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Fortnite - Rift Zone - Gotham City
再生回数 280K4 日 前
Fortnite Champion Series: Finals
再生回数 87K5 日 前
Fortnite - Lobby Track - Rainy Days
再生回数 442K13 日 前
Fortnite - Rift Zone - Moisty Palms
再生回数 2.1M14 日 前
Fortnite - Zapper Trap - New Item
再生回数 1.2M25 日 前
Fortnite How To - Shockwave Grenades
再生回数 564K26 日 前
Fortnite - Junk Rift - New Item
再生回数 1.2Mヶ月 前
Fortnite - Rift Zone - Retail Row
再生回数 1.1Mヶ月 前
Fortnite - Rift Zone - Tilted Town
再生回数 2.4Mヶ月 前
Fortnite World Cup - Day 3 Recap
再生回数 464Kヶ月 前
Fortnite - Season X - Story Trailer
再生回数 16Mヶ月 前
Fortnite World Cup - Day 2 Recap
再生回数 195Kヶ月 前
Fortnite World Cup Finals - Day 3
再生回数 13M2 ヶ月 前
Fortnite World Cup Finals - Day 2
再生回数 7M2 ヶ月 前
Fortnite World Cup Finals - Day 1
再生回数 8M2 ヶ月 前
Fortnite World Cup Finals - The Field
再生回数 267K2 ヶ月 前
Fortnite At E3 2019
再生回数 545K3 ヶ月 前
14 Days of Summer
再生回数 8M3 ヶ月 前
Fortnite - Chug Splash - New Item
再生回数 1M3 ヶ月 前
Fortnite - Prop Hunt
再生回数 1.8M3 ヶ月 前
Creative Showdown - Meet the Builders
再生回数 318K3 ヶ月 前
Fortnite - Horde Rush LTM
再生回数 2.2M3 ヶ月 前
Fortnite - Storm Flip | New Item
再生回数 2.6M3 ヶ月 前


  • Sketchy Jessey
    Sketchy Jessey 21 秒 前

    ... *oh god no*

    NEON _WOLF 分 前

    Rumor has it Batman's parents wasn't killed in an alley by a thug they were killed at loot lake by a soccer skin

  • Samantha Blanks
    Samantha Blanks 2 分 前

    DC or WB should sue Epic Games for this bullshit. >.>

  • WilliamdaGreat
    WilliamdaGreat 7 分 前

    Add guided missile to fortnite

  • Bangtanraa Playz
    Bangtanraa Playz 7 分 前

    Fortnite pls make it 19.99 for malaysia cuz it was 79.99 for my country :(

  • Bangtanraa Playz
    Bangtanraa Playz 9 分 前

    Epic pls make it 19.99 for malaysia it is 79.99 :(

  • Samantha Blanks
    Samantha Blanks 11 分 前

    Wack. Great way to ruin Batman. Add him to a crappy ass game. Lame. No one wants or needs this.

  • Legendary Sticknoder

    Dude, kids are gonna be seeing Batman in a few years and be like; Wow, that black guy from Fortnite got a movie

  • wasiq gamer 2
    wasiq gamer 2 23 分 前

    My man bugha

  • SCP - ASMR
    SCP - ASMR 25 分 前

    Fortnite bad Minecraft good

  • Venom Less yt
    Venom Less yt 27 分 前

    Fun u

  • ᗩᗪEᑎ GᗩTE
    ᗩᗪEᑎ GᗩTE 34 分 前

    Bughas Parents : I just think it’s so special him playing with his friends at night My Parents : WTF R U DOING GET OFF OR ILL DELETE THAT GAME....

  • Samuel Miller
    Samuel Miller 38 分 前

    Hmmmmmmm I wonder where they got this idea from? Couldn’t be Apex Legends or anything like that nuh uh not at all

  • Bayne O’Meara
    Bayne O’Meara 40 分 前

    Pls kill me I’m scared

  • N Boon
    N Boon 42 分 前

    Do people actually still play this garbage?

  • Saad Ali
    Saad Ali 53 分 前

    حياك الله انتة ولبردة مالتك، 😂😂😂

  • ReZ Clan
    ReZ Clan 時間 前

    Mom in 2018 : Stop playing that stupid game. Mom in 2019 : I’m so proud of you.

  • mcdanielGaming
    mcdanielGaming 時間 前

    Every body sweet talking my mans now 😹, we all know his pops and mom was yelling at him from day 1. One he won that money, we are all good. 🤣

  • Turxl
    Turxl 時間 前

    no one: not a single person on earth Bugha: 0:11

  • ParenThink with Mona Ratuliu

    Story from the outlans is from apex now batle bud copy !!!

  • حيدر /Haider
    حيدر /Haider 時間 前

    Why don't you make a ninja Skin

  • ÒwÓ
    ÒwÓ 時間 前


  • Gabriella Pallister

    Really.......EA does RPGs Epic you can't handle it. You just turn everything into cancer

  • Dennis Hansen
    Dennis Hansen 時間 前

    This made me cry. Congrats Bugha, im so glad you made it

  • Jens Lothschütz
    Jens Lothschütz 時間 前

    Waiting for Hitman in Fortnite.

  • Jr De Silva
    Jr De Silva 時間 前

    My favourite hero is batman cause we have similar lives. I ain't rich but ya know... Guess I'm gonna kill myself now

  • NerooFC
    NerooFC 時間 前

    Was już pojebało na łep

  • K.N.Y.T
    K.N.Y.T 時間 前

    Legends hate the game. Bugha is an example

  • خالد
    خالد 時間 前

    في مليون واحد يشوف البث يلا

  • Super Cat
    Super Cat 時間 前


  • Pronsol
    Pronsol 時間 前


  • first name last name

    Can't wait to play. But when?

  • FunnyMoMentS
    FunnyMoMentS 時間 前

    cool vidos, like it

    PIGZ ARCADE 時間 前

    You had thanos. Is that not enough?

  • GG gaming 077 Piet
    GG gaming 077 Piet 時間 前

    epic can you give me a creaator code:GG YT

  • Alligatorgamer9
    Alligatorgamer9 時間 前

    Yet another series infected by fortnite

  • БИшкин
    БИшкин 2 時間 前


  • Slim Shady
    Slim Shady 2 時間 前

    And now he hates it 😂👍 good job Epic

  • Oran O donavan
    Oran O donavan 2 時間 前

    Make more trailers like season 7

  • kakyoin donut
    kakyoin donut 2 時間 前

    Marshmello, Stranger things, jhon the hero dog , It, borderlands..and now..batman?....holy jesus :0

  • Dacoolmilkshake
    Dacoolmilkshake 2 時間 前

    Idk why at the time I didn’t enjoy season 6 But looking back on it now That was the thing that got me hyped for Halloween

  • JaXa GAME
    JaXa GAME 2 時間 前

    you ruin everything

  • banana king
    banana king 2 時間 前

    my name is Wild600wax

  • banana king
    banana king 2 時間 前

    my name is Wild600wax

  • spxzzy
    spxzzy 2 時間 前

    Who else came here just to bully fortnite

  • Zombie King
    Zombie King 2 時間 前


  • Mr Octo Animated stuff?

    U stolen stories from the outlands and nearly everything in apex legends!

  • King xleox
    King xleox 2 時間 前

    Hey fortnite you should make a fortnite place

  • PerhapsGaming
    PerhapsGaming 2 時間 前

    Child hero 89 taken by fortnite's never ending greed

  • NoKay
    NoKay 2 時間 前

    Kids: Fornite became the first game to have characters from both DC and Marvel!! Lego Franchise: Hold my bricks

  • Dreyaus Austria
    Dreyaus Austria 2 時間 前

    *before:months ago added avengers* *after: added dc batman*

  • Angelica Ulloa
    Angelica Ulloa 2 時間 前

    Hey Fortnite I quit before so I’m going back in fortnite now

  • Probroedits YT
    Probroedits YT 2 時間 前

    Fov slider pls

  • Brayden Cassidy
    Brayden Cassidy 2 時間 前

    Me without a dad: My dad if I were to win 3 mil: hi

  • Pixlar
    Pixlar 2 時間 前

    هل العرب هنا🤔🤔

  • MiloOnSticks
    MiloOnSticks 3 時間 前

    Daz kreizy

  • Banana Sandwich
    Banana Sandwich 3 時間 前

    I love Kids they sense of humor is unimaginable 😂

  • Banana Sandwich
    Banana Sandwich 3 時間 前

    Next thing you know they gonna add Superman and every kid gonna be calling him FortniteMan😂

  • Banana Sandwich
    Banana Sandwich 3 時間 前

    It would be so cool if you could play as the joker too and fight Batman with a Upgraded version of the P-90 and joker abilities

  • Bernardo Gonzalez
    Bernardo Gonzalez 3 時間 前

    thanos: I am inevitable Batman: I’m Batman

  • JustZMaxiorZ
    JustZMaxiorZ 3 時間 前


  • A-New-Recipeh
    A-New-Recipeh 3 時間 前 how it happened. how the Batman died...

  • Fruity pop
    Fruity pop 3 時間 前

    batman doesn't use guns or kills people but according to Fortnite he does now

  • aldo juarez
    aldo juarez 3 時間 前

    Quality content

  • Oscar Boix
    Oscar Boix 3 時間 前

    Its lile "dark" town

  • Basic Billy
    Basic Billy 3 時間 前

    I’m actually about to start playing fortnite again

  • Gustavo Villatoro
    Gustavo Villatoro 3 時間 前

    Stay humble bugha. God will bless you.

  • Malboro Hero
    Malboro Hero 3 時間 前

    There is no need to investigate. Just add more boring stuff in the game. Boring event and so on.

  • Poonie Powers
    Poonie Powers 3 時間 前

    This is so sad

  • Malboro Hero
    Malboro Hero 3 時間 前

    One of main reasons i quit fortnite is because every season its update become more silly and boring. Its much better with aim assists turn off which the aim assist is no use at all so unfair game. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎. Bye

  • aimlextwo
    aimlextwo 3 時間 前

    Hi, stop playing this dogshit game, try Minecraft.

  • Ivan Okumura
    Ivan Okumura 3 時間 前

    Man I wish I was him I want those kind of parents and that kind of life

  • GSGigaBreaker
    GSGigaBreaker 3 時間 前

    OH! who knew he had a life outside or the house.... jkjk at least he got i dont have ;-;

  • home less GAME'S
    home less GAME'S 3 時間 前

    Today is my birthday 😊

  • TBW12
    TBW12 3 時間 前

    Thanks, I hate it!

  • Mena. T
    Mena. T 3 時間 前

    Guys the cake was obviously a paid actor

  • ǝsɹǝʌǝɹ_Diegois
    ǝsɹǝʌǝɹ_Diegois 3 時間 前

    Usenme como botón de Soy español no entendí ni verga

  • TehMFS
    TehMFS 3 時間 前

    They now can buy iphone 11

  • welxman cz
    welxman cz 3 時間 前


  • Vince Reyes
    Vince Reyes 4 時間 前

    Next Batman will be playing fortnite in his new movie.....

  • Benny Boi
    Benny Boi 4 時間 前


    • hen ko
      hen ko 4 時間 前

      Kiss my ass fornite 🖕

  • Benny Boi
    Benny Boi 4 時間 前

    Thank goodness Tom Holland didnt go here

    • hen ko
      hen ko 4 時間 前

      We should regret us OG’s that we made this game too popular

  • Wolfy
    Wolfy 4 時間 前

    Love how Fortnite is going to popular icons and series because their game is dead. I hate you Fortnite, you ruined my favorite series Stranger Things.

  • c9 joao778
    c9 joao778 4 時間 前

    Sou eays

  • Galaxy Kagis
    Galaxy Kagis 4 時間 前


  • cravenpoop123
    cravenpoop123 4 時間 前


  • _Knome_
    _Knome_ 4 時間 前

    * *Cough cough* *no one really likes your game any more

  • Tomas McCormack
    Tomas McCormack 4 時間 前

    What will he play when your game finally dies. I give it less then 6 monts

  • fanged Dragon297
    fanged Dragon297 4 時間 前

    I always try my best when i compete but I've given up and i know that no matter how much i try i will never be as good as him

  • Jonas Cry
    Jonas Cry 4 時間 前

    Can you make These story's with aqua and nyhrox too??

  • dudncan bals x _ x
    dudncan bals x _ x 4 時間 前

    Epicname RoyalBomber2011 i buy batman dundle and not get the items

    SAIDES 4 時間 前

    Porco dio

  • dudncan bals x _ x
    dudncan bals x _ x 4 時間 前

    Epic name RoyalBomber2011

  • Christopher Zapata
    Christopher Zapata 4 時間 前

    Has anyone else been rewarded yet

  • hi there
    hi there 4 時間 前

    Man this sh*t real emotional it made me cry and i have no heart

  • ItsJustJaydon
    ItsJustJaydon 4 時間 前

    Yo its that guy batman from fortnite Im making a meme out of myself oh god

  • Cold River
    Cold River 4 時間 前

    I wish my mom was like this... she actually thinks it gets rid of brain cells.

  • raphsissou
    raphsissou 4 時間 前

    Bruh the lil sister has An iPhone XR and she’s like 8 years old

  • Pottgen Boys
    Pottgen Boys 4 時間 前

    Is it true Fortnite is ending

  • Memes4u. uwu
    Memes4u. uwu 4 時間 前

    “He was competing against 100 of the best players in the world” (Shows Tfue) phphphfpfphp he didn’t stand a chance against bugha :| Sorry Tfue