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Marvel's TOP 10 Vehicles!
再生回数 25K6 日 前
Silver Sable | Marvel 101
再生回数 31K9 日 前
Krakoa | Marvel 101
再生回数 28K16 日 前
Carnage | Marvel Becoming
再生回数 35K18 日 前
MARVEL COMICS #1000 Launch Trailer
再生回数 47K19 日 前
Kang the Conqueror | Marvel 101
再生回数 28K23 日 前
Marvel's Avengers | A-Day Gameplay
再生回数 758K25 日 前
Bushmaster | Marvel 101
再生回数 26Kヶ月 前
Silk (Cindy Moon) | Marvel 101
再生回数 60Kヶ月 前


  • Greg Khar
    Greg Khar 10 分 前

    Easy peasy lemon squishy...u should ask this to mcu fans and their answer just will be "i LoVe YoU 30🅾⚪

  • Truth Speaks
    Truth Speaks 14 分 前

    Communist shills pushing diversity...

  • Xavier aka Mike York aka Wang

    Just stop. Seriously. I know Stan's words as he quotes "If you have an idea don't let some idiot talk you out of it" this is just beyond a horrendous idea and not even marvel. take the money and bury this to the ground and forget it. Seriously

  • Danny Soria
    Danny Soria 18 分 前

    This is low key fire😳

  • Han Park
    Han Park 19 分 前

    Please stop showing me this

  • Illuminati Destroyer


  • m
    m 19 分 前

    Everyone google Tracy Scops Ms.Marvel!

  • Coded Xtreme
    Coded Xtreme 25 分 前

    "You could not live with your movies" "Where did that brought you?" "Back to the trailers"

  • Unknown The Guy
    Unknown The Guy 25 分 前

    I think I’m going to stop wearing axe

    IRON FIST 25 分 前

    I literally cried really bad in this movie even if the scene was not emotional. The final battle killed me. That feeling man!!!

  • Polyphony
    Polyphony 25 分 前

    holy shiite

  • Ause
    Ause 30 分 前

    Bad Comment Bad if you Agree

    ZΛNDΞR 31 分 前

    Wtf is this and why are they advertising it

  • Justin T.
    Justin T. 31 分 前

    *slurp* yum some fresh cringe to start off my day

  • FLEX_boi Google
    FLEX_boi Google 37 分 前

    This is bad... About 100 to 200 dislikes less than he likes...

  • Francis just francis

    Omg what are you doing this is making me want to question why why why did i click this whywwheywheywhwy

  • Noato
    Noato 43 分 前

    I didn’t know someone can have wide hips and small legs

  • Noah St. West
    Noah St. West 45 分 前

    I have a feeling that the comments will be disabled soon

  • Aaron Navidad
    Aaron Navidad 45 分 前

    Just as bad as real freshmen

  • Dan Zan
    Dan Zan 48 分 前

    Cringe 100%

  • Uncle Ruckus
    Uncle Ruckus 48 分 前

    Congratulations on being old 🐒🤦🏻‍♂️👵🏻🐍🤡

  • _the_god_of_thunder thor

    I like the endgame hulk the smart one best of both worlds.He saved the universe

  • ImDaRealBoi
    ImDaRealBoi 53 分 前

    *Stan Lee* has never seen such bullshit before.

  • Gabriel Jardin
    Gabriel Jardin 54 分 前

    I feel like a 5 yr old wrote this

  • Ragnarok PXN
    Ragnarok PXN 56 分 前

    Yet Danny is helping Punisher as ghost rider currently?

  • Laxman Chilkewar
    Laxman Chilkewar 57 分 前


  • Syafiq Razip
    Syafiq Razip 時間 前

    One of the very few Inhumans that I like.

  • Peak Possibility
    Peak Possibility 時間 前

    Can't wait to see her in the MCU

  • Renandra Prayudy
    Renandra Prayudy 時間 前


  • Diego Haro
    Diego Haro 時間 前

    And this is how I died from a cringe overdose

  • Vision for games
    Vision for games 時間 前

    Respected sir I have a fresh content of the PC and mobile games.

  • tyson minlo
    tyson minlo 時間 前

    The music is a bit "over the top" in my opinion.

  • ader 0108
    ader 0108 時間 前

    Pls stop!!! It's time to stop!!1!1!!!!1!

  • Exstraem ZL dumbness inc internal

    They sould have used axe and not my secret non evil axe

  • faith reefer
    faith reefer 時間 前

    Can anyone tell me why Benedict Cumberbatch decided to look like Tyler from "13 reasons why" today

  • firenation 11909
    firenation 11909 時間 前

    This was the higest grossing film of all time kids when you first see this, think back those of us who first saw it, the movie that changed all movies and the gratest movie of all time

  • Bo Jordan
    Bo Jordan 時間 前

    Why is the bad guy white

  • Bo Jordan
    Bo Jordan 時間 前

    This is sad ......

  • Ayan Chatterjee
    Ayan Chatterjee 時間 前

    Please make a video on spider verse

  • Juan Leon
    Juan Leon 時間 前

    This is genius level... Mozart like but in comic art...

  • Maniac Marcus
    Maniac Marcus 時間 前

    Maybe take the trap music and use some heavy action music, that'd be more effective.

  • Sonic Xtreme99
    Sonic Xtreme99 2 時間 前

    Finally a part four

  • Connor Rzepkowski
    Connor Rzepkowski 2 時間 前

    Is this an axe body spray and marvel combo?

  • Dave Franklin
    Dave Franklin 2 時間 前

    This is 100% racial and political propaganda.

  • Vaporizer
    Vaporizer 2 時間 前

    This is why every Netflix show was cancelled

  • David Shlenskiy
    David Shlenskiy 2 時間 前


  • Skull D Epic
    Skull D Epic 2 時間 前

    I hate miles morales, ms. Marvel and all the new spins on classic heroes because i like and ONLY like the originals

  • Wow
    Wow 2 時間 前

    Greatest trailer in cinematic history imo.

  • Thwip Kid
    Thwip Kid 2 時間 前

    What if you live in Canada? :(

  • Cha20403
    Cha20403 2 時間 前

    I cry and I cringe

  • Lucas Soares
    Lucas Soares 2 時間 前


  • Maxwell Rauchut
    Maxwell Rauchut 2 時間 前

    Ramos' art always really takes me out of the book

  • HorizonRise
    HorizonRise 2 時間 前

    Hope it will have freeform tv format

  • Medha Bandaru
    Medha Bandaru 2 時間 前

    hello we need an indian superhero like 👏 work on it marvel.

    VINOD KUMAR 2 時間 前

    Breaking news - RDJ is having a shot in black widow movie as IRON MAN😍😍😍😍

  • Danny Rand
    Danny Rand 2 時間 前

    Don't forget heart of a monster Hulk. The strongest hulk ever.

  • Jacory Williams
    Jacory Williams 2 時間 前

    There's been more Hulk news than usual. Is this a sign for something? What's going on? Is there something you want to tell us Marvel?

  • Daily Carolina
    Daily Carolina 2 時間 前

    The Incredible Hulk was the best Hulk adaptation. He was bigger, angrier and the color (olive) green looked better.

  • Jesse Richards
    Jesse Richards 2 時間 前

    So cool to bring danny back

  • AJ13
    AJ13 2 時間 前

    That ending was a reference to that one sonic recolors video?

  • 10,000 subs for pizza
    10,000 subs for pizza 2 時間 前

    I was waiting for this!!!!!

  • SlickRick4EVER
    SlickRick4EVER 2 時間 前

    Did you dumbasses remembered that one time when you thumbs down this page like whining babies crying for Avengers: Endgame trailer? Yea, you snowflakes are our future.

  • Manohar Naidu
    Manohar Naidu 2 時間 前

    This trailer still put a smile on my face..... 😍😍

  • Quentin Targaryen
    Quentin Targaryen 2 時間 前


  • Dhana Selvam
    Dhana Selvam 3 時間 前

    Is she is a Indian

    KRUTZ GAMING 3 時間 前

    Hey marvel don't be stubborn and accept the new 30 % deal +venom

  • Malik Shahmeer
    Malik Shahmeer 3 時間 前

    Bruce best hulk

  • Djxz universe Lang
    Djxz universe Lang 3 時間 前

    So awesome

  • DaddyOvenStrudel
    DaddyOvenStrudel 3 時間 前


  • RoHan_ ShotFirst
    RoHan_ ShotFirst 3 時間 前

    I absolutely love world breaker hulk/gladiator hulk cuz he’s powerful, his outfit is INCREDIBLY drawn and he’s just got another side of depth to him, he had a family, trying not to smash things anymore and then BOOM 💥 his life is back to being big green and pissed off

  • princess kitty
    princess kitty 3 時間 前


  • NeganTheVegan23 K
    NeganTheVegan23 K 3 時間 前

    To the man who started it all. We love you 3000.

  • NeganTheVegan23 K
    NeganTheVegan23 K 3 時間 前

    To the man who started it all. We love you 3000 Mr. Stark.

  • Dylan Searcy
    Dylan Searcy 3 時間 前

    Cletus in Norman's body?

  • Dylan Searcy
    Dylan Searcy 3 時間 前

    Why does norman sound southern

  • Rage slayer 69
    Rage slayer 69 3 時間 前

    1:26 Dame it peta why would you sensor it I hate you

  • chetan mohite
    chetan mohite 4 時間 前

    I would love it if it have iron man animation also nice invention by lenovo

  • amrose6441
    amrose6441 4 時間 前

    How about how many times banner turns hulk?

  • Luidgi Udine
    Luidgi Udine 4 時間 前

    Is this a costume that you can put on Hulk?

  • Anubhav Kumar
    Anubhav Kumar 4 時間 前

    I'm tied between Immortal (Daddy as Joe puts it) Hulk and Doc Green

  • ThePikaJuker
    ThePikaJuker 4 時間 前

    I'm getting the game just because of this

  • Archduke Franz Ferdinand

    this is why that movie was so good, they paid attention to detail, and 19 might've been 45 seconds and I still remember to this day is my best hand to hand combat moment in the MCU, next to Winter soldier spy with Batroc im the same movie

  • TheMineEmerald
    TheMineEmerald 4 時間 前

    I've been reading Immortal Hulk and this really helped, thanks.

  • TheMineEmerald
    TheMineEmerald 4 時間 前

    I've been reading Immortal Hulk and this really helped, thanks.

  • Animator Ben
    Animator Ben 4 時間 前

    Nebula has thanos as her father. I think thanos would win

  • Bigby Wolf
    Bigby Wolf 4 時間 前

    goosebumps every. single. time.

  • Director for Plastic
    Director for Plastic 4 時間 前

    I’m just amazed as to how so little they gave away with this

  • Chirantan Tripathi
    Chirantan Tripathi 4 時間 前

    Go cap

  • Claire K
    Claire K 4 時間 前

    Nobody: Anthony Mackie: 1:34

  • R3D X
    R3D X 4 時間 前

    For me,Marvel Zombies Hulk is the most terifying Hulk

  • C38P0 1996
    C38P0 1996 4 時間 前

    Ed Brisson? Oh hell yes!!!

  • Dustin Caldwell
    Dustin Caldwell 4 時間 前

    But does it make you FEEL like Spider-Man?

  • Justera
    Justera 4 時間 前

    Holy crap we’re all addicted

  • croznime
    croznime 4 時間 前

    I dont caree bring back spiderman!!

  • Neeraj Thakur
    Neeraj Thakur 4 時間 前

    my favorite charcter Tony stark iron man death end game 3hero lost maverl studios captain Nathas iron man

  • James Curtis
    James Curtis 4 時間 前

    Joe Fixit is best Hulk

  • Michael Sledge
    Michael Sledge 4 時間 前

    Question would y’all think I would be fine jumping into “Incoming” without that much knowledge on what’s bine happening in the marvel comics universe for a year?

  • Ghislain 258
    Ghislain 258 5 時間 前

    akabenzi= small benz and it is from Rwanda🇷🇼.

  • DoctorFinn
    DoctorFinn 5 時間 前

    Can we just reboot everything to before civil war happened. Event after event is killing the universe and any interest for readers. Go back to basics while still keeping a rich history, leaving out the crap that has been made in recent years.

  • GodLee
    GodLee 5 時間 前

    Who else is here before Joker becomes the best movie of 2019? 🃏