H2O Just Add Water was the weirdest show...

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  • H2O Just Add Water Animation
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    does anyone remember Even Stevens?
    Descendants 3 doesn't make any sense...
    does anyone remember Lizzie McGuire?
    Descendants doesn't make any sense...
    Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 literally makes no sense
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  • Matthew Latter
    Matthew Latter 7 時間 前

    How dare you disrespect all Australian teens like this

  • Marla Nicole
    Marla Nicole 8 時間 前

    Do Shameless

  • Quetelli -
    Quetelli - 9 時間 前

    you should do mako mermaids now lol

  • Foxxy’s Stories
    Foxxy’s Stories 10 時間 前

    NOOO HOW DARE YOU!? H2O IS THE BEST FRICKING SHOW!!!! And btw it sounds like your not from Australia so don’t go jumping to conclusions. How you even been in this beautiful country?

  • Aaron Martinez
    Aaron Martinez 11 時間 前

    so cool...

  • You Don't Know My Name
    You Don't Know My Name 12 時間 前

    H2O isn’t only a teen romance series....
    “ITS DRAMA!” -ur uncle in kansas
    “EMOTION!” -Kawaii potter potato
    But most importantly,
    “ [ItS] sO cOoL” -cleorrrr

  • Gina Thompson
    Gina Thompson 13 時間 前

    ‘So cool’ i cant😂😂

  • Mollie T
    Mollie T 日 前

    Are you licenced?

    *ARe YoU My MoTHeR??*

  • Miles Campbell
    Miles Campbell 日 前

    Look hailey and Rebecca 😂😂

  • enoki logan
    enoki logan 日 前

    honeslty, when i watched this show and accidentally touched water, i thought that i was gonna be a mermaid

  • Barneylovestheharp
    Barneylovestheharp 日 前 +1

    *_SO COOL_*

  • Sarah Dada
    Sarah Dada 日 前 +2

    If you didn’t notice two of them are in the originals (vampire diaries spinoff)

  • Lailalollipop
    Lailalollipop 日 前

    clearghhh nargh

  • Teigan Bell
    Teigan Bell 日 前

    Okay.... but I'm 19 and I still try to swim like them 😅

  • HiroClaw
    HiroClaw 日 前

    this was not better than I remembered

  • Kayla's beauty channel

    I love that show

  • Griffin Pritchard
    Griffin Pritchard 2 日 前

    do euphoria

  • LaceyAce
    LaceyAce 2 日 前


  • I Am Artemis
    I Am Artemis 2 日 前 +1

    *Hayley* and *Rebekah* from TVD.

  • Olivia Lund
    Olivia Lund 2 日 前

    hey there's so much to do in Australia like waterparks parks cafes restraunts cinemas and more

  • The_Bøba_Girl
    The_Bøba_Girl 2 日 前 +3

    OMG I WAS BORN IN 2010?!?!?!?!

  • Chloë Cutie
    Chloë Cutie 2 日 前

    I love that show to be honest, it’s good for people who actually have an imagination and are creative, I guess that’s lacking in this case 😂 but oh well I love being an imaginative person, makes life more interesting

  • Julia
    Julia 2 日 前

    This show got me into doing spells and shit when I was 10 and I was so obsessed with mermaids lmao. My mom got me a fake mermaid tail a couple years ago too. I would always try and be a mermaid to the point where I was so desperate and looked up surgeries for it

  • Dennis Lim
    Dennis Lim 2 日 前

    This show was premiered when I was 7 years old & ended when I was 11 years old,looks like h2o:just add water "accompanied" me study in primary school within almost 4 years😂
    Good old days when I was watching this drama on tv after school or on school holiday and I re-watching it on DVD when I was in secondary school👍

  • Orii Prince
    Orii Prince 2 日 前

    My childhood. I loved Cleo and Lewis.

  • Cigam Girl
    Cigam Girl 3 日 前

    Honestly I flipping love this show. And, think about it, if Rikki didn’t take that spark plug, zane wouldn’t have done that prank on cleo, therefore none of the girls would’ve made it to mako, and they wouldn’t have become mermaids. Now, spoilers for season 3 here, but if the girls didn’t become mermaids, the meteor would’ve hit, game over, everyone dies.

    *mind blown*

  • CatTech
    CatTech 3 日 前

    I'm watching it now. it's hilarious.

  • Al the Alligator
    Al the Alligator 3 日 前

    Thanks, I just watched all 78 episodes in two weeks.

  • diversity _
    diversity _ 3 日 前 +1

    You should do tall girl!

  • Michei Life
    Michei Life 3 日 前 +1

    I watched this as a child ;-;

  • Esther173 S.
    Esther173 S. 3 日 前 +5

    You should watch MAKO MERMAIDS

  • Meredith Dady
    Meredith Dady 3 日 前

    sO cOoL

  • Karas Beshay
    Karas Beshay 3 日 前 +1

    Guys he doesn’t mean what he says in his videos. He literally said that in the descendants 3. I know this your childhood but he is just joking. It’s like a yo mamma joke


    Do Monster High makes no sense. The movies are on Netflix.

  • Oscar Smith
    Oscar Smith 3 日 前 +3

    They remaid it, sort of, and the new one is Mako mermaids

  • Timilehyin Hussain
    Timilehyin Hussain 3 日 前

    Hayley and rebekah michealson?

  • Duck Fayce
    Duck Fayce 3 日 前

    haha yeah but it was MY CHILDHOOD

  • Livytron 1000
    Livytron 1000 3 日 前

    sO cOOl

    GOOD FINAL 3 日 前

    So CoOl!!XDXDXD

  • Crazy Girl_07
    Crazy Girl_07 3 日 前 +4

    You should do a video on "Just Add Magic"
    It's not exactly about teen drama, I think. It's kinda like teen and kids show mixed together or sth. 😏
    I just want to hear your opinion on it. Just for fun. I'm not criticising the show, per say. 😅

  • Bob F
    Bob F 4 日 前

    haha i didn’t realize how bad the acting was until now. i used to watch this show with my family all the time

  • Emma Anderberg
    Emma Anderberg 4 日 前

    I never wanted to be a mermaid....
    I wanted to be a SUPERHERO!
    So all my friends would be mermaids in the pool and I would be Aqua Girl (female version of the lame Aqua Man from the animated Justice League show lol)
    I miss being a kid :(

  • Welcome to the Internet

    one of the favs

  • Art Llama
    Art Llama 4 日 前 +1

    He’s totally me when watching any stupid kids show

  • Catherine Hughes
    Catherine Hughes 4 日 前

    I was waiting for this.....

  • Gamer Bunny💜
    Gamer Bunny💜 4 日 前 +1

    Lol I’m realizing how weird the show is i used to watch it all the time

  • Roxanne Roxanne
    Roxanne Roxanne 4 日 前

    Can you PLEASE do Robinhood Men in Tights?! PLEASSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • Niabi 92
    Niabi 92 4 日 前

    Alex are you living in 2020? hhh everytime you say ten years ago (about 2010)
    Thanksss , I love your channel , you comments makes me laughing crazily ... even when I'm really mad about something
    Love it ! keep it uo pleaaase 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Prrryourmomma •
    Prrryourmomma • 4 日 前


  • Allyxample •
    Allyxample • 4 日 前

    "this show was for teen girls" I literally remember sitting in my aunt's living room with my 2 cousins the day it came out and I was fucking 5 years old and I dont understand why I wasnt busy watching dora💀

  • Bella Davis- Glencross


  • xDRickiexD
    xDRickiexD 5 日 前 +11

    I was the biggest fan of Rickie, look at my username from 2009...😂

  • Lara Norowitsch
    Lara Norowitsch 5 日 前 +1

    I'm sorry but like the German version is much better... 😂

  • Paula Fernandez
    Paula Fernandez 5 日 前 +6

    “Zane Bennets a pig.”

  • Whale
    Whale 5 日 前

    This was the only thing my cousin talked about when we were both 9-10 years of age.

  • Catie Nichole
    Catie Nichole 5 日 前 +3

    You should watch Mako Mermaids, its so cringe worthy it hurts!!

  • belle dayton
    belle dayton 5 日 前


  • introvers o
    introvers o 5 日 前 +2

    I thought I had super powers after watching this show, like I would legit move my hand trying to make it windy. My neighbor weirdly looked at me.

  • Lea H
    Lea H 5 日 前

    HOW DARE U😠😠

  • Curiously Skeptic
    Curiously Skeptic 5 日 前 +1

    So cool...