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  • The Case for Christ (2017) | Xpиcтoc пoд cлeдcтвиeм.2017ビデオ.html
    The Lord hath taken away thy judgments,
    he hath cast out thine enemy:
    the King of Israel, even the Lord, is in the midst of thee:
    thou shalt not see evil any more.
    Zephaniah 3:15, The Bible
    Отменил Господь приговор над тобою,
    прогнал врага твоего!
    Господь, царь Израилев, посреди тебя:
    уже более не увидишь зла.
    Софония 3:15, Библия
    VIEŠPATS atšaukė tau skirtą nuosprendį,
    jis nušlavė šalin tavo priešus.
    Izraelio karalius, pats VIEŠPATS, yra tavyje:
    tau daugiau nebereikės bijoti nelaimės.
    Sofonijo 3:15, Biblija

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  • jmtuto
    jmtuto 10 時間 前

    cool ! beautiful music, you can listen to beautiful piano alsoビデオ.html

  • Khuc Du Duong Vu
    Khuc Du Duong Vu 13 時間 前

    Hết Mỗi 1 bài lại quảng cáo. Qcao lia lịa nhức đầu quá

  • Stefano Prataviera
    Stefano Prataviera 13 時間 前

    Per mio figlio volato in cielo

  • Anne Squad FK
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  • Dong Ngoc
    Dong Ngoc 19 時間 前

    Nhạc hãy qua đi
    Em nghe gần chết

  • Trinh Kiều
    Trinh Kiều 日 前 +1

    Thank you for the album!

  • Sheynaya Lafou
    Sheynaya Lafou 日 前

    Yiruma portrays such powerful emotions throughout his music and it makes me feel so many emotions. His music is so meaningful and deep, that it makes me question this world that we live in. And that says something... My love for you and your music has just blossomed and I thank you for that MR. YIRUMA... I THANK YOU🖤

  • Dejing Wu
    Dejing Wu 日 前 +1

    Simply beautiful.

  • Malak Kazan
    Malak Kazan 日 前ビデオ.html

  • Lidija Staņēviča

    Я послушала мне нравится Рига горад Латвия .с праздниками .

  • Ronin Traveller
    Ronin Traveller 日 前

    Fukoff with your spam adverts

  • Sarah Mushtaque
    Sarah Mushtaque 日 前

    I lost my mom when i was 10 i listen to this song to recall her and let my tears out miss u mom she passed away on april 5th 2015 in an accident have a good sleep my mom love u alot

  • Alexandros Klimis
    Alexandros Klimis 日 前 +1

    more ads pls

  • Thanh Nguyen
    Thanh Nguyen 日 前

    Kiss the rain😔

  • 민정
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  • Simerjeet Kaur
    Simerjeet Kaur 日 前

    listening to this, breaks the cage in my mind. thank you for composing such melodious piece. days are only getting better listening to this.

  • Dhimas Enggar
    Dhimas Enggar 2 日 前

    3:07 in Indonesia, this instrumental music is so famous when it comes to sadness moment like funeral etc. I recently know that this Yiruma's music but just why people in this country makes it sounds like music you hear when in the dark days..

  • Stijn Slootweg
    Stijn Slootweg 2 日 前 +1


  • Justine Rase
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  • Cristal Herrera
    Cristal Herrera 2 日 前

    2014 a 2019 como pasa el tiempo😢💔

  • Daniel Loza
    Daniel Loza 2 日 前

    I'm just gonna go say this my bitch ass heard this but I don't know where but it was definitely a anime

  • หาสาระ ไม่เจอ

    Chill sleepy🌜🎶👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨💕

  • 짜잔
    짜잔 2 日 前

    우울할 때 유리마 듣는 게 최고예요 피아노 음악이 우울증 치료가 됩니다

  • Eirian Mizuki
    Eirian Mizuki 2 日 前

    This is heaven

  • 한지호
    한지호 2 日 前

    광고 존나 많네 ㄹㅇ

  • Duc Anh Nguyen Huu
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  • Aushley Gabunilas
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  • Silent Gamer
    Silent Gamer 3 日 前

    Fuck this video. An ad after every goddamn song? Nope!

  • Pablo Rodrigues
    Pablo Rodrigues 3 日 前

    Just what i have been missing

  • Mimi Duguiles
    Mimi Duguiles 3 日 前 +1

    When I listen to this, I imagine I'm in a place where peacefulness is, and I can be me, with no drama, just living doing things I like, watching beautiful nature, playing with the animals, writing novel and poem and most of all spend time with my love ❤️

    • Mimi Duguiles
      Mimi Duguiles 日 前

      @Sheynaya Lafou thank you my friend for the message, yes this is our escape.. MUSIC.. We can go beyond our imagination and its lighten our feelings. Have a good day to you ❤

    • Sheynaya Lafou
      Sheynaya Lafou 日 前

      How I can relate to you, with how his music makes you feel. It's such an amazing feeling to have. If only life were that simple. Thankfully, we have music like this which can help us dream and feel safer and happier than ever.

  • Sana Hammouti Rachidi
    Sana Hammouti Rachidi 3 日 前 +2

    mi mejor professora me enseño esta musica en classe cuando estavamos muy nerviosos i gracias a esta musica relajante es como si estoy con mi professore en le colegio y eso cuando estoy en el insti la quiero tantoo!!

    like si esta musica os recuerda al aguien muy querido vuestros!

  • I Want Lee
    I Want Lee 4 日 前

    One add between every fucking song? FUck off.

    • Vens
      Vens 2 日 前

      imagine not having ad block in current year lmao

  • NJOUSSE Rolins
    NJOUSSE Rolins 4 日 前

    how to learn? This link woks for me, i greatly recommand it, so you may have a look on it….

  • سجاد حسن
    سجاد حسن 4 日 前 +4

    I and my girlfriend was listening to this music now she married and l stayed alone but l still listen to this music

  • Katelin Young
    Katelin Young 4 日 前

    He’s playing in Toronto. Currently I think there is 14 seats left without 50%veiw, $126. I wish my family wasn’t literally broke lmao..

  • John Matlock
    John Matlock 4 日 前 +1

    I heard this song...and I was like, wow. I didn't know a human being could do this...And I tried to figure out what this song was called. I didn't know the name, cos I heard it from somebody in my school. I asked my teacher, she started playing on the piano 'River Flows In You' She spoke softly... and ever since then, i started playing.

  • Violet Asmr
    Violet Asmr 4 日 前 +6

    2019 december ❤️❤️

  • Paola Proietti
    Paola Proietti 4 日 前 +1

    Che pippa deficente

  • 제14인격
    제14인격 4 日 前

    여기선 2019하지 말자
    있으면 하나하나 찾아서 싫어요 눌러드릴깨

  • Cicilia Ruspitosari
    Cicilia Ruspitosari 4 日 前 +5

    My little boy always listen to this songs before he sleep...

  • Ades M W
    Ades M W 5 日 前

    Hey Taylor CN. In Alberta, Canada.
    I really miss you 😔😢 You will never know how my heart has broken since you disappeared from my life

  • Mahmudah Mudah
    Mahmudah Mudah 5 日 前 +1

    i always listening this song every Im feel bad

  • Khang Rabbit
    Khang Rabbit 5 日 前


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  • Viviane Lima
    Viviane Lima 5 日 前

    Lindíssimo !!!

  • Ronny Chandra
    Ronny Chandra 5 日 前 +7

    Trying to sleep, listen to relaxing song....
    Crying instead

  • Cristian E
    Cristian E 5 日 前 +22

    Latinos escuchando en diciembre 2019

    • diego delgado
      diego delgado 3 日 前


    • Cintia Gamez
      Cintia Gamez 4 日 前

      Me inspira, me hace llorar recordando momentos y personas. Es una sensacion indescriptible. Saquen el vino tintooooo ajuaa

    • Lupita Martínez
      Lupita Martínez 4 日 前


  • Trần Tuấn
    Trần Tuấn 5 日 前 +1

    i love this artist,he make me sad 😥😥😥

  • Jason Harris
    Jason Harris 5 日 前

    January 2020, anyone?

  • Zhake Matash
    Zhake Matash 5 日 前 +1

    оте кушти

  • Tin Tức Hưng Yên TV

    0:00- River Flows In You
    3:07- Kiss The Rain
    7:21- Spring Time (A Letter by Yukie Nishimura)
    11:38- Maybe
    15:39- When the Love Falls
    18:57- Because I Love You
    22:27- Love Me
    26:33- Time Forget (Has a strong cello towards the end at 29:20)
    31:31- If I could see you again
    34:57- Fairy Tale
    37:39- Hope
    40:29- It's your day
    44:10- Passing By (Has a strong cello come in around 44:56)
    48:47- Dream a little dream of me
    51:00- I...
    55:12- The Days That'll Never Come
    58:22- Reminiscent (Has a cello come in around 59:44)
    1:01:37- Farewell (A cello comes in right off the bat)
    1:04:06- Sky
    1:09:22- Painted
    1:12:52- Till I Find You
    1:16:35 Poem
    1:20:23 Left My Heart
    1:23:35 Indigo
    1:28:42 Piano P.N.O.N.I
    1:31:18 On the Way
    1:35:43 Wait There
    1:40:37 Tears On Love
    1:44:11 Inside The Memories
    1:48:34 Yellow Room
    1:52:20 With The Wind

  • Airton A. Bauermann
    Airton A. Bauermann 5 日 前 +30

    Are you hearing this in December 2019?

  • Michael Austria
    Michael Austria 6 日 前

    12-1-19. ❤

  • 黄氏贤
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  • Djaafar Remamda
    Djaafar Remamda 6 日 前

    This music takes me soooo far away and gives me peace and inspiration 😍😍

  • Camille de Montigny
    Camille de Montigny 6 日 前 +3

    Soundtrack to my college study evenings

  • Network Lyrics
    Network Lyrics 6 日 前

    This music remind me when I used to feel warmth in my childhood
    I haven't felt warmth since that time

    • Network Lyrics
      Network Lyrics 4 日 前

      @ExploringLA FAN thanx 🖤

    • ExploringLA FAN
      ExploringLA FAN 4 日 前 +1

      Network Lyrics yea me too man 😕 keep strong brother.

    • Network Lyrics
      Network Lyrics 4 日 前

      @ExploringLA FAN
      no I didn't..
      But I have been through a lot of problems after I grew up

    • ExploringLA FAN
      ExploringLA FAN 4 日 前

      You might have soiled yourself.

  • jenn siew
    jenn siew 6 日 前

    While listening I truly miss someone very dear to me.....I dream someday you will be by my side till the end of life. I really love you