Camila Cabello - Liar

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  • Golden cheesecake !
    Golden cheesecake ! 7 時間 前

    2:18 me when my mom takes me to a taco truck!

  • Cute cupcake Candy
    Cute cupcake Candy 7 時間 前


  • adriele bop
    adriele bop 8 時間 前

    the songs fine but the vid was kinda cringe

  • Hugo Torres
    Hugo Torres 8 時間 前

    Ahi que reporteras chismosas me gustan

  • Jan Mouca
    Jan Mouca 8 時間 前

    who´s bootie is bigger =D

  • Arya Putra
    Arya Putra 8 時間 前

    Wow! I amazed with girl, she's upgrading and more shining. Then she's hire expensive director. You go girl!

    MOZA KALIZA 8 時間 前 +25

    Hi there! I know self promoo gets hate, but tbh it's my only shot. Give me a chance & listen to my songs, promise to be worth it ❌🔴❌🔴

  • Andressa Fernanda
    Andressa Fernanda 8 時間 前

    Shameless👉: No-oh, Uh Uh
    Havana👉: Vana-oh na-Na
    Senorita👉:oh La-La la

  • 100,000 Suscriptores sin ningún vídeo. LifE

    And gordita bitches :)

  • Taylor Renee
    Taylor Renee 8 時間 前

    Omg i loved this 💜💜💜

  • Michael Kwansah
    Michael Kwansah 8 時間 前 +1

    Does does does anyone recognise the brown Guy that's wally from the flash

  • GraceBrown
    GraceBrown 8 時間 前 +1

    i cant be the only one who thinks this looks like a melanie martinez video like this looks like k-12🤨🤨


    All that she another Baby....😂

  • Sean wallace
    Sean wallace 8 時間 前

    Make a song called life

  • Tasnadi Marton
    Tasnadi Marton 8 時間 前

    This makes no fucking sense

  • Maureen Wanja
    Maureen Wanja 8 時間 前

    Making me a liar🔥🔥💯

  • Marija Kedeva
    Marija Kedeva 8 時間 前


  • Stefano YT
    Stefano YT 8 時間 前

    Muñeca rusa? Jajajaja

  • Edwin Mueca
    Edwin Mueca 8 時間 前

    I think Camila doesn't wore bra when she woke up in the last part of the video haha

  • paul lewis
    paul lewis 9 時間 前

    This is literally one of my favourite music videos ever!!! She’s ace 👌

  • Kittencat msp
    Kittencat msp 9 時間 前

    Happy death day who?

  • Lily Love
    Lily Love 9 時間 前

    Who here thinks Shawn Mendez must be so jealous 🤪

  • Delinda Haley
    Delinda Haley 9 時間 前

    You you burn down your house and you go on the jail you're my favorite singer I love your voice

  • Xxmini_inquisitormasterxX

    I like this cause it' funny too :D

  • mattxd 07
    mattxd 07 9 時間 前

    Camila is a LEGEND

  • Christian Chicken Bing
    Christian Chicken Bing 9 時間 前

    Wally west any one ?? 😂

  • Chinmay Chaudhari
    Chinmay Chaudhari 9 時間 前

    That show off guy is like Suhas from 3 idiots Indians will get this 😂

  • wendy perez
    wendy perez 9 時間 前

    Algún gringo que hable español ??

  • Thiago Amorim
    Thiago Amorim 9 時間 前

    Camila Cabello is dating with Kid Flash? OMG

  • Sam Tube
    Sam Tube 9 時間 前

    I wonder how could she turn each eye separately🤔

  • Katarina
    Katarina 9 時間 前

    this guy is a VSCO girl:

  • Lena Games
    Lena Games 9 時間 前

    the bird should have been real at the end

  • Wapole Kijee
    Wapole Kijee 9 時間 前

    #ajaabsana #watusimple

  • Adventures with Kadence

    the wine spill has a heart in it

  • Aaliyah Pope
    Aaliyah Pope 9 時間 前 +1

    Bro who else released that’s the the off of flash, iris’s brother(I forgot his name).

  • flo max
    flo max 9 時間 前

    Is the same paper than in the Taylor swift's video : delicate?😂

  • Mayrha Cruz
    Mayrha Cruz 9 時間 前

    The man who spilled the juice is a. Acted from the flash kid flash

  • Karen Juliana
    Karen Juliana 9 時間 前


  • gadson92
    gadson92 9 時間 前

    But wait who’s booty is bigger

  • Mikey Adams
    Mikey Adams 10 時間 前

    Crown vibes

  • three sisters tube
    three sisters tube 10 時間 前

    مافهمت والو كاش جزيري يفهمني😹😂😂😂

  • murtaza hassan
    murtaza hassan 10 時間 前

    She sounds like a little girl singing although I like her voice. Thin and soothing

  • Charru Gimenez
    Charru Gimenez 10 時間 前 +1

    donde está el "me gusta" de los latinos?

  • Deborah Oduwegwu
    Deborah Oduwegwu 10 時間 前

    Can't help but wonder if Tammy is actually Camila when she was in Fifth Harmony

  • Zuzanna Rusin
    Zuzanna Rusin 10 時間 前

    I am a liar because I am talking this song is 👎. Love u Camila.😍😍😍😍

  • diego xxx
    diego xxx 10 時間 前


  • Alissa Gamingg
    Alissa Gamingg 10 時間 前

    Whos that man im in love

  • †ภเк๏l†
    †ภเк๏l† 10 時間 前

    Что-то мне это напоминает... Да это же передача "Давай поженимся"!
    Кто узнал? 1:29

  • HoangDuyKhanh Xam
    HoangDuyKhanh Xam 10 時間 前


  • Lilian Cedro
    Lilian Cedro 10 時間 前

    La mejor...

  • Marijen Sacis
    Marijen Sacis 10 時間 前


  • Vincent Young
    Vincent Young 10 時間 前 +1

    I want a full movie based on this music video

  • Zen Zen
    Zen Zen 10 時間 前 +1


  • Adriana Sandoval
    Adriana Sandoval 10 時間 前

    Camila: I hate this restaurant, and I want a cheeseburger!!

    Me: *MoOod* 😋

  • Деница Михайлова

    Camila Cabello with red hair looks like Roxy from Violetta

  • Constantin 4U
    Constantin 4U 11 時間 前


  • STOP just stop
    STOP just stop 11 時間 前 +1

    Poor Tammy omg

  • Lana Lee
    Lana Lee 11 時間 前

    notice that tammy was the onlyone with anything positive to say and they kept ignoring her or shutting her down a representation of how media does this all the positives get ignored and the negative spreads like wildfire

  • Arnab Mohapatra
    Arnab Mohapatra 11 時間 前

    3:38 she is inspired by Pennywise

  • Andy Mendez
    Andy Mendez 11 時間 前

    I just hope shameless and liar doesn’t get a everything is wrong