico?" I can't stand her ... she's so nasty and rude!!

    • ShellsBells
      ShellsBells 年 前 +2

      Eileen I couldn’t believe it when I heard it. What a rotten person she is!

    • Gertie Shaw
      Gertie Shaw 年 前 +2

      irresponsible reporting

    • MyMagical1
      MyMagical1 年 前 +4

      Eileen Yes I noticed that as well. That was rude.

  • Crowdfund77
    Crowdfund77 年 前

    How could they cut Thomas a cheque, they live on taxpayers money...

  • Lida Ellison
    Lida Ellison 年 前 +26

    OMG!! How can they blame the Royals? Her family is a nightmare. They are adults and should know how to behave

  • Blueskygal
    Blueskygal 年 前 +3

    MM & HW and ROYALS should have all handled better. Plenty of folks get money from connections like PIPPA. MM should have done more for her dad.

    • MyMagical1
      MyMagical1 年 前 +2

      Blueskygal Not necessarily. He is a private individual. Also, we don’t know what Support had been offered because it is not Royal protocol to speak out. Kier intimated that. Also, Meghan in her statement made the point of saying that she has always cared for her dad. I interpret that to mean, that she has been in contact with him. Also, he knew what his role would’ve been. Harry asked him by phone for permission to marry his daughter. He had the choice to sort himself out in good time, get himself checked out health wise, stick to a proper regime. He could have sought support from his ex-wife and I’m sure she would have given him moral support. He chose to listen to his dumb kids and sell out the only one of his children who took care of him. He was caught out and his pride has been bruised. The shame caused him to become ill. He has abused his body no one else. I think he feels overwhelmed by everything and needed an excuse. Serena Williams’ dad did the same thing. An hour before her wedding her father texted her to say he won’t be walking her down the aisle. He apparently said that he wasn’t himself anymore. He’d had a stroke and perhaps felt embarrassed about himself. Thomas Markle has let himself go and maybe he like Serena’s dad, feels vulnerable and exposed.

    • Teresa Holmes
      Teresa Holmes 年 前 +1

      Blueskygal you don't know her. so you have no proof what's she's done for him. your just taking a jealous hater Samantha on her word

  • Aracelis Morales Garcia de Ramos

    Someone needs some self-esteem.....

  • dandy72
    dandy72 年 前 +13

    Meghan Markle is worth 5 million dollars. These women know practically nothing.

  • ShiningStar77
    ShiningStar77 年 前 +5

    Meghan is a smart girl. $135,000 is actually small potatoes for a dress which one day will sell at Southerby's for $7 Million. That is what you call a get out of jail card in case the marriage tanks.

  • Hugh Franklin
    Hugh Franklin 年 前

    The royals don't have wedding dramas. But americans do, wherever yank are, involved there is drama and chaos.

    • Hugh Franklin
      Hugh Franklin 年 前

      Every bride and groom have wedding jitters. But only the yank could have the father of the bride feign a heart attack to get out of the wedding, and apart from her mother the whole brides family banned from the wedding. Yanks are drama and chaos.

    • Patricia Rowe
      Patricia Rowe 年 前 +2

      Hugh Franklin ,,,, really???? Then why did both Prince Charles and Diana report they wanted to cancel their wedding?????? I'm not trashing you just making a point that the whole world is staged drama.

  • bo rivers
    bo rivers 年 前 +23

    Mr Markle did not want help. The man is not some hobo ,he has been around Hollywood since the 1970s. He also managed to change the focus off his photo scandal to his health crisis and gave TMZ media his health updates rather than his daughter Meghan.So now he gets pity at Meghan and Harry's expense. The media has been trying to locate hospital he's luck. Meghan unable to reach by phone so she sent text, because he won't answer his phone, yet he is in touch with TMZ ,how? By phone. Her dad was ashamed and humiliated by photo scandal and couldn't face meeting everyone and wanted out of wedding. He let her down but he became the poor woe is me victim. Who diagnosed the heart attack,a cardiologist? Or did he. Did he have a heart procedure to remove blockage from arteries or a bypass,which is serious. Was it a heart attack or congestive heart failure or something else? Hope he gets better but something about him does not add up.

    • CornishPasty
      CornishPasty 年 前 +1

      I think the greedy, deadbeat dad is doing just fine. He never cared about his daughter.

  • Mike Btrfld
    Mike Btrfld 年 前 +3

    Well he could have married a Catholic

    • Reg Barlow
      Reg Barlow 年 前

      Mike Buttfild I’m afraid not, under the Act of Succession he could not marry a catholic and remain in line for the throne. In this day and age that may not seem right, bearing in mind Prince Harry is 6th in line, would it really matter. He also had to ask the Queen permission to marry because of the same Act. It may seem strange to an American, I grant you, but we Brits are quaint like that.

  • Katelyn O.
    Katelyn O. 年 前 +34

    He had a heart attack, what would sending someone there do? He's recovering. Leave the man alone. His daughter has asked that everyone respect him and leave him alone.

    • Marjorie Tillman
      Marjorie Tillman 年 前

      Katelyn O. You couldn’t have said it better!!!

    • Adriane Williams
      Adriane Williams 年 前 +1

      Katelyn O. Exactly. If anything the brother and sister are dubbed tacky americans

    • Mr Bruce
      Mr Bruce 年 前

      Daily Mail reported he was spotted home "all day" on the day he claimed he had the heart attack..was in the hospital etc. The guy in a con-artist & pathological liar.

    • Joanne Devine
      Joanne Devine 年 前

      It's clear that Meagan has never been all that close to her father. And certainly not the step siblings.

    • Grace A
      Grace A 年 前

      The same way harry met the mother is the same way they could have make time to meet him for introduction, his the father not a sperm donor