How "levee wars" are making floods worse

  • に公開 2018/08/06
  • Explained with a giant, scientific model.
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    Correction: At 4:27, we mistakenly wrote "Nijmegan" when it should be spelled "Nijmegen."
    In our latest Vox+ProPublica collaboration, we dive into how a structure that’s designed to protect us from floods, may actually be making them worse. High levees come at a high cost, often pushing water into communities that can’t afford the same protection. To demonstrate, we built a giant, scientific model of a river with levees - complete with adorable tiny houses.
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  • Vox
    Vox  10 ヶ月 前 +1372

    Correction: At 4:27 we show the city name as "Nijmegan". It should be "Nijmegen".

    • Michael Vicario
      Michael Vicario 4 日 前


    • IcyDragon68
      IcyDragon68 ヶ月 前 +1

      @Lewis Doherty That's still called a dike

    • Lewis Doherty
      Lewis Doherty ヶ月 前

      @IcyDragon68 A dike is a structure designed to keep the sea/ocean out. A levee is a structure to keep a river out.

    • Erwin Rommel
      Erwin Rommel 2 ヶ月 前

      And it’s called the Netherlands
      Holland is just a province

  • IvanPlayStation4LiFe

    The US has enough money to fix this problems but theybrather steal the money that why the US is becoming worst than a 3rd world nation.

  • BenBega99
    BenBega99 2 日 前

    we bild them in croatia like in netherlands

  • Abcflc
    Abcflc 2 日 前

    The US sounds like a Libertarian fever dream.

  • staceyklj
    staceyklj 2 日 前

    Quick, build your arks

  • Samuel Corona
    Samuel Corona 3 日 前

    Here's an idea we scale 25 acres behind levees, and we build a water overflow pump system that would maintain n a clay non-permeable substructure Pond line retention pond and create deep-rooted Hemi Marsh wetlands that can absorb and displace up to 1/3 floodplain and serves as a water displacement sponge.

  • Venkatesh Babu Ponnuchamy

    What is the basic function of earth geology. The earth gets heat and light from sun. This makes some places extremely hot and some extremely cold. The extreme hot places if water is not put in place the ground water decreases and gets like a volcano. If ground water is made steady in those areas then you have balance of nature. Usually rivers do the trick. They usually flow from colder regions to the warmer planes to keep steady underground water. Floods happen because of stoppage of natural contours. Dams can be built but should be able to distribute water rather than storage facility. And distribute water ways. The major factor of forests clustering.

    • Venkatesh Babu Ponnuchamy
      Venkatesh Babu Ponnuchamy 3 日 前

      Usually water flows from higher elevation to lower elevation. Also the spin of the earth has to be taken into consideration. That means the push of water is from East to West. Also the tilt of earth counts. Also dryness of earth create a contour. Wind flow communalism etc. Heat distribution on air. Forest foilage including. So what is global warming. Excessive heat on air and too much dry land and expansion and destroyed forest escalating the temperature levels. That's the definition. Also salt water of seas flowing inland to denude vegetation and forest and destroyed environment because of volcanoes and earthquakes creating fissure and giving a lot of heat in the atmosphere because of too many vents. Also periodic allignment of planets playing a role in lowering the UV zone protection. Let alone industrial pollution plastic garbage waste oil mining etc etc.

  • Paul Miller
    Paul Miller 3 日 前

    Just let the next generation deal with it.

  • Loska 1
    Loska 1 3 日 前

    Dont allow flood plains! complains it floods lol..... shocking that.

  • Syrinx The Fox
    Syrinx The Fox 4 日 前

    love how they didnt find a third song they just used the original and a cover of when the levee breaks

  • ogmius2001
    ogmius2001 4 日 前

    ugg. levees protect urban areas. WHEN IT FLOOD's ( not if) the lack of a levee means nothing because hastily constructed temporary sandbag levees go right up to protect property. The answer?...relief canals that channel floodwaters away from the source.

  • No You
    No You 7 日 前

    I drove my 'Chevy to the levee was destroyed,

  • Nico Grassi
    Nico Grassi 7 日 前


  • Joe Wood
    Joe Wood 9 日 前

    Another video, it seems the human race will accept anything deal with anything as long as it is not about reducing its numbers, not only to protect the natural countryside and its wildlife but to protect it own species future.

    what's so laughable is that the human species claims to be an intelligent species, I challenge you to show me physical evidence that you are actually intelligent, because so far the only physical evidence that I see is a species that can open his mouth and say it is intelligent but it hasn't the ability to physically show it is intelligent, it is very clever, YES" and destroying itself well I mean" every day it things of new ways of how to destroy itself.

    but there is no physical evidence that shows the human species is an intelligent species, and the physical evidence to show it is not intelligent, is in the fact, That nothing intelligent would behave in such a way that it actions would bring harm in danger or destroy the very thing that it relies on for its existence, which of course is its environment.

    The physical evidence to show the human race has no idea where it lives, is in the fact it lives in a confined space a planet and it has based its policies on endless growth living in this confined space. There is no more damning evidence to show that the human species is not an intelligent species.

    I'll leave you with a copy of something I sent the organisation that looks for intelligent life, S.E.T.I to tell them why they can't hear intelligent life.

    Alien ship comes across the planet Earth.
    Alien one, Looks down and says we will not be contacting this species .
    Alien two, Why not.
    Alien one, Because they are not intelligent, it would be extremely dangerous for us to contact this species.
    Alien two, How do you know they are not intelligent.
    Alien one, Because they are just mindlessly multiplying and destroying the very thing that they depend upon for their existence. That's why we will not even let them know we are here.
    Now if we were controlling our numbers and keeping them down to an acceptable level that this planet can naturally support. Then things would be different.
    Alien ship comes across the planet Earth.
    Alien one, Looks down and says I think we will be able to contact this species .
    Alien two, Are you sure we should?
    Alien one, Yes I think it will be safe to do so because they are intelligent.
    Alien two, How do you know they are intelligent.
    Alien one, Because they are showing that they understand where they live, which is a limited space and how they should be living there , which is by controlling their numbers so they don't over populate that limited space and destroy it for themselves and the billions of species they share their planet with.
    That is the first sign of intelligence when a species understands where it lives and you will see that it understands this in the way they behaves towards their planet. So I see no problem in contacting this species.

    • Joe Wood
      Joe Wood 7 日 前

      @Brozius What's fiction about a species who claims to be the most intelligent life on the planet, Yet," it hasn't the intelligence to understand where it lives or how to live their without destroying the very being which it relies on for its existence.

      What is fiction about that please tell me.

    • Brozius
      Brozius 7 日 前

      I think you should write fiction.

  • Mikania
    Mikania 10 日 前

    It is called the Netherlands and not Holland. It's a commonly mistake.
    It is like calling the Us New York or Texas.

  • Stonie Wake
    Stonie Wake 11 日 前

    Yeah too many humans (mostly men and mostly the most wealthy and or at times the most powerful) are inherently selfish, evil and purposely choose to remain ignorant. (The word “CHOOSE” is the key.) If you are not wealthy by societal standards but you hold power, you also fit.

  • 5602jerry
    5602jerry 12 日 前

    annoying music is too loud

  • Mister_Tim_
    Mister_Tim_ 12 日 前

    Lol how funny, I live in the netherlands and its just normal there

  • Copy Cat
    Copy Cat 13 日 前 +1

    Me: ha there’s a town called Arnold? It’s literally just a name!
    Also me: **lives in a town called preston**

  • William burd
    William burd 13 日 前

    Dredge the river from Canada to the gulf state by state...

  • lake Speed
    lake Speed 14 日 前

    The levee is 2 miles from the Mississippi river in Arkansas.

  • Mesak Takhel Mayum
    Mesak Takhel Mayum 14 日 前

    Eureka O'hara yet again causing drama,😫😫😫😫😫😫

  • sundiii99OWS
    sundiii99OWS 15 日 前

    Build Tower cities connected to maglev Trains.

  • gingerhunley
    gingerhunley 18 日 前

    the have and havenots or from the rich and poor all men are created equal

  • chito ruiz
    chito ruiz 18 日 前

    Just MOVE haha

  • Kody Zhager
    Kody Zhager 18 日 前

    More rain makes flooding worse, before you look into manmade structures you should look into manmade weather.

  • ualuuanie
    ualuuanie 18 日 前

    So if you are poor you are screw in the US.

  • Askejm
    Askejm 19 日 前

    in the future: haha neighbor town my levee is 150 meters higher than yours

    NWC SHREDDER 20 日 前 +4

    Vox is elementary school journalism for illiterates.

  • J Shankle
    J Shankle 20 日 前

    That war ended today, summer 2019

  • Whitey Ward
    Whitey Ward 21 日 前

    Dams are being removed so the Calif valley's will flood and rice will be replaced with Algie farms for fuel. Easy money but you will be gone and won't get any.

    4TIMESAYEAR 21 日 前 +1

    It's the levees, not climate change, that are causing the problem

  • Meiers Daniel
    Meiers Daniel 21 日 前


  • Happy Happy
    Happy Happy 22 日 前

    We live in America, the richer, the more selfish they are

  • loganlocke1
    loganlocke1 22 日 前

    there is no way that that model could work, underwater structures and everything else that creates The Tickler turbulence of that body of water will not allow it to cooperate with that jive model that you made 13 ft long it is not going to have the pressure that stimulate it doesn't matter what you do you are driving yourself and just getting some money through grants to do a bunch of hocus-pocus because you haven't solved any problems when you want to learn why it's done... Holler at me

  • rab woody
    rab woody 22 日 前

    So don't build on flood plains, simple as that, but of course that doesn't make developers rich, so let's blame anyone but ourselves...

    • Brozius
      Brozius 7 日 前

      The Netherlands have been doing it for over 500 years. Is the U.S. so far behind that they can't do it like the Dutch do?

  • Stef de horde
    Stef de horde 23 日 前 +1

    As someone from the Netherlands who has lived below sea level his whole life it's so weird to see that in America even the chance your home will flood is determined by lobbyists and rich people. I mean I feel like over here the construction of a levee is something people have put years of research in and not something controlled by the market.

  • pkasb90
    pkasb90 23 日 前

    Make sure your levee is a foot higher than neighbors'.

  • Tom Landon
    Tom Landon 23 日 前 +1

    Levees are a great example how wealth privileges a few to rob the many. Privilege takes ever more privilege.
    At the expense of working people and the poor.
    The solution?
    If an area floods TWICE, FEMA should NOT INSURE THOSE AREAS AGAIN! Let FEMA'S money be used to build replacement homes ONLY OUTSIDE THE FLOOD ZONE.
    Since FEMA has paid, that land should get turned back into wetlands, for water reclamation, flood control and recreation.
    Deep reservoirs should be created to receive and retain water during floods for irrigation and household use in dry spells.
    FYI, I live within 2 miles of the Mississippi, and consulted FEMA'S flood plain map before buying.

  • mkennedy1733
    mkennedy1733 23 日 前

    Monroe County in Illinois has a huge setback levee for the Mississippi and a flood in 93 made a town completely move

  • Michael Kuhl
    Michael Kuhl 23 日 前 +4

    Are you CRAZY???

    • ImNotGood15 AKA.NotGood
      ImNotGood15 AKA.NotGood 4 日 前

      @Brozius no not it, people in the rest of the world mostly just haven't a clue. USA fights a war at home every spring, the most unpredictable war there is. It's the war against mother nature. Most people never get to see a tornado. Springtime in USA we outbreaks with 25 to 150 a day. Have had as many as 600 in a week. Countries worried about a bomb. Well, 50 tornadoes in a ay is like being carpet bombed over 2500 mile section of the country. Some of the tornados have the destructive power to wrap cars and planes around telephone poles like leave wraps around your cars antenna on a windy day. Then hurricane season will come and we have hurricane that can do the same for longer periods of time except they will also push the ocean inland. Hailstorms that will produce hail the size of softballs. Droughts, floods, and wildfires that can last months. Earthquakes, icestorms, heat waves is just sugar on top. Infrastructure is hard to get right when you have rebuild and repair every year. People always saying why don't USA make everything concrete. Because it's even more work to cleanup and repair and more expensive when a large scale storm comes through and throws it across the field. Infrastructure is only good for what you think will come but in USA you can never predict where the big ones will be this year. I wish the rest of the world could live in the "tornado ally" at least 1 time in their life's. They outlook for them would change on how easy Americans have it.

    • Brozius
      Brozius 4 日 前

      @ImNotGood15 AKA.NotGood apparently not have a good infrastructure like the rest of the 1st world countries have.It's 80 years behind the Netherlands.

    • ImNotGood15 AKA.NotGood
      ImNotGood15 AKA.NotGood 4 日 前

      Nah we're Americans we can do anything

    • Brozius
      Brozius 7 日 前

      The Netherlands did it, they even created parts of their land.

  • Brian Olson
    Brian Olson 24 日 前

    Water seeks it's own level, if you have a levee that is higher than the flood plain it will keep water higher than normal on the side that doesn't have a levee.

  • Mike D
    Mike D 24 日 前 +1

    Thanks Vox for taking 7 minutes to tell me places with lower levees flood before places with higher levees.

  • M. Talk
    M. Talk 24 日 前

    There's the right way, and then there's the US way

  • Matt Dickey
    Matt Dickey 25 日 前 +2

    Western Europe has a fantastic grasp on logical thought and action.

  • Foxspot ___________
    Foxspot ___________ 25 日 前

    I know what we can do. Stop building in low areas and stop developing in cities like new Orleans. If people want river front property then refuse them flood insurance and tell them third on their own

  • Bluebell
    Bluebell 25 日 前 +1

    And unfortunately the high school in Eureka is in a ditch, so they always flood and it’s usually right at the end of the school year

  • MrAllister9
    MrAllister9 26 日 前

    Ummm you cant mention the word Science while Republicans are in office

    • Brozius
      Brozius 7 日 前

      ooh give me a break, republicans and democrats are 2 sides of the same coin, stop blaming each other and try to work together instead of being little kids.

  • hellship rc
    hellship rc 26 日 前

    Stfu Vox. Some cities literally do it to themselves. The city of Davenport, IA would rather flood every other year than give up thier precious river front view, along with another handful of cities that im sure some of their citizens will comment below.

  • memejesus thefirst
    memejesus thefirst 26 日 前

    I live an hour away from sacramento and in 2017 the town i live almost got flooded due to levees and we were all evacuated for 2 weeks

  • Old Wisdom
    Old Wisdom 26 日 前 +1

    it's common knowledge that law enforcement has to watch for the good citizens on one side of a river to keep them from dynamiting the levee on the other side. This has been true for years.

  • Damian Mathis
    Damian Mathis 26 日 前 +3

    The system for everything in this country is broken

  • Skywere Productions
    Skywere Productions 27 日 前 +1

    *laughs in stormvloedkering waterweg*

  • krrrruptidsoless
    krrrruptidsoless 27 日 前

    Robo dredges

  • krrrruptidsoless
    krrrruptidsoless 27 日 前

    Build canals going off rivers that only take on water when the River starts to flood
    You could even channel that Canal water to the desert to start up or feed a reforestation process
    Interstate and divided highway medians could be used as such a canal.... or at least run pipes there to take the water away from the flooding
    Dredge the rivers and use the dirt

  • krrrruptidsoless
    krrrruptidsoless 27 日 前

    Does living in a flood zone cause flooding

  • Tormund Giantsbane
    Tormund Giantsbane 27 日 前

    System isn't broken. "Me, myself and I...fuck everyone else" is what it means to be truly American.

  • Nope Nope
    Nope Nope 28 日 前

    Valley park is trashy af, how did they afford a levy and not eureka 😂 every time I’m in valley park it smells like a landfill

  • Brande Lemke
    Brande Lemke 28 日 前


  • Jakelovesphoto -Jake Fleming-

    I mean I get why this is important to discuss but also it’s very basic. If the wall is high in one spot and low in another, it’s gonna overflow at the low point

  • C-64
    C-64 ヶ月 前

    Why not just make a levee, then build a canal around them, and place that dirt inside the levee

  • Otaku San
    Otaku San ヶ月 前

    When I was in 7th grade(I was 13) in middle school I presented setback levee on a science fair without even knowing it exists.

  • Sage G
    Sage G ヶ月 前

    What the... I live in Valley Park. I didn’t know about this

  • High Current Pictures
    High Current Pictures ヶ月 前 +1

    1:02 Coach "we still got practice."

  • Olli Trolli
    Olli Trolli ヶ月 前

    War, YES! Levees, NO! -Now do the math, ignore the outcome, and let your so called government continue on THEIR path..!

  • CPWindsorsub
    CPWindsorsub ヶ月 前

    The real thing I learned from this video was Led Zeppelin didn't originally write "When the Levee Breaks".

  • Illuminationsfromtheattic

    We actually could move cities - many American cities are a sprawling mess, and would be greatly improved by rebuilding.

  • Joey Dyker
    Joey Dyker ヶ月 前

    i diont think this is a rich/poor thing this is some cities built levies that produce worse flooding for cities who didnt build a levee

  • SyFy Rytr
    SyFy Rytr ヶ月 前

    Why is the land rich to grow in? Because the river flooded and brought nutrients to the land over millennia. Mountains provide nutrients for these rivers and flood plains. Why are so many people flooded out? Low, flood plain land, is flat, easy to build on and cheap to buy. It historically floods. Why are water levels so high? Levees have channeled water thereby making it flow faster and higher within the levee banks. Solutions: setback levees, yes, but they must encompass huge swaths of land that was once flooded regularly, naturally, replenishing soil with nutrients stripped from upstream. Towns and buildings need be on hills. Look at the really old farms and you'll see they were almost always on high ground. Folks want to build where it's cheap and then get insurance payment when their short term poor location choice is ruined. Only the really hard choices make any real sense for the long term. No one wants the hard choice. Only easy choice. Sympathies to those affected. Peace. (PS: How about a WAR on Entropy?)

  • Traktakaffe
    Traktakaffe ヶ月 前

    because people are artificially attached to homes - they wont easily change location - "my grandfather built the.." and so on.. its just because of human nature - if we would just move out of hazard areas and relocate - most problems would be gone, but we are human so we will stay and put more sand on the levee to protect the old that could be rebuilt elsewhere, even better :D we so smart

  • The ultimate stupid human on earth

    Just DO some DIY And expand the river so it fits the water and then BAM no floods And no levees

  • Henry Cheng
    Henry Cheng ヶ月 前

    God may have created the world, but the Dutch created the Netherlands

  • Tarzan
    Tarzan ヶ月 前

    So why would it be the rich sides fault? The poor side would flood either way. One year they get "X" amount of rain compared to another year and so the poor city cries it's the rich folks fault? Rich folks didn't make it rain or snow a bit more that "year" . Get my drift? Wait a few year no flooding means what? Poor city needs to pay rich city for a dry year? Liberals always find something to cry about

  • Alex
    Alex ヶ月 前

    So lefties not only want everyone to be equally poor, they want everyone to equally flood too?

  • Jakub Maštalíř
    Jakub Maštalíř ヶ月 前 +1

    If you can't protect your property then it is not problem of anybody else

  • Neisan Land
    Neisan Land ヶ月 前

    ill just build a raised house, so that when flood comes, it won't go into the house. and ill have a boat or canoe ready to use it as transportation.

    Edit: what I wanted to say is, don't change Nature, just adapt to it.

  • Sander M Haar
    Sander M Haar ヶ月 前

    The water has somewhere to go... Though.... It's just not the right place... We have our Levees and Dikes... And various systems that prevent overflow and accumulate when there's the problem of water rising over the usual levels. Some are just ditches, some are small lake like waterbodies we know as 'kolk'. And things like uiterwaarden, summerdikes... Such things.

  • Joshua Siefert
    Joshua Siefert ヶ月 前

    Dont own levies. Just let everyone flood

  • Teddy Meredith
    Teddy Meredith ヶ月 前

    Lesson I learned: don’t live in a flood plain

  • Carl Hicks Jr
    Carl Hicks Jr ヶ月 前

    You take several things from this...
    1. No matter how good the farm land is, building your house on a flood plain is stupid.
    2. Deforesting and covering large swaths of that land with concrete is stupid.
    3. Losing your house to 'once in a generation' flooding 4 times in 20 years, AND STILL STAYING THERE is VERY stupid
    4. When one town has a levee and the others don't, that water is gonna go somewhere. Huh, I wonder where that'll be?

  • koi
    koi ヶ月 前

    "We have $5 million, we can only protect half the towns."
    Current: "I suppose that's unfortunate... but half protection is better than nothing. Eventually everyone will get protection."
    Vox: "They're selfish, we should all flood together until we could simultaneously apply the solution to everyone."
    Training a generation of communists lol.

  • watchthe1369
    watchthe1369 ヶ月 前

    Time to move the town to high ground, or cut your levee down to cover only critical infrastructure. The water is going to go somewhere, you have to think ahead and do proper planning.

  • Ace Kenshader
    Ace Kenshader ヶ月 前

    I wonder what would happen if one to drill holes in these higher levees *thunks*

  • Aron Speedy
    Aron Speedy ヶ月 前 +1

    Exactly flood lands are natural do not build and live there! Move a few miles back and let mother nature protect and live.

    • Joesolo13
      Joesolo13 ヶ月 前

      Yup. Should be left as nature reserves, maybe some parks built but not homes and businesses

  • Scott Carriere
    Scott Carriere ヶ月 前

    Wow, can you see the politics in these videos. Climate change was used at least 50 fricken times. Good fear mongering is always on the agenda for the left. And of corse what's the solution,,,,,,,,wait for it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,MORE GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Survey says,,,,,,,#1 answer.

  • Scott Carriere
    Scott Carriere ヶ月 前

    So they should let their area be flooded because you can't pay for a levee of your own? HOLY SOCIALIST HELL BATMAN.

  • Prometheus 18562
    Prometheus 18562 ヶ月 前

    Dig the trench deeper and put some hydroturbines in there

  • Prometheus 18562
    Prometheus 18562 ヶ月 前

    4:05 Actually you can pick up and move your house but there hasn't been alot of testing done on it, this or the option of completely sealing a house so that no water can get in and the materials of the house are water resistant

  • Prometheus 18562
    Prometheus 18562 ヶ月 前

    Well if they built their homes to be waterproof they wouldn't have such a big problem

  • MnJiman
    MnJiman ヶ月 前

    I dont understand why there are not... controlling parts within the design of levee's so that water pressure can be released at areas that can use the water.

    • Daniel Neely
      Daniel Neely ヶ月 前

      MnJiman that’s what they do in Sacramento we have huge wetlands that we can flood when the river gets too high and we’ve also built parks along the river that can be flooded to relieve some pressure but some years even after we have flooded the wetlands and the parks the river is still high. we’ve been just a few days of rain away from over filling or the levee becoming over saturated and breaking. luckily it hasn’t happened but it’s nerve racking every winter since I only live about 100 yards from the levee

  • Andrew Newberry
    Andrew Newberry ヶ月 前

    Bottom line....all levees are higher when they dredge the rivers. When the Mississippi lock and dam & levee systems where all built when we actively dredged the river channels. Deeper river= higher levees. Having to keep the flow higher to keep channels deep enough naturally without active dredging...we end up with regular flooding....BRING BACK THE JOBS!!!! BRING BACK DREDGING! Save the clams....cost to the government paying for dredging whatever stopped it, still cant be more than the cost of flooding disasters. 100 year 500 year floods....when the channels were kept deeper by dredging and not water flow alone..we did not have this flooding

  • Kalidad Content
    Kalidad Content ヶ月 前

    but the levee was dry?

  • Nathan
    Nathan ヶ月 前 +2

    levee inequality, the next social just fight

  • Frank Harrod
    Frank Harrod ヶ月 前

    Prohibit building in flood zones except for constructs on stilts that do not substantially alter the terrain.

  • The Marsh Fox
    The Marsh Fox ヶ月 前

    Wealthy people: I want a waterside home, but don't want to deal with the issues that stem from a waterside property

  • Himself Lee
    Himself Lee ヶ月 前

    Build a levee and flood everybody downstream. Who cares, so long as you are safe right? Get the heck away from the areas that flood. People want to be on the water as close as they can get and then scream like banshees when the water rises.

  • Himself Lee
    Himself Lee ヶ月 前

    This is like living at the base of a snow covered mountain hoping the avalanche won't happen. People need to use common sense when building their homes. Get way above the water level.

  • Kyle G
    Kyle G ヶ月 前

    I used to live just a few miles upstream from Valley Park, at the south end of Kirkwood. That levee made flood water flow all the way to the base of the hill behind my apartment, which was a quarter mile from the river. Needless to say, levees do more harm than good.

  • Andy Kapsar
    Andy Kapsar ヶ月 前

    whats fun about the word levee? replace its meaning here with tax increases and the whole attitude will change

  • adam latham
    adam latham ヶ月 前

    Think ppl need to listen to the part about...they cant just move houses. I often hear allot from uneducated lot, that its the ppls fault for choosing bad location. How can u make a location good, when the entire planet is 80 something percent water. We are all living on a flood plane. Hate to break it to u lol