Royal Wedding: George Clooney, Victoria Beckham Arrive At Windsor Castle | TODAY

  • に公開 2018/05/19
  • American actor and icon George Clooney and his wife and barrister Amal Clooney arrive at Windsor Castle before the beginning of the royal wedding with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Also, David and Victoria Beckham make their way to their seats in St. George’s Chapel.
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    Royal Wedding: George Clooney, Victoria Beckham Arrive At Windsor Castle | TODAY

コメント数 • 25

  • In The Beginning Was The Word

    1:09 Victoria really didn't like David leaving her side to take the picture with the Manchester bombing victim. Complete selfish miserable cow!

  • patriciaa lascano
    patriciaa lascano 年 前 +1

    Well sorry to say but George Clooney's wife looked way better than Megan she even had a prettier dress than Meghan just saying

  • JohnPaul Dixon
    JohnPaul Dixon 年 前 +3

    I see Mrs. Beckham still hasn't quite mastered the art of smiling! Perhaps she'd just taken delivery of a fresh batch of Botox, or maybe she really is as miserable as she always appears. David would be better off just dragging along a life size cardboard model of his wife to such events, she's about as animated as one. I imagine her saying to him, " You're smiling again, David. What have we said about smiling ... we DON'T. DO. IT ".

  • Rahmani Kheira
    Rahmani Kheira 年 前

    Grande souffrance pour Amal Clooney à cause de ses chaussures heureusement George est là pour l'aider à marcher et surtout ne pas tomber hhhh

  • Bitch, i'm Madonna
    Bitch, i'm Madonna 年 前 +10

    Victoria Beckham looks like shes attending a funeral

  • lance cofield
    lance cofield 年 前

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  • Lara Hilton
    Lara Hilton 年 前 +2

    First and foremost Meghan Markle....then Gina Torres, Amal Clooney, Caroline Greenwood, Kitty Spencer, Cressida Bonas, Sofia Wellesley, please take a bow, you all looked breathtaking. What beautiful, beautiful dresses! They all looked so elegant against the backdrop of Windsor Castle on a British sunny day. The whole scene was visually so mesmerising and everyone looked so happy for the couple, didn’t they?

  • manic hairdo
    manic hairdo 年 前 +10

    The lady in yellow strutted, not in tune with her partner at all, and Posh always looked like she was sedated, sucking a prune. Neither at all elegant. Awkward.

  • todd stadel
    todd stadel 年 前 +3

    Americans singing God save the queen what a joke.

    • manic hairdo
      manic hairdo 年 前

      todd stadel When my kids were in American schools they daily sang the national anthem. And by the way, the UK anthem is a prayer. Americans sure know how to pray.

  • Fiza k
    Fiza k 年 前 +3

    In ladies : Amal Clooney was the most stunning one 😍💕
    In men : David Beckham looked debonair 😍💕
    Young ladies need to take a cue from the Royal Queen Elizabeth, she wore such a refreshing summer colour "lime & purple", simply breathtaking 😍💕

  • Andrew Felcey
    Andrew Felcey 年 前 +10

    V. Beckham Always look so awkward !!!

    • Lara Hilton
      Lara Hilton 年 前 +1

      Andrew Felcey Amal, Kitty Spencer, Cressida Bonas, Caroline Greenwood, Sofia Wellesley all looked so gorgeous... and in such memorable dresses. I was so surprised for someone who loves fashion as she does that Victoria Beckham chose such an ordinary dress. More in keeping with something far more low key like a dinner party. What a missed opportunity 😐. Quite clearly it’s a blessing she didn’t get to do Meghan’s dress.

  • Alina la cubana.
    Alina la cubana. 年 前 +5

    Lamal dress so classy, Meghans dress loved it she looked so pretty.Best wishes for the newly weds.

  • Hugh Franklin
    Hugh Franklin 年 前 +7

    All the shallow celebs and nobodies turning up for the second class wedding of the week.

    • Gail Mcleary
      Gail Mcleary 年 前 +2

      Hugh Franklin, never mind. You can be confident that nobody of any importance or fame will be attending your no class wedding.

  • Mike Btrfld
    Mike Btrfld 年 前

    America wised up to royalty.

  • Lore Lange
    Lore Lange 年 前 +5

    Looks like there was trouble in paradise between the beckhams ☺

    • Despott
      Despott 年 前 +3

      Probably not. Victoria just always looks like a miserable cow.

  • Reba Crow
    Reba Crow 年 前 +2

    She looked beautiful, but I thought her dress would be prettier? I’m surprised

  • Frank Webb
    Frank Webb 年 前

    It is JOURNEY'S END CALIFORNIA for Hawaii and for you all. - Gholos