iPhone 11 Pro Impressions: What a Name!

  • に公開 2019/09/11
  • iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max - If you ignore the name, this is a pretty impressive phone.
    iPhone 11 Impressions: jpclips.net/video/UVpJouUyLBM/ビデオ.html
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  • Irwin Rex
    Irwin Rex 7 時間 前

    Everyone calling Haptip.... but , it's TapTic

  • Richi
    Richi 8 時間 前

    Couple of things I want. Please lose the notch, it’s disgusting. The camera bump and three lens is hideous. Also add USB-C. Face ID isn’t as reliable nor as convenient as Touch ID. Should add a fingerprint sensor on screen. Then I will upgrade.

  • Average Gaming
    Average Gaming 11 時間 前

    You can’t be called iPhone 11 Pro because of the camera and screen! It doesn’t even have an Always-On display. How “PRO” is that? The Series 5 watch does, but not the newer phones? C’mon!!

  • Tech Army
    Tech Army 21 時間 前

    Maybe a always on mode for the lock screen for iPhone

  • jesus confesor
    jesus confesor 日 前

    Big cut at the front and camera like spiner at the back.

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy 日 前

    @3:47 you made to laugh pretty damn hard man great video man.

  • Angel Mendez
    Angel Mendez 日 前

    Who care apple is way better

  • Preethi S Rao
    Preethi S Rao 日 前 +1

    Anyone too fucking rich to give me one. hit me up

  • general inbox
    general inbox 日 前

    Ugliest iPhone yet. They are out of ideas and now cameras are like razor blades, they can't improve them so they just keep adding more

  • D A
    D A 日 前

    The only innovation here is the phone "name" after that everything just go downhill.

  • Sophisticated Neanderthal

    Was anyone else vlogging the event solo with a Red Camera? That's why MKBHD is THE MAN! Dedication.

  • uzair 9t
    uzair 9t 日 前

    Best phone ever.

  • Arpit Jain
    Arpit Jain 日 前

    So I got the new iPhone 11 Pro yesterday and found an issue with the camera.
    While recording any video the autofocus does not work. If possible please check on your end.

  • Jeb Farneth
    Jeb Farneth 2 日 前

    Lol I have the plain 6, and it’s good enough! Except battery

  • vnnyavalos
    vnnyavalos 2 日 前 +1

    No fast charger for you cheaptards!

  • SevenFoot Pelican
    SevenFoot Pelican 2 日 前

    Phone industry has become like the car industry... so sad

  • cdr861532
    cdr861532 2 日 前

    Still the same external build as the Iphone 6......All these folks who upgrade every year are sukkas. I had an Iphone 6 up until this month. Was gonna get the new Iphone until I saw it.....Ive switched to Android. Tired of paying all that money and getting nothing new.

  • Tirr rrr
    Tirr rrr 2 日 前 +1

    If you don’t like Iphone, why bother to click?

  • nishit patel
    nishit patel 2 日 前

    Do a giveaway for iphone 11 max pro

  • M. N M
    M. N M 2 日 前

    I thought iPhone 11 or the 11 pro would be the iphone to finally lose the notch and just have a built in camera like the sumsang galaxy s10

  • sp
    sp 2 日 前

    Good review man! Helped me not get this to my wife as she's not into cameras and that kind of stuff.

  • Nicks 92 videos
    Nicks 92 videos 2 日 前 +1

    @3:47 you made to laugh pretty damn hard man great video man.

  • Rolan Cayton
    Rolan Cayton 2 日 前

    When an "alleged" iPhone fanboy rant about the new iPhone then there's really something wrong...

  • Banz Bunny
    Banz Bunny 2 日 前

    WOW! That’s really entertaining and informative. I really like those new videos on your channel. You inspire me to
    also make exiting videos on MY CHANNEL!

  • Shawn L
    Shawn L 2 日 前

    iPhone 50 will just have 15 cameras on the back and the same screen in the front haha

  • Junshu Liu
    Junshu Liu 2 日 前

    Green is not a creative color

  • Kao Saepharn
    Kao Saepharn 2 日 前

    Hate the camera and matte finish. Keeping my xs max for a while. only reason I got this phone was because my 6s plus was stolen.

  • ocelot k
    ocelot k 3 日 前


  • TheMaverickSpawn
    TheMaverickSpawn 3 日 前

    Yeah I’m skipping two and three gens to get a sizable upgrade. So I’m up for one.

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow 3 日 前

    So you're saying there is no real updates other than a minimal lens addition and some texture? So why should anyone buy something that is essentially the same as the previous version?
    I have to have an iPhone Xr for work and though decent, it doesn't even compete with my OnePlus 6, which is crap compared to the OnePlus 7 pro or Huawei Mate 30 pro.
    I can't change anything on the iPhone, and for someone that cherishes autonomy, I want to always throw the iPhone away.

  • kido steve
    kido steve 3 日 前

    Ugly iPhone ever. Very disappointed with apple with this horrible design.

    • Joanna
      Joanna 3 日 前

      Couldn't find a truthful way to flatter apple products now? No biggie, Complement on the name

  • Stevie J
    Stevie J 3 日 前

    Here’s the problem - I use apple and pretty much always have. I agree that they haven’t really done anything great in the last 3-5 years for their phones. However, my whole life is pretty much associated with an apple iPhone
    My passwords, my notes, my photos etc etc. All that stuff is on there and on the cloud. Therefore, since I’m not savvy enough to switch everything out, me and millions of others like me, keep going back.. just because it’s the easy thing to do. I’m still using an 8 though and don’t plan on upgrading until it dies.

    • Joanna
      Joanna 3 日 前

      No thanks. I had 2 iphone 8 plus and they both broke in less then a year. One was the sim card reader in the phone and I replaced it then the phone stopped turning on.

  • tofuComputer
    tofuComputer 3 日 前

    What an utter waste of money. You can get a GH5 for about the same money and use a flip phone to call your friends. Same result.

  • RANT
    RANT 3 日 前

    kitchen stove

  • RANT
    RANT 3 日 前


  • varshit ratna
    varshit ratna 3 日 前

    Iphone 11 "cheaper" version doesn't come with fast charging. Really? That cheap?

  • Unicorn Island
    Unicorn Island 3 日 前

    And I still have the iPhone 6. Still works fine and the quality is good,. They’re not really changing much apart from the camera

  • Andy U Sits On U
    Andy U Sits On U 3 日 前

    ur u are black

  • Pari S
    Pari S 3 日 前

    Watching that camera bump makes me sick..

  • Zachariah'stales
    Zachariah'stales 3 日 前

    i considered trading in my xs for the pro but then i found out the back is no longer glass, i don’t think that should make a huge difference but i just really don’t like that ugly metal finish

  • The Replay
    The Replay 3 日 前

    I mean this is the same company that tried to sell us on their “Animoji’s” a few years ago.

  • Derick Nieves
    Derick Nieves 3 日 前

    Thanks for the great vid! I still say Samsung beats Apple hands down on the camera tech.

  • Redmag 706
    Redmag 706 3 日 前

    Well no one appreciates that crazy good intro music.

  • Pedro Widmar
    Pedro Widmar 3 日 前

    Steve Jobs would die if he saw this

  • Quantum Hits
    Quantum Hits 3 日 前

    completer sh.t

    • hen ko
      hen ko 3 日 前

      Damn ... one influencer who may make this SE dual household hold off...

  • Vincent Laughton
    Vincent Laughton 3 日 前

    No thanks. I had 2 iphone 8 plus and they both broke in less then a year. One was the sim card reader in the phone and I replaced it then the phone stopped turning on.

  • Flip Flops
    Flip Flops 3 日 前

    Couldn't find a truthful way to flatter apple products now?

    No biggie, Complement on the name

  • nunublige panda
    nunublige panda 3 日 前

    They made it ugly 😑😑😑😒

  • mikky Bozzy
    mikky Bozzy 3 日 前

    Il wait for the 12

  • Owen Leung
    Owen Leung 3 日 前

    It’s possible that Apple removed 3D Touch for adding under screen Touch ID for the next gen iPhone. It’s rare that Apple removes a function from iPhone, so Apple must be planning for something (the last time was iPhone 7 removed physical home button, then replaced with Face ID and edge-to-edge display). You may say Apple removes it simply because it’s useless, no no no, Apple doesn’t remove things because of that (Siri🙈)... Remove 3D Touch, make space for Touch ID module, maybe

  • epiphany
    epiphany 3 日 前

    getting it tomorrow, the day of its launch. so excited 💗

  • Tom K
    Tom K 3 日 前

    Why does it have 3 lenses? Why couldn’t they just make a single lens the equivalent to 3?

  • Angel Lino
    Angel Lino 3 日 前

    That's it?

  • Spicy Sauce
    Spicy Sauce 3 日 前

    Should I upgrade to the 11 pro or the xs 🤔🤔

  • Miguel Martinez
    Miguel Martinez 3 日 前

    I like your review of the "iPhone pro " , but I didn't like the phone itself.

  • Yong K. Kwon
    Yong K. Kwon 3 日 前

    Man... those lenses look ridiculous

  • Samsung J7
    Samsung J7 4 日 前

    Mkbhd will promote iPhone for whatever shit they make!

  • Samsung J7
    Samsung J7 4 日 前

    It's ironical to see how MKBHD struggles to praise iPhone which offers nothing and how he degrades Samsung whatever innovation they brings!

  • Thomas Austin
    Thomas Austin 4 日 前

    I already know you were excited about them using Madeon's Dream Dream Dream, so I hope you mention it in the video

  • deny dwi erfianto
    deny dwi erfianto 4 日 前

    red camera