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Police Found the Poop Bucket
再生回数 194K日 前
A Slug Destroyed a Massive Business
再生回数 430K2 日 前
Your Worst Enemy
再生回数 399K2 日 前
Horrible DJs
再生回数 587K3 日 前
83 Year Old Tinder Guru
再生回数 331K4 日 前
Breaking The Magicians Code
再生回数 672K4 日 前
The Best Slapping Tournament
再生回数 590K5 日 前
Moist Meter | Knives Out
再生回数 246K5 日 前
Shenmue 3 Is A Unique Game
再生回数 340K7 日 前
Onision Is Bad
再生回数 1M8 日 前
Rare Insults
再生回数 781K9 日 前
My New Favorite Show
再生回数 475K10 日 前
American Slapping Championship
再生回数 1M11 日 前
Moist Meter | Frozen 2
再生回数 330K12 日 前
Japanese Rent a Boyfriend
再生回数 512K14 日 前
Elon Musk's Cybertruck
再生回数 1M14 日 前
Most Badass Policeman
再生回数 404K16 日 前
Germs Have Been Defeated
再生回数 610K17 日 前
Pokemon Sword Master Grease King
再生回数 360K17 日 前
Boomer Tells The Worst Lie Ever
再生回数 1.1M18 日 前
Weeb Blacksmith
再生回数 1.3M19 日 前
My Favorite Chef
再生回数 1.1M19 日 前
Washing Machine Repair Championship
再生回数 466K20 日 前
Science Is Dead
再生回数 597K20 日 前
Extreme Animal Police
再生回数 460K21 日 前
Gender Reveal Parties Are Dangerous
再生回数 696K21 日 前
Moist Meter | Death Stranding
再生回数 678K22 日 前
Lazy Prison Escapes
再生回数 685K23 日 前
Police Arrest My Doppelganger
再生回数 908K24 日 前
Survival Experts
再生回数 777K24 日 前
Awful Horror Game
再生回数 456K25 日 前
The Worst Cooking on Youtube
再生回数 1.5M26 日 前
My Onion Talent Show
再生回数 393K26 日 前
90 Day Fiance Shows Us Real Love
再生回数 521K27 日 前
Forged In Danger
再生回数 789K27 日 前
Moist Meter | Parasite
再生回数 269K28 日 前
Police Find The World's Last Hummer
再生回数 616K29 日 前
Twitter Argument in Real Life
再生回数 588Kヶ月 前
The God of Slapping Is Back
再生回数 3.5Mヶ月 前
Moist Meter | Luigi's Mansion 3
再生回数 310Kヶ月 前
The Outer Worlds Menace
再生回数 309Kヶ月 前
There Is Nothing Good on Tik Tok
再生回数 1.5Mヶ月 前
Neil Breen's Best Work
再生回数 362Kヶ月 前
Horrible Moms on Halloween
再生回数 1.1Mヶ月 前
Forged In Overwhelming Masculinity
再生回数 1.7Mヶ月 前
Moist Meter | Terminator: Dark Fate
再生回数 214Kヶ月 前
Tiny Husband
再生回数 325Kヶ月 前
Cops Encounter The Real Jesus Christ
再生回数 989Kヶ月 前
Obsessed With Dog Food and Airplanes
再生回数 386Kヶ月 前
Supergirl Has The Worst CGI
再生回数 831Kヶ月 前
WWE 2K20 Is Perfect
再生回数 714Kヶ月 前
The Real Edge of Glory Is Back
再生回数 661Kヶ月 前
Moist Meter | Modern Warfare
再生回数 592Kヶ月 前
High IQ Prison Escape
再生回数 750Kヶ月 前
Billy Is Back
再生回数 547Kヶ月 前
WWE 2K20 Is A Horrible Mess
再生回数 935Kヶ月 前
I Am The Master of Onions
再生回数 499Kヶ月 前
The Ultimate Inferno
再生回数 193Kヶ月 前
Mobile Games Are Wild
再生回数 489Kヶ月 前
Brutal Slapping Tournament
再生回数 1.5Mヶ月 前
The Secret To Getting A Bigger Butt
再生回数 381Kヶ月 前
Juicero Is Back
再生回数 1.1Mヶ月 前
The Beast Inside
再生回数 243Kヶ月 前
This Woman Only Has Sex With Ghosts
再生回数 581Kヶ月 前
Moist Meter | Zombieland: Double Tap
再生回数 286Kヶ月 前
Post Malone vs Phil Swift
再生回数 341Kヶ月 前
Youtube Horror
再生回数 420Kヶ月 前
Flat Earthers vs Scientists
再生回数 793Kヶ月 前
Scary Games Don't Scare Me
再生回数 499Kヶ月 前


  • Joe
    Joe 6 時間 前

    Kinda similar situation, I was working as a cook in a Casino when coworker started twisting my nips with some tongs. I laughed and told him to stop. He kept doing it so I asked if he was gay. I didnt call him gay, make a slur or insult the guy. I literally just asked if he was gay. I was fired and he didnt get shit. The evidence is on all the security cameras which I demanded they look at and they wouldnt. Its bullshit man

  • ju ju
    ju ju 6 時間 前

    I thought Florida man was interesting..but this is GOLD 🏆

  • GRRStarcraft
    GRRStarcraft 6 時間 前

    Ryan Holiday talks about this on "Trust me, I´m lying". Bad journalists do a bad job and it´s up to the people that get shat on to correct and respond to accusations that should never have been made in the first place

  • KING_ glokkz blangin
    KING_ glokkz blangin 6 時間 前

    Hey cr1t1kal are you and your gf still together after watching the Willy JPclips channel I just wanted to ask sorry for bringing it up but I’m just curious

  • Oscar Masters
    Oscar Masters 6 時間 前

    "YOUR real smart, bud"

  • Inunexceptable condition

    Back from a willieMacShow, Charlie your are a national treasure

  • ManiacMoomin
    ManiacMoomin 6 時間 前

    I'd have big gulp sponsor my sarcophagus.

  • HySteria909
    HySteria909 6 時間 前

    HIGH TIER green screen andrew

  • Frosted Foxes
    Frosted Foxes 6 時間 前

    Welcome to the Boomercast.

  • Ruben Fraser
    Ruben Fraser 6 時間 前

    now I LOVE the BBQ bacon dexule meal at macca's. All I've ever gotten since whenever it came out. Bless the Lord

  • taha khan
    taha khan 6 時間 前

    Not gonna lie he had us in the first half

  • Denzel Weathers
    Denzel Weathers 6 時間 前

    A Slug and a Snail are the same,don't believe those That say they are not. They will try to Jedi mind trick you.

  • nate higgers
    nate higgers 6 時間 前

    I don't know, with some of the videos you've shown on your stream, I really wouldn't be surprised if someone did want to punch your shit out for asking them to take up less space.

  • Bk R10
    Bk R10 6 時間 前

    Does she not know what a recipe is or cooking instructions or common sense like wtf get out the kitchen

  • Daniel Fill
    Daniel Fill 6 時間 前

    I love how just about every sponsor is something that allows you to never leave your house. The further you go into the stream the less you need to do outside.

  • MissKiwi
    MissKiwi 6 時間 前

    why is charlie so fucking pretty im fuming

  • Kiteboxing
    Kiteboxing 6 時間 前

    "who don't want Pot of Greed in every Yu-Gi-Oh pack they open" I mean, if it wasn't banned, I'd love it. It's one of the best cards in the game.

  • rudythehomeless _og
    rudythehomeless _og 6 時間 前

    Hey Charlie. You're a good dude. I will always remember you.

  • plz don't read my name

    Just turn mono audio on 4Head

  • jhon miths
    jhon miths 6 時間 前

    42 on trending for gaming baby lets go

  • Patrick Burk
    Patrick Burk 6 時間 前

    I’m not gonna listen to this Bc it has other people in it but I’m giving it a like because I support your channel and everything you stand for as a man. And most importantly. A speed runner.

  • Brick Tamland
    Brick Tamland 6 時間 前

    Shit 200 for 12 lbs of weed yes please

  • Henry lopez
    Henry lopez 6 時間 前

    42 on gaming lmao

  • Coerlander The 1st
    Coerlander The 1st 6 時間 前

    He has done the onion glitch!

  • Frozen Lord
    Frozen Lord 6 時間 前


  • Erbferb Letcherferb
    Erbferb Letcherferb 6 時間 前

    This kids mind had to have been fucking blown from season 3 to now

  • Coerlander The 1st
    Coerlander The 1st 6 時間 前

    This shit made my night thanks for making me laugh when shits going south!!

  • sej wik
    sej wik 6 時間 前

    This is a good watch, Catching the worlds largest Rodent the CAPYBARA - with Andrew Ucles

  • Beaver Boi
    Beaver Boi 6 時間 前

    3:20 is that fucking Hannibal buress

  • Krypt GMD
    Krypt GMD 6 時間 前

    I’m honestly very proud of you all. There’s no “I’m about to end this man’s whole career,” jokes here.

  • Ryan Torrie
    Ryan Torrie 6 時間 前

    Yea target is spreading aids actually

  • Chadwick Borawski
    Chadwick Borawski 6 時間 前

    Man.... if u dont know the difference and meaning of "bricks", then u my friend arent doing enough drugs. Step your game up!!!

  • Alexander Wilkins
    Alexander Wilkins 6 時間 前

    Good ep

  • Miguel Guzman
    Miguel Guzman 6 時間 前

    One of my childhood games. Nostalgia hits me hard after watching this video.

  • Xereth
    Xereth 6 時間 前

    Funny how the giant blade has no blood on it.

  • Isaiah Mora
    Isaiah Mora 6 時間 前

    There’s always that one guy in the gym locker room moaning

  • Yakov Olivarria
    Yakov Olivarria 6 時間 前

    I see Andrew borrowed Jackson's aquarium for this episode

  • Alicia Araujo
    Alicia Araujo 6 時間 前

    Loll.Lol.This is the first time I decided to comment on your vid,I've been watching ever since I dated a 2019 guy.

  • Luke Redmore
    Luke Redmore 6 時間 前

    If this ever happens again, your legally allowed to urinate on front right wheel (whichever’s closest to the driver)

  • Frozen Lord
    Frozen Lord 6 時間 前

    Half a v buck

  • Steve Padilla
    Steve Padilla 6 時間 前

    Neil degrasse Tyson is one of the few people that found a way to be in a circle jerk by himself

  • Kelly Bishop
    Kelly Bishop 6 時間 前

    He does have 2 kids and he is a child groomer!

  • DARKmasterO1
    DARKmasterO1 6 時間 前

    2019 JPclips rewind?

  • Speed Wagon
    Speed Wagon 6 時間 前

    Oh fuck off Andrew you know you're pretty high in the tier list

  • Isaiah Hewitt
    Isaiah Hewitt 6 時間 前

    Okay but imagine the castle cake at an adult party

  • Banana Boi
    Banana Boi 6 時間 前

    Sorry to break the news but my dad has the same power buddy 😣

  • Aaron Torregrossa
    Aaron Torregrossa 6 時間 前

    Damn man I wish I could interpret his lispy fucking vocabulary.

  • Troy Gant
    Troy Gant 6 時間 前

    6:15 captions this is what happened to crazy fuckers dick

  • HaRvEnStAm
    HaRvEnStAm 6 時間 前

    I'm officially convinced that penguinz0 Is Keanu Reeves

  • PanickAttack
    PanickAttack 6 時間 前

    How is this #42 on trending for _gaming_

  • Shattered Dreams
    Shattered Dreams 6 時間 前

    Okay they found the poop bucket, but how about the cum bucket?

  • fdsbot
    fdsbot 6 時間 前

    Oh wow

  • Chain Gigan
    Chain Gigan 6 時間 前

    Description: This is the greatest music video of all time Me: *nods furiously*

  • kidbogus3
    kidbogus3 6 時間 前

    Better at everything but video games and not dying

  • Taylor Spears
    Taylor Spears 6 時間 前

    I love the second kid lol

  • Freddie
    Freddie 6 時間 前

    When Andrew got roasted, my asshole genuinely puckered out of pure fear at the power of that insult

  • slim shady
    slim shady 6 時間 前

    But steel is heavier than feather

  • Neat Mike’s Upload schedule

    Ok boomer

  • Quin Walker
    Quin Walker 6 時間 前

    Charlie’s fierce opponents are the Waifu pillow playing the drums and the Mannequin playing the backup guitar in the absolute banger “2019 Guy”

  • Anthony
    Anthony 6 時間 前

    i wanna know where bro getting $200 pounds

  • Dakota Andrews
    Dakota Andrews 6 時間 前

    Tbh Charlie, just saying the word isn't automatically racist. Context is important. It's not necessarily a word someone *should* say, but y'know, shit happens. I don't see how saying any one word automatically ruins you as a human being but whatever.

  • Madara Uchiha
    Madara Uchiha 6 時間 前

    How many frames was that?

  • snookers curiosities
    snookers curiosities 6 時間 前

    Earth's not flat I took it to the servo and pumped it up....

  • JohrnyReport
    JohrnyReport 6 時間 前

    Thanos collected all the Infinity Stones so he stand a chance against the Fuckle Huckleberry.

  • Hansom Hanson
    Hansom Hanson 6 時間 前

    200$ a plate? Where he at😂😂

  • Aaron Torregrossa
    Aaron Torregrossa 6 時間 前

    Snipes went out and killed 3 puppies after this. Yeah I made it up, but you scrolled to make sure 😂

  • MalimaHP
    MalimaHP 6 時間 前

    That ball looked like some kind of alien egg

  • Huevos Pelados
    Huevos Pelados 6 時間 前


  • Gifford Metz
    Gifford Metz 6 時間 前

    2:08 get dunked on

  • Bot
    Bot 6 時間 前

    thank you Charlie.

  • Bimbo Laggins
    Bimbo Laggins 6 時間 前

    I like how the only guy who actually matches his silhouette is Kaya

  • Tenya Cresento
    Tenya Cresento 6 時間 前

    Not gonna lie I think edge of glory Is useful in terms of emergencies Its like holding a knife out of everything

  • srinny
    srinny 6 時間 前

    This was a top tier episode definitely do a sequel

  • CharlieRavens
    CharlieRavens 6 時間 前

    That biker was lucky he didn't Trump him.

  • Tony Rosales
    Tony Rosales 6 時間 前

    Love the diversity lol I won't b subscribing

  • Chris
    Chris 7 時間 前

    Twitch chat is basically a homunculus fusion of 11 year olds and parrots. It's come to a point where I can actually tell what 80% of the viewer base will type when a certain thing happens. I can honestly only keep the chat open on so few channels without feeling like i'm looking at a rerun of Twitch chat.

  • TeensierKitty42
    TeensierKitty42 7 時間 前

    The issue with the pokemon games is like owning an xbox with like 100 games then a 360 with 500 and then an xbox one with like 10 pretty looking games

  • BTZ Hematologist
    BTZ Hematologist 7 時間 前

    This is why people hate foreigners

  • Logan Suffredini
    Logan Suffredini 7 時間 前


  • Slim Reapa
    Slim Reapa 7 時間 前

    Datsik's apology was a lot worse in my opinion lmfao

  • Zed Kusho
    Zed Kusho 7 時間 前

    Any colonel worth his rank has a shit bucket

  • Maching Gun Chuy
    Maching Gun Chuy 7 時間 前

    Maybe there has to be another game stram site, cas all the story's I've heard from twitch, maybe gamers have to look for a new home or twitch has to get there shit together.

  • MrMixTF
    MrMixTF 7 時間 前

    How do they consider that a 'legal' slap? The guy is nearly using his forearm to "smack". No wonder these guys are nearly getting knocked out, he's practically punching them.

  • JoshTrosh
    JoshTrosh 7 時間 前

    Hand-golf with pathetic range and arbitrary goal-posts. Nice!

  • generic name
    generic name 7 時間 前

    Pls watch Sponge Wars guys. Squidward literally wields a lightsaber in Lego form.

  • generic name
    generic name 7 時間 前

    Pls watch Sponge Wars guys. It's a vid I feel legitimately deserves at least more clout.

  • generic name
    generic name 7 時間 前

    Watch Sponge Wars guys, it's a legitimate Lego stop motion I want people to recognize

  • Corey White
    Corey White 7 時間 前

    Just a reminder for everyone to go and dislike the 2019 JPclips rewind

  • Austin Jeffris
    Austin Jeffris 7 時間 前

    Watch this with your eyes closed, it’s pretty great.

  • nick zito
    nick zito 7 時間 前

    Strong island reppin. Bagel boss gang

  • Au Productions
    Au Productions 7 時間 前

    0:14 food review!

    RUINERS 7 時間 前

    Eww are they aware their cameras still on?

  • D.C. Christian
    D.C. Christian 7 時間 前

    This can't be serious

  • andrew shirley
    andrew shirley 7 時間 前

    He slapped that guy into next Tuesday

  • thsudy
    thsudy 7 時間 前

    Re-watching this video since, you know its on PC

  • Steve Padilla
    Steve Padilla 7 時間 前

    My family was a Hollywood video/ game crazy family we got all of our games and movies there but eventually it closed and if I remember correctly it's a yoshinoya and taco Bell now lmao

  • TheRealWarface
    TheRealWarface 7 時間 前

    That also happens to be how Jim Lahey makes his old fashioned

  • WankersCramp69
    WankersCramp69 7 時間 前

    I don't trust any chef who can't spell "Themed"

  • Snurpples
    Snurpples 7 時間 前

    Does anyone else think Jackson looks like a passible trap?

  • Warcloud
    Warcloud 7 時間 前

    "Hi, John Schnatter here, well it has come to this..."