Thancred in WOTV! New Trailer & More News from TGS! - [WOTV] FFBE War of the Visions

  • に公開 2019/09/12
  • New FFBE WOTV news coming in hot from the Tokyo Game Show happening right now! We learn that the FFXIV Shadowbringers collab should be coming with the launch of the JP version of the game and we get a new unit from FFXIV Gunbreaker Thancred! Plus a new trailer and more! Sadly STILL no release date to be found....
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  • Brian Pennington
    Brian Pennington 5 日 前

    Wow that double gunner looks a lot like Roxanne, everybody's waifu from GL Alchemist Code

  • Tommy Albano
    Tommy Albano 6 日 前

    Rank 150+ exvius player on several month long break from exvius and current gunbreaker main in ff 14 over here...I have to say with the Thancred announcement...TAKE MY MONEY !

  • Lazarus Guan
    Lazarus Guan 6 日 前

    Anyone ever thought of the possibility that Gumi claiming FFBE GL to be a different game was not actually meant for us, but for entities who could potentially make them take the game off global market? Think about it, FFBE's TOS clearly states that only Japan laws are applicable to them. Put these 2 together, it suggests that the mechanics of FFBE might not be legal globally and that Gumi might had been exploiting a legal loophole with FFBE. So if WOTV's mechanics are again based on what is legal in JP, they will really need to make a different WOTV this time. Because the thing with loopholes is where there are those who exploit it, there are also those who report it.

  • unholy angel
    unholy angel 6 日 前

    Not sure the entire specifics on the game. Would love to try it. Hopefully we won't hafta wait a year for it to come to global

  • Krys Katt
    Krys Katt 6 日 前

    My body is ready

  • Chops McFirebeast
    Chops McFirebeast 6 日 前


  • Squik
    Squik 6 日 前

    I haven't been playing FFBE lately... after over 2.5 years of constant play, I just kind of fell off... but I'm still really interested in this game. I Played Alchemist Code way longer than i should have, because it was so similar to FFTactics... but that game abused the player way too hard. Hopefully WOTV is a LITTLE nicer to players. Still gacha though, so probably not.

  • Balbaneth
    Balbaneth 6 日 前

    gg for ffbe when this comes out lol

  • Jason Byland
    Jason Byland 6 日 前

    Wouldn't it be awesome if War of the Visions had all of the Veritas? Also, lore wise, is it before the Veritas' time?

  • Jeff R
    Jeff R 6 日 前

    Graphics look alot like Final Fantasy Tactics but better since the PS1 days.

  • Ultra Introvert
    Ultra Introvert 6 日 前

    Luasa 😍
    I love that they use the classic FF art

  • Squall LionHeart
    Squall LionHeart 6 日 前

    Thank you Claic Yuzolt! This was AWESOME! Your hype is INFECTIOUS! Can't wait to see more!

  • Jonathan Mcleman
    Jonathan Mcleman 6 日 前

    So I was just going to VPN and label Japan as place but that did not work to pre-register. How did u go about it?

  • Phill
    Phill 6 日 前

    Hype is real, a RDM using a SAM katana? That is some PLUS ULTRA levels of power... Seriously though if there is a nation that specializes in RDM I'm going to have to join that ASAP.

  • Ian Deel
    Ian Deel 6 日 前

    I love the Alchemist code. However, time and money investment are much more heavy in that game and that was only with 6 elements. They have added two here. I can really see this turning into a absolute cash cow. It may not start out that way, but as it ramps up it will be nutty. That is if it goes into something similar to their enlightenment system (similar to ffbe 7* meta) along with the gear and the momentos. I really hope they steer away from this because I am genuinely excited for the game but I’m scaling back my expectations. If anyone wants to get a feel of how TAC functions then check out Malign on JPclips. Hands down the most knowledgeable guy on YT.

  • Griffin O'Connor
    Griffin O'Connor 6 日 前 +8

    "she looks gorgeous, can't wait to get my hands on her"
    -Claic Yuzolt 2019

  • andre samuel
    andre samuel 6 日 前

    is that emperor shera on the right? 9:23

  • Oboewan
    Oboewan 6 日 前

    I bet WOTV will release on the 4th Anniversary of FFBE in JP.

  • Doug o
    Doug o 6 日 前

    Free summon 3* base Thancred weeps in the corner

  • Sin606
    Sin606 6 日 前

    I am excited for WotV but it can't compare to Romancing Saga 3 to me. Basically it's like Octopath but from the 90's and I've been waiting nearly 2 decades to play a US version.

  • Timmy Time
    Timmy Time 7 日 前

    It's my birthday in November, the big 3, 0, could wotv be released for my birthday?then a month of xmas events on wotv and ffbe 😍 until I see a release date this is how i will perceive my reality

  • Paulo Henrique Otaviano

    Seeing Miranda: Finally no hypersexualized female design in a game!
    Seeing Luasa: Too soon, right?

    • Paulo Henrique Otaviano
      Paulo Henrique Otaviano 6 日 前 +1

      @Squall LionHeart dude, stop fapping to game models lol

    • Squall LionHeart
      Squall LionHeart 6 日 前

      hypersexualized female? Kid. Maybe you shouldn't be playing this game. Talk to your mom about it.

  • tbarry12
    tbarry12 7 日 前

    Pretty hyped for this I still think I'm going to go with the Crystal Sanctum for the people I join though just from what little I've seen of them I'm loving their Utopian-society-on-the-surface thing they've got going on

  • Chaoszidenrules
    Chaoszidenrules 7 日 前 +1

    A red mage from Touhou....I wish there was a touhou collab

  • HeyJher!
    HeyJher! 7 日 前

    Espero que llegue en español :c

    • Halcon Negro
      Halcon Negro 6 日 前 +1

      Al igual que la version global de ffbe, esta llegara meses despues

  • Key Arth
    Key Arth 7 日 前


  • lou gait
    lou gait 7 日 前

    They can take their time making this game. I don’t want it released buggy

  • James Atwell
    James Atwell 7 日 前

    Compared to Eastern time, Japanese time is 13 hours ahead. So they are always in the future. If you're pacfic, they are 10 hours in the future.

    • James Atwell
      James Atwell 7 日 前 +1

      @jason garnett pish posh, I only live in the past and future, never in the moment of the now

    • jason garnett
      jason garnett 7 日 前

      Everyone lives in the present school has failed you

  • Papyrus Super Spagity

    looking at FFBE JP latest Story Event, i may better lower my Expectations towards how crazy 4th anni will be, alim is being way too stingy.

  • MrScruff-NinjaTuna
    MrScruff-NinjaTuna 7 日 前

    I can't wait. This looks so awesome!!!

  • xGaledorx
    xGaledorx 7 日 前

    Thancred still a badass😀

  • Elijah Haglund
    Elijah Haglund 7 日 前 +3

    Sadly the option to pre register is not available where I live (Mexico)

  • Beard_Grizzly
    Beard_Grizzly 7 日 前


  • Del Stewart
    Del Stewart 7 日 前 +3

    Is there a pre-registration for a global version yet?

  • The1Rodney
    The1Rodney 7 日 前

    Don't worry guys, we will see this game after a year of jp release.

  • Adam Guion
    Adam Guion 7 日 前 +1

    Looks like it will be a good game. But I just won't pick it up because I hate when studios just reskin their games for different series. Would rather see a faithful sequel to the FFT series

  • Leopold
    Leopold 7 日 前

    Miranda has thicc thunder thighs... they are all thicc.

  • William Decou
    William Decou 7 日 前 +1

    Tentatively excited. Hoping they keep the servers in line with each other similar to epic 7. But really interested in how they will handle dupes, awakenings, etc. Before I jump all in.

  • Shinryu Masaki
    Shinryu Masaki 7 日 前 +1

    DAMN Thancred looks awesome, as well as Y'shtola! The other units looks interesting too. Sucks we didn't get a date yet though.

  • Nobody XIII
    Nobody XIII 7 日 前

    I'm still waiting for the kingdom hearts event 2 I need that sephiroth so bad

  • ElitistAdam
    ElitistAdam 7 日 前

    Is this related to FFBE? Like some far past?

    • tbarry12
      tbarry12 7 日 前

      Given how it's established visions work in the world I think it has to take place in the future although how far is unanswerable atm as the characters like Ayaka and Aileen could just be visions themselves and when it comes to Medina even if she isn't a vision Elephim's story event establishes her as immortal (or at the very least ageless) so her presence can be explained either way

    • Dragonmist19X
      Dragonmist19X 7 日 前

      @William Decou It is the same timeline just don't remember if it's past or future.

    • William Decou
      William Decou 7 日 前

      Not too sure myself. Could be same timeline, in the past, future or alternate timeline (same time but alternate reality), but that could just be me thinking of fgo.

    • Shinryu Masaki
      Shinryu Masaki 7 日 前

      @Dragonmist19X Don't forget about thicc Aileen too!

    • Dragonmist19X
      Dragonmist19X 7 日 前

      It happens in lapis if im recalling correctly instead of palawhatever it's called where the stuff with the emperor takes place. When in time it takes place comparison to the stuff with Rain and co I want to say they have said but don't recall. It at least isn't too far off from the present time of FFBE given characters like Ayaka and Mediena are in it.

  • Dj Frost
    Dj Frost 7 日 前

    Sucks we are pretty far behind

  • Naitsabes Yerref
    Naitsabes Yerref 7 日 前 +1

    I've been slowly moving away from FFBE due to burn out, but I won't lie seeing Y'shtola and now Thancred from ShB does get me hyped for War of the visions.

  • MegaKeikoku
    MegaKeikoku 7 日 前