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  • Ryan Oliver
    Ryan Oliver 37 分 前

    This shit made me cry

  • Sebastian Castellanos


  • unoriginal username

    I was born in the right generation

  • Dr. Stinger
    Dr. Stinger 時間 前


  • tails miles
    tails miles 時間 前

    4:08 M O R A M I T O

  • Kuribohchaos8
    Kuribohchaos8 時間 前


  • Rustymcnut
    Rustymcnut 時間 前

    WWWWWWHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! The God of Destruction has come. And I am in the mood for some brutalising.

  • UnReliant
    UnReliant 時間 前

    I restarted my game to get the good ending because the game sees mercy killing as murder

  • Bob Martinn
    Bob Martinn 2 時間 前

    Impmon/shoutmon:LET US IN PLEASE!

  • Dro Rios
    Dro Rios 2 時間 前

    So susanoo doesn't have his gimmick relics or whatever they are??

    • The Battle Bae EveLyn
      The Battle Bae EveLyn 時間 前

      He doesn't have them but just about all of his seal attacks are in his regular moveset

  • Emperor Ehryn
    Emperor Ehryn 2 時間 前

    Dude turning on JPclips's translator is a good laugh.

  • Knightmare007
    Knightmare007 2 時間 前

    but wheres joker from persona 5

  • DaniLovesArt12 Dim
    DaniLovesArt12 Dim 2 時間 前

    I like Female akira better. so this is the opposite.

  • X.Caliburrr
    X.Caliburrr 2 時間 前

    Should I buy this game? I was always on the Fence about it 😅 🤔

    • Masturbating Spinach
      Masturbating Spinach 時間 前

      The game is as simple as it gets but still has a side of complexity on its own, but still approachable by casual players.

  • Howard The Alien
    Howard The Alien 3 時間 前

    5:45 Song?

    J- GAMEBOY 3 時間 前


  • Gedaro sienta
    Gedaro sienta 3 時間 前

    They should at least add Homura too she has a sprite from another crossover

  • Dem MommaJeans
    Dem MommaJeans 3 時間 前

    Need more characters

  • Spectral Sheep
    Spectral Sheep 4 時間 前

    So no Strike of the Possessed God... aight susanooh i'm bout to head out

    • Daoloth12
      Daoloth12 38 分 前

      Spectral Sheep or maybe it takes the place of the sword during resonance blaze? Hell if I know

    • Dat Guy Susanoo
      Dat Guy Susanoo 3 時間 前

      The cannon is probably gonna be the distortion skill duo.

  • chieken1
    chieken1 4 時間 前


  • Raptor Wolf
    Raptor Wolf 4 時間 前

    God dammit, if only I weren't a beta PS3 player...

  • Jordan Moore
    Jordan Moore 4 時間 前

    Rwby getting screwed

  • amir avdi
    amir avdi 4 時間 前

    Any chance they'll fix that atrocious camera n make Aps block with his tail n limbs instead of just standing there like a retard

  • Android 19
    Android 19 4 時間 前

    I don't know what I like more, Paradox's excellent ohohoho or the fact that Adachi's title is "The Egocentric Police Dick"

  • Just a Random Loli strolling by

    I freakin knew it was Elizabeth when Battle for Everyone’s Souls started playing. And I can finally do a Susanoo and Hakumen team and a double Izanagi team. They just need Rise to join in so we can have the entire Investigation Team to be in the game.

  • al pavz
    al pavz 5 時間 前

    i guess it was imposible to match de hype of the tank

  • Aragami Nightmare
    Aragami Nightmare 5 時間 前

    Going to play the shit out of Susanoo

  • Malcolm Fitzpatrick
    Malcolm Fitzpatrick 5 時間 前

    1:40 oh... ........OH NO

    • CallMeK3nD
      CallMeK3nD 2 時間 前

      Malcolm Fitzpatrick 😫😫😫

  • Chrone Nojysk
    Chrone Nojysk 5 時間 前

    Now... Add Jojo

  • Apple User 2
    Apple User 2 6 時間 前

    Would have been epic if they released this at E3 XD XXX XD

  • KleptoDaHomie
    KleptoDaHomie 6 時間 前

    Hopefully by the time this game is released the Cell Games ring will be destroyed before Gohan steps into the fight. They've been pretty accurate to the anime so far.

  • iMYX
    iMYX 7 時間 前

    Sadly kim possible says noe 2, Jasper got dizzy as FUCK playing on the toilet.

  • Campbell White
    Campbell White 7 時間 前

    Screw hero I'm only here for the animation. Make a TV show already Nintendo

  • Mario gameplays
    Mario gameplays 7 時間 前

    dude im in futabas place and they announced another game ok then lets be fast

  • Abraham Lincoln
    Abraham Lincoln 8 時間 前


  • D o L o t
    D o L o t 8 時間 前


  • Clutchsky Vinyl
    Clutchsky Vinyl 9 時間 前

    That always gives my cheeks goosebumps when i watch it, IT SOO GOOD

  • OtakuEdits
    OtakuEdits 9 時間 前

    Why are there ads on this video?

  • pelle doorn
    pelle doorn 9 時間 前

    the Replacer now also plays in "lindemann steh auf" honestly look it up.

  • Phantom Slay 5612 KP
    Phantom Slay 5612 KP 9 時間 前


  • vamphunterx
    vamphunterx 9 時間 前

    I know it won't be in this first game, but I can't wait for Cloud's "flashback" to his mission with Lv 50 Sephiroth at Nibelheim. He's gonna be insanely powerful in this new battle system.

  • Wayne Birikbhi
    Wayne Birikbhi 10 時間 前

    No no no!! This is like persona!! And that sucks!!

  • Jude Does stuff
    Jude Does stuff 10 時間 前

    5 hours til I get John

  • Wayne Birikbhi
    Wayne Birikbhi 10 時間 前

    This ain’t the main game surely!!

  • allen le
    allen le 10 時間 前


    • VivaOliva 235
      VivaOliva 235 時間 前

      "This is getting out of hand. Now there are two of them!"

    • Daoloth12
      Daoloth12 2 時間 前

      Oh hey yeah two of em. Neat

  • Comic Waterz
    Comic Waterz 10 時間 前

    BBTAG in the Future: All of the BB Characters in: All of the P4A and Ultimax Characters in: All of the UNIST characters are in: Arcana, Blitzkomph, RWBY, and Senren Kagura: get like one rep

  • Kodezaa
    Kodezaa 10 時間 前

    My girls hilda AND celica are in? Hell yeah

  • Frantz
    Frantz 10 時間 前


  • NyfeizzReview
    NyfeizzReview 11 時間 前

    Best free-to-play ever for my opinion. Good job DE. 👍

  • Gauntlet Of Hades
    Gauntlet Of Hades 11 時間 前

    Honestly at in this pack everyone got at least one character they wanted

  • chilly raptor
    chilly raptor 11 時間 前

    Hazama and Susano, but no Treumi, feelsbadman.

  • gamerdude535
    gamerdude535 11 時間 前

    Looks pretty neat! Hope to see a western/global release

  • Duarte Silva
    Duarte Silva 11 時間 前

    One word. Damn.

  • Joshua Elvanus
    Joshua Elvanus 12 時間 前

    Blitztank op

    • Skylove Fox XD
      Skylove Fox XD 5 時間 前

      @MegaFirefox34 well is the old game form 2007

    • MegaFirefox34
      MegaFirefox34 5 時間 前

      @Skylove Fox XD oh i c, never played the game hes from

    • Skylove Fox XD
      Skylove Fox XD 5 時間 前

      @MegaFirefox34 they neft BT jump his original jump is higher then that

    • MegaFirefox34
      MegaFirefox34 5 時間 前

      @Skylove Fox XD acually you are right but he cznt move as quickly and smoothly as the other characters, also csnt jump very high it seems

    • Skylove Fox XD
      Skylove Fox XD 6 時間 前

      @MegaFirefox34 he have fast movement what are you taking about

  • Yurie V
    Yurie V 12 時間 前

    They really do Rise wrong though

  • TheRagingInfernape
    TheRagingInfernape 12 時間 前

    Studio Trigger is literally one of the most legendary animation studios around.

  • starfire6789
    starfire6789 12 時間 前

    Cant wait to start using hilda/nine n mitsuru/yumi/ or liz

  • Knight Templar
    Knight Templar 13 時間 前

    This update is for Phantasy Star Online 2 Japan Version. I think this will be next new story quest in Episode 6. Quna new outfit look cool.

  • Jaboi Gottem
    Jaboi Gottem 13 時間 前

    On they FLCL and Hiei shit

  • Andrew Keith
    Andrew Keith 13 時間 前

    Words cannot express my joy for having these characters in the game

  • Zachary McCann
    Zachary McCann 13 時間 前


  • Luis Merino
    Luis Merino 13 時間 前

    Bruh I wish

  • Ness TheStampede
    Ness TheStampede 14 時間 前

    I'VE BEEN SO DAMN LOST AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH this game has the worst map of all time fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • HelkernVuur
    HelkernVuur 14 時間 前

    Reminds me of Legend of Kay so I'll obviously pass.

  • Jason Falzarano
    Jason Falzarano 14 時間 前

    Are the panty and stocking animators behind this?

  • Riddler9884
    Riddler9884 15 時間 前

    liked a lot of things but the health and menu ui, prefer the 2016 one

  • Rinthile
    Rinthile 15 時間 前

    Terumi please..

  • EliteDriftGaming
    EliteDriftGaming 15 時間 前

    2:10 : Windows Xp Shutdown horn should’ve played 😂

  • sharif rowe
    sharif rowe 15 時間 前

    Wow they really gave Noel the boot and put in another Rachel

  • Alex The Lightning hedge Dragon

    I'm so confused about this can anyone tell me is this a game or is it a TV series?

  • Lyg0philia
    Lyg0philia 16 時間 前

    It's nice that this has sprites. I don't like 2.5D FGs.

  • kaleodos
    kaleodos 16 時間 前

    Just port ULTIMAX to the ps4 already

    • Nero Cruz
      Nero Cruz 13 時間 前

      Not worth except if they nerf shadow characters. Why should someone waste time with normal characters when the shadows are 10000 times better?

  • sianne wijaya
    sianne wijaya 16 時間 前

    It's easy way... Why Buy credits and gems? When You Get It For Free From Here *ZEPISGUIDES. COM*

  • Kitsuna Asuna
    Kitsuna Asuna 16 時間 前

    I like a Celica but I was hoping for Kagura, Valkenhayn, Kokonoe, and Bullet too

    • Android 19
      Android 19 4 時間 前

      Kokonoe never gets enough love. I just want my English Dubbed Kokonoe back. She was so great.

  • U1tra_P0wer
    U1tra_P0wer 16 時間 前


  • Don John Lopez
    Don John Lopez 17 時間 前

    Well Guess 3.0 will there right? Cuz there is still more characters to go.

  • Legend Carisso
    Legend Carisso 17 時間 前

    18:40... I really want to know how do simulate a voice like that.

  • XyZ CwP
    XyZ CwP 17 時間 前

    What happened to u smash me while I wait for the timer to smash u???

  • 5thDawg
    5thDawg 17 時間 前

    Swear to God this mission is so annoying and pissing me off so badly

  • U1tra_P0wer
    U1tra_P0wer 17 時間 前

    R.I.P Hibiki Players

  • Michael Berg
    Michael Berg 17 時間 前


  • R3N3G4D3 J411
    R3N3G4D3 J411 18 時間 前

    No RWBY Characters. Only Hype was Persona. *Disappointing.*

  • gamerBOI 927839
    gamerBOI 927839 18 時間 前

    I got a heavy weapon onlysoo i mightuse this weapon

  • ミルクティ
    ミルクティ 18 時間 前


  • Ariq Rabbani
    Ariq Rabbani 18 時間 前

    So the combat is just like south park the fracture but whole where you can move your position around in a turn based combat?

  • Vuk Crevar
    Vuk Crevar 19 時間 前

    Rip my hopes of Wagner being in the game

  • ᵗʰᵉNight★Star
    ᵗʰᵉNight★Star 19 時間 前

    I guess everyone who thought Hyperdimension Neptunia was coming to Cross Tag Battle just got all their assumptions de-confirmed. RIP those people.

    • Cortez Baker
      Cortez Baker 3 時間 前

      @Pheonixrising x I think it would have to be Filia. Somebody posted a screenshot on Steam about what she'd look like in the Arksys style

    • Pheonixrising x
      Pheonixrising x 3 時間 前

      @Cortez Baker Now that would be interesting but who would have represent Skullgirls? By the way I wanted A certain character from Neptunia who is queen of Lastation.

    • Cortez Baker
      Cortez Baker 3 時間 前

      I was hoping on skullgirls but I'm pleased with what I got instead.

      NEP POWER 4 時間 前

      shut up

    • Pheonixrising x
      Pheonixrising x 14 時間 前

      For now

  • MidoriGa95
    MidoriGa95 19 時間 前

    Took me almost 10 minutes in deciding to kill him or not- When I started playing this game, ngl I had a crush on Constantin. I brushed off the cousin thing because I thought " it's just a game". The love he had for my female legate really touched me and when the truth of our relationship came out I was happy. Unfortunately, I realized there would never be romance option with him so I wanted Vasco to be my partner. Being on a vessel, seeing the open sea and having adventures with him as my partner would be lovely too. However, I guess I chose the wrong reply to one of his dialogue quests that the romance dialogue never happened. I had the chance to romance with Kurt and Siora but I chose to stay single for my first playthrough. Like I couldn't force myself to love my best friend of arms and the native. Seeing the reply I got from Siora really hurt me like. I'm sorry Siora but yes, you will always be my carants too. I almost chose to side with Constantin. Being a god with the man that really care for my female legate, cutting the old traditions and probably could make a better world in another perspective... I gasped when my legate stabbed him. I said sorry to Constantin that this is not going to be the next time of me saving him. When my legate said good night sweet prince, I shed tears. Seeing all the good things happened to everyone- Ordus Lominous is disbanded and there will be no more converting but just conversing, some of the doneigada went to the continent to start a new relationship with the continent, for the first time after so many years the cases of malichor in the continent reduce, the defeat of Dr. Asili that made the Alliance built an ethic council to oversee their future projects, the peace the native and renaigse have on Tir Fradee and my loyal companions who achieved their own goals and still would visit me from time to time... Seeing how Kurt chose to stay by my side when he got elected to be the advisor... really made me appreciate them :") I wish we had the 3rd option- to kill ourself after bonding with Constantin so we could destroy the malichor and save Constantin. Oh my if that option was existed, this will be another moment of me crying for hours as I did for Dragon Age Origin. To save the man I love (Alistair I'm looking at you >w>). It's silly when we take serious of a game but yeah. Greedfall is my very next favourite rpg game, that is also dear to me, on the list :")

  • Ez Clap
    Ez Clap 19 時間 前


  • Kochi
    Kochi 19 時間 前


    • Kochi
      Kochi 19 時間 前

      ADACHIIIIIIIII!!!!! MY MAIN problem

  • Dario Ferretti
    Dario Ferretti 20 時間 前

    Kinda sad to see that the Yokai Shifts are just one for each element and that's it. I hoped there would be a bit more variety

  • Himura Ashura
    Himura Ashura 21 時間 前

    Persona 4....UNIST.....RWBY....Even BlazBlue...Senran Kagura. The Susano'o of Mikoto shall destroy them all.

    • Himura Ashura
      Himura Ashura 15 時間 前

      @U1tra_P0wer Good point. Good point. They too shall meet theit end. :D

    • U1tra_P0wer
      U1tra_P0wer 17 時間 前

      What about Arcana Hearts and that series where Akasti or that guy who was a guest for under night in-birth

  • miniG
    miniG 21 時間 前

    Oh wow I didn't know you can go to the menu mid-battle to use items. I just register the items before each boss battle...

  • Dirceu Santos
    Dirceu Santos 21 時間 前

    kojima is the one of the few devs that I would believe if they show me a mountain in game and said You see that mountain over there? me: yes Kojima: you can climb it and explore what's on the other side. me: I believe you

  • Zephkids Productions
    Zephkids Productions 22 時間 前


  • Shaina
    Shaina 23 時間 前

    I spent a stupid amount of time on this quest and gave up finally after half way. I didn’t realize this was like the hardest one of them all, and of course some how ended up being my first. Decided to pause on it, and try again later once I have better weapons, and more hearts etc, so I’ll be ready for the boss.

  • Hobo Pizza Guy
    Hobo Pizza Guy 23 時間 前


  • Haunted Astolfo Beantown plushie

    a reason for me not to kill myself

  • TheFlyingAdamGrayson
    TheFlyingAdamGrayson 23 時間 前

    no RWBY. no Arcana Hearts. only on for Senran Kagura. give the other fates more love arcs

    • Chaasad Fearing
      Chaasad Fearing 5 時間 前

      TheFlyingAdamGrayson Freakin preach

    • U1tra_P0wer
      U1tra_P0wer 17 時間 前

      RWBY fans- "Aw Sh!t here we go again" Other three fates- "What do you mean by 'here we go again' ?" RWBY fans- "You'll see sooner or later"

    • alonso castillo
      alonso castillo 22 時間 前

      Yeah. I need Akane t.t or any other of the arcana girls t.t

    • Lunis1992
      Lunis1992 23 時間 前

      Why make new sprites when they can just recycle their olds one? :/

  • Ryan C
    Ryan C 日 前

    Oh my gosh adachi holy shit