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  • This episode is brought to you by the Amazon Original series The Boys, a revenge story about taking down corrupt superheroes. Premieres July 26 only on Amazon Prime Video.
    Honest Trailers | Shazam
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  • Vamsi krishna Bodaballa
    Vamsi krishna Bodaballa 16 時間 前

    Memento pls 🙏🙏🙏...

  • Wilo Polis
    Wilo Polis 19 時間 前

    _Why do all the DC moms look the same???_

  • happykharl
    happykharl 日 前

    yes a live action gargoyle move would be great

  • Evan Sweitzer
    Evan Sweitzer 日 前

    why cant they default dance instead the floss is fucking lame the default dance is so much more iconic and interesting to watch I'd always appreciate a default dance restaurant

  • T am ara Wij
    T am ara Wij 2 日 前

    Say "hot damn"

  • King Ijaz TV
    King Ijaz TV 2 日 前


  • Coral LB
    Coral LB 3 日 前

    I actually really liked this movie! lol (but yeah I agree can the flossing dance end already?)

  • I don’t know
    I don’t know 3 日 前

    Power rangers shazam

    RPP_LAPSSS 3 日 前

    3:07 - 3:12 im dying 😂

  • Jeremiah Lynds
    Jeremiah Lynds 4 日 前

    why would you want to shit all over Gargoyles?

  • Moran Joyeux
    Moran Joyeux 4 日 前 +1

    Do an honest trailer for The Boys.

  • V0r4xiz
    V0r4xiz 4 日 前

    That sounds and looks like one of the worst movies ever made.

  • Andrew Howarth
    Andrew Howarth 4 日 前

    Hated the movie, loved the honest trailer. NAILED IT!

  • Rand Kin
    Rand Kin 4 日 前

    Calling it now. They're keeping Mister Mind around as a lore excuse for a partial rebooting. (Why a caterpillar can edit existence by eating some of it, only the creators know.)

  • cross william
    cross william 4 日 前

    Lay your hands on my staff XD

  • jaymills85
    jaymills85 6 日 前

    biker boyz honest trailer

  • Abdul Qadir Gandhi
    Abdul Qadir Gandhi 6 日 前

    Please do Shawshank Redemption

  • Rittwik Maguire
    Rittwik Maguire 7 日 前

    You are a wizard billy

  • Horsiegirl998
    Horsiegirl998 7 日 前

    If you do honest trailers for Netflix films, you should do one for the 2019 film The Dirt

  • Jim Taylor
    Jim Taylor 7 日 前

    Just me? Did you like it or not?

  • Corporal Killjoy
    Corporal Killjoy 7 日 前

    ever noticed how shazam was actually more childish than billy in this film?

    • Lane DY
      Lane DY 21 時間 前

      They made it so that billy is happier when he's Shazam, so that's why shazam seems more childish than emo billy

  • ItDoola
    ItDoola 7 日 前 +1

    You should've called the villain "sans undertale" :^(

  • Lovise Ricachii
    Lovise Ricachii 8 日 前

    im not being racist but... dat azn dude at 1:28 looks like the cao cao actor from rotk 2010 o: i think

  • Ben McDonald
    Ben McDonald 8 日 前 +1

    Doctor Sivana=Diet Black Adam

    • Darth Bombad
      Darth Bombad 7 日 前

      That's my biggest complaint, why does he have the powers of Shazam?. Why do the seven deadly sins have the lightning of Zeus?.
      They could have at least given him a purple energy beam. Maybe have the smokey shadow stuff swirl around him when he flies to make a visual distinction between their powers.

  • Jeff White
    Jeff White 8 日 前 +1

    I'd like that padded muscle suit for Halloween. 💪

  • Kale Cox
    Kale Cox 9 日 前 +2


  • lightningsabre
    lightningsabre 10 日 前

    Wonderful timing on the "Lay your hands on my staff"

  • Kyan
    Kyan 10 日 前 +10

    This was a fun movie, looking forward to the sequel!

  • Ben Logterman
    Ben Logterman 10 日 前

    Do an Honest Trailer on Pokemon Detective Pikachu.

  • Weiss Schnee
    Weiss Schnee 10 日 前

    i got a the Boys Ad
    and it was epic voice guy.
    that’s some 5th dimensional stuff right there.
    getting an ad for a show about superhero’s with epic voice guy for a video about superheroes with epic voice guy.
    that alone makes me want to watch season 1 again.

  • Shine Quashie
    Shine Quashie 10 日 前


  • Brett Farris
    Brett Farris 10 日 前

    Please say "I am a dwarf and I'm digging a hole! Diggy diggy hole!"

  • wildsprig
    wildsprig 11 日 前

    Do "The Boys" next!

  • Choy Saechao
    Choy Saechao 11 日 前 +2

    That Caterpillar reminded me of plankton from Spongebob.

  • Tom H
    Tom H 11 日 前

    Asher Angel looks disturbingly similar to Maisie Williams in this

  • Paul James Magalzo
    Paul James Magalzo 11 日 前


  • Dede
    Dede 11 日 前 +1

    Honestly the fight coragraphy was trash

  • Saucy Fry Studios
    Saucy Fry Studios 11 日 前

    Shazam is the Spider-Verse of DC Movies

  • MIK
    MIK 12 日 前 +1

    Yer a wizard Billy had me crying😂😂

  • Zozo Zozo
    Zozo Zozo 12 日 前


  • Enki Merlin
    Enki Merlin 13 日 前

    holy wtf!!!!!!! I never noticed the Annabelle cameos

  • Phil Maplesden
    Phil Maplesden 13 日 前

    the boys is a sick program

  • Syed Humza Reza
    Syed Humza Reza 13 日 前

    Can you do an honest trailer for the boys

  • Robyn Miller
    Robyn Miller 14 日 前

    Can you do an Honest Trailer of Magic School Bus? Constant child endangerment combined with educational material!!

  • Shmoptimus Prime
    Shmoptimus Prime 14 日 前

    Mark Strong as Sinestro was the only GOOD thing about the GL movie.

  • Morgan O'Brien-Bledsoe
    Morgan O'Brien-Bledsoe 14 日 前 +2

    I know really badly want to see Aquaman punch the nun in the face.

  • Efaz Ahmed
    Efaz Ahmed 14 日 前

    Give us honest trailer on avengers endgame!!!!!

  • That Guy
    That Guy 14 日 前 +3

    When a female defends Billy's mom:
    Hoes mad.

  • IcarusX72
    IcarusX72 14 日 前

    Hey do a Honest Trailer on Gillette's self righteous virtue signaling toxic masculinity pandering to the snowflake generation.

  • Beaudoin Motorsports
    Beaudoin Motorsports 14 日 前 +138

    Marvel starts with an M so they have *Daddy* issues
    DC starts with a D so they have *Mommy* Issues

    • Nikko Spelled Like That
      Nikko Spelled Like That 4 日 前 +3

      Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

    • Rubena Alexander
      Rubena Alexander 5 日 前 +7

      You know you've been watching too many Honest Trailers for one day when you internally hear Epic Voice Guy read it for you.

  • strongbad666
    strongbad666 14 日 前

    If they ever remake "Bloodsport" they should definitely cast Karl Urban as Jean Claude Van Damme's character. Oh, look here my favorite thing to say to you guys: HT for "Bloodsport" ('88) now please. Gracias.

  • Ly Vo
    Ly Vo 14 日 前


  • Trafalgar Aizen
    Trafalgar Aizen 14 日 前 +1

    Do '' the boys '' .....

  • MHMD
    MHMD 14 日 前

    I’m I the only one who thinks Asher Angle looks like Toby Maguire ?

  • Adrian Rodríguez
    Adrian Rodríguez 15 日 前

    Whoa! Styrofoam muscle suit?? Don't jump on THAT bandwagon! He worked his ass off for that body!!

  • Romeo Cortez
    Romeo Cortez 15 日 前

    Do your self

  • Michael Mello
    Michael Mello 16 日 前 +4

    You made a dc mommy montage without “WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME?” Come on!

  • Micaela Sparrow
    Micaela Sparrow 16 日 前

    The starring section was very clever

  • Ahmed EL-Koucha
    Ahmed EL-Koucha 16 日 前 +1

    Can you Do Ghost Dog PLS

  • Vladimir Jovicic
    Vladimir Jovicic 16 日 前

    What about "Lost"?

  • Queen LeLe
    Queen LeLe 16 日 前

    An uncomfortable amount of Rkelly references ! And through the windows through the wall ! 😂

  • Ridgely Sussman
    Ridgely Sussman 16 日 前

    Where the f*** is my comment?????

  • DaVinci 3
    DaVinci 3 16 日 前 +5

    When they said “put your hands on my staff” I just heard someone say gigity

  • godzillavkk
    godzillavkk 17 日 前 +6

    I just hope they don't go too happy. Eventually, it'll lead to Batman and Robin.

    • godzillavkk
      godzillavkk 8 日 前 +1

      @Alfa&Omega 00000 That's what happens when you let fun come in, and stay too long.

    • Alfa&Omega 00000
      Alfa&Omega 00000 9 日 前

      OH GOD NO

  • Justin Tilson
    Justin Tilson 17 日 前

    Please say; "Can they milk my chinchillas? Please, not even!"

  • Melody Winnie
    Melody Winnie 17 日 前 +8

    *"He used to be captain marvel"*
    Ouch... That's a bummer...

  • taz24787
    taz24787 17 日 前 +2

    I really expected this movie to be better, from all the fuzz that went around.
    I guess it was good ..... for DC.

  • Thiago Dias Rodrigues

    Please do Rick and Morty

  • ChompChompNomNom
    ChompChompNomNom 17 日 前

    This movie had everyone in the cinema laughing, more than Avengers

  • JunkMonkey Tarzan
    JunkMonkey Tarzan 17 日 前

    It's awesome that this guy has made it into the mainstream from his hilarious youtube videos lol

  • Evil Gary
    Evil Gary 17 日 前

    Shouldn't the description label the music and artist in the video, even as a joke?

  • Jack Harvey
    Jack Harvey 17 日 前

    The 7 deadly sins were done much better in fmab

  • Seacrest Outlaw
    Seacrest Outlaw 17 日 前 +1

    Oh and I remember the Gargoyles cartoon on TV. Yep should make a movie about it

  • Seacrest Outlaw
    Seacrest Outlaw 17 日 前

    Is Annabelle a part of DC? Hahaha and inl9ved this trailer

  • Muhammad Mustafa
    Muhammad Mustafa 18 日 前

    Do one for the boys