Why Japan's Geography Sucks

  • に公開 2019/10/15
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  • Danish Ara
    Danish Ara 8 時間 前

    d i e d i n a t o r n a d o

  • Dbzlotrfan M
    Dbzlotrfan M 16 時間 前

    Well thanks for the small bit about the other areas they attacked, not just Manchurian. And wow, 2 years of oil in reserve. I think I can absolutely see why they attacked Pearl Harbor.

  • Massachusetts Mapping

    8:45 It was not the atomic bombs that made Japan surrender. They were in backroom talks for surrender a month before the atomic bombs were dropped, and it was not the atomic bombs that prompted the leaders to meet for surrender. It was the Soviet Union invading Manchuria that did.

    • Alex Mercer
      Alex Mercer 日 前

      The Japanese emperor specifically mentioned the nukes in his surrender speech. And why would the Japanese get more scared about getting destroyed in Manchuria? They were willing to make their kids fight to the death against whoever until they realized they would die without the fight.

  • BLacK Phoenix
    BLacK Phoenix 日 前

    Honestly, I don’t understand why Japan needs the Russian Kuril Islands.
    Following the Second World War, an agreement was signed that clearly indicated that the Kuril Islands and Sakhalin belong to the USSR. In fact, only Russians live there.
    Now the Japanese government says "there was no agreement." At the same time, Russia and Japan have excellent cultural and business ties.
    I don't think that Japan is running out of space for people and they need new lands.
    Situation seems like absurd. What do you think of this?

  • Dinosauria Angry

    Japan : GEO's sucks
    South Korea : Neighbor's sucks china, N.K. Japan..
    China : Rus's sucks outside, and our people's suck inside.
    N.Korea : World is sucks. everybody hate us.

  • Green Man
    Green Man 日 前

    Funny enough japan's weakness becomes its fortune.
    Because of its lack of resource, not many western powers want to colonize japan.
    Because of its natural disasters, the mongols were never able to invade japan.

  • Gary Mota
    Gary Mota 3 日 前

    Historically, the Japanese have been assholes

  • Matthew Ostergren
    Matthew Ostergren 4 日 前

    On the plus side, Japan's soil is really really fertile.

  • Bilal Unar
    Bilal Unar 4 日 前 +1


  • azkanify
    azkanify 6 日 前

    Japan's geography = sucks , Korea's geography = cursed

  • Marcel Telang
    Marcel Telang 6 日 前

    So it's like nepal

  • 考え方の学校 Yoshi Sun TV

    World: Japan has no natural oil
    Japan: okay our scientists search if the hot steam which the volcanic mountains make can cover the energy we need.
    US: Don’t
    Japan: yes sir, we don’t have any natural energy...

  • hype
    hype 6 日 前 +2

    Japan not struggle with food. they survive 200years of isolation in edo period and population was booming. they can make much more food when they need. they just quit farming because of industrial glow. After Usa force them open country they had only 2 choices which become super power or be colonized like every other asian country around them. they enter world war 2 for oil and some material. you miss point.

    • hype
      hype 日 前

      ​@Alex Mercer Are you fucking blind? I said they had food but no resorces. Japanese industrial revolution was meiji era. Do you belive japan had no food, resorces, industry but somehow they defeated China Russia and entered ww1 and ww2? Do you know how much cost to start war? you are so dump.

    • Alex Mercer
      Alex Mercer 日 前

      You're obviously the idiot missing the point if you think Japan is sufficient in food and resources. Japan ended up industrializing as a US colony after it got destroyed and surrendered anyway.

  • 나님
    나님 7 日 前 +1

    2030: No enough land

    2050: No enough water nither

  • Daegan Johnson
    Daegan Johnson 8 日 前

    Next episode: why Italy’s/Switzerland’s geography sucks

  • Viki Evendri
    Viki Evendri 8 日 前 +3

    However Japanese land full of nature harmony ☺️

  • shindari
    shindari 9 日 前

    Perhaps Japan needs to come to the hard realization that housing, supplying, and feeding a population that is 1/3rd the amount of people as the United States has, while packed into an area of livable land that is smaller than most of Korea, is a huge part of their problem.

  • Ishan Dey
    Ishan Dey 9 日 前 +1

    Japan should invest in renewable energies and bio fuels to reduce dependency on other countries.

    KEN ZEN 10 日 前

    Japan ww2 Time Itary an Jamaney an cap Ero only Japan frends Everyway faiting


    japan[hahahaaaaaaaa im winner!!!!!!!!!!]
    Japan[sorry..... every body......]
    New japan[hello im japan]
    Soviet[sorry japan im me dead]
    Russia[hello im russia!]
    Japan[im new]

  • Argi Arafat
    Argi Arafat 11 日 前

    Indonesian: i know what are you feeling....
    Japan: yeaaah :(

    • Viki Evendri
      Viki Evendri 8 日 前

      Ada rencana mau jajah lagi kayaknya, karena pulau yang sempit, penduduk yg padat

  • Ian Salyer
    Ian Salyer 12 日 前 +1

    China & North Korea: *Takes notes.*

  • Bytah
    Bytah 12 日 前

    Wait till rll finds out about India and south africa

  • Leslie Jenkins
    Leslie Jenkins 12 日 前

    9:10 that was the final jeopardy question on the tournament of champions

  • Y O
    Y O 13 日 前

    Next: Why EARTH sucks

  • J Yay
    J Yay 13 日 前

    This video is inacurate

  • Y YE
    Y YE 14 日 前

    u talking about Pikachu's birthplace?

  • Windy Squall
    Windy Squall 14 日 前

    Because of mountains, people in each habitual area enjoyed local peace, independence and individual local culture. Because of water surrounding, foreign invaders could not invade islands and commit ethnic cleansing which was done consequently at the continent. Today, water surrounding the country means more ports and more water ways, resulting more trade options and more sea military options. Japan may not have as much geopolitical advantage like USA but they do have enough advantage to sustain their country.

  • Xenolar
    Xenolar 14 日 前

    Japan has sizable resources on such as gold or copper which have already became scarce in the world. Although not well known, Kanto region has huge natural gas deposits though they were not utilized at all.
    Mountains stores huge aquifer while Korean and Chinese can no longer sustain their lives with their own available water resources. Japan is the probably only one source who could supply others with water in Asia.This is very important considering the fact that China and Korea will be swallowed by desert in 10 or 20 year time.

  • Yukimura Sanada5
    Yukimura Sanada5 14 日 前 +1

    the only one to conquer Japan was America, where beforehand Japan was in the middle of taking over China and kicking Russia's ass for many years and still stronger then China by me and my friends research, as far as basic logic goes I'd say America and Japan are the top 2 nations likely to field the best military which Japan has been using loopholes repeatedly to rebuild it, people say England is #2 but I disagree with it cause Europe is like a retired old man after WW2, I also think China and Brazil have more potential then Russia but China is the one using trade and influence to inherit the era unless contested

    either way whoever has the nukes has the sore loser button to end the world to protect their useless pride, so wars by military is obsolete compared to trade and influence, cause why kill your enemy when you can buy em out, sin is increased in this modern age and easier to take hold of someones greed and lust.

  • Smeario
    Smeario 14 日 前

    Switzerland: am I a joke to you?

  • 富竹二郎
    富竹二郎 14 日 前 +1


  • Fukuokasimin Channel


  • Kronaz邪児
    Kronaz邪児 15 日 前 +1

    8:47 "The US resulted to dropping atomic bombs"
    Dude. Resulted? Seriously?
    Proofreader. Get one.

  • normal dude
    normal dude 15 日 前

    Ah shut the fuck up

  • speeds cool
    speeds cool 15 日 前 +1

    You suck more than japan

  • Fukuokasimin Channel

    Don't turn northern territories into Russian territories!!!!

  • たぴ
    たぴ 15 日 前

    Im Japanese, but the major problom of Japan is natural disastors... like we have hurricanes once in a week during summer which sucks

  • Nunyo Bisnus
    Nunyo Bisnus 15 日 前 +4

    “Japan has never once been conquered”
    America: press X to doubt

  • Grand Moff Tarkin
    Grand Moff Tarkin 16 日 前

    Actually it's a good thing, unless Japan has oil......

  • Brandon Xia
    Brandon Xia 16 日 前 +1

    The mongols were crazy back then!

  • ಮೊಹಮ್ಮದ್ Ayãñ دکھنی

    When America was like Japan is hard to invade so let's just drop a bomb what a wonderful idea!

  • ಮೊಹಮ್ಮದ್ Ayãñ دکھنی

    3:16 Sare Jahan se Accha

  • タカトモ
    タカトモ 18 日 前 +1

    I am a Japanese student.
    I hope have a friendly relationship with your country.
    Come to Japan for a trip!
    Welcome! !

    • Cholo Del rosari0
      Cholo Del rosari0 13 日 前 +1

      Im looking forward to visit Japan someday cause I promised to my Osaka friends there that I would visit them

    • Yeah_Tony
      Yeah_Tony 16 日 前 +1

      タカトモ Japan is my favorite , merci beacoup! 😉

  • Ryho KIM
    Ryho KIM 19 日 前

    1:26 This is wrong.
    This is not the Sea of Japan, this is East Sea.

  • SHDW
    SHDW 19 日 前 +1

    Japan might not have natrual resources but they do have the power of God and Anime on their side

  • イヌニャン
    イヌニャン 19 日 前 +20

    There are many mistakes in this video.

    • Japanese y
      Japanese y 10 日 前 +1

      That's called fake,me a 🇵🇭 Filipino man didn't believe this video too..They always say the imperialism word,how about the Americans doing in the world even the European Union who cause catastrophe like they bomb the 'Syria'.... they brainwashed the people who watch this video..

  • neki0 playz
    neki0 playz 19 日 前

    *weeb joke time*

  • orca
    orca 19 日 前

    Today's lesson.
    Keep Japan well-fed with natural resources, otherwise, you'll see apocalyptic disaster.

  • Japonicasian
    Japonicasian 19 日 前 +2

    Our neighbors: China, North Korea, Russia

    • Vinny Booboo
      Vinny Booboo 15 日 前

      @Tianyi MA Still richer and smarter than you. 🤣

    • Tianyi MA
      Tianyi MA 15 日 前

      japan is the only defeated country in WWII that still occupied former colony territories and dispute with neighbors with shameless face and obedience to US daddy

    • Vinny Booboo
      Vinny Booboo 17 日 前


  • つー。
    つー。 19 日 前 +1

    Yes, 10% of world’s active volcanos are in Japan.

  • 지수김
    지수김 19 日 前

    having same amount of livable and workable land that South Korea has? 70% of South Korea is mountainous land, as I know.

  • Rick Allei
    Rick Allei 19 日 前 +2

    wonder why russia puts so much effort into military

    Japan haven't signed peace treaty

  • Clever Man
    Clever Man 19 日 前

    Greenland: *hold my ice shield*

  • まきば乳牛
    まきば乳牛 20 日 前

    Why his explanation sucks

  • チャンネル710
    チャンネル710 20 日 前


  • yamato114514
    yamato114514 20 日 前


  • jockejocke1
    jockejocke1 20 日 前

    Why is Japan female in the narration?

    • jockejocke1
      jockejocke1 20 日 前

      Wouldn't "it" be more appropriate?

  • Wonsuk Chung
    Wonsuk Chung 20 日 前

    Korea has also sucking geography. More than 70% of Korean peninsula is mountains, no resources at all in Korea, and population density is extremely high (higher than Japan). Japan invaded Korea to solve their lack of foods and natural resource, but Korea was still suffering from the same problem. Japan had squeezed Korea, but it was not enough, so Japan invaded Manchu, China, , and Southeast Asia. The weathers are also harsh. Japan's summer is as hot and wet as Philippines, while North Korea's winter is often colder than Siberia.
    The differences are Korea seldom experiences natural disaster, but Korea has human disaster Kim Jong Un.

  • mattep74
    mattep74 20 日 前 +1

    Massive alliance in ww2? More like USA with friends