OnePlus 7 Pro Review: Silly Fast!

  • に公開 2019/05/14
  • OnePlus 7 Pro is crazy fast in all the right ways. For $669. Nice.
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  • Dan from the lorax
    Dan from the lorax 11 時間 前

    1:06 marques I love you

  • Sanjay Sandhosh
    Sanjay Sandhosh 11 時間 前

    Awsome wallpaper .. where do i get this ?

  • romello5kuggz
    romello5kuggz 14 時間 前

    c’mon mkbhd! i know you’re amongst the BLerd elite, but you don’t pronounce the ER in butter(head down)

  • Mohammed Wael
    Mohammed Wael 日 前

    If I can buy a oneplus 7pro or s10+ in the same price what should I choose ? Even though I'm all into the oneplus but i love the s10's camera and I know it's better but is it so much better than oneplus ?
    Please answer me guys

  • Chase Butler
    Chase Butler 日 前

    My OnePlus 7 pro just came in today and this phone is amazing. Trust me you won't be disappointed if you decide to buy. FYI I'm coming from an iPhone 6s so yeah I'm in complete shock.

  • level 1 boss
    level 1 boss 日 前

    Watching on my dad's Redmi note 4 using neighbour's wifi at 360p

  • HotDog
    HotDog 日 前

    I wouldve bought it if it had a headphone jack..

  • Tiger Gray
    Tiger Gray 日 前

    That's it I'm gonna get this phone

  • razzakksa
    razzakksa 日 前

    2:16 I have never seen a better studio in my life.

  • Kristian Bonis
    Kristian Bonis 日 前

    Has anyone else's microphone just stopped working? I've only had this phone for 3 months and I already have to send it in to get it fixed

  • Rhakesh G
    Rhakesh G 日 前

    Sickest phone on the market no doubt but i can't help be worried about long term usage. Reason i stick to apple or Samsung is because when i buy a flagship, i need it for at least 3 years

    • Meowmath
      Meowmath 10 時間 前

      All I know is OnePlus and apple lasts longer than Samsung. My OnePlus 2 lasted me from it's release till now, it's replaced with op7 pro. You can trust this brand.

  • Isaac Kamau
    Isaac Kamau 日 前 +1

    I wanted to buy this phone till I saw the pop up camera in person. There's no way a normal person can use this phone for 3 years without that camera mechabism breaking. Especially folks with young kids. Lol

  • Zack Roy
    Zack Roy 日 前

    3:26 "noriaki to" 😂😂

  • Gregg Van Dycke
    Gregg Van Dycke 日 前

    The 90hz display on the one plus is made by Samsung.

  • Clar Garcia
    Clar Garcia 2 日 前

    Is the Google camera mod for this phone available already?

  • Yethu Raj
    Yethu Raj 2 日 前

    Its not silly, Its butter smooth .

  • Rami Bachar
    Rami Bachar 2 日 前

    The worst phone I ever had ,screen is not responsive , finger print reader miss many times , screen stuck in vertical mode all the time , sadly I couldn't effort an iPhone and bought this shit

  • Speedbird
    Speedbird 2 日 前

    I really wish I waited for this instead of going for the Galaxy s10e

  • MotoKoko
    MotoKoko 2 日 前

    69... nice

  • Ryan Jack
    Ryan Jack 2 日 前

    I'm thinking this is my next phone right now I'm using a poco F1 with overclocked kernel and pixel rom it's almost as fast is the 7pro the only letdown is the display on the F1 saw the note10+ in the EE shop and that display unit looked so slow! This could be my first OnePlus device. 🤔🤔

  • Harsh Uttarwar
    Harsh Uttarwar 2 日 前 +41

    Anyone else here after the release of iPhone 11??😂😂

    • Papo Sanchez
      Papo Sanchez 時間 前

      @The Batman very true

    • The Batman
      The Batman 15 時間 前 +6

      Imagine the 700 dollar price tag of the iPhone 11 for a 828p display, while this Phone has 1440p 90htz Display.

    • Plants Rule!
      Plants Rule! 20 時間 前

      Harsh Uttarwar why is that funny?

  • Tahir 07
    Tahir 07 2 日 前

    Is there going to be OnePlus 7t?

  • Aeron Sumilong
    Aeron Sumilong 2 日 前

    This looks leaps better than that ugly ass iphone 11. Come on apple, the most disappointing year for them yet

  • krishna rao
    krishna rao 2 日 前

    Hi bro suggest me best phone around 50k,my requirements are camera and performance

  • rushdi daghlas
    rushdi daghlas 3 日 前

    I love it i want it i cant get it🙃🙃🙃

  • Wander Frame
    Wander Frame 3 日 前 +5

    Pls, marcus can you tell me the wallpaper site or application!!??

    • Thomas Kannegaard
      Thomas Kannegaard 2 日 前 +1

      Wander Frame You can just search mkbhd wallpaper on Google and you will find them, that is what I did.

  • Derek Ashby
    Derek Ashby 3 日 前

    Great vid

  • Manly Generation
    Manly Generation 3 日 前 +31

    I'm here after your iPhone review, and let me tell you, LOL, this one still the best

  • T00 POINT 0H
    T00 POINT 0H 3 日 前 +3

    went from moto z2 force to this (12G Blue model) not too long ago. This phone is a beast!

  • Sourav 03
    Sourav 03 3 日 前 +1

    Nebula blue!
    How about groot gray😆

  • faizan choudhary
    faizan choudhary 3 日 前

    Always Loved watching your review videos👍

  • dikshit khanal
    dikshit khanal 3 日 前 +4

    Do you keep all the things you review or do you sell them?

    • sow has
      sow has 日 前

      No i think he keep it because their is a video he got a lot phones in a box

    • Divyansh Walia
      Divyansh Walia 日 前

      @simon sniffcock do they get phones for a few hours to do review and return it afterwards.

    • simon sniffcock
      simon sniffcock 2 日 前 +2

      They are review units

  • Ahtisham Shykh
    Ahtisham Shykh 3 日 前 +4

    Lmao the new iPhone doesn't have a 90hz display 🙄

  • Dharmesh Dobariya
    Dharmesh Dobariya 3 日 前 +5

    Shall I buy this instead of iPhone 11?

  • Prajjwal Maurya
    Prajjwal Maurya 3 日 前 +75

    6:27 Hopes for i phone 11 with higher refresh rate 😂😂

    • Gerardo Amador
      Gerardo Amador 23 時間 前 +1

      @Lazaven lol three hour... I reached 5 yesterday.

    • Lazaven
      Lazaven 日 前

      Have a nice time with 3 hour screen on time

    • Joaqstarr
      Joaqstarr 2 日 前 +1


      PHAYJAAN T-A-U 3 日 前

      Exactly dude 😂 😂 😂

  • Simone Scarpa
    Simone Scarpa 3 日 前 +39

    New iPhone doesn't have a 90 Hertz display R.I.P.

    • J Bakes
      J Bakes 8 時間 前

      @P S That asus phone is a lot heavier, thicker, and larger. The larger the phone the easier it is to beef the specs up. Also the one plus 7 pro dies very quickly. I will agree apple could inovate more and is a little over priced. You have to remember apple is a status symbol/fashion accessory so you have to factor that into the cost. They know people will buy it because its apple. There phones are not for everyone but if you want a really reliable, well optimized phone, and a well known brand then you have to pay to play.

    • P S
      P S 8 時間 前

      @J Bakes please don't give crap about the tech is not there. See the asus phone called ryoga 2 something, they have 120hz rate and with battery life which can last days.
      3 to 4 years ago apple used to give best quality for high price but now it gives mediocre for high price. I was hoping for some innovation from apple this time but they failed with Iphone 11.
      They are now just business not like past. The people who'll buy Iphone 11 is just because they have more money to spend and they can show it off for a while.
      No need to take my word, the time will tell as apple's phone industry will fall if no innovation is done.
      This phone one plus 7 pro even though not best in everything is overall the best phone in this year especially with its price.

    • J Bakes
      J Bakes 14 時間 前

      @P S Ya I understand that. Obviously the tech isn't there yet because it significantly cuts the battery life. Apple isnt one to just pile a bunch of features in its phones. They only add the feature if its neccessary or it doesnt kill optimization.

    • P S
      P S 23 時間 前 +2

      @J Bakes you don't even need 4g if you are going to use your mobile for Facebook, or even a oled screen or anything latest tech. Lul. Its not about if you need or not its about the latest tech at best price.

    • Rhakesh G
      Rhakesh G 日 前 +1

      Might happen in like 5 more years..

  • TheHvk
    TheHvk 4 日 前 +10

    The oneplus 6 is still fast as hell!! I can only imagine how fast this thing is!

  • Emojimatt
    Emojimatt 4 日 前 +78

    It's funny how oneplus can make a solid phone with no notch while apple is still stuck with that stupid notch for 3 years

    • Hari Sankar
      Hari Sankar 時間 前

      @Skywalker Oneplus phones may not be perfect (no phone is perfect), but they don't lag. Anyone who has used a oneplus device will tell you.

    • Skywalker
      Skywalker 15 時間 前

      @alex monzon Yeah, I'm on GS10+ as well, and waiting for iPhone 11 Pro Max. Even I skipped Note 10 series. My firm sponsors both my phone each year, so I'm lucky in that regards.

    • Skywalker
      Skywalker 15 時間 前

      @falaflani If I have to clear my RAM every time, then how do you do multi-tasking :) I have always owned an android phone and an iPhone at the same time, I currently own Galaxy S10 Plus, and upgrading to iPhone 11 Pro Max. I believe you have never used an iOS, and iPhones are very good at multi-tasking, you don't need to close your background apps, that's where OS does the memory optimisation. I'm just simply referring to my experience with One Plus. It feels cheap and laggy.

    • alex monzon
      alex monzon 日 前

      @falaflani its part of the tech i own :)

    • falaflani
      falaflani 日 前 +1

      @Skywalker maybe coz u are used to ios which is only good at single tasks. if u knew how to clear your RAM and close background apps or anything about how OS work u would know that. laggy? but maybe some people prefer limited tech that gives u the illusion of better performance

  • Grass and Oranges
    Grass and Oranges 4 日 前 +1

    I’m deciding on a new phone, OnePlus 7 Pro or Note 10 Plus? I mainly use my phone for: camera (videos), Movies, games, and music. I really can’t decide!

    • Don Roquero
      Don Roquero 4 日 前

      Note 10+ has a great camera and the S Pen, but I'd take the 7 Pro any day. Once I went 90hz it was hard to go back...

  • Gerardo Velazquez
    Gerardo Velazquez 4 日 前

    What is not as good as the "iphone"?? the vibration??? lol. the only good thing about the iphone might be its security unlock options, battery is shit, conectivity is shit, on par finally screens...... i dont see anything good about the iphone

  • Stranger Phenomenon
    Stranger Phenomenon 5 日 前 +2

    Samsung is just testing the 90 hertz display on OnePlus 7 pro before they will apply it to Samsung Smart Phones.. if anything happens the OnePlus Pro will suffer not the Samsung Brand :) Smart Move ..

  • Nahid Khan
    Nahid Khan 5 日 前 +1

    If you’re here for the probe shot then skip to 2:24

  • Paul Gansca
    Paul Gansca 5 日 前 +2


  • Rusty Nail
    Rusty Nail 5 日 前

    is it better than note 10 ?

  • Charles Shi
    Charles Shi 5 日 前

    Perfect phone with perfect price

  • Francis Firoz
    Francis Firoz 6 日 前 +22

    I traded my iPhone 7 plus for this phone and I'm absolutely HAPPY with it!

    • Stereo Typist
      Stereo Typist 2 日 前

      I want to... but its not supported on my carrier Xfinity Mobile. :(

  • Ahnaf Kabir
    Ahnaf Kabir 6 日 前

    Silly Fast!

  • Quốc Cường Nguyễn Văn

    Watching this with my 3t

  • George
    George 7 日 前

    I switched from iPhone to Oneplus 7 Pro after seen you review video. But your video did alert us on the most stupid APP Pre-Installed with the OS, Zen Mode! this is the most disturbing APP ever. it will take over your phone and tell you when you can use you phone. It can't be disabled or uninstalled. it was tun my phone off without any alert. One of the reviewer used to alert us during his review on phone set up. I did not enable this feature/APP but it was shown up by itself. if you can also have a try and review this feature, that will be great help for potential users.
    for now, I will give this phone 1 star out of 5 since you can't really use it normally.

  • Brock724
    Brock724 7 日 前 +4

    N i c e

  • donsuz bakteri
    donsuz bakteri 7 日 前

    I have a question where I can get that wallpaper

  • bryan calcoen
    bryan calcoen 7 日 前 +1


  • Olav Sills
    Olav Sills 7 日 前

    1:05 a true gamer

  • khayam ali
    khayam ali 7 日 前

    does it have the squeeze function?

  • khayam ali
    khayam ali 7 日 前

    i would so upgrade my contract to this but o2 don't sell it :/

  • hooDio
    hooDio 7 日 前 +1

    this intro shot gave me an eye orgasm

  • calf deck
    calf deck 7 日 前

    恰饭视频 鉴定完毕

  • Khurram Awan
    Khurram Awan 8 日 前

    Love you brother 💙❤️💙

  • Little tech guru
    Little tech guru 8 日 前

    How much money you earn in a month in a month like and know truth

  • Joel Santiago
    Joel Santiago 8 日 前 +1

    Can anyone recommend me a good smart watch to go with this sick ass phone?