A day in the life of our cats

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    A day in the life of our cats
    which is technically not a single day because turns out it's difficult to film cats
    and also I wanted to add Haku cam
    which couldn't be filmed at the same time as normal Haku
    or you would see Haku with a gopro hanging from his harness
    but the base of the video is one day
    we just refilmed some parts where the footage sucked
    so when our curtains are opened five billion different ways throughout this video
    that is why
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  • Rachel and Jun
    Rachel and Jun  ヶ月 前 +8030

    Why do we put water in their bowls:
    To force them to drink more since cats (especially cats that eat dry food) tend to be dehydrated a lot and it can cause health issues like urine crystals and kidney stones. Haku has urine crystals once the first year we had him.
    Why don’t we just feed them wet food?
    When we initially got our cats we had a hard time finding food that Haku and Nagi would eat that didn’t also give them diarrhea. Poor Poki also is susceptible to bloody diarrhea and will leave blood spots all over the apartment if we’re not careful with what he eats. Our vet recommended this specific one (Prescription Diet... I believe Digestive Care) and now they all have A+ beautiful poops. We also often boil and finely chop chicken, and sprinkle that on their food. We’re open to possibly trying other types of food for them sometime, but we just want to be careful because their stomachs get upset easily and if Haku doesn’t like it he just won’t eat.
    But dry food is supposed to clean their teeth and now that you put water in it their teeth aren’t going to get clean:
    Dry food doesn’t really clean cat teeth very well, but we do have cat tooth brushes (silicon finger brushes) and cat toothpaste and we actually brush their teeth (although not every day).
    Why don’t you try water fountains for your cats:
    We’ve had them but he cats kept breaking them, and after a while no matter how much we cleaned them they’d start getting slimy and the cats wouldn’t drink from them anymore. I’m definitely willing to try again sometime if I figure out something different I can try to stop it from getting slimy! Also I always forgot to turn it off while filming and we’d have a hundred comments saying “THE WATER NOISE THO D:”
    Why don’t you guys sleep together:
    Wat. We do!! Bed sets are really common here in Japan, where you buy either one big bed frame or two that lock together, and then each partner gets their own mattress so they can have exactly the level of comfort they want. We have two semi-double mattresses because sleep is hella important and I want my damn room to stretch! I have foam pads on my side because Japanese mattresses are as soft as wooden planks, so my side ended up higher than Jun’s.
    yeh 💕 :D

    • xorbodude
      xorbodude 19 時間 前

      hit up wakuneco to do a copy of haku poki and nagi

    • 《 cat 》
      《 cat 》 日 前

      Rachel and Jun *_A+ beautiful poops_*

    • Who’s that girl It’s Cam
      Who’s that girl It’s Cam 3 日 前

      Thx for the tip btw I luv your channel I’m so glad I found it

    • Potato - Gaming
      Potato - Gaming 3 日 前

      Put indonesia subtitle plssz

    • Bob Williams
      Bob Williams 3 日 前

      @aznlover9114 That's exactly what I said! *GIVES IMAGINARY HIGH FIVE* (LOL)

  • angels lover
    angels lover 13 時間 前

    Poki makes an good alarm clock

  • Xin Zhu Yi
    Xin Zhu Yi 13 時間 前

    Poki: killer
    Nagi: easy-going/feisty
    Haku: a mixture of both/smarter than both or just older than them

  • Celeste Nava
    Celeste Nava 14 時間 前

    Okay. So super creepy. I came across a girls profile on Facebook. And... she looks JUST like you. Her name is Jana Cervena. And she lives in Japan too!

  • Robotzekiller z
    Robotzekiller z 14 時間 前

    I was kinda expecting a 24 hour vid

  • Tom Zepke
    Tom Zepke 16 時間 前


  • XiannaNugget :3
    XiannaNugget :3 17 時間 前 +1

    Jun: He’s a busy cat.

  • non sequitur editor
    non sequitur editor 20 時間 前

    I like that haku’s the only one chill enough to have a camera

  • Caroline Lee
    Caroline Lee 20 時間 前 +2

    at 2:05 Jun looks different now. cool

  • Kierie Burton
    Kierie Burton 23 時間 前 +1

    Cats=royalty; everything just how they like it

  • 박현숙
    박현숙 日 前

    How did you get the actual camera on Haku???

  • Angila Hjermstad

    I wan smoothie

  • Jeffiney :3
    Jeffiney :3 日 前

    i love your cats ;v;

  • Nic Bambury
    Nic Bambury 日 前 +1


  • TheTripstraps
    TheTripstraps 日 前

    haha, i really like cats but that black one seems bit annoying:D but i guess he is a tough street gangsta:)

  • Toivo Olsson
    Toivo Olsson 日 前

    2:47 Nagi: Film Me!!!!

  • Yung Archit
    Yung Archit 日 前

    why do you put water in their food

  • Анастасия Fox

    Как мило))))

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    Jessica Ramirez 日 前

    I need a new video before school starts!!!

  • Rain Drops
    Rain Drops 日 前

    Hagi: squishie little fluff face
    Haku: Bully
    Poki: Killer

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    Lilymoonwolf 17 日 前

    Why does haku have a cam?

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    Peyton Coles 日 前

    Such pretty kittys

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    Jane 日 前

    2:24 “done eating?”
    *YES* vs yes

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    Viewers: ಠωಠ

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    Why you put water in their food

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    Ghost Musket 2 日 前

    Poki the Pocky Cat Stick.

  • The Dark Knight
    The Dark Knight 2 日 前

    I had a Persian cat that lived to be 20 years old :)

    She was a real lady and high breed cat :)

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    The Dark Knight 2 日 前 +3

    You have a robot vacuum cleaner :)

    Thats cool :)

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    The Dark Knight 2 日 前 +1

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  • 1000 subs with no videos

    Im gonna get a cat next month im so excited

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    Alexie S. 2 日 前 +2

    2:05 jun with facial hair is making my heart race😍

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    Sarah Mossman 2 日 前

    So is poki your alarm clock

  • Lights,Camera,Action Hub

    Haku is just haku no other one can be like him .
    Poki is a meow 😸😸😸 boy
    Nagi is like a kid who likes to play.
    Jun is cute and Rachel is beautiful

  • gun fire for life
    gun fire for life 2 日 前

    Post more plz and make them more special food

  • Janet Lovett
    Janet Lovett 2 日 前

    You guys are wonderful cat parents! They look healthy, happy and content. I had three cats with all different personalities. I lost my oldest cat Ben about two years ago because he got cancer. I had him for 17 years and miss him so much! Heck I had him longer than both my ex-husbands if that tells you anything. Lol Now I have my two girls left and have had them for a long time too. My cats have gotten me through many difficult times. Loving and loyal to the end as my dogs were when I had them. Thanks for sharing this! Loved it and look forward to more!❤️🐈😉

  • Matthew
    Matthew 3 日 前

    3:43 SILLAY MODE

  • A Swaney
    A Swaney 3 日 前

    My cat Freya also drinks by dipping her paw in water and licking it, and it has to be water inside a human drinking cup. Otherwise she won't drink it. Sometimes I think she fancies herself a human 😂

  • Shota Sugimoto
    Shota Sugimoto 3 日 前

    Hello! I‘m a Japanese, who was born in japan, raised in the US, and now I’m living in Germany! And I started a JPclips channel 3 days ago! Please check me out, if you’re interested!

  • Krispi
    Krispi 3 日 前

    Best video ever! Loved the Haku Cam!

  • SmileGamez
    SmileGamez 3 日 前 +7

    Poki: *Is excited for food for about an hour*
    Rachel:Poki, is it food time?
    Also poki:*unexcited sound*

  • malviN166
    malviN166 3 日 前

    Jun: Hi, Poki.
    Poki: Hel-lo (meow)
    me: *starts laughing*

  • Jade Bayo Ba
    Jade Bayo Ba 3 日 前 +1

    Jun, can you make some tiny special cupcakes with catnip for cats? I think its a good idea i guess...

    MATAM 3 日 前

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  • Bcn stands for bacon. my username: BcnPlayzYT

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    Literally any living creature: *exists*
    Jun: good morning

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    Nagi: *Mrrreeow*
    Poki: *m E e E o O e W*

  • 藤崎昭彦
    藤崎昭彦 3 日 前


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    Michy B 3 日 前

    Poki is silly. Haku is handsome. Nagi is fun.

  • Johnny Playz
    Johnny Playz 3 日 前 +1

    If your cats bite scratch or hiss at you, it just them saying I love you.


  • Johnny Playz
    Johnny Playz 3 日 前 +1

    They should name this channel
    Rachel and jun (&cats)

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  • Bangtans crack
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