Why Elon Musk says we're living in a simulation

  • に公開 2016/08/15
  • You may like playing The Sims, but Elon Musk says you are the Sim.
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    Elon Musk thinks we are living in a simulated reality. Nick Bostrom think those chances are more around 20 percent. The chances of human kind participating in a simulated reality is broken down into three options: 1) humans go extinct before we are able to run a simulation of this size. 2) Humans are uninterested in running ancestor simulations. 3) We are currently participating in the simulation.
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  • Γιάννης Καμηλάκης

    So u mean there will be bots too

  • Γιάννης Καμηλάκης

    I M L O W O N B A T T E R Y

  • Amit Abh
    Amit Abh 3 時間 前

    I luv the comment section its the funnies i've seen EVER

  • DMD - 3D Artist
    DMD - 3D Artist 13 時間 前

    These guys have nothing better to do but think they're smart.

  • Easton Jones
    Easton Jones 23 時間 前

    Why do people over think WERE NOT IN A SIMULATOR

    • Gav. TV
      Gav. TV 6 時間 前

      it's just a fun thing to think about, you're the one over thinking it... it just an "crazy idea" that could be true or false

  • Dotan K
    Dotan K 日 前

    That's depressing

  • Revista Magnitud

    Elon Musk is a genious if we are in the matrix Elon is Neo

  • Aedel Asuncion
    Aedel Asuncion 日 前

    Now im having an existential crisis

  • 1up you
    1up you 日 前

    0:45 plantside 2 is a know game now?

  • Merks
    Merks 日 前 +1

    hello Elon, just how much acid did you take?

  • Justin jj
    Justin jj 2 日 前

    Of course he thinks we're living in a simulation he's the ceo of tesla and space x and has a network of over 18 billion he's living the dream!

  • Blake Sanders
    Blake Sanders 2 日 前

    atomic bombs are just op pvp weapons

  • chris 45
    chris 45 2 日 前

    I also think we’re living in a simulation

  • Monkey Desu
    Monkey Desu 3 日 前 +1

    It's the Drowned Deer. He did all this.

  • cmrns
    cmrns 3 日 前

    Time for my monthly existential crisis

  • white rabbit
    white rabbit 4 日 前

    If I'm in some kind of futuristic advanced sims game can someone please upgrade me ....

  • ThePurple Worm
    ThePurple Worm 4 日 前

    The fact that this was 2 years ago

  • Hokagetunes
    Hokagetunes 5 日 前

    Simulation theory by muse is what he’s musk is talking about

  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson 6 日 前 +1

    You're living in GTA simulation !

  • Inaworldoflove
    Inaworldoflove 6 日 前

    It’s not a simulation. This earth however does work like software and God has the control, but not total control, by choice.

  • Suga Kookies
    Suga Kookies 7 日 前

    But like looking at the earth's condition now,,,,,,,, we'll most likely be dead in another 50 years or so lmao except if us humans wake tf up and stops damaging this planet but that's kind of immposible...

  • Leen Rapz
    Leen Rapz 7 日 前 +1

    Mistakes in the world like Fortnite are just glitches in the simulation

  • Benjamin xD
    Benjamin xD 7 日 前

    So when we have dreams, we actually take off our VR glasses?

  • Gabe Thornes
    Gabe Thornes 7 日 前 +5

    *you murder someone*
    Judge: do you have anything to say for yourself?

  • Sai tej Chowdary
    Sai tej Chowdary 8 日 前

    I’m coded to comment on this ! 🤖

  • Kenden Byrd
    Kenden Byrd 8 日 前

    I don’t care how smart you are we ain’t no simulation?! Lol

  • Garry
    Garry 8 日 前

    My player/developer forgot to upgrade his hardware so I’m gonna be running around at 15 FPS

  • xoBlair
    xoBlair 8 日 前 +1

    life is a simulation because shane dawson said so lol

  • swavy
    swavy 8 日 前

    Thinking about the future gives me panic attacks.

  • Kiel Malate
    Kiel Malate 9 日 前

    So who is the developers of this game? Can you please buff me?

  • Elon Musk
    Elon Musk 9 日 前 +1

    I watched matrix, Believe me.

  • Mountain Time
    Mountain Time 9 日 前 +3

    SPIRITUAL SO got me all over youtube in places I never been. I have called down the rabbit hole 😂😂

  • Mountain Time
    Mountain Time 9 日 前 +1


  • Lil Mitchell
    Lil Mitchell 9 日 前

    I thought that too on god

  • Bass & Trap
    Bass & Trap 10 日 前 +4

    EA is the control
    You have the money
    Pay them money and youll be OP

  • Nai Oo
    Nai Oo 10 日 前 +1

    yes we are in a simulation. GOD is the player/creator

  • Bridgette Hattingh
    Bridgette Hattingh 11 日 前


    G1GB GEKYUME 11 日 前 +2

    or Jesus comes back? 🤷🏾‍♂️

    • Gav. TV
      Gav. TV 7 時間 前

      when Jesus comes back the server resets

  • Martin Conta Gets Banned

    Image everything as data

  • Skwizzz
    Skwizzz 11 日 前

    My operator's ping must be 127,226 and so thats the reason i lagging

  • hiram vargas
    hiram vargas 11 日 前

    i love how they used planetaide 2 to represent simulations but it is not a virtual reality game

  • oof oof
    oof oof 11 日 前

    But at the end, does it really matter if we are living in a simulation or not

  • ChilledWolf
    ChilledWolf 12 日 前

    Hey what's the cheat code for being smart?

  • Better Tomorrow
    Better Tomorrow 12 日 前

    A human can’t understand her/his own brain or origin. Nothing in the universe has ever understood itself fully. Why would humans be an exception to this rule?

  • Evan Fields
    Evan Fields 12 日 前 +1

    Why does this argument so often get attributed to Elon? His popularity should hold no authority on the theory. The Simulation -hypothesis- theory has been around for a long time and no one person can be credited with it's inception but there is no doubt that Nick Bostrom is responsible for lending it scientific rigor and erecting its intellectual framework. Anyone with access to academic paywalls can read his paper(s) on the subject. He also speaks about it extensively on YT.

  • Derrick Liu
    Derrick Liu 12 日 前

    Elon just needs to sleep, otherwise he will keep doubting the reality.

  • God
    God 12 日 前 +1

    Oh no they’re on to me...

  • Jim Hill
    Jim Hill 12 日 前

    This argument only works if you believe humanity wouldn't destroy itself before it achieves this level of technology. Not a good bet.

  • Intellectual Hazard*/_\*

    Elon Musk is in *CREATIVE MODE*

  • King Midas IV
    King Midas IV 13 日 前

    Well, if we are in a simulation, whose in control/created the one that made us?

  • Leonardo Hummel
    Leonardo Hummel 13 日 前

    *"PROFESSING themselves to be wise: they became FOOLS..."* ... Romans 1:18-32. check it out.

  • Daniel Carroll
    Daniel Carroll 13 日 前 +5

    Because he watched The Matrix? 😂

  • gol keeper
    gol keeper 13 日 前

    yes when people stop believing in god they begin believind in everything else

  • gol keeper
    gol keeper 13 日 前

    nowdays i see nobody is sent to a lunatic asylum

  • hi how are ya
    hi how are ya 14 日 前 +1

    The fact that when you create a game/simulation you're the GOD of that world.

  • Vince Birot
    Vince Birot 14 日 前

    They are being too smart

  • geoff1121
    geoff1121 14 日 前

    why only those 3 options? 2:40 if you put it that way then yeah you steer the most likely answer to Musk's. How about instead of going extinct, its another possibility that some global catalyst destroys modern civilization and sends us back to the stone age. The hypothetical ceiling doesn't have to stomp out all humans, it could just stop us from getting that advanced to create live like simulations.

  • maisto
    maisto 14 日 前 +1

    Well, he is not a scientist!

  • Nothing But Dope
    Nothing But Dope 14 日 前

    because supercomputers are manipulating human minds. every brain is mapped out and SIMULATED, to help to get and predict behavior. in order to help perfectly manipulate mankind, a simulation has been put into place to roboticize mankind.

  • Lea So
    Lea So 14 日 前

    So confused

  • Crpyticize
    Crpyticize 14 日 前

    2001.9.11 Started another season well miss you World Trade Center

  • HackermanACK
    HackermanACK 14 日 前

    I mean...


  • Yeeter Beeter
    Yeeter Beeter 14 日 前 +1

    Cause we are... *What else would it be?*

  • Get1x8Ball
    Get1x8Ball 14 日 前 +1

    Error404: Life can’t run this time.

  • iiToxicity YT
    iiToxicity YT 14 日 前

    Oh shit

  • Liam Mitchell
    Liam Mitchell 15 日 前

    Would also explain why you can't remember everything in your life. Supercomputers of the future need to download some more ram off the internet

  • Steven Hodge
    Steven Hodge 15 日 前

    I knew it

  • 1 1
    1 1 15 日 前 +78

    The people who are in africa are playing in hard mode

    • lifeiscruel
      lifeiscruel 8 日 前

      @Boby NcBob Oh yeah, they also nerfed the Talibans in the middle east they are outdated now.

    • Boby NcBob
      Boby NcBob 8 日 前

      The Middle East and Africa are PVO enabled zones

  • Mike Thaxton
    Mike Thaxton 15 日 前

    My brain told me we are in a simulation when I was 7

  • Hunter James
    Hunter James 15 日 前 +6

    All of these comments are freaking hilarious

    • YoSuH
      YoSuH 13 日 前

      hahaah i think so toox))

  • Ernie Jones
    Ernie Jones 15 日 前


  • Adalard Richter
    Adalard Richter 15 日 前

    God is playing Sims 200

  • Zekolwolf
    Zekolwolf 15 日 前

    Human’s don’t run simulations because it’s wrong or boring...
    Me: *deleting all my simulation games on steam and hiding all my screenshots of total annihilation”

  • Name is None of your business.

    I like Elon musk but, this idea is just stupid and I think he sometimes just nerds out and comes up irrational ideas. AND BECAUSE HE’S ELON MUSK..........
    people: well... it could be possible.
    Normal person in public: we’re in a simulation because... *xyz* (he gives the same explanation Elon gives.

    People: you’re on drugs go get help.

  • C F
    C F 15 日 前

    That hit me hard really quick. Had to pause for a second.

  • King Of Gaming
    King Of Gaming 15 日 前 +5

    Damn I knew I should have bought the starter pack, no wonder I'm being in life

  • cedbluechase
    cedbluechase 15 日 前

    Thanks for teaching me life is worthless and reality doesn't exist and everything I do is meaningless do there's no point in doing anything im gonna go off myself

  • pito cochino
    pito cochino 15 日 前

    Then explain slothness and being depressed

  • Pepsi Man
    Pepsi Man 15 日 前

    It’s just going to be The Matrix all over again

  • Ethan FILEz
    Ethan FILEz 15 日 前

    Ima use a cheat code

  • BytesIsFat
    BytesIsFat 15 日 前

    if I am a sim, can you please make me more confident? And make me get better grades in school, please? I can’t do anything, but you can watch my life get better hahaha.

  • Jimmy G
    Jimmy G 16 日 前 +1

    Whoever is running my account better get his act together...

  • Normen Huntsman
    Normen Huntsman 16 日 前

    Somebody call thanos

  • DreToBeast #1
    DreToBeast #1 16 日 前

    Plot twist: Elon Musk is actually the creator of the simulator we’re in and is trying to kill us

  • LukazGaming 151
    LukazGaming 151 16 日 前

    We are in a game and the god is a player that plays our universe

  • Icingfox
    Icingfox 16 日 前

    Damn it If only i had access to creative mode

  • Aitor G.
    Aitor G. 16 日 前

    That’s totally true

  • Yusuf Razif
    Yusuf Razif 16 日 前

    Dimension rotate around reality. As space being a tunnel and time being it speed

  • Shabby_ Angel
    Shabby_ Angel 16 日 前

    An anime lover comes up with a theory about living on a simulation, seems legit.

  • C. Paperman
    C. Paperman 16 日 前

    These comments are so friggin funny! 😂😂😂

  • APlays
    APlays 16 日 前 +204

    Don’t get scared if you see a ghost
    It’s just someone in spectator mode

  • Gamerboy 357
    Gamerboy 357 16 日 前 +1

    My player decided to make me ugly. 🤮

  • Jack W
    Jack W 16 日 前

    They need to nerf global warming

  • Nugie Mambo
    Nugie Mambo 16 日 前

    i swear i've thought about it before

  • traversingcloud
    traversingcloud 16 日 前

    I recently saw a mannequin then uncannily looked at my hand, I immediately thought, “what an exquisitely made puppet”

  • ッNo name
    ッNo name 16 日 前

    I hope we are, i want to start again to play more of this “game”, plus I’m really worried for this future :/

  • Koffie Filter
    Koffie Filter 16 日 前

    So your saying cancer is a virus?

  • Watermelon Boi
    Watermelon Boi 16 日 前

    Uh oh they found out-

  • APlays
    APlays 17 日 前

    We’re just one of many minecraft worlds notch created

  • rodropoop
    rodropoop 17 日 前

    Drope those cheat codes sis