Manny Pacquiao vs. Keith Thurman [FULL INTERVIEW] | FACE TO FACE | PBC ON FOX

  • に公開 2019/07/16
  • Two titans of their sport collide on FOX PPV on Saturday, as the legendary Manny Pacquiao faces the undefeated Keith Thurman with the WBA welterweight title on the line. Before all of Saturday's festivities, get hyped for the big fight with the full episode of FACE TO FACE. Order now on PPV!
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    Manny Pacquiao vs. Keith Thurman [FULL INTERVIEW] | FACE TO FACE | PBC ON FOXビデオ.html
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    PBC ON FOX  4 ヶ月 前 +1394

    Who will win the title: Manny Pacquiao or Keith Thurman?

  • taiki maehara
    taiki maehara 16 時間 前

    Puro daldal talo naman...hahahaha

  • nestor sabith
    nestor sabith 日 前

    Yah, keith is exactly right, manny paquiao had, a .T-rex arm,, but thurman, din't know that the , T-rex arm, is the arm, OF the Legendary T-REX(JURRASIC), from the LOST WORLD!!

  • William Chavez
    William Chavez 2 日 前

    Mani beats Floyd

  • ian manito
    ian manito 2 日 前

    if thurman can see the future! hahah

  • matthew king
    matthew king 3 日 前 +1


  • chris.73 ed
    chris.73 ed 3 日 前

    Manny is a huge character. Such strength, yet humble and down to earth, his faith really is showing. Much respect for him.

  • Austine Naylo
    Austine Naylo 3 日 前 +1

    Well actually thurman has now become a dog.

  • EBBI Shah
    EBBI Shah 4 日 前

    Blaaaaa blAaaa blaaaa blaaaaa and ooooo yess blaaa blaaaa blaaaa
    And got knocked out in first round
    THURMAN got lesson 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Israel O.
    Israel O. 4 日 前

    When a girl says I’m cute 13:36

  • adelun ferrertan
    adelun ferrertan 5 日 前

    Keith want to be announcer 😂🤗

  • adelun ferrertan
    adelun ferrertan 5 日 前

    I like manny smile to kieth while talking 😁🙂

  • TrinityZ
    TrinityZ 5 日 前 +2

    You would be a better preacher than a boxer.

  • Delfin Garcia
    Delfin Garcia 8 日 前

    Manifestation of thurmann nervousness!!!

  • Kurenai Hashirama
    Kurenai Hashirama 12 日 前

    The only 3 decade figther

  • Annabelle Pamugas
    Annabelle Pamugas 12 日 前

    I like Manny Pacquiao in this interview, his very humble man.

  • Flaysz Duke
    Flaysz Duke 13 日 前

    The T rex arm, Broke a rib. How about that?

  • Samsung Chuck
    Samsung Chuck 14 日 前

    You didn't hurt manny, manny hurt you, you know.

  • Samsung Chuck
    Samsung Chuck 14 日 前

    You did'nt hurt manny, manny did hurt you

  • Gian Russel Bangcaray

    “ONE TIME meets ALL TIME”

  • Big Fan of MrBeast
    Big Fan of MrBeast 15 日 前 +2

    1:54 nah manny won that fight he just got robbed

  • Blue Cheese
    Blue Cheese 15 日 前

    U see mannys hand on his right elbow at 21:26😂 🖕🏽

  • Emm Soo
    Emm Soo 16 日 前 +2

    November 2019 Any? 😂😂😂😂

  • Squelch
    Squelch 16 日 前

    There was a big mutual respect here I’m shocked manny always stayed under al gaymen and didn’t do his own thing !

  • Squelch
    Squelch 17 日 前

    Thurman wanted the money but he needed this win ! I like Thurman 2 but losing to a 40 year old Pac man damn ! He did mess broner up as well tho !

  • D'Single art
    D'Single art 17 日 前

    whenever i’m stress,i just watched this video again and again..thurman was so funny,i hope thurman will watch this video everytime he open youtube.😂

  • bondonsky 500
    bondonsky 500 17 日 前

    Manny should fight canelo 😲

  • Kipyegon Mitei
    Kipyegon Mitei 17 日 前

    Thurman likened Manny to Jesus, who never lost but won all his battles.....I think that alone made Manny win....even though I felt that Thurman earned a draw...Much respect to the legend Manny!!

  • Tots Benedict II
    Tots Benedict II 18 日 前

    Watch Keith die inside.

  • Kris Skora
    Kris Skora 18 日 前

    Thurman is so fake

  • ninja cool
    ninja cool 19 日 前

    Guys Thurman is just making it light. He's not seriously trashtalking manny. I still likr thurman for giving toe to toe match. Love from the Philippines.

  • The Tony Cam
    The Tony Cam 20 日 前

    "it's just another body shot." Lol Thurman predicted his liver getting rekkkt 🤣

  • CanadianNewYorker
    CanadianNewYorker 20 日 前 +7

    Damn. The patience and stoicism of this man is incredible. Manny projects masculinity without effort, while his opponents talk and talk - a feminine trait.

  • Queen KwenKwen
    Queen KwenKwen 20 日 前

    20:46 Notice me “🖕🏻” HAHAHA

  • Fire Fist ACE
    Fire Fist ACE 21 日 前

    a few days later hahaha

  • The Ikonik
    The Ikonik 21 日 前

    MANNY IS THE GOAT 🐐💯!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lweh G Htoo
    Lweh G Htoo 21 日 前

    PAC look like killing

  • Sofia-isme
    Sofia-isme 22 日 前

  • tommaso Mark
    tommaso Mark 22 日 前

    Keith is a great promoter for his fights.

  • imoy shi
    imoy shi 22 日 前

    Keith give Manny a good fight so I credit him for that. He have my respect.
    Manny never cease to surprise me.

  • Boo The God
    Boo The God 23 日 前

    “All theatrics “ - Tony Harrison

  • whatever9042
    whatever9042 23 日 前

    I love how manny gave the long list of fighters he’s fought and I could see Thurman’s face change

  • wolf 88
    wolf 88 23 日 前

    I hope thurman revisiting this video. Pop pop pop

  • johnito mallqui
    johnito mallqui 23 日 前

    @UC43Coo8Ense_yVSQt41ZuzA Thurman got the grits smacked out of him

  • Danieltameng Tabing
    Danieltameng Tabing 23 日 前

    School boy Keith

  • lebron james
    lebron james 24 日 前 +1

    Thurman is a good comedian

  • Juray Cando
    Juray Cando 25 日 前 +14

    Lol i love how keith thurman says "i'm gonna knock him down on the first round"
    Manny: i'm gonna end this kid whole career(knocks down keith thurman on the first round)

  • mr j lop
    mr j lop 25 日 前

    manny 41 years old...
    keith 30 years old...
    if fight rematch i will not surprise if manny lose...
    i will just surprise if manny win... because manny is too old to fight with figther is same level with him while manny 30 years old... manny just a ball steel or crazy asian man if he keep standing in this arena with his age... 41 years old is too old to keep fighting with younger figther like keith... keith suitable to fight with loma... because the aged is same...
    at manny age, hard training not suitable anymore for his body... look like keith is more a bully kids...

  • Military Misfits & Bodybuilding

    Thurman is a straight lame

  • Vj Delos santos
    Vj Delos santos 25 日 前

    Once pilipino fighter have a respect and good attitude pilipines are best country of boxer I am proud a pilipino 🇨🇿👊

  • mangelen rham
    mangelen rham 26 日 前

    I really admire Keith becuz of his ability to communicate cognitively

  • Dinbheer Sareno
    Dinbheer Sareno 27 日 前

    His gonna feel it on the 1st rnd..yeahh..u felt on tne canvas...

  • Skyridle
    Skyridle 28 日 前

    No matter how many times manny speaks words with wrong grammar, they have the biggest meanings...

  • Its KEL Official
    Its KEL Official 28 日 前

    Pacman The King 👑 of Boxing 🥊!!!!
    Only 8 World time Diff weight classes Champion
    Killing young hungry fighters at 41 age 😱 !!CRAZY !

  • Will VSW
    Will VSW 28 日 前

    Is it me or does Keith Thurman sound like a WWE wrestler 😏Manny Paquiao total legend “

  • Gary Chun
    Gary Chun 28 日 前 +2

    Keith talks like he's on an episode of Key and Peele

  • Rust Cohle
    Rust Cohle 29 日 前 +1

    "He's like this big"
    Lmao you have to admit that was pretty funny

  • John Mete
    John Mete 29 日 前

    MANNYY !!!!! 😄😄😄😄😄

  • John Mete
    John Mete 29 日 前

    Oh my goodness

  • DsrTrey Hab
    DsrTrey Hab 29 日 前

    Imagine fighting Pacquiao at 2008 - 2009
    Prime Pacman!