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I Found The Worst Ads of All Time
再生回数 428K2 日 前
Playing Minecraft
再生回数 256K2 ヶ月 前
I'm not copying Pewdiepie **I SWEAR**
再生回数 368K2 ヶ月 前
0 → 1M TikTok Followers - Episode 5
再生回数 727K3 ヶ月 前
0 → 1M TikTok Followers - Episode 4
再生回数 739K3 ヶ月 前
I kicked logan paul's butt!
再生回数 1.7M3 ヶ月 前
0 → 1M TikTok Followers - Episode 3
再生回数 841K3 ヶ月 前
0 → 1M TikTok Followers - Episode 2
再生回数 950K3 ヶ月 前
0 → 1M TikTok Followers - Episode 1
再生回数 1.5M3 ヶ月 前
We Built a Life Size Minecraft House
再生回数 2.6M4 ヶ月 前
I made a vlog in the 1990s
再生回数 756K6 ヶ月 前
I Tried 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY
再生回数 2.9M7 ヶ月 前
I Rented a Dog for 24 Hours
再生回数 794K7 ヶ月 前
I Painted My Face Using Only My Face
再生回数 733K8 ヶ月 前
'Kids Content' is Actually Terrifying
再生回数 1.3M8 ヶ月 前
The Strangest TikTok Couple Ever
再生回数 1.4M8 ヶ月 前
Instagram Teaches Virgins About "Love"
再生回数 1.4M9 ヶ月 前
My problem with the Dobre Twins
再生回数 1.3M9 ヶ月 前
I'm concerned about JoJo Siwa
再生回数 2.3M9 ヶ月 前
再生回数 1.6M9 ヶ月 前
Soulja Boy Is Out Of Control
再生回数 508K9 ヶ月 前
Lele Pons Fans Hate Me
再生回数 830K10 ヶ月 前
Can this egg get 1M likes?
再生回数 597K10 ヶ月 前
Dr. Phil vs. POSSESSED Girl
再生回数 1.2M10 ヶ月 前
Worst Instagram "Facts" Ever
再生回数 582K10 ヶ月 前
Backpack Kid... Don't Do That
再生回数 1.3M10 ヶ月 前
Let's Try Jake Paul's Mystery Box Scam!
再生回数 1.4M10 ヶ月 前
This Guy Thinks He's A Superhero
再生回数 1.4M10 ヶ月 前
Lele Pons Is Going To Ruin Your Day
再生回数 1.5M10 ヶ月 前
The Thieves Of YouTube
再生回数 539K10 ヶ月 前
The Ironic Memes of Tik Tok
再生回数 894K11 ヶ月 前
I Copied James Charles
再生回数 1M11 ヶ月 前
YouTube 10 Years Ago Was A Scary Place
再生回数 1.1M11 ヶ月 前
I Am Officially Tik Tok Famous
再生回数 1.2M11 ヶ月 前
再生回数 1M11 ヶ月 前
I DIY'd my entire outfit today
再生回数 847K年 前
再生回数 300K年 前
things get WILD @ 0:36
再生回数 195K年 前
再生回数 375K年 前
my only question is WHY???
再生回数 194K年 前
Why Disney World makes me sick
再生回数 271K年 前
Chase your dreams kids
再生回数 40K年 前


  • Hi Mejason
    Hi Mejason 23 秒 前


  • Funky BTW
    Funky BTW 7 分 前


  • Autumn Forbes
    Autumn Forbes 7 分 前

    My little sister says “wanna battle royale?” Every time we fight

  • hoperopoulos 430
    hoperopoulos 430 8 分 前

    If it was only for 24 hours I would just sleep all day ffs I can drink water from a park or ask someone to buy me one

  • FaytheBrown Gaming

    Orange juice is just dark yellow fruit sauce.

  • Lucas Tornado
    Lucas Tornado 11 分 前

    Collin is so ridiculous hes somewhat entertaining to watch lmao

  • a almoumen
    a almoumen 13 分 前

    Nice chalk

  • DinoXD
    DinoXD 14 分 前


  • RyeZaeBro
    RyeZaeBro 15 分 前

    spy ninja.

  • DinoXD
    DinoXD 15 分 前

    What the hell fuck you For making me laugh so hard my neighbors had to tell me to stop

  • just ronnies
    just ronnies 16 分 前


  • Brian DeFee
    Brian DeFee 18 分 前

    Lol this is so funny😂😂

  • Justin Duman
    Justin Duman 19 分 前

    the title should say me and my cameraman survived 24 hours on bit coin

  • butt nugget
    butt nugget 21 分 前

    can u make it past me in my chair. me: you know i have a gun right???

  • Henry Hernandez
    Henry Hernandez 24 分 前


  • Audi RS4
    Audi RS4 25 分 前

    It is nighttime then he says don't eat a cheesecake at 12PM meanwhile it is 12AM

  • Benjamin Fox
    Benjamin Fox 29 分 前

    he looks like Flash Thompson from the Sam Raimey spiderman movies.

  • Malbo Malco
    Malbo Malco 31 分 前

    I know you say that gang aign by the White kid 16:15

  • GTA explosion
    GTA explosion 31 分 前

    I m a gamer

  • Neil Bista
    Neil Bista 32 分 前

    My alarm clock: wake up

  • Justine carl Magillano

    Do a 24 hours in a real Minecraft hous

  • Emil Schmidt
    Emil Schmidt 35 分 前

    Bananas laser works but it Hass to be peeled

  • swas basas
    swas basas 36 分 前

    6:39 wtf with your leg dude

  • Morgz is off brand
    Morgz is off brand 38 分 前

    Why does he look like an off-brand Lachlan

  • Saqer Al Maskari
    Saqer Al Maskari 40 分 前

    Rayan how did you give shirts if you cant print them

  • sniper squad
    sniper squad 43 分 前

    I cant tell the difference between morgze jojo siwa and jake Paul

  • Iain Baird
    Iain Baird 47 分 前

    The car is stupid

  • Bård-Cornelius Moen Presthaug

    *Unbelielabable* -Ryan Trahan 2019

  • DinoXD
    DinoXD 49 分 前

    Spy ninja I hear wut u said

  • Deneris Valdez
    Deneris Valdez 49 分 前

    Oh my gosh guys, look at milo manheim's ig post, he acually replied and roasted trahan back😂😂😂

  • Kasey GD
    Kasey GD 52 分 前

    12:47 look at woodies mouth lol there’s a nose in it

  • hockey trickshots
    hockey trickshots 55 分 前

    react to morgz again

  • Deneris Valdez
    Deneris Valdez 56 分 前

    Who else is still wondering if Kilo Manheim actually replied back?? No? Just me? Ok. #zombies #zombies2

  • I deleted it
    I deleted it 時間 前

    My name is Landen

  • Elizzybeth kitten
    Elizzybeth kitten 時間 前

    7:55 HAD ME ROLLING 😂😂😂😂

  • ThenThereWasAStream

    no hate but you kinda look like an off-brand Gordon Ramsey

  • faiza khurshid
    faiza khurshid 時間 前

    hAters gonna hate

  • black_night612
    black_night612 時間 前

    don't worry your dope

  • iFLEXonYOU
    iFLEXonYOU 時間 前

    Do this for your crush 1 like is 2 abs so click this 👇🏻

  • spicedice gaming
    spicedice gaming 時間 前

    1 bit coin = around $3,000

  • Baharii
    Baharii 時間 前


  • MCPE x RG
    MCPE x RG 時間 前

    Slender man caught on camera 11:02

  • that guy k
    that guy k 時間 前

    Same Ryan

  • Noochie XD
    Noochie XD 時間 前

    The question is... WhAT Is YoUr SuPEr HErO NaME?

  • Hasan Khalil
    Hasan Khalil 時間 前

    To save money as if he wont spend all of his money on gas

    XXXTANTACION __ 時間 前

    "When your scared of spider" Me:"watching billie eilish you should see me in a 👑 " when I saw spiders fck noo

  • Adviser Videos
    Adviser Videos 時間 前

    What it turns into hot potato?

  • Alan Lao
    Alan Lao 時間 前

    Its called make believe

  • YouTube for life
    YouTube for life 時間 前

    Hey I finished it fully!!!!

  • T Firth
    T Firth 時間 前

    I had hello fresh

  • Coach Lawrence
    Coach Lawrence 時間 前

    Can I have my scooter back

  • Lee Cantrell
    Lee Cantrell 時間 前

    Nice poster

  • MCPE x RG
    MCPE x RG 2 時間 前

    Why does he looks like tfue in the thumbnail

  • UFC fighter
    UFC fighter 2 時間 前

    Ur nephew is cute

  • ➔ThatsRay™
    ➔ThatsRay™ 2 時間 前

    ...well that escalated quickly! #SupportChris ma bois

  • Peyton Vazquez
    Peyton Vazquez 2 時間 前

    make a series

  • Sammy Ceniti
    Sammy Ceniti 2 時間 前


  • Alex Bou Hadir
    Alex Bou Hadir 2 時間 前


  • ANG Slyce
    ANG Slyce 2 時間 前

    Minecraft players be like why

  • bin giving unreleased
    bin giving unreleased 2 時間 前

    check me out you won't regret it.

  • Bazooka G
    Bazooka G 2 時間 前

    I got 25 subs in 3 weeks.

    LIL OREO YT 2 時間 前


  • Unknown
    Unknown 2 時間 前

    Lmao he said it better be packapunched

  • Desiree Cotto
    Desiree Cotto 2 時間 前


  • Nordic Gamer
    Nordic Gamer 2 時間 前

    I will build a great pallet and I will make my sister pay for it

  • EPIC Art
    EPIC Art 2 時間 前

    Hey Ryan love u

  • milojohnson888
    milojohnson888 2 時間 前

    Love! Love is in the air

  • emre baap
    emre baap 2 時間 前

    Grand tef auto its just GTA

  • GhostGuy105
    GhostGuy105 2 時間 前

    OMFG I thought this was tom holland😅🤣🤣

  • The Female
    The Female 2 時間 前

    I’m not surprised she needs so much money every month to look ‘pretty’. She reeks of insecurity. Girl anyone can have a blowup. Her personality brings her down to a 5 if I’m being generous. Plus one of my meme pages has over 65k followers which is practically nothing. Get cancelled girl.

  • JellyPenguin
    JellyPenguin 2 時間 前

    That is 100% a personal. She just goes along with all the dumb shit he says

  • R e i K o
    R e i K o 2 時間 前

    *Average Chad drinks White Claw*

  • Chief
    Chief 3 時間 前

    U look like Lachlan Missing brother

  • Claire Martin
    Claire Martin 3 時間 前

    nice poster

  • Jodie Tuohy
    Jodie Tuohy 3 時間 前

    he went so fricking fast on that mega scooter that it gave me vertigo

  • Christopher Wade
    Christopher Wade 3 時間 前

    I bet his ass survived because he’s smart and saves the food he comes up on for when he needs it

  • Namuli
    Namuli 3 時間 前

    i'd never realised how loud she was

  • Benficakld3
    Benficakld3 3 時間 前

    Orange juice is just dark yellow fruit juice

  • Martin Beats
    Martin Beats 3 時間 前

    champ move bruhhhh, u give and u get.

  • slmbzz 1991
    slmbzz 1991 3 時間 前

    balls that you can eat? yo minds

  • Gwen 10
    Gwen 10 3 時間 前

    The laugh then the cough made me think of Joker...

  • Suhas Kiran
    Suhas Kiran 3 時間 前

    Hey look it's Tom Holland...

  • jake jake
    jake jake 3 時間 前


  • Cycling Enthusiasts
    Cycling Enthusiasts 3 時間 前

    Is it me or does America have really small watermelons

  • Gwen 10
    Gwen 10 3 時間 前

    Ryan singing Selena Gomez made my day

  • sebat al
    sebat al 3 時間 前

    sebat al Follow me @sebatal ☺️💕 Me and my fiancé are trying to do more funny videos on TikTok... getting comments like “this made me smile” or “this made my day” makes us so happy! That’s literally what we want 🙂

  • Céline Jansen
    Céline Jansen 3 時間 前

    You so silly like spaghetti that’s so good I love spaghetti -Ryan Trahan 30/10/19

  • Draco Spinus
    Draco Spinus 3 時間 前

    You CAN indeed cry in space but the droplets won’t slide down your face because of decreased gravity

  • Jason Rietheimer
    Jason Rietheimer 3 時間 前

    Tic-Tok challenge update?????????

  • Draco Spinus
    Draco Spinus 3 時間 前

    Oh boys you know exactly what he’s gonna do to his not friend with those two fingers ;)

  • Lets Roblox
    Lets Roblox 3 時間 前

    Spy ninja

  • Beaned Cans
    Beaned Cans 3 時間 前

    Sorry but kick-ass seems more relatable

  • Alienn
    Alienn 3 時間 前

    3:58 I wanted those SO bad as a kid even though I lived in a one story apartment with hardwood floors


    His last name is Obama, Its Baracka Bama

  • Yousif 5000
    Yousif 5000 4 時間 前

    3:41 that’s extremely violent

  • Funny scooter Boys
    Funny scooter Boys 4 時間 前

    Bruh I actually died watching this

  • Nick Keirn
    Nick Keirn 4 時間 前

    Ohhh I’ve been trying to figure out who you look like for the last couple videos cause it’s been driving me crazy and I finally got it. Bo Burnham. Especially some of the mannerisms you have are freakishly similar haha but I love Bo Burnham and think you’re both hilarious so that’s a compliment and I’ve always wondered what it’d be like if Bo was a JPclipsr so now I know 😂

  • Nick Keirn
    Nick Keirn 4 時間 前

    Ohhh I’ve been trying to figure out who you look like for the last couple videos cause it’s been driving me crazy and I finally got it. Bo Burnham. Especially some of the mannerisms you have are freakishly similar haha but I love Bo Burnham and think you’re both hilarious so that’s a compliment and I’ve always wondered what it’d be like if Bo was a JPclipsr so now I know 😂

  • Liam Johnston
    Liam Johnston 4 時間 前