Divided island: How Haiti and the DR became two worlds

  • に公開 2017/10/17
  • One island, two worlds.
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    Haiti and the Dominican Republic share a border, and an island. But the two countries are very different today: the Dominican Republic enjoys higher quality of life for many factors than Haiti. I went to this island and visited both countries, to try and understand when and how their paths diverged. And I began to learn how those differences are playing out in the present.
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    6. Spain & Morocco (jpclips.net/video/ly_yiu2u2ts/ビデオ.html)
    Video by Johnny Harris
    Producer: Christina Thornell
    Story Editor: Joss Fong
    Animation: Sam Ellis
    Assistant Editing: Mwita Chacha
    Fixer and Translator: Pascal Antoine
    Executive Producer: Joe Posner
    Managing Producer: Valerie Lapinski
    Art Director: Dion Lee
    Engagement Editor: Blair Hickman
    Senior Engagement Manager: Lauren Katz
    Audience Development Manager: Agnes Mazur
    Engagement Video Producer: Tian Wang

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  • Vox
    Vox  年 前 +4625

    This is a surreal feeling. Thanks to everyone for following along and being a part of this journey. Can't tell you all what this means to me. The next video will launch in a week! Follow my newsletter to stay up to date: www.vox.com/borders-email
    - Johnny

    • Prometheus Montana
      Prometheus Montana 9 日 前

      +Paul Saju Oh. Don't feel sorry for yourself. Just go to the Clinton's foundation and tell them you want to lie the same way making videos. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    • Prometheus Montana
      Prometheus Montana 9 日 前

      +Hector Godoy Jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja. Serious?

    • Prometheus Montana
      Prometheus Montana 9 日 前

      +Anna Letha You can make lots of money too. Just go to a European Union Bank and tell them you want to make a video that distort the truth.

    • Prometheus Montana
      Prometheus Montana 9 日 前

      +space cowboy Gush! You want to make me puke.

    • Prometheus Montana
      Prometheus Montana 9 日 前

      +Daniel Evans Cool? They just rewritten and lied about history in your brain, and you won't even realize it.

  • Kurt John
    Kurt John 日 前

    This is interesting to return with the current problems in Haiti. If we were to help Haiti, we need to know what economy they will run. Farming seems to be out. Manufacturing... maybe apparel might be the correct answer.

  • Jim Wymore
    Jim Wymore 日 前

    There are several things that you left out. When there is a natural disaster there is tons of aid that goes there that was ripped off by previous governments. Then there was the tons of aid that went there that were ripped off by the Clintons. Is my opinion that the Haitians are owed tons of money by the French and tons of money by the Clintons.

  • Phoenix Franks
    Phoenix Franks 日 前

    What a joke this video is.
    You went to the island, filmed the locals, and then blamed everything wrong with their society on white people. Hilarious.
    What a service you're providing to the Haitians, telling them they're just victims of a mean world that is oppressing them. Your ego must feel great though, you're such a hero for pointing out this outrageous social injustice. Of course you don't address ANY of the underlying causes, or advocate for any solutions other than "someone must give these people something, it's only fair."
    Well, if that's the solution, then I guess they'll just continue to be third world shithole populated by "blameless victims" with no accountability for their own circumstances.

  • lion fish
    lion fish 日 前 +1

    The Clinton Foundation Stold Billions of dollars that were donated for Hattie and rebuilding their Economic development and Housing. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bill Clinton are thieves and need to be exposed for TREASON and Corrup Dealing. Where is Shon Pen !!!!. He probably was Paid Millions to cover up for the Corrupt Clinton Foundation.

  • Morgan Day
    Morgan Day 日 前

    I get that this is one sided but I do disagree with the update to the constitution. If they wanted to change the rule fine. However, I feel like people should have been grandfathered in or something.

  • Bheki Mlauzi
    Bheki Mlauzi 日 前 +1

    They r shameless , they say n close it with smile wow , blacks r forever forgiving 🙏

  • Thomas C.
    Thomas C. 日 前

    You really didn't care to portray the source of the problem (beyond buzz words and tropes) did you? The Haitian occupation of the DR. The fractured, generationally-unstable governments. The lack of fundamental farming techniques, even on a subsistence level. You just want to point fingers, shout "Racism" and leave it at that. Or maybe you really are that ignorant of history. Somehow, though, I suspect that you just want to drag out the 'race' trope and keep perpetuating racism while offering no solutions and making a mockery of a good and successful country (the DR). Shame on you, Vox.

  • Mike Alvarez
    Mike Alvarez 2 日 前 +1

    Did the eu ever do something

  • Jeff Tyndall
    Jeff Tyndall 2 日 前

    It's always someone else's fault.

  • Bradley Love
    Bradley Love 2 日 前

    Black countries and communities can just never seem to get it together anywhere in the world...What the hell is wrong with them?

  • Lost Guardian
    Lost Guardian 2 日 前 +1

    "gEt oFF mY CouNtRy" and then you see them flooding to Puerto Rico for that US citizenship 🤔

  • zebjug
    zebjug 2 日 前

    By the way they only have themselves to blame, they steal from one another.

  • zebjug
    zebjug 2 日 前

    Canada and USA should end birthright citizenship. Too many citizens of convenience. Citizens should be born to citizens not illegal aliens.

  • zebjug
    zebjug 2 日 前

    So you think Dominca should let a bunch of Haitians in to destroy their country?

  • Miguelina Rosario
    Miguelina Rosario 2 日 前

    No tienes ni remota idea de lo que dices , infórmate mejor antes de hacer un documental de este tipo. Falta de respeto.

  • I En
    I En 2 日 前 +2

    Never sell your soul to the devil. It brings curses upon a nation. The whole country should repent

  • Paul Gainer
    Paul Gainer 2 日 前

    Per capita HH income in DR: $17,000, Haiti: $2,000. DR has a stable government which is involved with foreign trade. Haiti has a heavily corrupt government which doesn't allow much foreign trade. That's the reason why there's such a large discrepancy here.

  • Dread Csgo
    Dread Csgo 2 日 前

    DR should declare war and annex haiti then send them to sao tome

  • TheGreaterGood80
    TheGreaterGood80 2 日 前

    -No mention of the fact that Haiti invaded and occupied the Dominican Republic for about 20 years
    -No addressing the fact that the US did recognize Haiti in the 1800's and have been doing business with them ever since
    -No real mention of Clinton mischief in Haiti
    -No taking to task the Haitians themselves for the situation they're in

  • Andres Reyna
    Andres Reyna 2 日 前 +1

    14k people hit the dislike button?? Woww I guess there's a lot of butt hurt DR's on the net

  • Rodolfo Pierre
    Rodolfo Pierre 2 日 前

    When the earthquake happened we were the only ones that really helped US created bullshit funds and stole all the money why dont you make that video. An try to get that money back from the french too.

  • Rodolfo Pierre
    Rodolfo Pierre 2 日 前

    Hello sir when you did the history lesson you forgot to mentioned they invaded us for a while. Also nobody wants them in their country US doesnt want them either.

  • Pfsif
    Pfsif 2 日 前


  • Pill Cosby
    Pill Cosby 2 日 前

    why is it so hard for "journalists" to report without bias?

  • coupleofbeers31
    coupleofbeers31 3 日 前 +2

    LOL at the Dominicans here saying that there is nothing but pure-blooded Spanish descendants in the Dominican Republic. I would love for them to go to Spain and tell them that. The Spaniards would laugh right in their face.

  • Christopher Golda
    Christopher Golda 3 日 前

    While people are debating on earth whether they are black, white, red, pink or green etc God sits in heaven and shakes his head saying “ my people perish because of lack of wisdom “ when will humans know they are of the same race.. THE HUMAN RACE!

  • Teryo Tolibas
    Teryo Tolibas 3 日 前

    Government corruption for sure.

  • Cool Boi05
    Cool Boi05 3 日 前 +8

    How biased can u get Vox?

    • Worldwide Countdown LIVE
      Worldwide Countdown LIVE 2 日 前 +1

      lol ikr I wish there was a block channel button on youtube, I hate this channel it keeps coming up on my feed because youtube is owned by liberals.

  • efrain garcia
    efrain garcia 3 日 前

    Funny its called money and corruption those two things are what causes haiti and DR to be seperated

  • T S
    T S 3 日 前

    wait... They are independent for over 200 years and didn’t had a major war since than? Most European countries got completely destroyed, bombed and had they young man and woman killed not just ones in the same time and still are better of.

  • nick beam
    nick beam 3 日 前

    Who'e to the people on earth for the devil has been throne down and it will reek havoc and all manner of things and cause desolation among you.

  • Robert Maki
    Robert Maki 3 日 前

    Yea,,, But whites are the problem? Can’t say anything about the past treatment of slaves... but the world has changed..whites don’t treat others like this anymore... it’s always people of color mistreating others

  • BrotherKnowtheledge

    They will go to war. Haiti vs DR watch and see. In a few years.

  • Elvis Abreu Encarnación

    Half-truths accommodated between half lies, this video is a good effort to sell a biased and ill-intentioned position.

  • DonkeyLips McGee
    DonkeyLips McGee 4 日 前

    Unless you take a geneticist and report with no fear of offending anyone your not going to come anywhere close to the truth.
    But this is Vox, it's not about truth, it's about propaganda.

  • Pewdiepie Is A Nazi So Subscribe To T-Series

    Are We Not Going To Talk About The Black Guy Wearing A Confederate Battleflag Hat?

    • rollin thirtys
      rollin thirtys 日 前

      Someone probably donated it at an american clothing drive as a joke knowing it would go to the Haiti ..the haitians not knowing US history see it as nothing more then a hat ..some fat racist is probably having a laugh to himself about that while he bangs out his sister

  • Carolin Martinez
    Carolin Martinez 4 日 前 +2

    Once I saw a video at school called "The danger of a single story". In this video, there was a Nigerian woman who talks about how her perception was influenced by the books she used to read as a child. She states that in her mind, all white people ate apples, were rich, and loved Ginger beer. Basically, her perception of white people was created influenced by those books, and prevented her from seeing another reality.
    The same happens in this video. Here Vox is only showing a unilateral story, where they show us, the Dominicans, as racists, and the Haitians, as victims. First, the second video that it is shown about an Haitian man who has been forced by Dominicans is an action they took against this person because he killed a Dominican woman. You have to get a Spanish interpreter before uploading videos that you’re going to use against against someone. In the video, a man clearly says “Vamos a llevarlo para el velorio,” which means "Let's take him to the funeral." Basically to make him see the woman he killed. I am not going to talk about the first video because I don’t really know what happened, but I’m sure they were not doing that for fun or pleasure. Additionally, I won’t eliminate the fact that there is a lot of corruption in the government and the police authorities. I recognize that police officers often allow Haitians to pay them in order to let them pass the border and things like that, but not because the government and the authorities are corrupt does not mean that all Dominicans are like them.
    Not because Trump is racist, all people in the United States are also racists.
    If you are going to talk about the history of both countries, do it fairly and put both sides, not just the side that makes Dominicans look like racists and Haitians look as the victims.

    SEE NEXT 4 日 前

    Why Haiti Is Poor? just look this

  • Jim Blalock
    Jim Blalock 4 日 前

    LOL.... Haitians need to take responsibility for themselves.... all of the garbage on their land and beaches isn't from the DR...
    maybe the DR doesn't want Haitians dong to the DR what they did to their own country?

  • Victor Miranda
    Victor Miranda 4 日 前

    TOO bad for Haiti. Administratively, Haitians are like ARABS TERRORISTS in Israel. The SO CALLED Palestinians. ALL THEY DO IS...STEAL MONEY FROM DONATIONS. The leaders get richer and the populace starves. The same applies to HAITI. It is the natural thing to do in
    Haiti. Of course. The Dominicans are wary of Haitians Haiti claims in its constitution that
    the entire island is the republic of Haiti. So, Dominican Republic will be annexed later, by peaceful means and patience. 02/15/19.

  • LadyKatie
    LadyKatie 4 日 前 +2

    Fantastic work. This sickens me. We have all been enslaved historically by the same people including the USA the world's patsy for hate due to the debt enforced on it after the Revolution. We are not free. By the way, please ask the Clinton Foundation and the Red Cross to give my donations to Haiti to the people they pillaged from!

  • liexer40
    liexer40 4 日 前

    respond to thus fake news and propaganda jpclips.net/video/iw59sgwtdgk/ビデオ.html&t=36s&pbjreload=10

  • Dhspat
    Dhspat 4 日 前 +1

    What about all the money from the Clinton Foundation?

  • john creator
    john creator 4 日 前

    This is Dominican Republic
    Not Dominican DemocRatic

  • Dhspat
    Dhspat 4 日 前 +1

    Vox is biased. Case closed.

  • TheOerdin
    TheOerdin 4 日 前

    Demographics explain everything.

  • yixnorb
    yixnorb 4 日 前 +1

    The French didn't exploit the indigenous people, they just massacred them?

  • SomeInterestingInfo

    Haiti is a demon worshipping voodoo nation... DR embraced CHRISTIAN morals and recieved blessings of God. It is the same with other countries in the world like CHRISTIAN Canada and US and Europe etc. Yes there is more to it obviously but this is the main reason. Our western Christian nations have for the most part turned our backs on God - now watch what happens to us as our blessings are removed and we are chastised instead. Just watch and see, God is very real and will not be mocked. People constantly get over taken by pride and sin and need to be humbled as chastised in hopes we repent and turn back to our Creator and stop worshipping the self and the creation instead of the Creator!

  • Ashley Duit
    Ashley Duit 4 日 前 +1

    This people shouldnt be treated like this their color is the same but color doesnt matter they should be treated with dignity cause at the end we are all humans the haitians should be heroes for being the first indipendent nation my respect for the haitians

  • Political Theater
    Political Theater 5 日 前 +1

    this was a really informative video. thanks for the explanation.

  • Mayerlin Jaquez
    Mayerlin Jaquez 5 日 前

    Basically this whole video is just one side of the real story. I’m Dominican and I truly understand all the things that Dominicans have done to the Haitians, but what about what they did to us or what they still doing to us? ( not all of them ), like I know that there are many Dominicans that discriminate Haitians but not all of us do it. As an example of it, do you really know what is the background of one of the videos that you put? Well, the Haitian that is being taken by force killed someone, which seems not to be important. On the other hand, the Dominican Republic is just rich for corrupt politicians that are taking advantage of all the money that the country produce, being the people the affected, meaning that in DR there are also poor people, it’s just not Haiti. So please, if you are going to make another video talking about both countries add more details about what happened and continues to happen, because this video only reflects all the Dominicans as bad people and that’s not true.

  • Belal Charmand
    Belal Charmand 5 日 前 +2

    i cried. racism is so cruel. i will bring awareness about this

  • 123steved
    123steved 5 日 前

    This video felt really bias, and reading the comments it seems there you omitted a whole 22 year war?!? Is this true?!

  • dieeser
    dieeser 5 日 前

    "Rich" Dominican Republic? Come on.....

  • Archie Ray
    Archie Ray 5 日 前

    Colorism is real and the effects of colonialism is still present today after all these years. It's systemic

  • Steve Bryant
    Steve Bryant 5 日 前

    This film is total propaganda BS. The real history here is that savages murdered the slave owners and then proceeded to show the world what it would be without European civilazation. The clear cutting damage was done AFTER independance, not before. Harris is trying to blame others for the simple fact that Haiti is exactly what Africa was before Europeans colonized it and would still be today otherwise.
    But the real offence here is claiming racism as a description for simple self preservation. Nevermind the absurdity of calling two black societies racist in their interaction with each other, but the real explanation here is the result of two different social structures. And it's no coincidence that Harris has used the same liberal rewrite of history to cover up a reality he refuses to accept.....no different than those who villify Christianity when in fact it is the very reason for the Western World's superior status in the world as a whole.
    Now, be a good little commie liberal and trash me with your predictable labels.

  • Lou Thurston
    Lou Thurston 5 日 前

    They killed all the whites and mulattos. Now the whites and mulatos are blamed for their substandard society. The Dominicans have the right to control their borders and form their own society.

  • Richard Graham
    Richard Graham 6 日 前

    Please, stop making excuses and blaming everyone and everything as " racists" Let's face it, since 1791 Haiti has done nothing, developed nothing, changed nothing. Instead of education they prefer to blame others as racists. DR manages their land, Haiti burns it s trees. Ask yourself why is Haiti not setting up their own market and making he DR vendors wait? The more excuses made for these people, the longer this will continue.

  • Teadon Urajh
    Teadon Urajh 6 日 前 +1

    Funny that you infer that due to mixing DR is more successful whilst Haiti is less mixed. You are therefore also claiming that less Black homogeneity = success.

  • J M
    J M 6 日 前 +1

    Haitian average IQ is 68, Dominicans have African admixture.

    Roll credits.

  • Mr. R
    Mr. R 6 日 前 +1

    The powerful (Clinton’s is one exemple) take advantage from Haïtiens nation for decades.

  • The Truth Is A Deadly Weapon

    Here's an actual account of the problem in Haiti. Those with the ability to think for themselves should consider a different option: jpclips.net/video/iw59sgwtdgk/ビデオ.html

  • حيدر فخري
    حيدر فخري 6 日 前 +2

    What this is?!

  • Suelynn Cartagena
    Suelynn Cartagena 7 日 前 +2

    Jesus Christ everyone in this world is racist

  • Phone One
    Phone One 7 日 前

    At least the clintons helped them after the earthquake oh wait

  • James Smith
    James Smith 7 日 前

    Less corruption in the Dominican so more tourists and more money

  • Billy Bob Mirango
    Billy Bob Mirango 7 日 前

    hmm... 210 plus years and Haiti cannot repair their country?
    not buying it!

  • charjl
    charjl 7 日 前

    How can they be so different?


  • Rey Jesus
    Rey Jesus 7 日 前

    Well you want to make it sounds like the whole world is responsible for the haitians problems, blame all the corrupt haitians polititians as well.

  • sha do
    sha do 7 日 前

    wait according to 9:11 it says that they are getting deported because they are "Black"? are you kidding me. This absolutely untrue. Almost all Dominicans are black. You will get handful of white Dominicans who are the descendants from the Spaniards but the fact that they are deporting their own citizen is just a lie.

  • Francisco Quezada
    Francisco Quezada 7 日 前

    You don't know what you are talking about... You are only reading statistics... I invited you to go to Dominican Republic and see for yourself.

  • Diazepamo
    Diazepamo 7 日 前 +2

    als this drama...coming from an american.

  • Bush Tick
    Bush Tick 7 日 前

    The video is the usual story. Whites took everything and left us nothing now we are hungry. Put whites anywhere in the world and they will have an educated, healthy, happy population, until the blacks start moving in and crying their go to cry, “racism...racism...racism.”

  • Chon Le
    Chon Le 7 日 前 +3

    Countries colonized by France rarely doing well afterward

    • Manuel Monge
      Manuel Monge 7 日 前

      the ONLY exception, and is not even a country, is Quebec.

  • J. M. G
    J. M. G 7 日 前

    vox puts out such crap. do you want to hear truth? watch this video: jpclips.net/video/iw59sgwtdgk/ビデオ.html

  • irt167 gfh
    irt167 gfh 7 日 前 +3

    You mean non white people can be racist too? color me shocked

  • balham456
    balham456 7 日 前 +1

    Scant mention of deforestation.
    The Dominicans haven’t raped the soil of Haiti - that’s solely down to the Haitians.

    SEE NEXT 7 日 前 +1

    Why Haiti Is Poor? a better explanation about this here,

  • Pro Ked
    Pro Ked 7 日 前 +3

    Damn...i hate to hear that about Haiti and Dominican republic, but hey im sure they'll be here in the US pretty soon..

  • chris easly
    chris easly 7 日 前 +2

    Papa Doc and Baby Doc. That is why,

  • ZeOverman
    ZeOverman 7 日 前 +5

    One side full of low IQ dindus. Other side full of decent IQ people.
    Nuff said.

  • Victoria Johnson
    Victoria Johnson 8 日 前 +6

    This is a really biased presentation. Watch it, but read the comments below, and seek other sources to get a fuller, more balanced picture.

  • Pepe
    Pepe 8 日 前 +79

    Let’s just ignore the Haitian invasion of the Dominican Republic of 1822 when the Haitians tried to wipe them out.

    • BlackStar19 GammaBurst
      BlackStar19 GammaBurst 2 日 前

      +Isaiah Relf no war is even. They have done all the provocations against us

    • Isaiah Relf
      Isaiah Relf 3 日 前 +1

      Aren’t Dominicans hanging Haitians from trees? At least last I checked this war of whatever type it is seems to be very even.

    • LadyKatie
      LadyKatie 4 日 前

      Pepe Kind is time to grow up. PARIS MONEY AND SPAIN! Listen to one thing. The French and English have done the same to all!

  • Model Citizen
    Model Citizen 8 日 前

    How about an honest perspective that draws a different conclusion

  • Tumble Sensei
    Tumble Sensei 8 日 前 +5

    300 years of economic illiteracy will do that. But of course vox wants to look for the racial answer.

  • HyborianAge
    HyborianAge 8 日 前 +2

    Isn't it funny that you never blamed the stupid Haitians themselves for their problems?

  • HyborianAge
    HyborianAge 8 日 前 +2

    Go here to see the claims on this video refuted. jpclips.net/video/iw59sgwtdgk/ビデオ.html

  • Brock Samson
    Brock Samson 8 日 前 +1

    Meanwhile, the reality instead of Johnny’s idiotic analyis. jpclips.net/video/iw59sgwtdgk/ビデオ.html