Meghan Markle Speaks Out About Her Father | TODAY

  • に公開 2018/05/17
  • With less than 48 hours to go until her royal wedding to Prince Harry, Meghan Markle is speaking out about the controversy surrounding her father. NBCs Kelly Cobiella reports for TODAY from Windsor, and NBC’s Keir Simmons comments, “this is a little bit messy.”
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    Celebrate the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on Saturday, May 19, 2018, at St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle. Watch alongside The Royal Family as we bear witness to the monumental wedding live on NBC | TODAY
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    Meghan Markle Speaks Out About Her Father | TODAY

コメント数 • 444

  • Bianca Toivola
    Bianca Toivola 7 ヶ月 前

    She is fake,love Money!

  • doll maleficent
    doll maleficent 9 ヶ月 前

    I can't get past her ugly dress on her wedding day it was awful

  • Sun Val
    Sun Val 年 前

    What sAdly...Megan Is the reason her DAD is bankrupt. No wonder the fAmily dislikes her. When she made it ran away. First her dad money. Then her husband's Joseph and Trevor. Then Harry. After Harry who ???

    SPIRIT DOT 年 前


  • Maria Radicova
    Maria Radicova 年 前

    why are you saying that

  • polishtheturd mickelson

    Marrying a carrot top. Couldn't find a better guy in the states?

  • small footprint
    small footprint 年 前

    Just heard that her mother won't be walking Megan down the aisle; that it will be Prince Charles. I'm so mad. I can't believe it. Her mother raised her and P Charles had nothing to do with her till now. I really wish her mother were escorting her. It would be so wonderful. I hope this isn't the monarchy taking over. The only thing I can think of to feel ok about it is that if her mom really didn't want to and P Charles stepped up.

  • Klarizs Lo
    Klarizs Lo 年 前

    The queen don’t want her dad to attend because he is a disgrace- watch out Meghan they might do a “princess Diana” on you- you are certainly “not one of them” especially divorce

  • Heather Kirk
    Heather Kirk 年 前 +1

    Such a familiar sounding announcement from Kensington Palace. It sounds more like a twitter update! Megan needs the staff at Kensington Palace to brief her on how to make a proper royal announcement.

  • Heather Kirk
    Heather Kirk 年 前

    Such a familiar sounding announcement from Kensington Palace. It sounds more like a twitter update! Megan needs the staff at Kensington Palace to brief her on how to make a proper royal announcement.

  • Heather Kirk
    Heather Kirk 年 前

    Such a familiar sounding announcement from Kensington Palace. It sounds more like a twitter update! Megan needs the staff at Kensington Palace to brief her on how to make a proper royal announcement.

  • Carol Jewell
    Carol Jewell 年 前

    wow something's wrong Harry has not met Meghan's father.

  • Ildiko Nemeth
    Ildiko Nemeth 年 前

    isn't she supposed to be with her father if he is sick instead of having fun on her special day? Or just be honest and say: we don't get along, we are not in contact but I wish him well.....

  • Edith Ransom
    Edith Ransom 年 前 +1

    She is a total selfish twit. Her dad provided her with private schools, college, and a leg up in acting and she let him live alone and in poverty in a ram shackle house in Mexico. Both she and Harry need a butt kicking for not jumping on the dad issue right after they became engaged. HARRY is a ponce for not insisting he meet her dad -- he would have seen the bad conditions her dad lived in and insisted something be done. I guarantee Megyn knew this and made excuses why they should not visit her dad WHO IS BROKE and could not have afforded a plane ticket to England to begin with. I suspect Harry will learn the hard way about Megyn Markle virtue signaling with poor in Africa while letting her father go down hill in poverty. She is worth $5 million and had a $30k shoe collection -- she does not **care"* for her dad except on a surface level. Frankly this marriage is doomed because two immature people from dysfunctional families treat their own like heck and have NO real maturity or sense of where DUTY and integrity starts -- it's not hugging poor in London while letting your dad suffer when you could DO something about it . My bet -- someday Prince Charles will become less disliked by Harry BECAUSE HARRY will be less judgemental about his problems with Diana who was immature herself on many levels. I want to wish them well but the pair treating her father like garbage bodes ill for the future. Maybe someone should start a GoFundMe for Mr. Markle to help get him into assisted living apt which is what he needs. My bet even then Duchess Markle would not be ashamed of her failure to help her dad who is in DIRE circumstances -- SHE IS SELFISH. Hopefully HARRY will grow a set and step up to the plate but looks like he is already letting party princess rule the roost.

    • Therese Ember
      Therese Ember 年 前

      I profoundly agree with you. They had an extraordinary opportunity to genuinely embrace what would have been sovereign wisdom and truly noble, royal behavior-to show the entire world how to universally treat one’s father, yet right before Father’s Day, they chose instead to show the entire world that a profoundly ignoble, superficiality-debased value system had ruled their minds and hearts. It was a deeply sickening watermark that will follow them through history. They did not care about spiritual royalty, nor honoring the sovereignty of sacredness of fathers.

  • Estelle Romanova
    Estelle Romanova 年 前 +1

    She's too honest. she doesn't have explain all the things in here life. Her dad will not attend the wedding, simple as that. Thats enough to announce.

  • Joyce Long
    Joyce Long 年 前

    l guess she is not talking to her mother side of family to.l

  • Princess Montano

    cant u guys be happy to harry and meghans wedding?? why posting negative aint your wedding day,its their wedding...The parents of harry didnt complain...You guys r just jealous and bitter..Leave those two people alone 😀

  • Violeta Pandurska

    I,m sick of this woman. Why cares about her or her homily? She is not pretty,she is not smart,she is new divorced member of the Grand Royal 👑

  • cutie pie
    cutie pie 年 前

    Meghan a Gold digger

  • Diane Monaco Monaco

    Why WOULD anyone care about meghan and her father?? I guess many just love gossip and the royals. Lots of us just dont give a hoot.

  • Nicole Macal
    Nicole Macal 年 前 +1

    She is no royal, just a wannabe

  • Trevor Graham Welch

    The Royal Wedding Song : Robin Trower , Sweet Wine Of Love .

  • TheBooty28
    TheBooty28 年 前

    Who cares. I am closer to my father than my mother. My father was not at my wedding. My mother was. I am still closer to my father after the wedding as before. A wedding is one day of your life. You relationship with your father lasts a lifetime. Who cares. She is probably just happy that he is alive. Leave her alone. She and Harrry will both have something in common. His mother will not be at the wedding because she is DEAD..go away people and stop overanalyzing the situatiin

  • Giarc66
    Giarc66 年 前

    This has all the makings of a sequel to the 1991 movie "King Ralph" LOL

  • Yvane M.azemar
    Yvane M.azemar 年 前

    Congratulations to prince Harry a mean please leave them alone peace a god bless their union for life.

  • Mallory Knox
    Mallory Knox 年 前 +1

    Makes sense to me that the last husband should have to be the one to walk any divorcee down the aisle. Maybe people would take marriage more seriously. She was already 'given away' to someone else. This wedding is anything but traditional. Why a prince would want to marry an American piece of trash is beyond me..

  • hello is it me youre looking for

    Queen victoria walked 2 of her daughters down the aisle

  • Renee Gonzales
    Renee Gonzales 年 前

    Marcos I understand your father's in the hospital and he's not walking you down I'm sorry but it really was Charles walk you down the only choice you can make you have a mother that gave you devoted love why couldn't she do it I personally don't think Charles should walk you down but then there could be rules to getting married and if that's the reason why I okay but you must know this can and will hurt your father he can accept your mother walking you down but their father it just does not seem right but I hope you have a beautiful wedding

  • Shatonda Taylor
    Shatonda Taylor 年 前

    I honestly think it was a fool move to give up her career, privacy and identity just to be a tourist attraction.

  • Phoebe -
    Phoebe - 年 前

    His family gave him that 'heart attack' after they found out he was going to sell his story to the tabloids. Who cares.

  • Fortnite God
    Fortnite God 年 前

    I don’t see this lasting cause it’s happening way too fast but who knows it might last

  • Rose Petal
    Rose Petal 年 前

    I wish them happy ever after and God bless them

  • Holly Fisher
    Holly Fisher 年 前

    Meghan was raised primarily by her very classy Mother, whom I hope will walk her down the aisle💖~
    That being said, she obviously still wants the best for her Father and wants the press to just leave him alone; Mr. Markle is definitely quite overwhelmed by all the attention and needs to be left in peace😊:)

  • Carmen N
    Carmen N 年 前

    A modern royal wedding is an oxymoron with all the pomp BUT...maybe NO ONE NEEDS TO GIVE A WOMAN AWAY IN 2018.. a mom walking beside her daughter would be beautiful!!!!!!

  • Suzanne Campbell

    Dear Meghan and Harry. I’m so sorry that all drama has happened. I am hoping that your day will go perfectly. Wishing you all your the best....

  • B Joyce
    B Joyce 年 前

    Your still American remember that.

    • Kamiya Jones
      Kamiya Jones 年 前

      I'll just be a one term, or even less, orange clown
      Then why is America on the top 5 for greatest countries in the world?

    • Kamiya Jones
      Kamiya Jones 年 前

      B Joyce No she’s not.

  • C. L. SM
    C. L. SM 年 前

    Wow this is really not starting off on the right foot! I can't imagine that the Royal family is too keen about this. They're all about getting away from drama as fast as possible.

  • Trevor Graham Welch

    I Wish Both Of Them A Lifetime Of Love and Good Health Through The Years.

  • muhammid li
    muhammid li 年 前

    yes a wedding that is being payed for by British tax-payers just like me ,millions of pounds wasted

  • Geraldine GH
    Geraldine GH 年 前

    The wedding will reportedly cost around 46 million some of which British taxpayers may end up paying for, hence a petition requesting the wedding be paid completely by the British royal family

  • AlwaysTalking hosted by Cece Ceestyle blogger

    I feel bad about her father's Health however No one outside of her relationship w/her Father knows exactly how it was or has been strained! Note she said "Always cared for my Father" using Past Tense which is telling yet she wanted to let it be known he is not "able" to attend & ask for privacy regarding him so the continuous speculation about him will cease! I do think her, harry & a Publicist or Handler should've met w/him Months ago to Brief him on the protocol he should follow regarding paparazzi & media so as to know who to speak to & the photos(that would've naturally arised from those meetings) of them together would've been used to portray him rather than the previous unflattering ones & the whole staged photo shoot & paps Debacle would've never occured yet She was not privy to how to handle all this & the royals & Kensington Palace officials should've done a better job handling this situation straight away! I do sincerely wish them the best & a Happily Ever After union! I will be excitedly watching from my own mini Viewing party at home Early Saturday in Chicago!♥♥

  • Bobbie Jessica
    Bobbie Jessica 年 前

    I hope my butt wins it

  • Tinkerbell5046
    Tinkerbell5046 年 前

    It's not a state wedding. So they can invite who they want nothing to do with harry being in charge, dumb us news crap

  • arcuda2001
    arcuda2001 年 前 +1

    What a waste of money ... :-///

  • Get IT J
    Get IT J 年 前 +1

    Way too much drama.....hope they are making the right decision. Family makes a difference...u marry the whole fam so unless there is strong boundaries then this will b a challenge. Sad the fam hasn't even crazy.......where are the black people? Markel has hid the black side of her heritage? I desire to not watch this mess of a fake circus.

  • Janis Hill
    Janis Hill 年 前 +1

    No black kids from her family...... so sad ..... only her Mom

  • ellia dzn
    ellia dzn 年 前

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    please subscribe to my channel ... lots of great ideas and diys , cooking , designing .

  • bella2019
    bella2019 年 前

    Cared only ? How about care and love my father - hmm

  • YOYOuk
    YOYOuk 年 前

    This wedding is for them to make money clearly meghan is a gold digger and attention seeker

  • Ashley Norris
    Ashley Norris 年 前

    I'm so jealous.!

  • Ashley sama
    Ashley sama 年 前 +10

    Meghan shame on you the words that came from pen are shallow and weak. Reached out and offered to give your father a direct number to the Royal Palace to help with the media 'REALLY FOR REAL" very tacky coming from a daughter who claims she loves her dad and wanted him to walk her down the aisle. Your father is an introvert, elderly and lives a very isolated life and you believed a phone call was going to cut reaching through that mind where probably dementia could be setting in due to the hermit life he leads.
    Harry and you both, should have made time to go and visit your dad (if you could find time to go to Africa together) you could have found time for your father and had a face to face chat, permitted him to feel comfortable with all your changes because whether you like it or not they effect him as much as you and he has no control over that. SHAME, SHAME ON BOTH YOU AND Harry for treating your elderly father so poorly and the Queen has no right to be upset with your dad she should be upset with you and Harry.

    • Sun Val
      Sun Val 年 前 +1

      Ashley sama you are right. Let Harry honeymoon be over. He will wake up and face reality. She is,after Harry's money....that is how pathetic Harry is.

    • ChicknDip
      ChicknDip 年 前 +2

      She's a social-climber and narcissist - she uses people and the information is ALL out there. She uses people, her family, friends and even abandoned her pets. What does that tell you about a person? She's typical American gutter and nobody is fooled. She is loathed in the U.K.

  • Iwas right
    Iwas right 年 前

    This is hilarious! You can't make this stuff up. Meghan must be eating Xanax like candy. Her family is a waste of space. Wait until old Prince Philip gets wind of all this .

  • bella
    bella 年 前 +6

    It's okay, Meghan. He can walk you down on your 4th one.

  • Patricia de Pastors

    The Queen be like...😒😒😒😒😒

  • Mulenga
    Mulenga 年 前 +1

    We love you Harry and Meghan. Wishing you all the best💚💙

  • Ifmusicbethefoodoflove Egc

    What a heartless narcissistic woman. She cares... What happened to loving the father who did so much for her? I didn't think I could despise her more than I already do, but she's succeeded in making me do so. She loves only herself, as Harry will discover. This Markle debacle is the ultimate comedy, but it will end badly for Harry.

    • Zeneida
      Zeneida 年 前 +2

      Ifmusicbethefoodoflove Egc I totally agree with you. She won't let her own family get in the way of the wedding, nothing is gonna stop her from marrying him, she will do what she has to to get more fame

  • P Clayton
    P Clayton 年 前 +2

    This is so ridiculous

  • P Clayton
    P Clayton 年 前

    If anyone thinks this is the beginning of a fairytale, they’re living in a dream. The royal family has met royal trouble

  • cynthia filby
    cynthia filby 年 前 +4

    This is nothing but a royal red flag, made up to save face, right after Markle's father staged phony pictures, then got paid.

  • Minnie Wheeler
    Minnie Wheeler 年 前 +3

    She cannot stop her wedding to be by his side. You people are so jealous and hateful. You don't know the full story and it's none of your business.

    • Carolyn Campbell
      Carolyn Campbell 年 前

      Minnie Wheeler bullsh.t. The resources that the RF have would have enabled her to visit her father even if for several hours. Sorry. No. A humanitarian so called doesn't abandon her father when ill. Maybe you do? 😐

  • Noman Noman
    Noman Noman 年 前 +3

    Status digging disloyal disgrace daughter is what he thinks ....shame shame.

  • Lucy O'Donnell
    Lucy O'Donnell 年 前 +2

    Poor Meghan. I don't usually care for royals, but I can't help but love her. Family difficulties happen to so many people around their wedding day. The difference is, she had to issue a statement about it, and be a spectacle on a global platform. I wish her and Harry the BEST.

  • Alison H
    Alison H 年 前 +3

    Does someone HAVE to walk her down the isle?? Jeez! No one walked me down the isle. AND this is her third marriage for crying out loud.

  • Austen McKenna
    Austen McKenna 年 前

    Just love those carriage horses...they are so lovely!!! Wishing and praying for a speedy recovery for Mr. Thomas Markle Sr. I am sorry that he will not be there for the wedding.

  • evan upton
    evan upton 年 前

    I love the fact that a black woman is going to be in the royal succession line to be queen. And their biracial babies will be in line, too.

    • Ashley Jones
      Ashley Jones 年 前 +1

      that is a very simplistic view, she will never be in line for anything, sorry get the facts, and neither will the kids.

  • Jesse Andriantsihoarana


  • Jesse Andriantsihoarana


  • Lioni Grace
    Lioni Grace 年 前

    I'm so very sorry for all Harry and Meghan fans around the world but I have bad feeling about this wedding.. hope this is not true.. peace ✌

  • Minnipearls
    Minnipearls 年 前

    Poor Megan and harry this needs to be about them not about the dad or anybody else

  • jeannie carr
    jeannie carr 年 前 +3

    She was willing to give her career up so she can get more publicity world wide, time will tell after all she sent her first husband the rings back to him by post, tells you a lot about her. Harry was desperate to get married for someone to care for him. We have the right to our opinions and all the do gooders can't see the woods for the trees. She is not odd couple next to the two beautiful blondes he dated and heh would have married them but they weren't turned on with all the publicity thT she likes. Also why get married so soon when he doesn't know her to long, something far wrong.

  • Linda Lee
    Linda Lee 年 前 +10

    What a bunch of crap, if she cared about her dad and include her mom, she could have easily have helped them with financial help. To avoid bankruptcy. They owed such a tiny amount, just a fraction of her paycheck for one show would have made all the difference. Megan is clearly selfish. People may be upset that her sister is spilling the beans about her but it appears to all be true. And remember they spoke well about her until they were not invited and humiliated in front of the world.

  • good vibes
    good vibes 年 前

    Wishing them both the best. Support, love and joy will surround them, come Saturday

  • It's Mecah
    It's Mecah 年 前 +1

    That's alright, because Prince Harry's mom won't be there either 😏

    • Jane - - -
      Jane - - - 年 前 +1

      Anushka Shetty
      *_What a cruel, evil thing to say. What a vile little harpy ..._*

  • MsPeggy101
    MsPeggy101 年 前 +4

    I can't help but wonder why didn't Meghan, Harry, or any officials from Kensington Palace provided any help to Meghan's father like providing security for example. These guy has been harrassed by paps ever since the media found out about the relationship and yet there wasn't any security provided? It's not like Kensington cannot afford it. How come Meghan's mum had plenty of security? And they should have guided him on how to conduct himself in public, on how to handle the press and everything but no help was given to him. Perhaps if Meghan helped his father financially, he wouldn't resort to colluding with paps for some cash. This mess somehow is also a result of their own negligence. You didn't have this sort of controversy during Kate Middleton's wedding.

    • MsPeggy101
      MsPeggy101 年 前

      Ricky G. Says who? You? His father worked so hard to provide her with a good education and to send her to exclusive schools and when she became successful, she didn't return the favor and she just let her father go bankrupt without providing financial help? She's rich? She's humanitarian? Then, why isn't she providing any financial help to her own flesh and blood. She has made a lot of questionable actions in the past. Divorcing her husband, sending the wedding rings through mail. Makes you wonder what really her intentions are in joining the royal family.

    • Ricky G.
      Ricky G. 年 前

      MsPeggy101 He was a deadbeat lol

  • Jesenia Brady
    Jesenia Brady 年 前 +3

    Only black person i see Meghan associate her self with is her mother where's her black cousin aunts uncles friends this girl have no black friends her whole wedding party is white sorry but i founds that to be very strange mom what's up with that???

  • yagher
    yagher 年 前 +2

    Ah, very wise of her dad to not be a part of this circus side show wedding. He knows his daughter more than anyone and shouldn't be used in this way. Well done to him.

  • Doc Mirza
    Doc Mirza 年 前 +1

    Hope this circus ends its not like their giving away money to the people interested in the wedding for gods sake people get a life

  • Amber Pierce
    Amber Pierce 年 前

    Meghan does love her father and he did raise her as much as the mother, here is some of her statements shes given in the past regarding her father per CNN
    In a 2016 message titled "Happy Father's Day" posted on her now-deleted Instagram account, Meghan Markle paid tribute to him.
    "Thanks for my work ethic, my love of Busby Berkeley films & club sandwiches, for teaching me the importance of handwritten thank you notes, and for giving me that signature Markle nose. I love you," she reportedly posted.
    Meghan has said she spent most of her childhood hanging out at her father's job after school.
    "Every day after school for 10 years, I was on the set of 'Married ... with Children,' which is a really funny and perverse place for a little girl in a Catholic school uniform to grow up," she told Esquire in 2013.
    There were a lot of times my dad would say, 'Meg, why don't you go and help with the craft services room over there? This is just a little off-color for your 11-year-old eyes.' "
    Those days on the set with her father shaped her career. In the interview, she said he'd call and offer her advice on lighting while she was on television show "Suits."
    "... [M]y dad will be the first person to call me and say like, 'Why aren't you using this sort of lighting gel?' The crew guys know that it's where I grew up," she said.
    Meghan said in the 2013 interview that her father had retired about six years earlier. She recalled watching the credits at the end of "Married .. with Children" episodes and giving the screen a kiss when she saw his name go by.
    'Draw your own box'
    Long before she turned into a Hollywood star, Meghan struggled with her biracial identity. She's said her father helped her realize she doesn't need to pick one race over the other.
    When she was in seventh grade, her English teacher asked her to check the ethnicity box for Caucasian on a census, which made her feel like she was choosing one parent over another
    When she told her father about the incident, he was angry.
    If that happens again, you draw your own box," she said he told her, according to Elle UK.
    The issue of race would be a confusing thread throughout Meghan's early years. When she was 7, she wanted a doll set that came in either an all-white or all-black family. Her father took apart the doll packages and mixed a black mom doll, a white dad doll and two children of both races, and gave them to her as a Christmas gift.
    "My dad had taken the sets apart and customized my family," she wrote.

  • Mr Bruce
    Mr Bruce 年 前

    I'd bet the house that he didn't have a procedure. This guy is a pathological liar just like his crazy kids.

  • bhk110
    bhk110 年 前

    Why is Hoda molesting that guy?

  • Mark Jacob
    Mark Jacob 年 前

    Forgive your father and have him walk you on your wedding day..

    • Elizabeth Beck
      Elizabeth Beck 年 前


  • Mocha Chica
    Mocha Chica 年 前 +7

    Why do people care about this dumb wedding? And why would her dad go to the wedding, when he walked her down the aisle before? His health is more important at this point.

  • Baba Roushka
    Baba Roushka 年 前 +11

    Harry u are marrying big problem ,getout when u can because this wont last

    • ali izzy
      ali izzy 年 前

      The problems have started already as we all can see. She's trouble. The Royal Family will not come out of this well.
      Probably what she want's to wreck what's left of another great British institution. Gold digger too!

    • Kamiya Jones
      Kamiya Jones 年 前

      Baba Roushka I’ll give it 2 years tops.

    • Consuella Thornton
      Consuella Thornton 年 前

      Baba Roushka It could be said the same to her.

    • Omphile Moerane
      Omphile Moerane 年 前 +1

      Baba Roushka And her crazy family is about to be his. I'd pull out of the wending right now if I were him

  • Baba Roushka
    Baba Roushka 年 前 +4

    How can she think of ceremony ,when hed father can die, she has no feelings

    • chs75
      chs75 年 前

      Who said he was dying?

    • Omphile Moerane
      Omphile Moerane 年 前 +2

      Baba Rouschka Dude that's what i'm also thinking. I could never get married while my father is in hospital far away from me suffering from heart problems. Either she is cruel or the father did not really have a heart attack and she just asked him to stay away because of the embarrassment caused by the photo scandal

  • Plutot Crever
    Plutot Crever 年 前 +1

    Did you see how quick they swiped Meghan's parents pictures? lolol
    I can barely pause the video lolollol this is so funny

  • ieasha edmond
    ieasha edmond 年 前

    Yeno what, i just realized, the only blood relative she has at her wedding is her mother. That's sad.

  • Uranus Uranus
    Uranus Uranus 年 前 +5

    This is Megan's 3rd marriage she doesn't need to be walked down the isle or given away by her father.. she's already been given away several times before,besides who can take this vow seriously? She's taken a vow twice before so clearly it means nothing to her

    • Uranus Uranus
      Uranus Uranus 年 前 +1

      knowlight knowright who is next?? I bet that she'll dump harry via text message once a better opportunity comes along..

    • knowlight knowright
      knowlight knowright 年 前 +1

      Uranus Uranus She married satan then a producer, now Harry. Perfect trio!

  • Tahir Ahmed
    Tahir Ahmed 年 前

    this will be world best marriage ever........Megan and Harry lovely and cute couple..

  • Amber Ruby
    Amber Ruby 年 前 +3

    Queen Victoria walk two of her children down the aisle so, has nothing to do with modern. Queen Victoria did this as her husband had passed away.

  • FuckBitches nHoes
    FuckBitches nHoes 年 前 +13

    I bet the royals feel so embarrassed. But nothing they can do, harry decided to marry someone with no class, and with an emberrasing family. Couldn't he find a younger women, he's younger.

    • chs75
      chs75 年 前

      Then royals have no class by your logic, check out their scandals...

  • cyberlucy
    cyberlucy 年 前

    Queen Victoria gave away two of her daughters. Dora should be able to

  • jeannie carr
    jeannie carr 年 前 +20

    This wedding is a farce. HRry has been suffering from bad depression for years through his mother Diana,s death. . He hardly knows her and to marry her within a year the mind boggles,she is like a mother figure for him. He could have done better. Something far wrong. He dated some gorgeous women. For some years, but as the old saying goes. Hurry in haste repent at leisure.somejthing about her isn't genuine.

    • ChicknDip
      ChicknDip 年 前

      Harry is fooled by this narcissist and user. She's just as bad as Middleton with her shady and sleazy past, use of people for gain, and sheer laziness and self-interest. Plus Middleton faked the births of 3 non-royal children, which makes her even worse as a role model. Face it, both Diana's sons are ruining the Monarchy with their crappy choices of spouses.

    • jeannie carr
      jeannie carr 年 前

      Catlea Lea who cares wat you think , I don't give 2 fk wat you or other ppl think. Grobbling up to money holes, they are out the dark ages like a lot of ppl . They have been robbing ppl for centuries .

    • Chelsea ello
      Chelsea ello 年 前 +1

      jeannie carr like it or not she's getting married.

    • Catlea Lea
      Catlea Lea 年 前 +1

      jeannie carr and he told you all of this himself? Go back to your hi-lo blue shag carpet and toll painted gords. I’m sure. HSN has a new wolf t-shirt you just have to buy

  • Fred dog
    Fred dog 年 前

    I don't give a crap

  • JMlifestyle tv
    JMlifestyle tv 年 前 +35

    I wish Lovely Meghan and Prince Harry the very best. God bless their marriage 💜💜💜💜

    • J OneLife
      J OneLife 年 前

      She's Christian I saw a huge cross in her car....

    • Edith Ransom
      Edith Ransom 年 前

      JaneMeadows TV They are screwed -- dyfunctional Megyn and immature Harry -- give it three years max. The way she treated her father after he paid for her expensive private schools and college plus a leg up in acting -- is horrible. She can spend thousands to go hug poor African kids but let's her dad live in real poverty in Mexico. WAKE UP this is not a fairy tale it's the a selfish girl failing at most basic level re priorities - her siblings are trash but her DAD gave her everything and that is unusual for a divorced man. He deserves better.

  • QOP13
    QOP13 年 前 +1

    I wonder if her half sister going to ruin the wedding day. I would not be surprised if she announce that she suing the royals for the fake paparazzi accident. She already blaming them for her accident and her father heart attack.

  • Janice Leighton
    Janice Leighton 年 前

    Health issues bull crap cover up

  • The Rose Reporter
    The Rose Reporter 年 前 +4

    SO EXCITED TO WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE Ms. Markle and Royal Family stay on coarse DON'T worry about Ms. Markle's family that may cause havoc. FOCUS on your WONDERFUL MARRIAGE!!!! Stay TRUE to tradition and LOVE EVERY MINUTE we are all living our dreams through you!!!!!!!! ENJOY EVERY MINUTE OF THIS HISTORIC day and try not to let ANYONE get in the way of you and Prince Harry!!!!!!!

  • Five Dee
    Five Dee 年 前

    This is not at all meant to be racist, but if he is in Mexico, and people cross over the Mexican border all the time, most likely NOT by airplane, can't he use that route to come? No matter now, he'd need prob over 2 weeks of travel time to be driven all the way to England, but he couldve gotten a generous lead if he'd begun sooner. Plus - couldn't he come by plane with a doctor by his side and an IV of Plavix? Jeez Pops!

  • M N
    M N 年 前 +2

    I wish Prince Harry & his bride much happiness . Although I do not agree with all the bells & whistles for a second marriage

  • Lorna M
    Lorna M 年 前

    Harry and Meghan's Wedding will be a beautiful fairytale wedding. Wish them happiness and good health always❤

    • Queenie Miller
      Queenie Miller 年 前

      Lorna M that al it is and will be fairytale i would think thst she would hsve more sense than that comeing from american may god have mercy on her