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Best Ever Food Review Show
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Extreme Indonesian Food Tour!!!
再生回数 1.8Mヶ月 前


  • Whitney Tran
    Whitney Tran 3 時間 前

    The herb, its botanical name is limonphila aromatica aka "rice paddy herb"

  • Tommy Nguyen
    Tommy Nguyen 3 時間 前

    6:00 did the translator just make up his own reply?! lol other guy didn't say shit.. he didn't translate the question but just say "what you think" to other guy lol

  • Will Walker
    Will Walker 3 時間 前

    Not corn flour for ugali's corn has the texture of second wife called it African corn cake

  • Yudha Kodok
    Yudha Kodok 3 時間 前

    Better than livi zheng documentary.

  • Cindy ella Chua
    Cindy ella Chua 3 時間 前

    I'm Filipino but it's my first time tasting betamax yesterday because my neighbourhood are selling street foods near me which is very convinient so I tried betamax because my sister bought it for me even tho I asked for bbq and it doesn't taste bad after all, I like it very much and still craving for more

  • Zlazy gaming
    Zlazy gaming 3 時間 前

    0:49 bir deh 😁😁😆😅😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • neil delos angeles
    neil delos angeles 3 時間 前

    This guy is amazing! You are breaking borders man! 👌👌👌

  • ncis Mugerian
    ncis Mugerian 3 時間 前

    I hate tourists they live perfectly in a 1st world country THEN when they get to 2nd and 3rd world county's. Like when they see something they don't like they go on yelp or some review site. They don't know life.

  • Jhon Yap
    Jhon Yap 4 時間 前

    Trust me!.Medan worth to visit.

  • bungxxx
    bungxxx 4 時間 前

    Wondering how many red head scarfs Soni had... Because it looks like the same head scarf in every video lmao

  • Creative Ramy
    Creative Ramy 4 時間 前

    How can we visit the village and experience it for a short stay?

  • Moaaz N
    Moaaz N 4 時間 前

    I respect all the cultures but I'm sorry this's disgusting

  • Roaring King
    Roaring King 4 時間 前

    Gaomata 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Opochtli
    Opochtli 4 時間 前

    My two favorites

  • Chill Will
    Chill Will 4 時間 前

    Looks delicious:))

  • Anthony Kendrick
    Anthony Kendrick 4 時間 前

    If I were him I would be getting women pregnant all over the world....

  • Rob Proctor
    Rob Proctor 4 時間 前

    I kept reading the title as "Rare SCARED Animal". I had an entire different connotation to the video.

  • Khairi Zuhair
    Khairi Zuhair 4 時間 前

    Bro you're so down with everything !! Can't wait to watch this series of food in Iran !!!

  • Feed The Nation
    Feed The Nation 4 時間 前

    Earthy taste. Yummmmmmmm

  • Eduardo A. Chongkan Líos

    Cow tongue: put it in a slow cooker or a pressure cooker and it will not be chewy, it becomes really tender and butter like, it melts in your mouth.

  • Khaleb Nguyen
    Khaleb Nguyen 4 時間 前

    This dude look like he just killed 15% of the ocean lol

  • Matt Jenkins
    Matt Jenkins 4 時間 前

    I love this family.

  • XxダラスDallasダラスxX ・ω・

    I want to eat people now

  • Stonergod 2k
    Stonergod 2k 4 時間 前

    10:02 to save everyone time

  • Amanda Gerencer
    Amanda Gerencer 4 時間 前

    Man....I just fucking love you!

  • James Herrington
    James Herrington 4 時間 前

    She is sooooooo cute!!!

  • British Patriot
    British Patriot 4 時間 前

    The gold ice cream was stupid...

  • JunYeFake
    JunYeFake 4 時間 前

    Did I hear a foreigner??? 3:08

  • Andrea Ege
    Andrea Ege 4 時間 前

    Your videos are so amazing! You are so respectful. I am grateful for videos like these to help us understand how food is such a large part of culture.

  • Charlie V
    Charlie V 4 時間 前

    I loved the energy of this episode.

  • Mannafkills
    Mannafkills 4 時間 前

    5:31 she can eat this dick

  • Irvin Esmabe
    Irvin Esmabe 4 時間 前

    I tried a single Ghost pepper and the heat lasted for 20 minutes. LOL

  • なつめらいく
    なつめらいく 5 時間 前

    "I felt regret" lol

  • Oscar Solis
    Oscar Solis 5 時間 前

    I can’t wait for this!!

  • i have no sub
    i have no sub 5 時間 前

    Was it me or did no one notice but he didn’t have a watch and still check 0:42

  • NaZ The bot
    NaZ The bot 5 時間 前

    At 2:7

  • gener luis morada
    gener luis morada 5 時間 前

    God bless you Sonny

  • Chuck D. Sky
    Chuck D. Sky 5 時間 前


  • Junard RS
    Junard RS 5 時間 前

    Thats what we call "pinoy". The price is less compare to balut but its still balut. The diff is that pinoy has no soup while pure balut has.

  • rodrigo ablin
    rodrigo ablin 5 時間 前

    1:46 wow very kind of you! New subscriber here

  • Brando Vango
    Brando Vango 5 時間 前

    yah that hot wings challenge bogus

  • Gati Edem
    Gati Edem 5 時間 前

    This guy is incredible

  • Frank Cox
    Frank Cox 5 時間 前

    She is so fine and i love her personality

  • John Anderson
    John Anderson 5 時間 前

    Brilliant series PLEASE continue and Thank you so much

  • Daenerys Dae
    Daenerys Dae 5 時間 前

    I love watching your channel.. ❤ I also like to see your handkerchief at your head😅🤗

  • Frank Gary
    Frank Gary 5 時間 前

    As a SW Floridian..great work. To bad, the pythons and iguanas aren't approved by Florida to go on restuarant menus. Waste of meat, just killing & disposing

  • soban mirza
    soban mirza 5 時間 前

    I love yummy yum yums

  • brice landy
    brice landy 5 時間 前


  • Motocross Central
    Motocross Central 5 時間 前

    This guy is awesome. He loves his life he’s a sick dude. Everyone be like spuddy

  • Specter
    Specter 5 時間 前

    You know chat literally means vomit in Hindi lmfao

  • Manuel Alvarez
    Manuel Alvarez 5 時間 前

    I cant wait to watch these videos!!!! And also the women of Iran are beautiful!!!!!!

  • Chuck D. Sky
    Chuck D. Sky 5 時間 前

    i've seen them from the movie APOCALIPTO.

  • A EH
    A EH 5 時間 前

    Can I shake your hand? looks down

  • Danny Devil
    Danny Devil 5 時間 前

    Sorry if my Question I post on here is stupid"even though their is no such thing as a stupid questions just Stupid people". How come in Asia their is not one language?🤘🤜🤛

  • Megan Dorrough
    Megan Dorrough 5 時間 前

    That food looks fabulous!!! Yum!!!😎😎😎

  • OkieDokie
    OkieDokie 5 時間 前

    How much was the meal

  • Rachel Franco
    Rachel Franco 5 時間 前

    That chicken is raw af yall . he gon die

    D MCCORMICK 5 時間 前

    Big mama was excited mmm hmm

  • Ahmad Ali
    Ahmad Ali 5 時間 前

    This is the same reason why sharks don't visit Philippines.

  • Hakimi san
    Hakimi san 5 時間 前

    8:18 see he nail LMAO

  • Nerijus Batkys
    Nerijus Batkys 5 時間 前

    Enjoy everyone 😃

  • Ria Maria
    Ria Maria 5 時間 前

    Is how he say someone wet him with a water balloon and then after it dried he sweated in the same "water balloon" area while eating the street food 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Biggie MaliMob
    Biggie MaliMob 6 時間 前

    My favorite tourist guide 😂😂😂

  • onlyvirly2c
    onlyvirly2c 6 時間 前

    I am a extremely picky eater and some of those looked like something I wanna try

  • Tony Atma
    Tony Atma 6 時間 前

    9:45 and turn on subtitles lol

  • Makku Kuma
    Makku Kuma 6 時間 前

    $100? That’s pho-king dumb

  • Mohsin Khan
    Mohsin Khan 6 時間 前

    yo i love my india

  • deez buscuits
    deez buscuits 6 時間 前


  • Let it hang low 123
    Let it hang low 123 6 時間 前

    How come the scar changes from 1:40 and 1:50?

  • G Waves
    G Waves 6 時間 前

    I could definitely do the second one

  • Rachel Franco
    Rachel Franco 6 時間 前

    I am allergic to shellfish, pls dont ditch me. However my throat is closing from here LOL

  • Gopal Khanal
    Gopal Khanal 6 時間 前

    This tribe are not isolated, if you really want to meet than no go north sentinel island near andaman nikober island

  • zadran Asad
    zadran Asad 6 時間 前

    😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅😅peoples think that u make 100k from 1 vedio 😂😂😊😊😊😊

  • mahmoud anabtawi
    mahmoud anabtawi 6 時間 前

    I think it would be great if we start new hashtag #no_more_wars from here from place we all love, FOOD.

  • Gopal Khanal
    Gopal Khanal 6 時間 前

    120$ is very expensive for 15 lbs pork

  • sudesh sammy
    sudesh sammy 6 時間 前

    Wow some of the most beautiful women ..

  • grayvine1
    grayvine1 6 時間 前

    Why would you offer a isolated tribe Marlboro cigarettes

  • mhao humtsoe
    mhao humtsoe 6 時間 前

    That's breaks the stereotypes.....

  • Frozen Microwave
    Frozen Microwave 6 時間 前

    9:42 when someone ask me if I like pussy😂😂

  • naniohana1972
    naniohana1972 6 時間 前

    Sonny, I can't you're such a joy to watch and I Love your sense of humor. It's makes your videos so yummy and so much fun. 😍❤️

  • Refzz
    Refzz 6 時間 前

    That needed 30 people. Taking all the shells off in 30 min would be impressive. Im in for the next attempt. Put me down for at least 2kg.

  • Uma Chinni
    Uma Chinni 6 時間 前

    Ewwwwww plz stop 🙄🙄🙄

  • Lee Keeling
    Lee Keeling 6 時間 前

    Subscribed today and I cant get enough of your videos. Amazing work! Keep it up

  • Rachel Franco
    Rachel Franco 6 時間 前

    3:55 omg poor baby i just wanna cuddle it :( hes so dirty and small..

    • Denise NZ
      Denise NZ 4 時間 前

      Too bad it’s there for food ;)

  • Rachel Franco
    Rachel Franco 6 時間 前

    3:18 hello OK

  • Ghost-_- Puff
    Ghost-_- Puff 6 時間 前


  • Felix Manalo
    Felix Manalo 6 時間 前

    Yumy ......... i miss philippines and the food .mabuhay from Ireland.

  • Ylla P
    Ylla P 6 時間 前

    Lol that background music is so perverted 😂 #grindepartment band 😂

  • Freddie Erens
    Freddie Erens 6 時間 前

    America the greatest lie on earth

  • Yolanda. W
    Yolanda. W 7 時間 前

    Such a drastic contrast considering what I've been watching on the news lately. Iran looks amazing ❤

    DEVINdDAVIS 7 時間 前

    He's hilarious!!

  • Hina2009 _
    Hina2009 _ 7 時間 前

    Try food at Karachi

  • Rainy Dayz
    Rainy Dayz 7 時間 前

    Can’t wait for this

  • Hina2009 _
    Hina2009 _ 7 時間 前

    Rickshaws are so funnn

  • Bé tập vẽ quanh ta

    Nice video 👍

  • Dendy alf
    Dendy alf 7 時間 前

    well done

  • bloopers corrector Elulu

    The lady said we don't have bowels so we have to use banana leafs. Her mother said, stop that go bring bowls under my bed

  • Daniel Eliashib
    Daniel Eliashib 7 時間 前

    The average monthly income of a Vietnamese being $150...

  • ༒ӄҭԍ ѧƌłƬ༒
    ༒ӄҭԍ ѧƌłƬ༒ 7 時間 前

    Hello i am Indonesiaa😛😇

  • Christian tapat
    Christian tapat 7 時間 前

    Try etag in the Philippines