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Moons of Madness Review
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Bleeding Edge - X019 Trailer [4K]
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  • King Jiggah
    King Jiggah 17 分 前

    Yeah i can see my self playing this

  • ahmad faiz
    ahmad faiz 時間 前

    Where's the sound

  • Chris Wijaya
    Chris Wijaya 時間 前

    the fate of Jedi order is now rest in a hand of a Gallagher🤣

  • Willothemask
    Willothemask 時間 前

    Very well done on making a great video of a terrible game. Bad enough that the plot was simoltaneously bafflingly incomprehensible and mindnumbingly simplistic without the added insult of hiding the entire thing behind silence for a few months. Worst of all, in the concept and combat, I can see the potential for a really fun game. Just a pity it was in the hands of a paraplegic walrus on ten kinds of tranquiliser.

  • grace jelly
    grace jelly 時間 前

    poor sam…Instrument man😂 sam实属一工具人从头到尾

  • heyitsjadah
    heyitsjadah 2 時間 前

    Just wanna let ya'll know Puerto Lobos means Wolves Port. Idk about you but that adds soooo much more meaning to their destination.

  • Zeeba Neeba
    Zeeba Neeba 2 時間 前

    Fucking 38 mid roll ads I want to die

  • Cyclops
    Cyclops 3 時間 前

    Damn.......when Sean and Daniel were in the car held at gunpoint and surrounded by police.........and he was just talking to him while knowing that they weren’t going to get outta that, it was just fuckin sad and sucked to watch that. It’s like I think of being in that situation and it feels crazy thinking about it

  • Anurag RB26
    Anurag RB26 3 時間 前

    Why is it "endings" like isn't there just one ending which is this entire cutscene. And the mini cutscenes on the beach.

    GUSTIRAMAPUTRA 12 3 時間 前

    0:15 is cool

  • Francis Rona
    Francis Rona 5 時間 前

    Counterintelligence Jillian is off the Goddamn Next Gen Hall

  • Francis Rona
    Francis Rona 5 時間 前

    Jillian Kelly Madison is a Badass Assassin at UConn Next Gen Hall in 8 Months for Sparta

  • Jaylon Carter
    Jaylon Carter 5 時間 前

    Wolf brothers forever

  • Tgb v Heesewijk
    Tgb v Heesewijk 5 時間 前

    The maps change was unnecessary and shit.

  • El Canserbero
    El Canserbero 6 時間 前

    The fact that you can stun these hands is stupid... they making games easier nowadays instead of making them harder. They stagger so much and spend so much time stalling these battles are way too easy...

  • Katrea05
    Katrea05 6 時間 前

    My mom said one more video before bed...

  • Mara Louise Caña
    Mara Louise Caña 6 時間 前

    I looked so dumb playing this trial on handheld. and it was so hard. I had to switch in on to tv to finally finish this trial. Lol

  • Divino Youtube
    Divino Youtube 6 時間 前


  • Alicia Marie
    Alicia Marie 8 時間 前

    this was my absolute favorite map, but now i’m really upset about it. i appreciate the better lighting and the more moving room in haunted, but you should have left done familiarity to it. it’s brand new and doesn’t resemble my favorite map at all.and also you got rid of the loud dude in the machine bro.

  • GDayMate 101
    GDayMate 101 8 時間 前

    I am cringing so hard right now

  • Simon Sølyst
    Simon Sølyst 8 時間 前

    why in the fuck didnt you just take the horse in the beginning. its there for a reason

  • sela sanchez
    sela sanchez 9 時間 前

    There are trees in my way ☹️☹️

  • Ernie Valenciana
    Ernie Valenciana 9 時間 前

    Zeta is bae, Zeta is the main

  • LeFti
    LeFti 10 時間 前

    Top 👍

  • Kevin Kenny
    Kevin Kenny 10 時間 前

    Gary Kenny

  • shoePatty
    shoePatty 11 時間 前

    Why is the X-Men animated cartoon opening playing at the start of this video?

  • Marcus Garner
    Marcus Garner 11 時間 前

    Does this game/anime have any black or dark skinned characters?

  • Matt Wright
    Matt Wright 12 時間 前

    Someone actually recorded all this footage and went through all the trouble of stitching the clips together as well as beat the game, but FORGOT to turn off the sub titles.....

    • Sketchbook ofhorror
      Sketchbook ofhorror 4 時間 前

      Or they were kind enough to think of people like me who are hard of HEARING and rely on subtitles. ^^

  • La Tana Del Rumore
    La Tana Del Rumore 12 時間 前

    Smoking pile of crap

  • Arsen Isakov
    Arsen Isakov 13 時間 前


  • joseph thomas
    joseph thomas 13 時間 前

    To me, Chapter 5 was definitely to peak of red dead 2’s story

  • Brody DeLarge
    Brody DeLarge 13 時間 前

    Holy shit can you suck harder please? I'm surprised your mouth hasn't impoded on itself you suck so much.

  • Noah Deaville
    Noah Deaville 14 時間 前

    If you want, Sean can die a virgin.

  • Sugar Premium
    Sugar Premium 14 時間 前

    0:45 톡톡이 막혔네

  • GeneralHappyDeath
    GeneralHappyDeath 15 時間 前

    My only gripe being they've made this saga too kid-friendly. The first one actually had a creepy and scary vibe to it, especially the soundtrack and the designs of the ghosts. But other than that, this game is (imo) better than Dark Moon.

  • Mrityunjeyan S
    Mrityunjeyan S 15 時間 前

    I was so glad that I completed this early and for the first time I badly loveed in getting to dreadful whale

  • Hamza Nida Tv
    Hamza Nida Tv 16 時間 前

    ow shit Ian joined jedi now?

  • Tudor cremene
    Tudor cremene 16 時間 前

    You are faking noob

  • E̲x̲o̲t̲i̲c̲O̲p̲t̲i̲c̲s̲

    idc what anyone says. My favorite ending is Lone Wolf.

  • Vybe 1
    Vybe 1 17 時間 前

    All endings? There’s only 1 ending...

  • recurf
    recurf 17 時間 前

    I thought my pc was lagging lol

  • AydiAllx
    AydiAllx 17 時間 前

    When sean says "to change back what happened that day at Seattle" is so deep. Referring to probably how max in LS1 was able to go back in time to change the outcome. But obviously, changing the outcomes caused the storm to occur in that game. So sean saying this implying that if changed what happened would have no negative effect, it's great that this line was put in as we all knew that something bad would happen from the events at LS1.

  • Việt Anh Trần
    Việt Anh Trần 17 時間 前

    Cliff just want his son back I think Cliff í a good father but because of his naive, his son become a BB So he just want to get back what he lost

  • The Darth Knight
    The Darth Knight 18 時間 前

    Funny thing was that John was never around in this camp for me 😂

  • YorkGod1
    YorkGod1 18 時間 前

    When you are heading to the sanctuary whats the background music called???

  • Carpet Bombing
    Carpet Bombing 19 時間 前

    Shit ! This will make me stay on the toilet a lot longer !!! Damn you GGG !!

  • Chroma
    Chroma 19 時間 前

    9:00 who is that?

  • poke gamer
    poke gamer 19 時間 前


  • nasir kazmi
    nasir kazmi 19 時間 前

    Fortnite:lets ruin things up Minecraft:like you can change everyones favourite game

    • nasir kazmi
      nasir kazmi 19 時間 前

      After 1 year: Minecraft : oh no Fortnite: surprise

  • GamE FrEak
    GamE FrEak 19 時間 前

    Why this battle system. Why changed the amazing control. Damn u

  • Daury Davis
    Daury Davis 22 時間 前

    To those who complain about not understanding this game, there's a little thing called the internet, I believe it's used to help look up information. I suggest you people use it.

  • JohnPlayz RobloxAndGacha


  • SLash Moves
    SLash Moves 23 時間 前

    Sekiro Journey To The West... Where Sekiro fight corrupted/evil Sun Wukong and replace him. Or fighing Evil SW and finding the true Sun Wukong to aid him and maybe an ending of fighting him. Ah, since Immortal blade severe immortality, I wonder it can kill Sun Wukong. He erased his name from the book of death.

  • Mohd Nazmi Harun

    If only paris mk1 were that strong.XD wait i did 10 forma it

  • Darkizer
    Darkizer 日 前

    9:55:55 wtf your problem lady!?

  • ok content
    ok content 日 前

    Anyone know the blood brothers music?

  • km gh
    km gh 日 前

    Korea mario kart

  • PakMan
    PakMan 日 前

    Love the series hate the new combat

  • Pixelate Entertainment

    For a second there I thought those would be the graphics for the game unlike Pokémon sun and moon that has trash graphics and literally it has such bad graphics that my eyes hurt that’s why sword and shield is the best Pokémon game so far right now this year in 2019-2020

  • Leth_Hit the noobie

    I like this ending more like the other one lol , people can’t mess with u ! Otherwise you’re shitting on them

  • Vincent Valentine

    " a gun won't help you here but it still has a role to play "

  • Radek Wisniecki

    Good ending sucks ass you kill the divine heir and need to carve buddhas for the rest of your life unless you stop and become a demon of hatred

  • Hayden Graczyk

    You missed a purple pump brother!

  • Hayden Graczyk

    You are a noob you missed a golden scar

  • Zoes Dada
    Zoes Dada 日 前

    Stupidest game ever made

  • Daniel Amortegui

    anyone else notuce the pause on linne and hyde felt too long like maybe something might be added

  • Max Kroven: Cuestiona la Realidad

    Anyone else got the Akira reference during the "Cross the border / low morality" ending?

  • Tim Brown
    Tim Brown 日 前

    When Sean dies I think that literally had broke Daniel you can see exactly how different his life is without him

  • Tim Brown
    Tim Brown 日 前

    My ending Daniel jumped out of the car he ended up with his Grandparents while Sean ended up with Cassidy in Mexico

  • kobra6660
    kobra6660 日 前

    It's time to reboot syphon filter was pretty fun and the soundtrack was great

  • Retro games
    Retro games 日 前

    Anyone know the name of the music at 102:40?

  • Ram Jaiswal
    Ram Jaiswal 日 前

    Thanks for uploading this game bro I really loved it 😍😍💞

  • StuTuDi
    StuTuDi 日 前

    I didnt have to do anything after killing walker None of that Virus stuff

  • Captain Spire
    Captain Spire 日 前

    Excuse me, did you say, Salvage....points? fk you no thank you. C-Bills or go home, clanner.

  • [Enigmatic] Bossu

    It's amazing how the only non-whites you can vilify now are Japanese. Tired of WW2. Tired of SJW horse shit.

  • Meegs B
    Meegs B 日 前

    Please research the flat Earth!

  • Christian Servidad

    After watching all the endings I'm quite afraid what will happened with my life in the future like is everything really gonna work out the way you see it or not.

  • ricardo martinez

    are people still playing online or have they died?

  • Emilio Gamero
    Emilio Gamero 日 前

    Cancion del principio?

  • LJ Montgomery
    LJ Montgomery 日 前

    I was about to buy this too cause i for sure bought the story. lol

  • Garrett Irwin
    Garrett Irwin 日 前

    Yes!!!!! A jungle map!!!!

  • Дмитро Кокот

    **crab rave joke**

  • Revenant Sith
    Revenant Sith 日 前

    2:39 Is this a teaser for Guadalcanal?

    • Kalashnikov-0
      Kalashnikov-0 日 前

      Yes. The map is named Solomon Islands right now, and I’m guessing the island is going to be Guadalcanal. I honestly hope there will be a night time version of this map, because I want to be a marine on a dinghy as raiders before the main landing, like the actual battle. If dice reverts the TTK changes, this game could possibly be one of the best battlefields.

  • BananaGuard
    BananaGuard 日 前

    Start reminds me of crab rave 😳

  • Gusmorta 1
    Gusmorta 1 日 前

    But why this game cannot hurt the killer mybe kill or something... Mhmm im kind a like more last year the nightmare

  • Joeki11a
    Joeki11a 日 前

    "live service" shiiit

  • Brady Fries
    Brady Fries 日 前

    I had to come here because the official channel trailer was age restricted

  • Ryan Guldner
    Ryan Guldner 日 前

    Already have preorder in on Playasia does this mean its getting a western release?

  • Javacabe
    Javacabe 日 前

    Why did he turn the baby gay

  • HunterG7
    HunterG7 日 前


  • Mikee Dee Rules

    Chrom should have the Id Purpose Original. Robin should kept the Id Purpose Remix. Lucina should have use Destiny Ablaze instead. Corrin should use the English or Smash 4 version of Lost in Thoughts All Alone.

  • Shidqi 123456
    Shidqi 123456 日 前


  • over dowZed
    over dowZed 日 前

    Getting the outcome where Daniel denies the surrender is truly saddening. I understand Daniels anger but when Sean dies my heart just shatters, my poor boy dying against his will...

  • Drunk Skull
    Drunk Skull 日 前

    One who were jedi turn to joker (luke) One who were joker turn to jedi (cal)

  • Someone who spams 0w0 in chat

    1:17 I think you forgot to pick up a weapon, but thats ok.

  • andr
    andr 日 前

    I like how you can’t tell which endings are the “good” endings and which are the “bad” endings. All of them are happy and sad at the same time.

  • Cherub1m
    Cherub1m 日 前

    went for the "we cross this border no matter what" thing, wasn´t disappointed.

  • Dr Lobes
    Dr Lobes 日 前

    I knew it was him.

  • Uriel Babang
    Uriel Babang 日 前

    Animators of Kill La Kill btw

  • Amazing Spiderman Fan 2002

    Did Jessie really call the male protagonist beautiful?