What You NEED To Know About Zion Williamson (Ft. Duke, NBA Potential, LeBron James, and Dunks)

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  • Zion Williamson in Duke’s first college basketball game was amazing, but not just because Zion dunked it or could shoot. Here’s his secret. Instagram- @mj2k_allday #Zion #NBA #Duke #ZionWilliamson
    I told y’all. Zion Williamson is more than just an athletic dunker. I know it’s been one game, but there were intangibles that I saw that I’ve been seeing for sometime now and they are special.
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    If you didn’t catch Duke’s massacre of Kentucky, RJ Barrett went for 33 and Zion went for 28, but oh there was so much more to Zion than his scoring so I wanted to break that down. But first, subscribe if you’re new and hit that like button. Let’s aim for the amount of times Zion sways back and forth, 3215. And with all this NBA JPclips and NBA playmaker drama going on who knows what’s gonna happen so follow me on the gram cause I interact more there and comment down below which team you think Zion will end up in cause I’m curious. Now let’s get into it.
    Zion Williamson is special. And I’m not referring to his 280 pound frame or his 45 inch vertical because everyone knows that and they know he can do this. Zion is special because of his intangibles. I’ve mentioned this before in my other Zion video and I’m gonna say it again. Zion is a playmaker, he has good court vision. He’s looking to get other people involved. I’m not saying he’s Ricky Rubio or Magic Johnson, but he has this trait of hitting his teammates with a pass that is in rhythm and throwing a pass where they will be. He’s not just hitting the open man, he’s hitting his players in stride and in their spots. While the stats show only 2 assists, there were passes that Zion was making that didn’t lead to an assist, but led to a foul or his teammate missing the shot, but they were great passes nonetheless. He hit a wrap around passes from the right side to a cutting teammate who got fouled but it was an example of the type of court vision he has. That bounce pass was a quick decision in transition. That other bounce passes was in stride and threaded through traffic. Just because he doesn’t pass the ball so often doesn’t mean he can’t do it. Those passes were LeBron-esque, the type of passes that we compliment Ben Simmons for. So we gotta give Zion similar props, especially because people still don’t realize he has this about him and at that size, no one is stopping him. On top of that, he’s a leader. Everytime any of his teammates did anything good, Zion was the first teammate there hyping them up. You could see genuine excitement coming from him. Anytime something bad happened, Zion was the first one there patting his teammate’s back and being a calming presence. And that’s just stuff you can’t teach. That’s what makes me so excited for Zion, because he’s not just a man with crazy talent. He’s a guy who loves the game with such a passion, that he’s willing to do whatever to play it and play it better. He’s not a John Wall type who thinks he’s so talented and better than everyone else. He wants to work on his game because he loves the game. And you could see the passing, the leadership, the floor general capabilities in the exhibition games. That’s why he’s so comfortable with sharing the ball with his teammates.
    There was no one on the floor that could stop him. Zion only missed 2 shots and all the stuff he did was super sustainable. He can finish at the rim through contact, he can get by anyone from the perimeter because he’s that quick and that strong, the jumpshooting is yet to be seen but in the exhibition games and even now, he has shown confidence in his shot. And he did hold that follow through. It’s looking smooth and that’s all you can ask for. If he’s making open shots, then the rest of his game becomes even easier. Don’t forget, Zion developed all of this by his first game. He still got a whole season under Coach K and that boy works hard. His handles and everything were cool but still pretty basic. It’s enough to initiate an offense and get buy people which he did. RJ Barrett’s game on the other hand was amazing, but some of those tough layups he was hitting didn’t seem sustainable. 22 of those 33 points looked sustainable and hey that’s a lot. RJ is supposed to be the best player right now and man was he special, but for different reasons.
    Zion is special. Yes for his athleticism, yes for size, but don’t forget about his playmaking ability and his leadership cause those are also things you just can’t teach. But what do you think? Who’s better Zion or RJ? Will Zion develop an outside shot? Will he go #1 in the draft. Let me know in the comments down below.
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    Just another Blake Griffin.

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    You really counted how many times Zion seat back and forth 😂😂😂

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    What Overall Yall Think He Getting In 2k ?

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    Why shouldn’t John Wall think that , as a NBA player that’s the mindset you should have every time you step on the court

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    dis dude has a joe ingles jumpshot

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    Don’t let this video distract you from the fact that this dude was hella shit about Trae Young in the off-season, and hasn’t said a word since. My boy tryna ignore his L. Nah bruh, I remember .

  • Martin Vasquez
    Martin Vasquez 6 ヶ月 前

    He might end up the lakers or the rockets or OKC or warriors

  • Braden Henderson
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    Larry "Grandmama" Johnson + Elton Brand= Zion Williams...JMHO.

  • Abdul Beyrouti
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  • King Don
    King Don 6 ヶ月 前

    RJ and Zion are equal on skill level to me, they do two totally different things and there games are different, but either way, you can’t stop either one

  • J-Bone The Goat
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    Zion to Cleveland

  • Vaughn Gregory, Jr.
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    I say R.J. is better due to the fact that he has the same full package as Zion, but trades in that athleticism for IQ and craftsmanship. Also, jumpshooting.... R.J. has a clip, and he knows it. Can easily shoot from NBA range, and from what I’ve seen is more suitable to run an NBA offense.

    • DumaDoesMC
      DumaDoesMC 2 ヶ月 前

      Vaughn Gregory, Jr. you realize their different positions dip shit and look at duke without Zion right now lol sit down clown

  • Dlow Bx
    Dlow Bx 6 ヶ月 前

    He is too undersized to be compare to Lebron

  • Cade Peterson
    Cade Peterson 6 ヶ月 前

    You're right about his special skill set. Biggest thing I see in Zion commentary is the lack of rebounding conversation

  • Max Wolter
    Max Wolter 6 ヶ月 前

    Zion is just a poor mans lebron with arguable more athleticism IN MY OPINION

  • King Keith
    King Keith 6 ヶ月 前

    Stop comparing these players to these Hall of Famers because if they don’t match up to Lebron and Kobe or watever y’all all call them a bust

  • zoeyacl
    zoeyacl 6 ヶ月 前

    Nets or the cavaliers I hate to say. But if I was him I’ll stay in college one more year just so the cavs won’t draft me lls

  • zoeyacl
    zoeyacl 6 ヶ月 前

    Nets or the cavaliers I hate to say. But if I was him I’ll stay in college one more year just so the cavs won’t draft me lls

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    Everybody need to chill about this Zion ! No dought a physical freak with great skills but it's always like that with university players we the people and the media love to boost and hipe up those players to the level of superstar even before they played their very first game in the NBA. The NBA is another level with 100 of players who have easily his physical caliber, next things you know he will not doing well as he used to on university game ! Why because this is the big league now ! Welcome to the NBA rookie ! Do y'all think that a Deandre Jordan, Lebron James, Blake griffin, or even a Joel Embiid gon let this dude slam dunk over their head just like that for free ? Lmao, this ain't no Christmas ... No hate or whatever I'm just saying let's not go crazy about him yet ! I believe he gon be a key player in the futur for whatever the team he will be draft if he stay focus no dought but let wait and see what he will be about at his first NBA game ! NBA and university basketball level are completely different !

      BLACK KENNEDY BLK 6 ヶ月 前

      It's all good to me, I'm just saying don't get trick into this hipe as we use to every single year ! We said about Nerlens Noel that he was the next big thing in the paint coming to the NBA and now this dude ain't shit still waiting to show us his full potential ! When it's comes to point guard we hiped up so much Deangelo Russel before he came to the NBA remember him ? Now this guy ain't shit ever, playing in the Brooklyn nets. Same goes for Lonzo Ball, the whole media and people and his dad who didn't help him at all putting pression on him 24/7 we all saw him like the next Steve Nash or the next Kobe or whatever before he got draft yet this dude is very disappointing right now ! That all I'm saying about this Zions ! Y'all get caught up every year about such and such being the next Kobe of Lebron but then when they start their NBA career or at least a year later after the debut of their NBA career, they ain't showing us shit because they realize that the physical level and skills is way more superior than the university level they used to dominate that all I'm saying ! I'm not say his trash I'm just saying don't be surprise later ! We always see them as crazy and invincible until they come to the big league and then this is another story !!

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      Za Za 6 ヶ月 前

      Curry from Davidson??
      Nobody knows anything!!
      Enjoy today!!

    • Johnny 99
      Johnny 99 6 ヶ月 前

      Sorry bro but Zion will go down as the Tupac of basketball...


      The top 10 most athletic NBA players of the millennium

      Zion be behind lebron

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    Jesus Christ is coming soon. The signs prophesied in the Bible are coming true. Become a born again Christian in the spirit, repent of all your sins and follow Christ. Please, your soul is on the line.

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    Zion to me...RJ will be good also but if he goes to a bad team(which he will more than likely)..he'll struggle. Zion goes to a bad team he'll still shine...you could also try doing this in your head..take RJ off of Duke,..will they still be good?..now take Zion off of Duke....hmm. Zion is more of a matchup problem because he's used to being double and triple teamed in HS...one person guarding him will be toast and when the midrange develops...it's over....sorry for the rant...

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    He reminds me of LJ w a better first step and just quicker overall. He’s already draining pull ups too so that shot will only get better in time.

    • Saiz
      Saiz 6 ヶ月 前

      +Geep1778 well, we disagree.

    • Geep1778
      Geep1778 6 ヶ月 前

      Saiz go watch clips of Larry Johnson at unlv or early Charlotte years before he destroyed his back. Too early for mj comparisons but I doubt he’ll even come close.

    • Saiz
      Saiz 6 ヶ月 前

      He is more reminiscent of Jordan with his explosiveness, Dominique Wilkins with his Hops, and Barkley with his frame. He is in a completely different class. He is the only player i believe can be better than Jordan.

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      Greatest Ever trade

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      Saiz 6 ヶ月 前

      Listening to Kerr today, it seems as though they may have had something in the works for him. Remember, they have cap space trouble, and they have extremely valuable pieices for trade. GS front office is that far ahead of the game, i would not be suprised if GS managed to get him somehow.

    • Greatest Ever
      Greatest Ever 6 ヶ月 前

      The captain Ellerbe why would he? The Warriors aren't really projected to get the number one pick of the draft or even top 10 because of how overpowered they are..

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