Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind DLC TGS Trailer REACTION!

  • に公開 2019/09/09
  • It's time for yet another Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Reaction, this time DLC Trailer number 2!
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  • Extreme Darkness
    Extreme Darkness 3 日 前

    It says coming this winter .
    I see an original release date late november but getting pushed back to feb 2020 .The same way they pushed back kh3 main game was supposed to be released nov 2018 but got pushed back to jan 31st 2019 .
    So i see a feb 2020 release date could be wrong though but nomura is notorious for pushing kh back .

  • Hamzah Khan
    Hamzah Khan 4 日 前

    No one gonna talk about the ALCOHOL REFERENCE RATING IN A D I S N E Y G A M E ?

  • Antonio Schuster
    Antonio Schuster 5 日 前

    You missed a perfect opportunity to say it was simple and clean

  • kurkur078
    kurkur078 6 日 前

    “Riding on some popsickles” LOL

  • Beowulf
    Beowulf 6 日 前

    Blizzaga and waterga are the coilest magic in kh 3 but blizzaga is very under powere

  • Gaige_Playz06
    Gaige_Playz06 7 日 前

    How does this man not have 1milion

  • Stephen Mahilum
    Stephen Mahilum 7 日 前

    Whenever I see characters rides their weapon as a hoverboard , all I can think of is Nero using Punchline. Now that I think about that, I wouldn't mind if KH had a style meter mechanic lol

  • Deklan Burrows
    Deklan Burrows 7 日 前

    Where do you think those data battles are taking place? I hope it's an expanded scala

  • Sarada Sreeram
    Sarada Sreeram 7 日 前

    Foloopa Blades - Yes, of course

  • Karakuioshi
    Karakuioshi 7 日 前

    I guess Sora went back in time to save Kairi. That would explain why we're having new cutscenes and parts in Keyblade Graveyard. *Something* changed.

  • Karakuioshi
    Karakuioshi 7 日 前 +1

    Called it with Lingering Will being playable. Yaaaaay!

  • itsminah
    itsminah 8 日 前

    Bring the winter or summer for some countries already! Farout! Square date please!

  • Ian Thomas
    Ian Thomas 8 日 前

    ok... so something I noticed and whoever the heck read this get this trending... The Symbol that is between the "Re" and the "Mind" is a musical marking called a "CODA" and I looked up the definition and hears what it means... "a concluding event, remark, or section." So either I'm reading this right because people who know musical theory that it only means an end to (as it says) a "passage or section"... So if im getting this right, there's something in this DLC that will conclude for sure the end of the Dark seeker saga series... (HOLY FRICK THIS IS GETTING ME ON EDGE!!!)

  • Miguel Alvarez
    Miguel Alvarez 8 日 前

    "Finger me sideways!" 😆😆😆 so moist. You never disappoint

  • Big Boss
    Big Boss 8 日 前

    *f i n g e r m e s i d e w a y s*

  • Gabatron Chills not
    Gabatron Chills not 8 日 前 +2

    Ive never nutted so hard to a team attack in my life

  • Cesar Burgos
    Cesar Burgos 8 日 前

    Its horrible I'm very disappointed the only good thing about kingdom hearts 3 was only the beginning when we go fight the 3 boss at Hercules level other than that the rest of the game was garbage and unfinished project

  • Jack of all Trades
    Jack of all Trades 8 日 前

    Where are Cloud and Sephiroth!?!?!?!?

  • Gabriel Cuevas
    Gabriel Cuevas 8 日 前

    Never stop BBY, you're a goose on a moose dude

  • Nurse Belle
    Nurse Belle 8 日 前

    We needed more Namine in KH3 so we better have a whole lot of her in this DLC

  • Zephyrus_anim8
    Zephyrus_anim8 8 日 前

    So, are we gonna be replaying the game to get this stuff, or are they going to be separate content to story mode

  • Ankur Bhaskar
    Ankur Bhaskar 8 日 前

    Love the new Dark Form as well! Makes Sora looks so badass! Has the same shield like the Nano Gears Keyblade Tranformation has too!

  • Elieser Isaac Reyes
    Elieser Isaac Reyes 8 日 前

    Can we have Sora to save Kairi before the final battle

  • Nic Anastasi
    Nic Anastasi 8 日 前


  • Feathered Seclude
    Feathered Seclude 8 日 前

    **Has captions on for this reaction video**
    TGJ: "We get to slap Terranort."
    Captions: "We get to slap paranoid."
    Me: **slow clap cause TGJ just mentioned he should have had Captions on** "You should have."

    Please react to this video right here with the Captions, they are hilariously inaccurate.

  • Drew
    Drew 8 日 前

    I need more Roxas gameplay in my life.

  • Jim Bob
    Jim Bob 8 日 前

    This is literally all stuff that should have been in the game to begin with

  • Angga Antonio
    Angga Antonio 8 日 前

    Don't anyone recognized the voice of MoM? Kinda similiar with that silver haired guy even their tone is same...

  • Ephrem Molina
    Ephrem Molina 8 日 前

    Dude I cant be the only one sitting here thinking that this shit should have been in the original launch, and not a complete recreation of "let it go". Like this for the most part is ALL recap on the main story that was completely skipped out on!

  • Marcel Carlos
    Marcel Carlos 8 日 前


  • Eduardo Ubaldo
    Eduardo Ubaldo 8 日 前

    I like how the KH people disabled comments on the release of the DLC lmao
    Fuck new age video games
    They sell you half the game / incomplete game first then they sell you the “DLC” that actually completes the game, separately.
    Just sell us games at a higher price but complete fuck

  • Andy Trevino
    Andy Trevino 8 日 前 +4

    Is the power of waking the 'Retry' button you get when you are defeated? What if Sora has always had the power of waking and we were the one pushing for him to retry since KH1? Were we aiding his journey every single time?

    • Meteornome
      Meteornome 6 日 前 +2

      That would explain how in 3 when Sora got defeated by Xehanort in Scala Donald and Goofy were able to bring him back after yelling his name through the controller.

  • Jan van Es
    Jan van Es 8 日 前

    What was it you said you rather not want to do? I had written a Story before with you coming home from the Aqua got Norted E3... this fic Writer may write this new Story! *hehe* AWESOME reaction!

  • noone
    noone 8 日 前

    I only see ps4 games on that shelf, but you have xbox deodorant? Nani?
    Also does it smell like xbox

  • ShdwTrcr
    ShdwTrcr 8 日 前

    Why does it show the Lingering Will with the Earthshaker instead of the Ends of the Earth keyblade??

  • Mike Spears
    Mike Spears 8 日 前

    Axel has Keyblade transformation kinda like Riku transformed his Soul Eater into Way to Dawn.

  • hilario flores
    hilario flores 8 日 前


  • GoDoFcRaP42
    GoDoFcRaP42 8 日 前

    New phrases I have learned today:
    "Okay, oka-OH, whu- riding on some POPSICLES!"
    "What the fried barbecue sauce?!"
    "I feel like a fuck'n Duncan."
    "Finger me sideways!"
    "What the Sally Deuce has me so moist?"
    "I completely sully-derped."

  • Megamaster 64
    Megamaster 64 8 日 前

    Cynical is happy

  • CoolDude6
    CoolDude6 9 日 前

    You do know that the mysterious city is Shibuya, right? You can clearly see the 104 building. I do not know if it is real or twewy Shibuya.

  • SamChristieR
    SamChristieR 9 日 前

    your reactions are always so similar to mine and make me laugh so much!! love your channel and your kh content

  • Mauro_RK
    Mauro_RK 9 日 前

    Learn some japanese bro, it would help u alot...if ur up for it...good vid, much success to you and your channel💯

  • peter555
    peter555 9 日 前

    Copia número 17 del rubius? Si pensaba que era el joder xd

  • Oddy
    Oddy 9 日 前

    I think the Young Xehanort we met during the time travel segment in the main game was actually post DLC Young Xehanort.
    "You've already doomed yourself."
    I think Sora's making another Flashpoint Paradox, and I'm terrified as to what he's changing. More importantly, is this a Multiverse? Or is he ACTUALLY changing the past... permanent...


    vanitas is a boss during dark form scene?!

  • 03koekje
    03koekje 9 日 前

    “this winter” could be early 2020

  • Elchinodiabolero
    Elchinodiabolero 9 日 前


  • WiseMan CrossNova
    WiseMan CrossNova 9 日 前

    Dude you look beat. You ok?

  • Roxas & Xion
    Roxas & Xion 9 日 前 +1

    Hey... I have a really hard question.... How much cost to buy all the kingdom hearts things behind you? 😂

  • blackmateria
    blackmateria 9 日 前

    The Song at the End
    So good dude

  • sonicsora22
    sonicsora22 9 日 前

    I was kinda sorta hoping for older keyblades getting their own transformations, but getting their own forms is the next best thing!

  • RageOfDeath
    RageOfDeath 9 日 前

    God damn now i need to repeat everything again

    • RageOfDeath
      RageOfDeath 9 日 前

      After all that pain of beating the game in critical mode

  • Tyson Muir
    Tyson Muir 9 日 前

    Me;DARK FORM!!!!!!

  • Lewi Croy
    Lewi Croy 9 日 前

    Oblivion and oathkeeper.... I’m not crying you’re crying 😭

  • Lazy Queen
    Lazy Queen 9 日 前 +1

    *Hype once again!!!*

  • Marx Dent
    Marx Dent 9 日 前

    We gonna play with everyone but Kairi, that's the only thing...

  • x Rabexnna x
    x Rabexnna x 9 日 前

    Just shat the fattest brick

  • Ashley Maddox
    Ashley Maddox 9 日 前

    The scene with the blue sky and cat thing is also in one of the parts of 3 already
    xion was a badass lol

  • Blaze 186
    Blaze 186 9 日 前

    It'd be cool if they release dlc that unlocks kh2 Sora and his abilities in game.

  • Austin Unrein
    Austin Unrein 9 日 前

    You know Cynical serious when he opens the video mean muggin the camera, with the classic dildo blaster on his shoulders.