Mimicry: A World of Imposters

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  • Don’t trust your eyes. These mimics will have you questioning reality.
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    Created by Dylan Dubeau
    Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
    Hosted by: Jess Keating
    Edited by: Jim Pitts
    Story Editor: Cat Senior
    Associate Producer: Andres Salazar
    Examining the nature of the beast.

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  • Animalogic
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    • Mr-ScarySketchy
      Mr-ScarySketchy 8 日 前 +1

      That's gotta hurt, Jess.

    • Omar Gallegos
      Omar Gallegos 10 日 前

      Please stop with the dumb old school cutbacks. Annoying to want to see animal facts then y’all do that.

    • Ruby H.
      Ruby H. 25 日 前

      Or Rikki Tikki Tavi

    • Ruby H.
      Ruby H. 25 日 前

      Dingos or King cobra :)

    • Hell Kat
      Hell Kat 25 日 前

      Can you do leopard geckos please

  • aricre games
    aricre games 6 時間 前

    dressed for kill

  • Mig 28
    Mig 28 8 時間 前

    I love the text they added to the animals as if they were actually speaking!
    The cute part is that they all speak in broken English XD

  • IgorD
    IgorD 日 前 +1

    Oh, it's not a roaring grizzly bear who quickly approaches me, it's probably a harmless octopus which just mimics a bear.

  • don donzelo
    don donzelo 日 前

    Stop this corny jokes americunt

  • ninja tiger
    ninja tiger 日 前

    i love it.

  • hisyam amiruddin

    Where flamethrower when i need it?!

  • Erveann Manwarren
    Erveann Manwarren 2 日 前 +1

    The cuckoo is like a dead beat father trying to escape child support

  • Katsuki Bakugou
    Katsuki Bakugou 2 日 前

    I like the music

  • KronikYT
    KronikYT 2 日 前

    I can mimic a plant

  • Lucifer Broke
    Lucifer Broke 2 日 前

    I kept replaying the spider-tailed viper. wow.

  • Parker Ferguson
    Parker Ferguson 3 日 前

    Wait a sec.... is that the overly sarcastic girl from JPclips?

  • I.A. Woien
    I.A. Woien 3 日 前

    Is octopussies underwater spiders? Are the related?

  • Citrus the dragon ;3


  • mi manipur
    mi manipur 3 日 前

    Where is Danielle

  • Yerrow Dragon
    Yerrow Dragon 4 日 前

    Thought someone messaged me on steam whenever they displayed a new title

  • Gengar X
    Gengar X 4 日 前

    All Pokemon fans understand Mimicry!

  • James Allen
    James Allen 4 日 前

    I had no idea the Coo coo bird was so devious.

  • labrat7357
    labrat7357 4 日 前

    Wasn't the old coral snake rhyme something about "get bit by red next to black and you will be back, but red next to yella will kill a fella".

  • Nolan Friedline
    Nolan Friedline 4 日 前

    The intro to this video is chaotic, tone it down.

  • Sir DanceAlot
    Sir DanceAlot 4 日 前 +1

    Who else remembered kiba while watching this video ? If you know you know

  • LIL_ KYLE0911
    LIL_ KYLE0911 5 日 前

    The pink wasps are beautiful

  • Albert Castro
    Albert Castro 5 日 前

    What blown my mind was the snake with spider like tail!! Nature is really amazing

  • Jez Pineda
    Jez Pineda 5 日 前


  • Rosie Fay
    Rosie Fay 5 日 前

    +1 for the subject matter. -2 for the pop music. This is needless, it obscures your narration, making it all the harder to understand your words, and it is intensely annoying.

    • Jim Pitts
      Jim Pitts 5 日 前

      Some people like it, some people hate it. For now we are still developing the new show, so I'd expect it to constantly change. I like the techy, science fiction vibe of Second Nature, so we may keep on pursuing that path.

  • Jorg Higgens
    Jorg Higgens 5 日 前

    you should talk about the coolest mystery of evolution... animals that metamorphosize!

  • Sayak roy-choudhury

    So cheetas mimic honey badgers to survive? I don't know what to say

  • Aaron Kuruppassery
    Aaron Kuruppassery 5 日 前

    What is the background music?

  • And1 Finn
    And1 Finn 5 日 前

    These animals are aware of theire existence. Or maybe it is programed by a higher inteligence. If u know whatimean.

  • Lord Escanor
    Lord Escanor 5 日 前

    If it looks like a cake. Smells like a cake. Taste like a cake. It’s probably an octopus.

  • Aye it’s ya girl No Name

    These creatures have evolved for so long but humans see right through it.

  • Decode Lifehacker
    Decode Lifehacker 6 日 前

    5:45 true

  • Anorepio- -SAI
    Anorepio- -SAI 6 日 前

    Insert my friends

  • Andrew Fan
    Andrew Fan 6 日 前

    uh you said "wolf in sheeps clothing approach" twice

  • Frank Coley
    Frank Coley 6 日 前

    So it's a Sneck... got it. Thought it was a snake.

  • Avir 101
    Avir 101 6 日 前 +3

    editor how much fun do I have will editing this video?

  • Kid Cudi
    Kid Cudi 6 日 前

    Nature, you tricky.

  • Alekk *
    Alekk * 6 日 前

    Damn! I THOUGHT it was spider and not a snake or at least not a snake tail 😱😱.

  • Random.Drake
    Random.Drake 6 日 前

    See, I pulled a sneaky on ya.

  • Norahs Sawgubac
    Norahs Sawgubac 6 日 前

    Almost all of these I already know like the mimic octopus,hover fly, cheetah cubs,cuckoo,mimic spider,eastern tiger swallowtail,coral snake, alligator snapping turtle,and last one orchid mantis

  • f Forecast
    f Forecast 6 日 前

    Hope they breed orchid mantises for pets, they’re Gorgeous

  • NPC #49616392
    NPC #49616392 6 日 前

    Don't. Don't mention Captain Marvel.

  • Pranay Sawant
    Pranay Sawant 7 日 前

    Still best mimic Artis is my ex. She pretends to love me very well

  • king kinivan
    king kinivan 7 日 前

    You just forgot one more animal. The James Charles is one of the most deadliest killers of men...

  • Sun Jara
    Sun Jara 7 日 前

    6:48 And yet fish still avoid the sea krait.

  • Kendy López
    Kendy López 7 日 前

    I love this new style on the videos! It's so exciting ❤

  • Tri Ly
    Tri Ly 7 日 前

    8:43 did not expect that

  • Future Catastrophes

    Can you do a video about most mimicked humans? African Americans gotta get that title.

  • peace bewith u
    peace bewith u 7 日 前

    batesian and switch

  • Kokichi Ouma
    Kokichi Ouma 7 日 前 +1


  • Freddybigs
    Freddybigs 7 日 前

    Is there any predator that actively hunts Honey Badgers?

  • oh look a squirrel
    oh look a squirrel 7 日 前

    These vibs have gain a upgrade compared to the past
    Nice guys.


    Pole cat is a skunk. What you showed was a domesticated ferret.

  • MiguelB020
    MiguelB020 7 日 前 +3

    You had me at "It also looks identical to Caterpie."

  • Krystal tigerwolf
    Krystal tigerwolf 7 日 前

    5:41 Pokemon

  • Mass Debater
    Mass Debater 7 日 前

    Your so fake it's painful

  • Humberto González
    Humberto González 7 日 前

    She said Caterpie! lol

  • tommy aronson
    tommy aronson 7 日 前 +1

    This video format gives people anxiety for no reason

  • 7-4 till the world blow

    How tf do they know to do this shit

  • SovanDai
    SovanDai 7 日 前 +6

    The spider tail does two work for the snake
    - lure birds into the trap
    - scare the shit out of humans

  • SovanDai
    SovanDai 7 日 前

    Woah woah. That spider tailed viper is amazing. I would have fallen for that

  • callote etollac
    callote etollac 7 日 前

    hey wheres my girl daniela defu

  • Eric M.
    Eric M. 7 日 前

    I want a tasty moth :(

  • 1000 subscribes to start streaming

    Cheetah cubs 😘😘😘

  • pranith
    pranith 8 日 前

    Bandit soul? That's way too cool of a name for a fish. I imagined it having yellow eyes and a black body which looks like a handkerchief tied back xD

  • M. S
    M. S 8 日 前

    سبحان الله

  • aids2099
    aids2099 8 日 前

    I freakin love your channel

  • Aslan Tech
    Aslan Tech 8 日 前

    Where is the chameleon

  • Cora Tolsma
    Cora Tolsma 8 日 前

    What about the type of mimicry where a male animal looks more like a female animal ( of the same species ) in order to mislead the male who is with the female, fly under his radar and mate with the female

  • magnum opus
    magnum opus 8 日 前

    Coolest snake in the world 😂😂😂 8:35

  • Steven Beltran
    Steven Beltran 8 日 前


  • Mark Sullivan
    Mark Sullivan 8 日 前

    Title: this is not a snake.
    Ad: this is a microchip!
    Me: wait what...ohhh

  • Adara Relgnel
    Adara Relgnel 8 日 前

    Except that it really doesn't look like a duck or sound like a duck so the joke doesnt work

  • Yuriy Pyrih
    Yuriy Pyrih 8 日 前 +12

    8:42 Oh a snake almost nearly bitted my head off... but there's a snacc there.. ohh nvm it's his tail and I'm dead anyway.

    • IgorD
      IgorD 5 時間 前

      +Mig 28 "eat or be eaten"

    • Mig 28
      Mig 28 8 時間 前

      +IgorD wait, you eat spiders? 😭☺️😂

    • IgorD
      IgorD 日 前 +1

      I have a feeling if the 2nd attack failed, he'd come back again. Can't blame the bird.. it's a tasty looking spider

  • Bec Earley
    Bec Earley 8 日 前

    How about lizards like Tegus and Bearded Dragons, or monitors etc... any kind of out of the ordinary lizards found throughout the world!

  • Elmo Knows
    Elmo Knows 8 日 前

    I guess you could say that animals that use aggressive mimicry are ... master baiters

  • Tiep
    Tiep 8 日 前

    I feel like evolving to be less tasty is... unlikely at best lol. It kinda requires you to die before predators know. How the hell do you pass on these genes?

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper 9 日 前

    shows a man...
    this is a woman

  • XxRainy DayzxX
    XxRainy DayzxX 9 日 前

    We are actually learning about camouflage and mimicry in school.

  • TheFapFactory
    TheFapFactory 9 日 前

    Had to drop a dislike for the Captain Marvel reference

  • Sandeep Gmail
    Sandeep Gmail 9 日 前

    Thats why i hv trust issues. A world full of fakes. Next my dog gonna mimick my gf to seek attention

  • freeef
    freeef 9 日 前

    so is that their called cucks

  • Moh B
    Moh B 9 日 前

    Whats with de psychedelic editing and synthwave soundtrack

    MLWATKK 9 日 前

    You mean Sheep in Wolf's clothing?

  • Shahzan Sadick
    Shahzan Sadick 9 日 前

    I love the editing style.

  • Volker H
    Volker H 9 日 前

    first minute just youtube BS. actual science starts after that

  • Paranormal_ pancake
    Paranormal_ pancake 9 日 前 +1



    Battlestar Galactica.

  • Jhon Paul Labucay
    Jhon Paul Labucay 9 日 前

    Is bee or tasty fly?

  • Joseph Romo
    Joseph Romo 10 日 前

    Coolest video I've seen in a while. Thanks so much for the knowledge and experience.

  • James Kelly
    James Kelly 10 日 前

    Some blue jays in my neighborhood screech like the hawks in the valley. Very clever and they fool me 9/10 times

  • Mnemo Xiene
    Mnemo Xiene 10 日 前

    Insects... I'm dying...

  • Tariq Adil
    Tariq Adil 10 日 前

    Just amazing. God's creation is amazing

  • Lord Beerus
    Lord Beerus 10 日 前

    The irianian viper damn!

  • Bakht Azeem
    Bakht Azeem 10 日 前

    The music in the start is LITTTT brehhhh..

  • Gneo Salen
    Gneo Salen 10 日 前

    What is the difference between mimicry or camouflage?

  • InKa4484
    InKa4484 10 日 前

    Now this is how you pander to millenials.

  • yellowburger
    yellowburger 10 日 前

    When that caterpillar sticks out its forked tongue at around 5:54 she says, "and it also look identical to gatabe." Anybody know what she said? I listened a gazillion times and can't make it out.

  • Yinolu Olowofoyeku
    Yinolu Olowofoyeku 10 日 前

    The music, the visuals.. absolutely loving the production value!!!

  • jeremiah davis
    jeremiah davis 10 日 前

    Cuckoo also known as the "not the father" bird

  • ratty potter
    ratty potter 10 日 前

    this video is mimicking a BBC wild life program in order to obtain views