How I got my trash cat Luigi

  • に公開 2019/08/22
  • ▶do you have a cat? i do. his name is Luigi and he likes to eat trash.
    ▶grab a shirt or plush before they're gone!
    ▶Rebecca Parham voiced lines in this video! Check her out:
    I USE:
    ▶ ToonBoom Harmony Premium - to animate
    ▶ Adobe Photoshop CC - backgrounds, illustrations, thumbnail
    ▶ Cintiq 16 Pro - screen tablet (but I recommend basic cheap pen tablets from Wacom)
    ▶ MERCH:
    - I'm sorry, I'm not available to do lines for videos anymore; I've gotten really busy :(
    - I am NOT looking for animation or video help! I appreciate your kindness. I'm not in a place where I need to hire people, not even for free.
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  • illymation
    illymation  26 日 前 +5019

    i in fact do have another cat! her name is..............

    junie :^) like my comment if this bothers u or you want me to make a video about her too :^)

    • *• vodka •*
      *• vodka •* 12 時間 前

      I’m very disappointed that you did not name her mario

      ACE ANIMATIC 23 時間 前

      illymation are you still dating tanimato

    • Feesh Studios
      Feesh Studios 日 前

      Please make a video about the other cat

    • Nicole B
      Nicole B 日 前


    • Maer Soriano
      Maer Soriano 日 前

      Don't tell me let me explain studios collab with you

  • Monkey buddy Games
    Monkey buddy Games 6 分 前

    I was thinking is that rebbeca

  • A'mya The Trashcan
    A'mya The Trashcan 8 分 前

    Bob? *WACC*
    Luigi? *SNACC*

  • Matthew Progamer
    Matthew Progamer 26 分 前

    "So check out me merch"

  • Jini Five
    Jini Five 時間 前

    Idk what your complaining about those meows coming from Luigi is the cutest thing of all time and my cats RARELY meow ;w;

  • Arkady Gorbachev
    Arkady Gorbachev 2 時間 前

    The thumbnail looks NSFW tho...

  • Mellowcat AJ
    Mellowcat AJ 5 時間 前

    *Luigi* is *CUTE*
    Like pwease
    *Nobody notices anything*
    Welp time to leave.

  • Wow That's Weird
    Wow That's Weird 5 時間 前 +1

    1:38 I couldn’t stop laughing 🤣

  • Fish Lips
    Fish Lips 6 時間 前

    Same thing with my……… cat………

  • HAVE SOME Sub-Zero-O's!

    Why is there tissues and lotion... 1:40

  • Aracelli Rodriguez
    Aracelli Rodriguez 9 時間 前

    I love cat's and dog's but I love dog's over cat's back then

  • Kay Jones
    Kay Jones 9 時間 前

    I have a kitten she so hyper

  • Potatoed
    Potatoed 10 時間 前

    I like both dogs and cats. But the first time i met a cat, i knew i loved cats.

  • Spud _ÙwÚ
    Spud _ÙwÚ 10 時間 前

    Tell Luigi I say hi!

  • daria morant
    daria morant 10 時間 前

    My dog does the same thing 😂

  • xXGacha_ WolfieXx
    xXGacha_ WolfieXx 10 時間 前

    one of my four cats has a half meow it sounds the same as your cats

  • Nolan 10101
    Nolan 10101 11 時間 前


  • Aya Gonzalez
    Aya Gonzalez 11 時間 前

    I like cats too
    Lol Luigi if you had ANOTHER cat would you name him Mario xd

  • Lmt68 Thompson
    Lmt68 Thompson 11 時間 前

    Once their gone, their gone.
    Me: OH NO! I NEED ONE!
    *realises I’m British and I forgot*
    Me: Oh, nevermind
    Me: Wait- GONE FORVEVER?!

  • Anthony Carter
    Anthony Carter 11 時間 前

    ouuu my cats name is cheeto

  • Natsukiii
    Natsukiii 11 時間 前

    I love luigi

  • *• vodka •*
    *• vodka •* 12 時間 前 +2

    My cat threw up a finger once and my sis found out he had eat the WHOLE EYE OF HIS CRAB COSTUME WTF

  • Yeevee M
    Yeevee M 12 時間 前 +1

    Soooo nobody’s gonna mention that they live in an apartment labeled 420? Lol

  • Kellen Craig
    Kellen Craig 12 時間 前



    My cat had an extra toe which i thought was extra adorable and thats why i adopted my cat ☺

  • ya boi skinny penis
    ya boi skinny penis 13 時間 前

    UwU bois

  • Hope Comitale
    Hope Comitale 13 時間 前

    Hi im going to start animating do you have any tips for me or suggestions ps i love your vids so much

  • Max Thewatchingod
    Max Thewatchingod 14 時間 前 +1

    My CAT my SON

  • toastman34 yup
    toastman34 yup 14 時間 前


  • GuyInTheCommentSection
    GuyInTheCommentSection 15 時間 前 +1

    cats are better suck it

  • Yo Mama
    Yo Mama 15 時間 前

    Mine is named engine bcs I found him on the engine of my dads 2006 Ford GT

  • Family Atlas
    Family Atlas 16 時間 前


  • Hayashi-san qwq
    Hayashi-san qwq 16 時間 前

    1:40 that poster xD

  • NRB_Surfynug city
    NRB_Surfynug city 17 時間 前 +2

    Your cat sounds like my cat my cat is caramel color by the way.

  • JDM • IS • LIFE
    JDM • IS • LIFE 18 時間 前


  • Vi Cardoso
    Vi Cardoso 18 時間 前

    I keep re watching this video, at least once a week.
    "But why tho?"

  • Mr. Aztec
    Mr. Aztec 19 時間 前

    He protecc
    He attacc
    But most importantly....

    He grow his mustache bacc

  • the best Alan
    the best Alan 20 時間 前

    I do have a cat at 3am on the night I got him all I heard was Hissing turns out my cat was hissing at my phone when it lit up at Twitter notifications

  • Mr.noob_ADEC The nub
    Mr.noob_ADEC The nub 20 時間 前

    I have a cat named Chito

  • Ayqal zilla New chanel
    Ayqal zilla New chanel 20 時間 前 +1

    Lol my cat also still sounds like a kitten

  • Fluffy Skye Star
    Fluffy Skye Star 21 時間 前 +1


  • Jared Lim
    Jared Lim 21 時間 前 +1


  • The real Drift
    The real Drift 23 時間 前

    That thumbnail was cannibalism

  • max123994
    max123994 日 前

    the infurnaty pawnlet

  • max123994
    max123994 日 前

    your drama class friend turned on you when she grew up

  • Ella Preena
    Ella Preena 日 前 +2

    1:38 is literally me to my boyfriend ...IF I LIKE TO SIT IN THE DARK AND NOT TALK TO ANYONE ...then imma do that ....

  • Lanky Kong 07
    Lanky Kong 07 日 前

    Mama Mia.

    EGG DOG 日 前

    Better show this video to Putz12

  • I Like Playing The Sims

    Did anyone notice at 3:45 it said 420

  • Julie Tucker
    Julie Tucker 日 前

    I have a cat named Guss Guss

  • Jesse Doescher
    Jesse Doescher 日 前

    My cat is sort of like... actually a little math equation might help you understand my cat...
    Take Luigi as a base, paint him a colo(u)rful combination of Black and White, then throw a 8-year-old with severe ADHD (That's not a joke, by the way), then multiply by 100, add a state of mental instability, and you've got Boots... my pet cat...
    My cat has an... interesting... pass time. Every time he takes a poop, he runs around my house like a madman, not stopping. He is lazy enough to lay on my clothes in my dresser drawers, and he is so fat that every time he jumps down from said dresser drawers, it sounds like the Russians decided to test the Tsar Bomba on the 2nd Floor of my house.
    Though he is a good cat. 10/10 would recomend

  • Mizz Bella Kitty

    My cat daughter, Kitty, seems to have an appetite for plastic. Thank god she doesn't give a damn about cords because I have many all over my room. But if I have a sandwich bag or wrapper where she can get to it, she'll try to scarf it down. She also seems to like clawing at the armrest of my chair if I'm not paying attention to her, even though she has a scratching post/perch in my room.
    Her parents were feral cats that lived near my best friend's house years ago and the mother came up with a litter of kittens AND pregnant. She later gave birth to a litter of three: 2 males and one female. That female was Kitty. I remember she was so tiny as a kitten. Now, she's at least 10 lbs and her fluff only makes her look even more massive. She's very sweet but likes to annoy me in the middle of the night with the plastic-eating and paper bag crinkling and closet door banging.

  • Mizz Bella Kitty

    Euthanization isn't fun but it is a necessary thing! If your cat is sick and in pain and there is absolutely nothing you can do to help them, euthanizing them is more humane then letting them suffer. That petsmart clearly doesn't seem to understand that, though.

  • cheesy spaghettiz

    I thought Luigi ate trash spaghettis and thrown out pizza

  • peppa dad dina BACON


  • Cassidy Gregory
    Cassidy Gregory 日 前

    We had to take my cat to the vet for bladder issues and they found a dime in his stomach 😑😑😑

  • RulerANaia
    RulerANaia 日 前

    1:04 I absolutely love how you say Luigi 😂🤣😂

  • S.S Artificial
    S.S Artificial 日 前

    I love it when he just stands

  • Infinite Gaming
    Infinite Gaming 日 前

    My cat
    MY SON

  • siphetsuper
    siphetsuper 日 前

    Lilly: I would prefer cats over dogs

    God: say sike right now