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  • Russell Shouse
    Russell Shouse 47 分 前

    The fact that she waited less than a year to come back and seek more attention is what I find disgusting in all this. It’s not like her parents forced her to be complicit in all of this. She had the wherewithal to say no to them doing this illegal and dishonest bullshit. But she just went along with it. She had a thriving JPclips career and a partnership with one of the most high end makeup companies on the planet. It’s not like she couldn’t fend for herself financially. She broke the law because she wanted to party at college. Now she hopes she can just come back to JPclips and reestablish her revenue stream after such an inconsequential time away. Get gone, girl.

  • Bella Rosewood
    Bella Rosewood 47 分 前

    Can someone take a second and explain to me what this girl did and why she's so hated and why the hell this video was on my recommended and has 5 million views but it's literally nothing?!!

  • C R
    C R 51 分 前

    Idk if you’ll see this amongst all the hate and negativity but just wanted to say good for you and don’t give up. I know there’s more things to YOUR story than we all know. And I believe everyone deserves a chance to grow and learn from their past. I’m not saying I won’t hold you accountable for your actions, but I would love to see you learn and grow and become the person you were meant to be. Just wanted to shed some encouragement on you cause I know how experiences like this can mentally affect a young girl like yourself. I just hope it affects you positively. Best of luck

  • Beauty Ties
    Beauty Ties 時間 前

    Olivia, remember this is YOUR life. Nobody else’s. It takes a lot to return to JPclips. You’re lovely and just keep being you. Nobody can take that away from you sweetie. Live YOUR life for you. They way YOU want to. You’re an adult. Take care of yourself, keep smiling and follow your heart. You don’t need to be living your life the way others want you to. 💜

  • Rob Riordon
    Rob Riordon 時間 前 +1

    her and her sister knew what her parents were doing, they posed for pics on a rowing machine for their entrance info packet, they both need to go to jail with mom and dad,, they also could care less about the students they screwed out of gaining entrance the correct way,,, with brains!!

  • Jerrica Leonard
    Jerrica Leonard 時間 前

    One question, When you sat for the fake crew pics you really had No idea Mommy and Daddy were buying you a spot? I don't think so. You are toxic to sponsors because of your own involvement. If you are not prepared to handle these types of questions then it is not time to try to be back yet.

  • Vianna Tran
    Vianna Tran 時間 前

    Sound like a spoil brat that doesn't know much about real life.

  • akappel91
    akappel91 時間 前 +1

    Wasn’t this video posted a month or two ago?? I’m so confused. Why was it reposted? Am I crazy??

    • akappel91
      akappel91 時間 前

      Omg no I swear to you 🤣🤣🤣 and I cant find any news articles or anything about it. I’m so distraught right now 🤣

    • Photios
      Photios 時間 前

      I don't think so. Maybe you're experiencing a Mandela Effect? 😁

  • Air Strike Technologies

    Grubby SKANK! Tell mommy we have her cell ready, and IT IS A FULL HOUSE so she should be ready for what awaits her.
    You are a piece OF SHIT!

  • Marie Rose
    Marie Rose 時間 前

    She is ignoring the media. Some of her stuff has shut of comments. I guess her mother needs to pay more money so she can up her You TUbe.

  • Blond Leghair
    Blond Leghair 時間 前

    You will be on XTube in the next few weeks doing awful things with 50 year old "fans" to get attention.

  • Eduarda Bueno
    Eduarda Bueno 時間 前


  • dona' little fawn
    dona' little fawn 時間 前

    I’m glad you are back. I want you to know there are a lot of us out here who stand behind you and your parents. There are hundreds and hundreds of us who belong to groups called we support Lori.
    Stand tall and never mind the idiots who have nothing but negative things to say.

    • biggyunit
      biggyunit 時間 前

      dona' little fawn
      Honest question. No hate. Why do you support Lori? What do you think of the allegations?

  • MrPoediggidy
    MrPoediggidy 時間 前

    WTF! Hey spoiled rich girl, your parents are going to jail! So how was that rowing season?

    • biggyunit
      biggyunit 時間 前

      Rowing season why replaced with photography classes apparently.

  • Hallo La
    Hallo La 時間 前 +1

    ur cancelled sis. try again

  • Denise Knicely
    Denise Knicely 時間 前 +1

    Why don’t you start by explaining why you took pictures of yourself as a crew member to get into college? Those spots belonged rightfully to other kids. What was going through your mind when Mommy and Daddy had you sitting in a boat so you can go to a school you didn’t deserve to go to? Most of the public doesn’t believe you should be prosecuted along with your parents (neither do I) because what kid doesn’t listen to their parents and follow their shameful decisions and demands? But at the same time you absolutely knew what was going on and why you were accepted to that school and still made videos and were sponsored by corporations during it and that is why you lost your endorsements. You knew right from wrong. Nobody should be coming to your channel now until you speak and apologize. What your parents did is a much bigger deal than I think you realize.

  • Joyce Castro
    Joyce Castro 時間 前

    You on trending gurrrllll

  • Blond Leghair
    Blond Leghair 時間 前


  • kathy
    kathy 時間 前 +2

    I think a nice gesture would be to start a college fund for the Crew team. As a way to make a mends for taking the spot away from a child that actually trained for years to make the Crew team. Just a thought.

    • Photios
      Photios 時間 前

      Yeah, or a scholarship for hard working students living in poverty who could not otherwise afford to go to college or university. It would be a good step in the right direction for her.

  • Akash Samson
    Akash Samson 2 時間 前 +1

    So she felted bad for her parents (even though it was something that was their fault) but then ignored her mom specifically telling her to not return to social media until after their trial and did so because she could "speak her mind" even though she herself stated that she legally couldn't talk about the scandal? SMH.

    • Akash Samson
      Akash Samson 時間 前

      @biggyunit not surprised there but I swear they were all pissed at each other before.

    • biggyunit
      biggyunit 時間 前

      Akash Samson
      Yea. I just read that article lol. Now everyone is pissed at each other in the family.

  • Rob B
    Rob B 2 時間 前

    She's so cute. I want to toss her up in the air and catch her, like I did with my cute little niece.

  • sotuur aeei
    sotuur aeei 2 時間 前 +1

    She keeps looking away from the camera, definitely scripted lol.

    • biggyunit
      biggyunit 時間 前

      sotuur aeei
      Got to love the candles, lighting, and poster in background. She spent a lot of effort to stage this to basically say a whole lot of nothing.

  • Marca Tu Punto
    Marca Tu Punto 2 時間 前

    Disgusting spoiled brat ... stop filming we hate you!

  • Maribel Shlichtman
    Maribel Shlichtman 2 時間 前

    So glad you're back. It's your life and time to move on. Your parents should've let you focus on your JPclips channel and not force to go to college, especially knowing you were not interested in going to college. Stay strong. Forgive your parents. Live your life.

  • Glonth1999
    Glonth1999 2 時間 前 +1

    I hope your mom spends time in prison. You and your rich family/friends are no better than anyone else. Why should you be allowed in an Ivy League school when working Americans can barely afford to keep the electricity on? Your type disgusts me.

  • babygxx
    babygxx 2 時間 前

    You should be in jail

  • 10k subs with no videos?

    Eh, this happens with a lot of JPclipsrs, especially the ones that make massive mistakes they'll leave and then make some bullshit excuse to come back, personally I think it's for the money and notoriety but thats imo

    • 10k subs with no videos?
      10k subs with no videos? 2 時間 前

      biggyunit Couldn't say it any better👍

    • biggyunit
      biggyunit 2 時間 前

      10k subs with no videos?
      That’s the way I see it. She misses her brand and sponsorships more than anything. Which is fine. Her life. It’s more funny how some people are gullible enough to believe she cares about the viewer. She is all about image. Heck just look at the video. Low lighting, candles lit, that poster in background. Pretty well staged.

  • Rich Port
    Rich Port 4 時間 前

    She bad af
    And moms
    OG Becky

  • Dolans Stan
    Dolans Stan 4 時間 前

    I’m so surprised the comments are on

  • H
    H 4 時間 前

    Judging by these comments girl nobody wants you back. Go get a REAL job you privileged brat.

  • edwardmashberg1
    edwardmashberg1 4 時間 前

    Hasn't removed the Pampers yet, I see. Vain, childish and ignorant is no way to go through life.

  • Jay C Vlog
    Jay C Vlog 5 時間 前

    I’m sorry I don’t know who you are

  • dcaisy !
    dcaisy ! 5 時間 前

    i searched “hot pewdiepie” and why did this pop up

  • Inez Makeup101
    Inez Makeup101 5 時間 前 +1

    Not once did she even apologize for what she did in this whole entire video all she said was how she wanted to come back to JPclips and post again. At least if you gone make a video at least be remorseful for the wrong doing that you did. Maybe if she was actually being transparent and honest people could actually move on. The girl don’t even know the moral of her own fucking story.❌

  • SALVADOR Gamer
    SALVADOR Gamer 6 時間 前

    دمت گرم خوب حرف زدی و جذاب موفق باشی

  • karwane1
    karwane1 6 時間 前

    Unfortunately for her, creativity cannot be bought with money.

  • 002fancyface
    002fancyface 6 時間 前

    One thing for sure is She truly doesn’t care about anyone else ‘s comments including mine 😂😂, the girl is loaded. She’ll be fine, her parents have so many other businesses and rich friends so keep on insulting her while she’s laughing at them 😂

    • biggyunit
      biggyunit 2 時間 前

      Lol that is true. She could not give a shit about the viewer. Positive and negative comments. It’s all about that brand.

  • Lavender ByTheStream
    Lavender ByTheStream 6 時間 前

    LOW IQ BISH!!!!! GIVE NO DUCKS ABOUT YOUR GUILY ARSE!!! Your a disgrace to all those who work their butts off to get into college.

  • MaxRanIn2aWall
    MaxRanIn2aWall 7 時間 前

    I am so excited too see the direction of this channel and too see you take the steps to become a better you!

    • biggyunit
      biggyunit 2 時間 前

      First step to a better you. Use that row machine. Build up those back muscles.

  • MaxRanIn2aWall
    MaxRanIn2aWall 7 時間 前

    you guys, you obviously see how much she misses creating content. I wish people understood that everyone makes mistakes and can LEARN from them. Ya'll act like she murdered someone.

  • hansolo189 -
    hansolo189 - 8 時間 前

    White privilege

  • Eric Pool
    Eric Pool 8 時間 前

    You have no fans, we all clicked on it so we can tell you, we think your mom is a terrible human being. Your video's are not very good, I tried watching a few. Your selfish, self absorbed, egotistical giving the finger to the news for reporting on your mothers and your crimes because everyone knows you were involved. You took the picture on the row machine, you knew where it was going. Please don't take up any hard drive space on youtube. Let someone that has some real talent have that space. You don't have talent, if you do I have yet to see it????

  • Libby Mclean
    Libby Mclean 8 時間 前

    I understand what she did was completely wrong and this video is not really explaining anything but she can’t talk about it she made a big big big mistake and coming back to JPclips is a really brave thing to do she already got so much I hate I just think she knows what she did she knows she should not have done it and consistently being reminded and hated on is not really doing any thing but probably making her feel worse plz don’t hate on me it’s just my opinion

  • Flav Town
    Flav Town 8 時間 前

    Why do people even watch her? What does she do? Does she take her clothes off?

  • Khalid Seraj
    Khalid Seraj 10 時間 前

    I love you

  • The Prolapse
    The Prolapse 10 時間 前

    Full House meets Full Scandal

  • Brian Battleground
    Brian Battleground 10 時間 前

    No one has been waiting for you to come back. It’s time to just go away. I don’t see how you were ever Relevant. I mean the fact that your mom paid that much to get you in USC shows you couldn’t even get in college on your own. What was like $500,000 not like it was Harvard or Yale. It’s USC

  • ManydadjokeZ
    ManydadjokeZ 11 時間 前 +1

    Aunt Becky shoulda stuck with Uncle Jesse and none of this shit would have happened.

  • Jordan Mireles
    Jordan Mireles 11 時間 前 +1

    First time I’ve Seen someone get more dislikes than likes in the hundred thousands.

  • Mr. Kazu Premium Fantasy
    Mr. Kazu Premium Fantasy 11 時間 前

    Why did your parents pay that ugly j#evv to help you cheat your way into college?? Do your idiot parents not realize you are already more fortunate than 95% of Americans who cant afford health care, college or retirement. Oy vey.

  • JJ Rosado
    JJ Rosado 11 時間 前

    you all are sensitive ass bullies, gtfo off her channel and let her post what she wants. you all are still butthurt but why? like seriously stfu about this and leave her alone.

  • M Mars
    M Mars 11 時間 前

    No one wants your videos back on JPclips. Row, row away 🚣‍♀️😂

  • erick moss
    erick moss 11 時間 前 +1

    Your mom used to suck off full houses excutives all the time and you will be to with all the excutive that will give you a job.. on the next sitcom..

    • karwane1
      karwane1 6 時間 前

      and the wheels keep on turning xD

  • keply g at bikini bottom smooth jazz festival

    how did she talk for 2 minutes and not make a single point

  • tino candelaria
    tino candelaria 12 時間 前 +1

    Keep your head up girl! ♥️♥️

  • Rick Wolf
    Rick Wolf 12 時間 前

    Go away.

  • Scentedd Animated
    Scentedd Animated 13 時間 前 +1

    shut the fuck up honestly your voice is annoying

  • InfinityDagger
    InfinityDagger 13 時間 前 +1

    Elon Mush buys Olivia Jade and deletes it

    "I have to save those kids from eternal retardedness of Olivia Jade."

  • wellsparker
    wellsparker 13 時間 前 +1

    I support you and many others do too.

  • hemp ALCHEMY on a flat earth

    Look deep and ask; what can I do to better someone , to Cook a warm meal for a family and drop it off with no strings attached, goto a retirement home and hold the cold soft hands of a forgotten grandparent whom hasn't been touched for sometime, please just do something without thinking about you. Wakeup young girl a make a difference .