Peezy - No Limit (Official Video)

  • に公開 2019/03/15
  • Download the album "No Hooks II". Out now!
    Directed by Kardiak Films (@kardiakfilms)
    Official Music Video by Peezy - No Limit © Boyz Entertainment LLC
    #ABOVEALL #Peezy #NoHooks2
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  • Yung A
    Yung A 日 前

    Portland Oregon to the D 💪🏼💯

  • Minerva Entertainment LLc

    Atlease 10 times a day this get play🔥🔥🔥

  • DeMario Burrell
    DeMario Burrell 2 日 前

    Detroit got some good artists

  • No Cheating
    No Cheating 2 日 前

    Ghetto Boyz

  • BriT- BriT
    BriT- BriT 3 日 前

    Im just trying to let this mf marry me swear im in love with him😍😍😍😍

  • Axe Corona
    Axe Corona 3 日 前

    Street nigga fuckin the same hoes as Andre drummund😂😂😂

  • Jay Money
    Jay Money 3 日 前

    Better use yo head before I put some bread on it

  • Randy McDuffie
    Randy McDuffie 4 日 前

    6mile Bitch .... East side hoe

  • bacon bro6979
    bacon bro6979 5 日 前

    This was so lit I was on 🔥

  • DCM Ent
    DCM Ent 5 日 前


  • DCM Ent
    DCM Ent 5 日 前


  • DCM Ent
    DCM Ent 5 日 前


  • DCM Ent
    DCM Ent 5 日 前


  • DCM Ent
    DCM Ent 5 日 前


  • Alec Mcdaniel
    Alec Mcdaniel 5 日 前

    It's not possible to listen to this without the sour facial expression. Peezy snapped as always

  • Briana Bicy
    Briana Bicy 6 日 前

    Fire . playin all summer. 🔥

  • Matthew Tyler
    Matthew Tyler 8 日 前


  • Isaac Martinez
    Isaac Martinez 9 日 前

    Big #CookieBoyz inda cut yee! Bay2daD

  • Theo P
    Theo P 9 日 前

    Who better Peezy or Sada Baby???

  • Gerod Capone
    Gerod Capone 10 日 前


  • ballout haze
    ballout haze 10 日 前 +1

    Dis da hardest shit in the world jack no cap

  • Jay R
    Jay R 11 日 前 +1

    Get All In A Bitch Head Like Tylenol. 🔥💯

  • tony 1661
    tony 1661 11 日 前

    Detroit go hard . Shout out from Cali

  • B-Mac The Don
    B-Mac The Don 12 日 前 +1

    10th car this year third watch this month Jackie chan round this bitch I do my own stunts 💪💪

  • Martell Coty
    Martell Coty 12 日 前 +1

    Meek should sign him 2 dream chasers

  • Rick Johnson
    Rick Johnson 13 日 前

    🔥🔥🔥 crack!!!

  • one brady
    one brady 14 日 前

    Instant Replay 😁💯

  • David Joy
    David Joy 14 日 前

    I ain't on IG with it I'm in the field. I ain't never ran from no nigga and never will.

  • Elaijha Martinez
    Elaijha Martinez 14 日 前

    Damn this MF hit a m fast af

  • Dre Mac
    Dre Mac 15 日 前

    Cuz really ate

  • Ola Alao
    Ola Alao 15 日 前

    Whats the track in the outro ?

  • v splash
    v splash 16 日 前

    Nice Nice

  • Tee H
    Tee H 16 日 前

    He’s nice

  • Shaun Diesal
    Shaun Diesal 16 日 前


  • one brady
    one brady 16 日 前


  • Ezzy CAMO
    Ezzy CAMO 16 日 前


    On top of the game

  • IsMoKeDgRaPeS
    IsMoKeDgRaPeS 16 日 前 +1

    These Detroit niccas on they shyt!!!!

  • Matthew Tyler
    Matthew Tyler 16 日 前


  • B Jackson
    B Jackson 17 日 前 sizzling my baby.....keep it up!

  • smilinbeats
    smilinbeats 17 日 前 +1


  • Edward Keemp
    Edward Keemp 17 日 前

    My nigga hit a million views sheeshz

  • Ronnell Rogers jr
    Ronnell Rogers jr 18 日 前


  • David Wilson
    David Wilson 19 日 前

    Fuck tha new 550 i want a phantom!!!!!! BARS!!!!!!!!!

    KARDIAK FILMS 19 日 前

    Shot By @KardiakFilms

  • Matthew Tyler
    Matthew Tyler 19 日 前


  • Mobbb Rodriguez
    Mobbb Rodriguez 21 日 前

    Cali fuck with thiz

  • Angelo Harshaw
    Angelo Harshaw 21 日 前


  • Hint Of Salt
    Hint Of Salt 21 日 前

    i know detroit when i hear it

  • Kristy Hahesy
    Kristy Hahesy 21 日 前 +2

    What's the last song called?

  • Maur Loveless
    Maur Loveless 21 日 前

    This nigga make me wish I was from Michigan

  • BLAQK !
    BLAQK ! 21 日 前 +1

    Damn! Is it me or does PEEZY have on a 1st grade substitute teachers JACKET!

  • BLAQK !
    BLAQK ! 21 日 前 +4

    Im here because i saw PEEZY wit 50!👍

  • Yaj 816
    Yaj 816 22 日 前


  • Justin Penn
    Justin Penn 22 日 前 +2

    Philthy rich and dave east would be dangerous on this joint

  • Tacoma253Livin
    Tacoma253Livin 22 日 前 +13

    Im from Tacoma wa . thank god for detroit and northern cali, they keepin gangsta rap alive!

  • faygo
    faygo 22 日 前


  • hot boy
    hot boy 22 日 前

    Remix this wit lilblood and lil gof this will go so crazy real shit tho

  • MrFyb ohyeahyeah
    MrFyb ohyeahyeah 23 日 前 +1


  • Larry 3rd King
    Larry 3rd King 23 日 前 +1

    Heard this song on advertising , I was gone skip but he was sliding Good.🎶 Who else heard this on advertising?

  • Vann Espree
    Vann Espree 24 日 前

    Having fun, I like to see that..

    JAYDEN GT GATER 24 日 前

    Peyton mocking good music in 2019

  • Hectorej7
    Hectorej7 24 日 前 +1

    Peezy go so hard

  • Donrick Smith
    Donrick Smith 24 日 前

    Whoever made this beat cut the fuck up !! N P did his thang on it

  • THom E. BHoy
    THom E. BHoy 25 日 前


  • RankzPlayz
    RankzPlayz 25 日 前 +1

    They ain't fuccn wit me not at all , shit come easy ion try to ball, get all Inna bitch head like Tylenol, real killas on my team ridin wit me right or wrong, u Betta have dat shit u rap about before u make a song

    My nigga peezy go ⛽⛽

  • Davon Singleton
    Davon Singleton 25 日 前

    Yo p im ready hit me up

  • Trpymane Dlo
    Trpymane Dlo 25 日 前

    From Tennessee bumpin peezy 💯💯 niggas been sleep 🎒

  • dre day
    dre day 25 日 前 +1

    Dave let the beat ride out

  • Dallas Anderson
    Dallas Anderson 26 日 前 +9

    Peezy Always Come Wit Heat 🔥✔⛽ He Gone Blow Watch 💯✔

  • Demarcus Sharp
    Demarcus Sharp 26 日 前


  • Greg Jefferson
    Greg Jefferson 26 日 前

    Jackie Chan around this bitch I do my own stunts 💪🏽💯🔥

  • King Rico
    King Rico 27 日 前 +2

    Oms I wake up listen 👂 too this shyt Oms I Getting this motivation

  • Skizzy2x
    Skizzy2x 27 日 前

    Song at end?

  • Funny Guy
    Funny Guy 28 日 前

    P dawg ain't let me down yet!

    THE MONEY CHANNEL 28 日 前 +4

    P definitely 1of the top 5 out the city 🔥🔥🔥and Brody from that way

  • Carlos 6fifty
    Carlos 6fifty 28 日 前 +3

    From the Bay to the D WHOOOOP 🚫🧢🦍☔️💯

  • ivan mendoza
    ivan mendoza 28 日 前

    Song in outro ?

  • stevie mcevoy
    stevie mcevoy 28 日 前

    Peezy always 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • RTB A&R
    RTB A&R 28 日 前

    Slid dhat bihh 🌴✌️🌴🌍

  • Ty Mc
    Ty Mc 28 日 前

    Peezy one of my faves and best out the D

  • Hasaan Williams
    Hasaan Williams 28 日 前 +17

    Bumpin this all the way from Georgia

  • Matt Duffy
    Matt Duffy 29 日 前 +1


  • HellCat _AK
    HellCat _AK 29 日 前

    Gas 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • justin billops
    justin billops 29 日 前

    #Salute 2u Peezy 4real 4real keep goin' my #G for us #DetroitVSEverybody ...... shit slappin' ....

  • Traprich Julio
    Traprich Julio 29 日 前

    That runtz chain something serious

  • STG TV
    STG TV ヶ月 前

  • Woodrow Franklin
    Woodrow Franklin ヶ月 前

    Pezzy bringing that BIG TYMERS in 99 feel..... yea get your shine on to this!

  • ronnell goodwin
    ronnell goodwin ヶ月 前

    This shit GO!!!!

  • El Coyote710
    El Coyote710 ヶ月 前

    Bumpin this shit in the yay area 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾



  • Jack Wilson
    Jack Wilson ヶ月 前 +1

    Treat da plug like da dealership nigga hand ova dem keys 👀🗣 i like dat lol

  • lorraine simser
    lorraine simser ヶ月 前

    Street nigga fuckin the same bitches as Andre Drummond

  • Heavy Sluggz
    Heavy Sluggz ヶ月 前 +1

    Tee grizzley 2.0

    • Heavy Sluggz
      Heavy Sluggz 11 日 前

      I’m just saying they sound alike because they both from Detroit

    • I'm like Melo
      I'm like Melo 28 日 前

      Mobley Mcfly lol and peezy definitely don’t rap as aggressive as tee he a little more smooth

    • Mobley Mcfly
      Mobley Mcfly 28 日 前

      Yeah that piss us off peezy was out way before tee grizzly was no ya history

    • I'm like Melo
      I'm like Melo ヶ月 前

      Heavy Sluggz stop peezy been putting out hits for a decade you probably think yo comment not a big deal but in Detroit what you just said is some heavy disrespectful shit

  • Sace _223
    Sace _223 ヶ月 前

    This nihga beats be goin kraazy

  • RJ Capone
    RJ Capone ヶ月 前 +2

    Detroit on 🔥🔥

  • Martinez Mcclain
    Martinez Mcclain ヶ月 前

    Str8 fire 1 of the coldest songs this year

  • CultureClips
    CultureClips ヶ月 前

    This shit so fire. Stupid underrated

  • Oro de David
    Oro de David ヶ月 前

    Nigga on cruse control with this beat. So ez

  • 408Barber StincTeam
    408Barber StincTeam ヶ月 前 +1

    New thumbnail?!?